Would Uber be so intriguing if we thought of it as the next American Airlines?

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The fleet owners - firms like International Lease Finance - are asset-heavy companies that buy and insure aircraft from manufacturers (Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus) and lease them to airlines who operate them to deliver people and parcels. They will develop complex pricing structures, just as airlines have done to charge premiums for better seats and extra bags. Suppose for a minute that self-driving cars become commercially available.

A Million Miles Away - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

I just received a note from United Airlines that I had flown 1 million miles on their airline. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. A Million Miles Away. By Werner Vogels on 10 September 2012 05:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

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Importance of Unit Testing


Sometimes it can save lives as well: China Airlines plane crashed due to a software bug on April 26, 1994, which took 264 lives. We all know that testing your application is important, as it ensures security, customer satisfaction, and saves money in the long run.

Resolve problems faster with Davis Assistant and Microsoft Teams


” — Alfredo Obaldia , IT Operations Manager, Copa Airlines. Dynatrace news. Are you looking to scale your team but don’t have the budget? Need to free up a few hours a week to focus on innovation and spend less time interpreting data and troubleshooting?

Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix

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Resource allocation problems can be efficiently solved through a branch of mathematics called combinatorial optimization, used for example for airline scheduling or logistics problems. By Benoit Rostykus, Gabriel Hartmann Noisy Neighbors We’ve all had noisy neighbors at one point in our life.

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What is Recovery Testing?


For example, if your product is a communications platform for the airline industry being used 24/7 and highly depended upon, the ability to recover within seconds or minutes is paramount. Is your team prepared for when disaster strikes?

A graphical user interface to build apps on top of microservices

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He spoke of an airline that has microservices for travel services, customer profile data, flight information, and other elements of their workflow. How to enable non-programmer business users to create their own data applications.

Wireless attacks on aircraft instrument landing systems

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But hey, at least the airlines make sure you have your seatbelt fastened for taxi, take-off, and landing ;). Wireless attacks on aircraft instrument landing systems Sathaye et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019.

COVID-19 Hazard Analysis using STPA

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So in order to get on a scheduled airline flight or possibly event to attend a large public event you would have to take a test to show you aren’t carrying any of the known viruses that are bad enough to kill people. Memorial at Hawaiian native burial ground, Kapalua, Maui.

Use Parallel Analysis – Not Parallel Query – for Fast Data Access and Scalable Computing Power

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Whether it’s ecommerce shopping carts, financial trading data, IoT telemetry, or airline reservations, these data sets need fast, reliable access for large, mission-critical workloads.

Organise your engineering teams around the work by reteaming

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Airline crew pairing and composition problem is an area of deep research. For instance, if one of the pilots get sick, the airline still has to run flight by allowing a replacement pilot to take over.

Scheduling Time, Part 3: Meeting Coordination Optimizations

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Events such as airline flights, auto-added by GMail from flight confirmation receipts, are visible to you but invisible to others. Today’s blog post is about—you guessed it—more calendaring and scheduling stuff.

Using Parallel Query with Amazon Aurora for MySQL


I’m using the “Airlines On-Time Performance” database from [link] (You can find the scripts I used here: [link] ). Parallel query execution is my favorite, non-existent , feature in MySQL.

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As-Salaam-Alaikum: The cloud arrives in the Middle East!

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One story from the Middle East I particularly like is flydubai, the leading low-cost airline in the region. Today, I am excited to announce plans for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring an infrastructure Region to the Middle East!

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AI for everyone - How companies can benefit from the advance of machine learning

All Things Distributed

Airlines or rail transport companies could also use this for their quality control by running an algorithm based on the image data of the freight; the algorithm would recognize damaged goods and automatically sort them out.

Are Microservices to Ecosystems as Core Competencies were to Conglomerates?

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During the 1950's and 60's, companies also pursued conglomerate strategies: bringing seemingly unrelated businesses under one roof, sometimes seeking synergies (as Sears did owning a retail merchandiser and retail brokerage - "buy your stocks where you buy your socks"), and sometimes not (as LTV did owning a steel company and an airline). As far back as the 19th century, industrial firms pursued vertical integration strategies.

Can a Business Rent a Core Capability?

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Creating new behaviours is more disruptive than being the first to apply technologies established in one market segment into another: streaming video to personal technology on airplanes is interesting, and doubtless it will allow airlines to eliminate in-seat entertainment systems that add weight and burn jet fuel, but it brings established behaviours into a different context.

Capital Structures and Organizational Pathologies: Tech Investments in Debt-Fuelled Capital Intensive Companies

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Suppose that the operating company is in a firefight for market share, where the primary weapons are customer-facing technology (as is happening in retail, entertainment, and, to a lesser extent, airlines - all of which have capital intensive asset-cos side-by-side with cash generative op-cos.).

The CIO and M&A, Part I

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But usually, deals are acquisitions: competitors merge to gain more power over costs and prices (United Airlines merging with Continental); large firms acquire smaller ones to enhance their core (Yahoo has been on an acquisition tear in recent years), diversify their markets, or simply to prevent a firm from falling into the hands of competitors ( Microsoft's acquisition of Skype ). "It is hard not to be cynical about this.

Annual Budgeting and Agile IT, Part I: Why the CFO Isn't Impressed with Agile

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Of course, many businesses are neither cyclical (most of the luxury sector seems immune to the fact that there is a recession) nor particularly seasonal (airlines spike with holidays and such, but revenues are consistent quarter-on-quarter). I’ve been asked by a number of people recently how we can reconcile Agile IT, which shuns long-range deterministic planning, with annual budget & planning cycles, which are dependent on it.

Utilities, Strategic Investments, and the CIO

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Airlines are pursuing new revenue streams with captive in-flight technology. The Financial Times recently ran analysis and guest op-eds that sought to explain value in and from IT. One went as far as to challenge whether the corporate CIO has a future. Each is a new take on an old theme, echoing one part of the contradiction that has riddled every business with a captive technology department: we want to minimize how much we spend on IT, and we want IT to be a source of innovation.

Investing in Strategic Capability versus Buying Tactical Capacity

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In one sense, labour is to the IT industry as jet fuel is to the airline industry: IT is beholden to its people, just as airplanes don’t fly without fuel. Just as jet fuel supply is secured and hedged by an airline, so must labour supply be strategically managed by IT. US based IT departments are facing turbulent times.