Immutable Infrastructure


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Infrastructure monitoring for enterprise cloud – 4 key requirements


If you’re doing it right, cloud represents a fundamental change in how you build, deliver and operate your applications and infrastructure. And that includes infrastructure monitoring. This also implies a fundamental change to the role of infrastructure and operations teams.

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Infrastructure soup

Particular Software

Most frameworks have a way to counter this kind of bloat, pushing infrastructure concerns into separate components that can be reused. The 4th item, creating a user, is the whole point of this message handler, but it's buried in a jumble of infrastructure soup!

Uber Infrastructure in 2019: Improving Reliability, Driving Customer Satisfaction

Uber Engineering

Architecture General Engineering CPU Infrastructure Observability Productivity Reliability Search Infrastructure Storage Uber Eats Velocity

Building and Scaling Data Lineage at Netflix to Improve Data Infrastructure Reliability, and…

The Netflix TechBlog

Mapping micro-services interactions, entities from real time infrastructure, and ML infrastructure and other non traditional data stores are few such examples.

How to Build a Distributed Load Testing Infrastructure with AWS, Docker, and JMeter


Before we get into the tutorial hands-on, I would like to mention that this topic is not new. It has been covered in various helpful articles like the ones from TestAutomationGuru.

The Importance of Validating the Testing Infrastructure


The post The Importance of Validating the Testing Infrastructure appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services. Performance Engineering Software Testing Performance Performance Testing test infrastructure

Scaling Infrastructure Management with Grail

Uber Engineering

To build and maintain infrastructure at scale, easy access to the current state of the system is paramount. As Uber’s business continues to expand, our infrastructure has grown in size and complexity, making it more difficult to get all the … The post Scaling Infrastructure Management with Grail appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog.

IaaS vs PaaS: Infrastructure as a Service VS Platform as a Service


Infrastructure as a service. To begin with, many businesses are going online. They are relying heavily on the cloud to facilitate their clients, which demands to collect, storing, and processing a vast amount of data before it can be presented to the end-user as information.

Components of Effective Software Monitoring: App Logs, Infrastructure Telemetry, Health-Check Reports


At Logicify , we are proud to be software monitoring geeks. We love to monitor both the apps we develop and the ones we use internally. Not because they are sloppy. Not because we don’t trust our code.

Update to Chrome 73 and infrastructure upgrade


It will include an update to Chrome 73, a revised access management policy for detailed reports and a technical architecture revamped to meet the growing needs of our … Continue reading Update to Chrome 73 and infrastructure upgrade → Service UpdatesAfter several months of intensive work (and a new coffee machine), we are pleased to announce the next update of our service: June 13th (03:00 AM UTC).

Scaling for Growth: A Q&A with Uber’s VP of Core Infrastructure, Matthew Mengerink

Uber Engineering

As the Vice President of Engineering for Uber’s Core Infrastructure group, Matthew Mengerink faces a daunting task. He oversees 350 engineers across four teams tasked with not only maintaining the platform on which 3,500 microservices run, but also figuring out … The post Scaling for Growth: A Q&A with Uber’s VP of Core Infrastructure, Matthew Mengerink appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog.

ScaleGrid DBaaS Expands MySQL Hosting Services Through AWS Cloud


Over the years, migrating data to the cloud has become a top priority for organizations looking to modernize their infrastructure for improved security, performance, and agility, closely followed by the trending shift from commercial database management systems to open source databases.

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How to Improve MySQL AWS Performance 2X Over Amazon RDS at The Same Cost


As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, it’s important to get in front of performance issues, such as high latency, low throughput, and replication lag with higher distances between your users and cloud infrastructure. AWS is the #1 cloud provider for open-source database hosting, and the go-to cloud for MySQL deployments.

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Everything as Code


And, this is even more apparent due to the ever-increasing infrastructure complexity enterprises are dealing with. On-demand infrastructure: The ability to deploy infrastructure whenever it’s required. Dynatrace news.

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Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections

High Scalability

Redis Cluster is the native sharding implementation available within Redis that allows you to automatically distribute your data across multiple nodes without having to rely on external tools and utilities. At ScaleGrid, we recently added support for Redis Clusters on our platform through our fully managed Redis hosting plans.

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part III: Failover Scenarios

High Scalability

In this three-part blog series, we introduced a High Availability (HA) Framework for MySQL hosting in Part I, and discussed the details of MySQL semisynchronous replication in Part II.

