Site-Speed Topography

CSS Wizardry

When first working on a new site-speed engagement, you need to work out quickly where the slowdowns, blindspots, and inefficiencies lie. Now, let’s move on to gaps between First Contentful Paint and Speed Index.

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Continuous Configuration at the Speed of Sound.

All Things Distributed

With truly dynamic configuration the source of application truth lives in an independent configuration management system, and is polled by the consuming application(s

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Mobile Page Speed Testing


In fact, failing to run a mobile page speed test is the number 1 speed testing mistake we see our users make! If you’re unsure of how your website performs on a mobile device (or even got a poor result on a speed audit), stick with us. Test Your Mobile Speed!

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4 Software QA Metrics To Enhance Dev Quality and Speed


In an attempt to hold their place within the market, developers are having to speed their process up whilst delivering products of ever-increasing quality. Often speed and quality seem at odds with one another, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Introduction.

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The Speed of Time

Brendan Gregg

Measuring the speed of time Is there already a microbenchmark for os::javaTimeMillis()? How long does it take to read the time? How would you _time_ time?

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Thunderhead Speeds Quality Delivery With Applitools


Thunderhead is the recognized global leader in the Customer Journey Orchestration and Analytics market. The ONE Engagement Hub helps global brands build customer engagement in the era of digital transformation. Thunderhead provides its users with great insights into customer behavior.

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4 Most Common Page Speed Testing Mistakes


Using a page speed optimization audit tool like GTmetrix or WebPageTest is a great first step towards assessing how your website loads for visitors. However, you may be making one of the common page speed testing mistakes that often cost website owners engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

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How to Optimize CSS for Speed


However, if utilized carelessly, CSS can greatly affect our page speed. That’s good to know, but I know you’re looking for a css speed test, or techniques for optimizing your css for speed. This is another reason why page speed scores can be misleading.

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Why Page Speed Scores can be Dangerous


All of the popular speed testing tools typically provide a page speed score along with their objective results. Google PageSpeed Insights has a their “Speed Score.” While these do have a purpose, most people use them incorrectly, in a way that can be dangerous to your real site speed. What I’m going to show you is that optimizing towards a perfect score on these rating systems can be dangerous to your site’s speed (and your sanity).

Speed 87

Best Web Performance Books to Learn Site Speed Optimization


If you’re looking to read optimization ideas from one of the greatest minds in speed performance, look no further. If these rules can be applied to improving speeds at Yahoo! High Performance Images: Shrink, Load, and Deliver Images for Speed. Speed Optimization Tips

Speed 74

Is Quality With Speed Really Possible in Software Testing?


So, when contesting between quality and speed, the foremost thing to do would be to test the unit code as it is built, so that the bugs and defects are caught and managed in the earlier phases. Living in competitive times, it is very important for the applications to be as sophisticated and accurate as can be. There is no margin for any sort of gaps.

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Tools And Practices To Speed Up The Vue.js Development Process

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Tools And Practices To Speed Up The Vue.js Tools And Practices To Speed Up The Vue.js Development Process. Development Process. Uma Victor. 2021-07-08T11:00:00+00:00. 2021-07-13T02:07:04+00:00.

The DevTools Performance Tab – Using Chrome’s Profiler to Optimize Your Page Speed


Chrome’s DevTools suite contains some of the most powerful tools available to help you analyze and improve the speed of your website (or web app). Speed Optimization Tips

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Web Font Performance – How Your Fonts Affect Page Speed


The post Web Font Performance – How Your Fonts Affect Page Speed appeared first on MachMetrics Speed Blog. Speed Optimization TipsFor many of us, typography is as big of a decision as anything else in the design process of a website.

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Free Website Speed Monitoring


MachMetrics is a premium site speed monitoring tool used by #webperf enthusiasts worldwide. Starting today we’re opening up our Starter Plan (60 speed tests per day) for FREE for any open source projects that would like to have their speed monitored. If you’re interest in using our Starter Plan (60 speed tests per day) for FREE for your non-profit simply reach out to us after creating your free account.

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Speed up next-page navigations with prefetching

Addy Osmani

Learn how to speed up next-page navigations using prefetching

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Google Lighthouse Audits – How to use Chrome’s built-in speed testing tool


However, you have likely used the Web UI that Google uses to allow you to test websites for speed – Google PageSpeed Insights. While PageSpeed Insights focuses solely on speed/performance, Lighthouse offers even more. Speed Optimization Tips

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Not Quite Getting Up to Speed


Google needs to step up their speed. Quantum Supremacy Is Arguable, but We Are Almost There. Last month , I reported on a leaked announcement that Google had proved “ quantum supremacy ”, which is a concrete illustration of a use case where a quantum computer succeeds in a computation that a classical supercomputer cannot achieve in any reasonable timescale. performance research and analysis quantum computing summit high performance computing exascale computing

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How to speed up your software releases cycles with Testsigma


How Testsigma Helps Speed Up Software Release Cycles? It is built with the intent to help the QA teams reduce their test creation, execution, and maintenance time and speed up their software release cycles. Here’s how Testsigma can help you speed up your software release cycles.

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Site Speed Metrics Explained – TTFB, Speed Index, Interactive, Load, Complete, and more


It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I see asked, “I’ve tested my site speed, so now what do these metrics mean?” Standard Website Speed Metrics. As we can see, a website’s “speed” is not a one-size-fits-all number that we can simply lower. Time to First Byte (TTFB), Document Load, Page Complete, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Number of Resources, and Page Size are all industry-accepted metrics. Speed Index. Speed Optimization Tips

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PageSpeed Module: Dramatically Increase the Speed of Your Website Automatically


The way a website is constructed can have a major impact on website speed performance, but developers often have a hard time keeping track of factors that cause slow page loads and other speed-related issues. The PageSpeed Module is one of several free Google tools designed to help assess and improve page load speed times. Let’s explore how it works and what it can do to help get your performance up to speed on the backend and frontend. Speed Optimization Tips

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How To Speed Test Your Site From All Over The World


Our most recent article identified (and remedied) the 4 most common page speed testing mistakes we see website owners making, and it inspired us to do even more to help those who make mistake #2: Only testing from 1 location. Now you know how to speed test your site from all over the world.

