Third Party Services Slow Website Performance

Website Optimization

The problem is, these third party scripts extract a cost: inconsistent website performance. Over the past few years, ecommerce sites have made a concerted effort to improve their shopping experience.

Brand-new comparison reports for your Website Performance Benchmarks


A new version of our performance comparison reports has just been released. After a quick reminder about why and how you can use the performance comparison feature, let’s discover what’s new under the hood!

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How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet

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How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet. How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet. But as it stands, websites are growing ever more obese, which means that the energy demand of the Internet is continuing to grow exponentially.

New Dedicated Application Server Revs PHP to Peak Performance


How does this Peak Perform? php performance website performance load balancer performance and scalability open source software golang development services php application development golang app development golang development tools

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Why Companies Need Web Performance Monitoring


Most of us believe that content and popularity of websites are the only factors, which are responsible for the success of our sites. The post Why Companies Need Web Performance Monitoring appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog.

Load Testing: HTTP vs Headless vs Real Browser


The post Load Testing: HTTP vs Headless vs Real Browser appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog. Dotcom-Monitor News Load Testing Performance Tech Tips Website Performance News load testing load testing tools performance performance testing website performance monitoring

Retailers Still Fail to Prepare Their Websites for Holiday Shoppers


I’ve spent some time for collecting meaningful metrics during Black Friday sales of our leading Retailers websites. The post Retailers Still Fail to Prepare Their Websites for Holiday Shoppers appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog. Performance Tech Tips Website Performance News user experience website performance monitoring

Beyond Speed: Why You Should Be Tracking Interactive Metrics


“How fast is a website?” To build fast sites and stay competitive, it is critical for people passionate about performance to stay informed about new metrics and the methodology behind them. The Evolving View of Performance.

Integration Showcase: LoadView & Dynatrace


This showcase demonstrates how the combination of Dynatrace and LoadView will close remaining gaps in the performance engineering chain. The post Integration Showcase: LoadView & Dynatrace appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog. Dotcom-Monitor News Load Testing Performance Tech Tips Website Performance News dynatrace feature updates integrations load testing

Top Seven Browser Compatibility Testing Tools For Developers in 2019


When talking about website or web app development, one thing that developers are most concerned about is cross-browser compatibility. As you know, there are multiple things involved in creating a website, such as planning, designing, testing, etc. Some valuable browser testing tools.

Lazy Loading, faster webpages, SEO friendly


Images are a key content on your website? If you’re serious about your website performance, you have probably optimized them. But have you considered to lazy load your images? Lazy loading images improves the user experience by saving bandwidth for important content first.

Evolution of Browser Testing


Given the early period of the internet, and hardly a few browsers to choose from, Manual testing was the apparent approach followed then by the developers to test their websites. As technology has evolved, browser testing has also had to make strides to keep up.

Web Performance Bookshelf


Reading time 1 min Why share the library of the web performance books while there’s a substantial collection of fantastic websites and articles on the net? High Performance Browser Networking. How to pioneer new metrics and create a culture of performance.

How Does Page Load Time Affect Your Site Revenue?


Because of nobody like a slow website. Getting your websites, images, and videos to load quickly is an absolute necessity for inbound marketing success. Average e-commerce websites can take 7 seconds to load, far higher than the ideal page load time of 3 seconds or less.

EveryStep Scripting Tool: Advanced Features


The EveryStep Scripting Tool by Dotcom-Monitor is a powerful macro that records scripts to perform automated monitoring of your websites' performance. The post EveryStep Scripting Tool: Advanced Features appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog.

The not so good web performance tips

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Yesterday I was reading Zakas’ Performance on the Yahoo! Homepage slideshare presentation , and I got very surprised when I saw that Yahoo had realised that two of the wide accepted tips for improving website performance had not work so well for them. flush performance yahoo

Five Reasons to Meet Rigor at eTail West


This event will feature tracks on mobile, innovation, and UX development, so attendees will certainly leave with many ideas for how they can improve their website. But, as a web performance professional, I also know that they can majorly impact site speed.

PageSpeed Module: Dramatically Increase the Speed of Your Website Automatically


The way a website is constructed can have a major impact on website speed performance, but developers often have a hard time keeping track of factors that cause slow page loads and other speed-related issues. Good website performance is part of that equation.

