CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

In this post I want to look at how CSS can prove to be a substantial bottleneck on the network (both in itself and for other resources) and how we can mitigate it, thus shortening the Critical Path and reducing our time to Start Render.

Juniper Networks ActiveGate extension now available (EAP)


Juniper Network devices help enterprises connect and secure their applications, data, and services. Juniper Network devices utilizing Junos OS 7.4. Monitoring Juniper Network devices with Dynatrace is about to get even better. Dynatrace news.

How Do You Improve Network Agility?


Organizations are in search of improving network agility, but what exactly does this mean? Network agility is represented by the volume of change in the network over a period of time and is defined as the capability for software and hardware component’s to automatically configure and control itself in a complex networking ecosystem. However, organizations are still looking for ways to further improve network agility, but how do they get there?

How Do You Improve Network Agility?


What Is Network Agility? Network Agility — the volume of change in the network over a period of time — the capability for software and hardware components to automatically configure and control itself in a complex networking ecosystem. The rise of innovative efforts made by several vendors to expand and modernize network device interfaces is improving network agility and is seen with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking.

Why IT Needs to Look at the Network Through a 4-D Lens


Someone trying to look at the network through a 4-D lens. While ‘digital transformation’ and ‘cloud migration’ are two concepts with relatively broad definitions, they’re both rooted in the modernization of enterprise networks.

Network Throttling: Monitor the User Experience


Network Throttling When it comes to monitoring web application performance, not only is it necessary emulate user actions, but also network conditions of end-user devices. Network throttling allows you to control connection speeds to better match the experience of real users, allowing you to see web application behavior in specific network conditions. Performance Tech Tips network throttling web application performance

Monitor web applications from within your corporate network


Q: Do I need a special network configuration, opening non-standard ports and/or whitelisting some addresses? A: It all depends on your internal network architecture. The post Monitor web applications from within your corporate network appeared first on Dynatrace blog.

New Network Fallacies

Tim Kadlec

” The fallacy of networks, or new devices for that matter, fixing our performance woes is old and repetitive. To be fair, each new generation of network connectivity does bring some level of change and transformation to how we interact with the internet. It takes time, money and significant other resources to roll out support for a new network. There was all sorts of similar controversy when the first carriers started rolling out supposed 4G networks.

Beyond data and model parallelism for deep neural networks

The Morning Paper

Beyond data and model parallelism for deep neural networks Jia et al., SysML’2019. I’m guessing the authors of this paper were spared some of the XML excesses of the late nineties and early noughties, since they have no qualms putting SOAP at the core of their work!

The secret-sharer: evaluating and testing unintended memorization in neural networks

The Morning Paper

The secret sharer: evaluating and testing unintended memorization in neural networks Carlini et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019.

Dynamic resources using the Network Information API and service workers

Dean Hume

Without fail, there is this spot along the line where my network connection drops from a clear 4G signal to a 2G signal at best. This is where the Network Information API aims to change things. There are a number of use cases for the Network Information API.

Fallacy #4: The network is secure

Particular Software

In one such organization I've heard of, there existed two separate networks. To get data from a different network, you needed to browse in a separate room, as workstations did not have access to the Internet.

Using rel=”preconnect” to establish network connections early and increase performance

CSS - Tricks

Each test consisted of nine runs, using Chrome emulating a mobile device, and the Cable network profile. The post Using rel=”preconnect” to establish network connections early and increase performance appeared first on CSS-Tricks.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading: Deep learning in neural networks

All Things Distributed

By reading up on its history, we get a better understanding of the current state of the art of Deep Learning algorithms and the Neural Networks that you build with them. Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview.

Adaptive Serving using JavaScript and the Network Information API

Addy Osmani

Learn how to adaptively serve content based on the user's effective network connection type

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part III: Failover Scenarios

High Scalability

Scenario 3 – Network Partition – Network Connectivity Breaks Down Between Master and Slave Nodes.

Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part III: Patroni


Network Isolation Tests. Network-isolate the master server from other servers. Network-isolate the standby server from other servers. Network Isolation Tests. Network isolate the master server from other servers (split brain scenario). Manual intervention was required after the network isolation was corrected. Network-isolate the standby server from other servers. Manual intervention was required after the network isolation was corrected.

PyMongo Tutorial: Testing MongoDB Failover in Your Python App


Although most MongoDB drivers try to abstract this event, developers should understand and design their applications for such behavior, as applications should expect transient network errors and retry before percolating errors up. 1305:12 @(shell):1:1 2019-04-18T19:44:42.261+0530 I NETWORK [thread1] trying reconnect to SG-example-1.servers.mongodirector.com:27017 failed 2019-04-18T19:44:43.267+0530 I NETWORK [thread1] reconnect SG-example-1.servers.mongodirector.com:27017

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Exploring Complex Networks

All Things Distributed

We will start this year with a topic that spans many sciences: that of complex networks. There is no one better suitable to teach us about the fundamentals of complex networks than Steven Strogatz, the well known author and applied mathematics professor from Cornell University.

Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Social Networking Sites: Social platforms like Twitter use Redis Lists to populate their timelines or homepage feeds, and can customize the top of their feeds with trending tweets or stories. Redis , short for Remote Dictionary Server, is a BSD-licensed, open-source in-memory key-value data structure store written in C language by Salvatore Sanfillipo and was first released on May 10, 2009. Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker.

The Best Way to Host MySQL on Azure Cloud


Azure Virtual Networks. Azure makes this easy to setup through the use of a Virtual Network (VNET) which can be configured for your MySQL servers. With an Azure VNET for MySQL , you’re able to setup secure communications between your servers, the internet, and even your on-premise private cloud network. Additionally, you can manage your MySQL access control through Network Security Groups (NSG) rules without having to deal with IP whitelists.

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Mobile performance and carrier networks

Tim Kadlec

This year’s post is an overview of how inconsistent mobile networks are, as well as a plea for more communication between carriers, manufacturers and developers. I always look forward to the December return of the all the lovely advent blogs that are full of web goodness. Sites like 24ways , PHPAdvent and the Performance Calendar mean that I’ll have something to look forward to reading each day.

RPCValet: NI-driven tail-aware balancing of µs-scale RPCs

The Morning Paper

The net result of rapid advancements in the networking world is that inter-tier communications latency will approach the fundamental lower bound of speed-of-light propagation in the foreseeable future. Uncategorized Networking

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - U-Net: A User-Level Network Interface

All Things Distributed

In the back to basics readings this week I am re-reading a paper from 1995 about the work that I did together with Thorsten on solving the problem of end-to-end low-latency communication on high-speed networks.

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part II: Semisynchronous Replication


Since we are operating with 2 slaves and the rpl_semi_sync_master_wait_for_slave_count is set to 1, we’ve noticed that at least one of the slaves does acknowledge within a reasonable amount of time and the master does not switch over to asynchronous mode during temporary network disruptions. The theorem states that, in the presence of a network partition, we will have to choose either availability or consistency, but not both.

Self-Host Your Static Assets

CSS Wizardry

Penalty: Network Negotiation. By linking to three different origins in order to serve static assets, we cumulatively lose a needless 805ms to network negotiation. On a high latency connection, network overhead totals a whopping 5.037s.

Cache 284

3 Key Features of SD-WAN Monitoring


SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) is probably the most successful business adoption of SDN architecture and is continuously growing, as last year IDC forecast it to reach $4.5 As with many new technologies, SD-WAN deployment also comes with new challenges, especially for network operations team, who are well-trained and experts in traditional WAN management but not very familiar with this “new” WAN. performance sdn operations challenges network monitoring sd-wan

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part III: Failure Scenarios


Scenario 3 – Network Partition – Network Connectivity Breaks Down Between Master and Slave Nodes. This is a classical problem in any distributed system where each node thinks the other nodes are down, while in reality, only the network communication between the nodes is broken. We assume that due to network issues, the cluster has partitioned into two groups – master in one group and 2 slaves in the other group, and we will denote this as [(M), (S1,S2)].