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

High Scalability

PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines. So what makes PostgreSQL so special, and how is it being used today?

M3: Uber’s Open Source, Large-scale Metrics Platform for Prometheus

Uber Engineering

As part of our robust and scalable metrics infrastructure, we built … The post M3: Uber’s Open Source, Large-scale Metrics Platform for Prometheus appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog. Architecture Open Source Grafana Infrastructure M3 M3 Coordinator M3DB Metrics Platform OSS Prometheus Uber Infrastructure

Self-Host Your Static Assets

CSS Wizardry

One of the quickest wins—and one of the first things I recommend my clients do—to make websites faster can at first seem counter-intuitive: you should self-host all of your static assets, forgoing others’ CDNs/infrastructure.

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2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence


Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Cloud Infrastructure Analysis : Public Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid Cloud. Cloud Infrastructure Breakdown by Database. Now, let’s take a look at the cloud infrastructure setup breakdown by database management systems. So, which cloud infrastructure is right for you? Average Number of Database Types Used by Infrastructure.

Uber’s Data Platform in 2019: Transforming Information to Intelligence

Uber Engineering

Architecture Uber Data Big Data Data Analytics Data Platform EoY Infrastructure Product Platform Uber Engineering

Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design

Uber Engineering

Architecture Uber Data Big Data Data Engineering Data Infrastructure data science Data Warehouse Engineering EfficiencyMaintaining Uber’s large-scale data warehouse comes with an operational cost in terms of ETL functions and storage.

Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance

Uber Engineering

Architecture Mobile bufferbloat Cronet HTTP/2 HTTP/3 Infrastructure Internet Engineering Task Force mobile engineering QUIC retransmission timeout Transmission Control Protocol Uber MobileUber operates on a global scale across more than 600 cities, with our apps relying entirely on wireless connectivity from over 4,500 mobile carriers.

Databook: Turning Big Data into Knowledge with Metadata at Uber

Uber Engineering

Architecture Uber Data Cassandra Data Management Data Storage Data Warehouse Databook Dropwizard Gradle HDFS HIVE Infrastructure Kafka Metadata MySQL Postgres Quartz Queryparser RESTful API Uber Uber Data Knowledge Uber Engineering VerticaFrom driver and rider locations and destinations, to restaurant orders and payment transactions, every interaction on Uber’s transportation platform is driven by data.

Scaling Uber’s Apache Hadoop Distributed File System for Growth

Uber Engineering

Three years ago, Uber Engineering adopted Hadoop as the storage ( HDFS ) and compute ( YARN ) infrastructure for our organization’s big data analysis. Architecture Apache Hadoop Big Data Big Data Analysis Garbage Collection Hadoop Hadoop Distributed File System Hadoop Infra & Analytics Team HBase HDFS HDFS Federation HIVE Hoodie Infrastructure JAR Jenkins NameNode PRC Puppet Router-based Federation Uber Uber Data Foundation Team Uber Engineering View File System WebHDFS YARN

Aarhus Engineering Internship: Building Aggregation Support for YQL, Uber’s Graph Query Language for Grail

Uber Engineering

Architecture Culture Aarhus Aarhus University Denmark Grail Infrastructure Lau Skorstengaard Ph.D. Lau Skorstengaard is a Ph.D. student at Aarhus University who pursued a 2018 internship with Uber Engineering’s Aarhus, Denmark office.

Introducing QALM, Uber’s QoS Load Management Framework

Uber Engineering

Architecture CoDel CPU critical request Goroutine graceful degradation Infrastructure Jaeger load management load shedding Memory overload detector QALM QoS Quality of Service ridesharing RPC layer Uber for Business Uber Freight UberFx YARPCMuch of Uber’s business involves connecting people with people, making the reliability of our customer platform crucial to our success. The customer platform supports everything from ridesharing and Uber Eats , to Uber Freight and Uber for Business.

Code Migration in Production: Rewriting the Sharding Layer of Uber’s Schemaless Datastore

Uber Engineering

Architecture Data Store Datastore Design Flask Frontless Go Golang Goroutine Infra Infrastructure Mezzanine NGINX Python Schemaless Sharding Uber Uber Engineering uWSGIIn 2014, Uber Engineering built Schemaless , our fault-tolerant and scalable datastore, to facilitate the rapid growth of our company. For context, we deployed more than 40 Schemaless instances and many thousands of storage nodes in 2016 alone.