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The Top 10 Tips for Better Front-end Website Testing


From speed testing to usability testing, use these ten strategies to ensure your website is always running on all cylinders. Users expect near-instant results when they navigate to a website and most of them aren’t going to wait around politely as your site struggles to load.

World’s Top Web Performance Leaders To Watch


Reading time 16 min Whether you’re a web performance expert, an evangelist for the culture of performance, a web engineer incorporating performance into your process, or someone new to the web performance entirely, you probably identify as curious, excited about new ideas, and always learning.

How to Speed Up Page Load Times with Google’s PageSpeed Insights


According to Google, a website can lose as many as half its visitors while loading. As part of the PageSpeed Tools suite, Insights is designed to guide your response to slow speeds, resulting in optimal performance. Perform an optimization that Google PSI recommends.

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Performance improvement checklist for your whole site

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One of the longest-standing items on my performance monitoring tool wishlist is an automatically-generated performance improvement checklist , with the improvements ordered by the impact that they will have on the website. Don't forget about performance budgets!

Optimizing Google Fonts Performance

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Optimizing Google Fonts Performance. Optimizing Google Fonts Performance. As of writing, they have been viewed over 29 trillion times across the web and it’s easy to understand why — the collection gives you access to over 900 beautiful fonts you can use on your website for free.

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Lazy loading Javascript: On-demand scripts to faster load times

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Loading on-demand code can boost website performance in the sense that the browser does not need to request and execute Javascript code that is not needed. performance javascript lazy loading stubDepending on the script, a different approach can be taken to lazy load it. Progressive enhancement Javascript This is by far the best scenario. Javascript is used to improve user experience but the web page can work without Javascript (in example, browsers with Javascript disabled).

Optimize Images for Web


When it comes to marketing your website, there are a lot of different aspects to consider, such as speed, SEO, conversation rates, bounce rate, and many others. Image Compression Just how much of a website is made up of images?

Performance Testing - Tools, Steps, and Best Practices


Web performance is a broad subject, and you’ll find no shortage of performance testing tips and tutorials all over the web. What is Performance Testing? What Are the Benefits of Performance Testing? Which Web Performance Metrics Matter?

How to Get Ready for Google’s Speed Update


This change to how Google ranks websites for searches will now take mobile page speed into account in its ranking algorithm. This announcement is part of a Google’s ongoing efforts to incentivize good web performance. It makes sense, because, as we’ve said in the past, good website performance has implications on user experience. You can use this baseline to determine the potential impact your performance improvements. Prioritize Performance Improvements.

Tutorial: Implementing Facebook's BigPipe Using ASP.Net MVC - Part 1

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What is BigPipe BigPipe is a website performance technique used and coined by Facebook to serve web pages improving user’s perceived load speed. The implementation of these pagelets is performed in parallel on the server and served to the browser as soon as they are generated. These files are requested in such a way that it keeps a good performance. optimization flush bigpipe facebook performance

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate


Customer want to know they can trust the website they are buying from, they want to access the website fast, and they want a great offer. Having high-quality images on your site can however slow down the performance of your site overall as the image size grows.

Headless WordPress: The Ups And Downs Of Creating A Decoupled WordPress

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In recent years, the industry thankfully started paying more attention to performance. As a result, website performance can suffer. Recommended reading : How To Use Heatmaps To Track Clicks On Your WordPress Website. Improving performance with the decoupled JSON approach.

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Hybrid Lazy Loading: A Progressive Migration To Native Lazy Loading

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Lazy loading is a way to improve the performance of a website or web application by maximizing the rendering speed of the above-the-fold images and iframes (and sometimes videos) by deferring the loading of below-the-fold content. In case your website’s images are downloaded all at once at page landing without lazy loading, you can enable (where supported) native lazy loading in your website as easily as adding an HTML attribute.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]

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Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]. Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]. Web performance is a tricky beast, isn’t it? Back in the day, performance was often a mere afterthought. Establish a performance culture.

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Building a Culture of Performance in Springfield: The Simpsons as Metrics


Reading time 4 min What does The Simpsons have to do with web performance? When you’re looking to build a culture of performance, you often need to find a common language so you can talk to the business teams about what matters most to them. You’ll typically want to find a way to make a connection between a performance metric (such as First Meaningful Paint ) and a business metric (Conversion Rate). The Simpsons Family = Web Performance Metrics.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]

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Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]. Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]. Web performance is a tricky beast, isn’t it? Back in the day, performance was often a mere afterthought. Establish a performance culture.

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