Expanding mentoring opportunities for Young Architects

ACM Sigarch

Expanding networks. Further, attendees should be encouraged to mingle with other attendees helping them form a strong peer network as well. ACM SIGARCH HPCA Architecture HPCA19 Mentoring Networking Workshop

Redis Cloud Gets Easier with Fully Managed Hosting on Azure


Additionally, organizations can customize their Redis persistence and host through their own Azure account which allows them to leverage advanced cloud capabilities like Azure Virtual Networks (VNET), Security Groups, and Reserved Instances to reduce long-term hosting costs up to 60%. PALO ALTO, Calif., October 2, 2019 – ScaleGrid, a rapidly growing leader in the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) space, has just launched their new fully managed Redis on Azure service.

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5 Steps to Accelerate your Cloud Migration with Dynatrace


While most of our cloud & platform partners have their own dependency analysis tooling, most of them focus on basic dependency detection based on network connection analysis between hosts. Which hosts not to migrate because of too much network traffic? Dynatrace news.

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How to Do a Ping Test


Network Services Monitoring Performance Tech Tips pingNo computer is an island. We connect to so many different servers throughout the day that we don’t even think about it. Until we can’t connect. Or the connection lags so much that you start to consider going offline for a while (gasp!). Maybe you could use a break, but this can be a huge… The post How to Do a Ping Test appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog.

Content Management Systems of the Future: Headless, JAMstack, ADN and Functions at the Edge

Abhishek Tiwari

Case-in-point, most enterprise CMS vendors lack robust full-site content delivery network (CDN) integration. A few months back, I was pulled into a scenario where a business has been working with a leading CMS vendor to roll-out a network of multi-regional websites.

Lazy Pre-Browsing with Prefetch

CSS Wizardry

The file needs to make it across the network successfully before the page can even begin to render. This means that we can take advantage of the fact that users will most likely visit a different page before this one, and pay the network overhead up-front using prefetch.

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A Basic Guide to CDNs and GTmetrix


We'll explain how using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) affects your GTmetrix score and how they help your page perform faster. Optimization Explained cdn yslow

Bandwidth or Latency: When to Optimise for Which

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When it comes to network performance, there are two main limiting factors that will slow you down: bandwidth and latency. how long it takes for a bit of data to travel across the network from one node or endpoint to another. a CDN) or mitigating network overhead (e.g.

Performance Capture I - Export HAR Using Selenium and BrowserMob-Proxy


Have you ever faced a situation to automate the way you inspect the network calls of a webpage? Have you ever thought about automating the process of capturing the HTTP content and export the performance data as a HAR file?

5G Will Definitely Make the Web Slower, Maybe

CSS - Tricks

as it matures 5G is predicted to improve network speeds dramatically. But Scott continues: Faster networks should fix our performance problems, but so far, they have had an interesting if unintentional impact on the web. But networks are like highways in this way, as Scott shows above.

Customer Conversations - How Intuit and Edmodo Innovate using.

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From tax preparation to safe social networks, Amazon RDS brings new and innovative applications to the cloud. Intelligent Social network - Facilitate topical Q&A conversations among employees, customers and our most valued super contributors. Jack : Edmodo is the safe social network for education used by a network of over 6 million teachers and students worldwide that allows teachers to create and maintain their classroom communities. All Things Distributed.

Engineering a Studio Quality Experience With High-Quality Audio at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

This approach selects the audio bitrate based on network conditions at the start of playback. Adaptive streaming is a technology designed to deliver media to the user in the most optimal way for their network connection. If your network has an issue?—?your

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

The reason is because mobile networks are, as a rule, high latency connections.

Python at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Open Connect Open Connect is Netflix’s content delivery network (CDN). video streaming) takes place in the Open Connect network. The network devices that underlie a large portion of the CDN are mostly managed by Python applications.

Developing modern sites with good performance

José M. Pérez

Those with more powerful devices and better network will get sites loaded faster. Those with older devices and slower network will need to wait more. We have a better understanding of how the browser and network works, and how to serve content to the user without incurring in delays.