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Selenium WebDriver and TestNG: Find Perfect Match for Automation Testing


Me looking for the perfect match for automation testing. The manual testing process has been replaced by automated testing during recent years. Selenium automation testing increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the testers and allows them to leverage various benefits at the same time.

Understand and optimize performance across your entire SAP ecosystem with Dynatrace SAP monitoring


Dynatrace news. When you ask performance management vendors, “Does your solution work with SAP?,” the typical short answer is “yes.” The question, however, should be asked with the entire SAP technology portfolio in mind.

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Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications

The Morning Paper

Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications , Netravali & Mickens, SOCC’19. This week we’ll be looking at a selection of papers from the 2019 edition of the ACM Symposium of Cloud Computing ( SoCC ).

Flow Load – Is Demand Outweighing Capacity?


“ Too much WIP is the enemy of productivity,” – Dominica DeGrandis, author of Making Work Visible , and Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop.

SQL Server BDC Hints and Tips: Changing Grafana/Kibana Display Time

SQL Server According to Bob

SQL Server BDC Hints and Tips:​​ Changing Grafana/Kibana​​ Display Time Zone The Grafana and Kibana interfaces default to the ​​ local browser​​ tim e zone ​​ on ​​ a ​​ SQL Server BDC cluster.

Top Technology Trends for 2020 in Numbers [Infographic]


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