From bare-metal to Kubernetes

High Scalability

Early infrastructure. Hardware infrastructure. This is a guest post by Hugues Alary , Lead Engineer at Betabrand , a retail clothing company and crowdfunding platform, based in San Francisco. This article was originally published here. Rackspace.

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Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part III: Patroni

High Scalability

Appliction monitoring Clustering DBA DevOps Failure Analysis Geo-distributed Clusters Patroni Performance PostgreSQL Automatic Failover Postgres Python REST API Replication Manager administrator best platform cloud cluster database database replication deployment developer enterprise architecture framework high availability infrastructure master-slave open source postgresql python sql tutorial

Optimize Citrix platform performance and user experience with Dynatrace (GA)


Therefore, it requires multidimensional and multidisciplinary monitoring: Infrastructure health —automatically monitor the compute, storage, and network resources available to the Citrix system to ensure a stable platform. OneAgent: Citrix infrastructure performance. Dynatrace news.

Expanding the Cloud - Introducing AWS OpsWorks, a Powerful.

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services launched AWS OpsWorks , a flexible application management solution with automation tools that enable you to model and control your applications and their supporting infrastructure. All Things Distributed.

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The Netflix OSS Cloud Prize - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

At AWS we are very proud to be their infrastructure partner and every day we learn from how they use our cloud services. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. The Netflix OSS Cloud Prize. By Werner Vogels on 20 March 2013 05:00 PM.

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Applying Netflix DevOps Patterns to Windows

The Netflix TechBlog

Artisan Crafted Images In the Netflix full cycle DevOps culture the team responsible for building a service is also responsible for deploying, testing, infrastructure, and operation of that service. Every code and infrastructure change goes through the same testing and deployment pipeline.

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APM — Production Monitoring With New Relic


Infrastructure Monitoring. Both Application and infrastructure monitoring is done by APM’s. Monitors for.monitoring! The next major thing for application teams after a software release is production monitoring. Production monitoring is broadly classified as. Application Monitoring.

Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions

High Scalability

We designed Auth0 from the beginning so that it could run anywhere: on our cloud, on your cloud, or even on your own private infrastructure. We doubled-down decided to use a single cloud provider for each of our environments and moved all our public cloud infrastructure to AWS.

Ensuring Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability of Digital Transformation

Alex Podelko

How to select appropriate IT Infrastructure to support Digital Transformation by Boris Zibitsker, BEZNext. – Optimizing IT infrastructure – with specific use cases. Performance Engineering as a Service: Enabling Performance Testing at Scale in a DevOps World Using Infrastructure Automation by Jaishankar Padmanabhan, Wayfair. The CMG Impact conference (February 10-12, 2020 in Las Vegas) is coming.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

DDoS or heavy load: In a similar vein to the previous point, increased load with no way of auto-scaling your application will lead to degraded performance where you begin to probe the limits of your infrastructure.

Simplifying IT - Create Your Application with AWS CloudFormation.

All Things Distributed

Often an application requires several infrastructure resources to be created and AWS CloudFormation helps customers create and manage these collections of AWS resources in a simple and predictable way. Wordpress is just one of the many ready-to-run Templates that are available and that demonstrate how easy it is to get infrastructure for your application up and running. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

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Easily monitor your SAP ABAP platform and user experience with Dynatrace (GA)


This extends Dynatrace visibility into SAP ABAP performance from the infrastructure and ABAP application platform perspective. The SAP Basis team needs a comprehensive picture of infrastructure performance and dependencies that determine their SAP system’s performance.

How ShiftLeft Uses PostgreSQL Extension TimescaleDB

High Scalability

This article is written by Preetam Jinka , Senior Infrastructure Engineer at ShiftLeft. This post describes the requirements that we have to work with, how we use TimescaleDB to store and retrieve time series data, and the tooling we’ve developed to manage our infrastructure.

Reimagining Experimentation Analysis at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Our A/B tests range across UI, algorithms, messaging, marketing, operations, and infrastructure changes. Our data scientists faced numerous challenges in our previous infrastructure. Toby Mao , Sri Sri Perangur , Colin McFarland Another day, another custom script to analyze an A/B test.