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Radically speed up your code by fixing slow or frequent garbage collection


Any significant reduction in allocations will inevitably speed up your code. By reducing the number of allocated objects, you can both speed up your code and reduce object churn and garbage collection events. Speed up application code itself. Dynatrace news.

Speed 154

Page Experience and Core Web Vitals: a new SEO factor focusing on website speed


The Speed Report in the Google Search Console (recently renamed “Core Web Vitals”) is offering two new performance metrics: Cumulative Layout Shift and Largest Contentful Paint additionally to the First Input Delay.

Smart and intuitive time-traveling for intelligent observability with our new warp-speed, lingual input


The post Smart and intuitive time-traveling for intelligent observability with our new warp-speed, lingual input appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

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Massively speed up OneAgent lifecycle management with the enhanced REST API (Preview)


Speed of management: with a single command you can manage hundreds or thousands of Dynatrace OneAgents almost instantaneously, wherever they are and whatever they are configured to do. Dynatrace news.

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How to Optimize Website Speed for Black Friday 2017


The post How to Optimize Website Speed for Black Friday 2017 appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services. Performance Engineering Software Testing Black Friday load testing Page Speed Performance Performance TestingIs your website prepared for record breaking traffic and sales? Halloween is almost here and before you know it, it will be Black Friday and then, Cyber Monday. These consumer “holidays” bring about the race for shoppers to buy all of the coveted items on.

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WebPageTest Scripting: Examples for advanced speed testing scenarios


When most people test their site speed, they test a single, static page. If your site utilizes a log in, a simple test may only give you a speed audit on how fast your site loads it’s log in form. Testing the speed of a checkout process.

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Search Console Speed Report: everything you need to know


One year after the Speed Update has been released, Google has launched a brand new Speed Report within the Search Console. The Speed Report is using the Chrome UX Report data to highlight the slow pages of your website. Let’s discover how to use the Search Console Speed Report and how to interpret the related … Continue reading Search Console Speed Report: everything you need to know → Performance analytics

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What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites

Smashing Magazine

What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. I recently wrote a blog post for a web designer client about page speed and why it matters. What I didn’t know before writing it was that her agency was struggling to optimize their mobile websites for speed. She understood how important mobile page speeds were to the user experience and, by proxy, SEO.

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Increased accuracy for Visually complete and Speed index—measurements may be impacted


This is an announcement for the OneAgent version 1.171 release: you may see a change in Visually complete and Speed index calculation once you upgrade to OneAgent 1.171. As we learn more about how our customers’ web applications work, we have the opportunity to improve how we calculate our Visually complete and Speed index metrics, which DOM elements we include, and how much influence they have on these values. Speed index calculation now takes more elements into account.

Speed 119

Introducing Page Speed Benchmarks – a new resource for the performance community

Speed Curve

Page Speed Benchmarks is an interactive dashboard that lets you explore and compare web performance data for leading websites across several industries – from retail to media. Find out more about why it's so important to test at slow speeds.

We Love Speed 2019 on September 20 in Lille


After a most successful 2018 edition, Dareboost is proud to keep sponsoring the French Web Performance event: We Love Speed. The 2019 edition will take place on September 20, in Lille (1h hour from Paris by train), and will be even more interesting than the previous one, including some feedback from Dareboost customers such as … Continue reading We Love Speed 2019 on September 20 in Lille → About

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Preload, Prefetch and Preconnect: Speed Up your Website with Resource Hints


To increase the user’s perception of speed, you may need to influence the order in which these resources are fetched and executed. A web page consists … Continue reading Preload, Prefetch and Preconnect: Speed Up your Website with Resource Hints → Web best Practices

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How to Speed Up Page Load Times with Google’s PageSpeed Insights


Google’s PageSpeed Insights tools may be just what you need to leverage data collected through speed testing. Having too many large images, files, and plugins may slow down site speed or server response times and that is where PageSpeed testers come in. As part of the PageSpeed Tools suite, Insights is designed to guide your response to slow speeds, resulting in optimal performance. Why This Matters for Speed. Speed Optimization Tips

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The Importance of Web Hosting Speed and Performance For Your Website


Speed Matters on the Internet. When it comes to whether visitors look at your page or not, the most significant factor is how fast your page loads. Amazon revealed that a one-second delay could lead to $1.6 billion fewer in sales per year, while Google claims that less than a one-second delay results in eight million fewer searches per day. performance internet ebusiness

Speed 100

How to Save Time While Debugging


tutorial debugging technical debt clean code speed maintainability junior developers stabilityIn this article from our small series for junior developers, we will focus on how to save time while debugging and what are the best practices of senior developers when fixing the errors.

New Features – Custom Dashboards and Connection Speed Options


We’re happy to announce two new features that many of you have been asking for: custom dashboards and the ability to specify connection speed for your tests. If you’re monitoring the speed of a few urls, the default “All Urls” dashboard works just great. Connection Speed. The next most-requested feature has been the ability to choose the connection speed of the testing.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? The Mobile Speed Test


The Mobile Speed Test appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog. Page Load Speed Performance Tech TipsSo why do you want to know if your website is mobile friendly? Most likely it is because you have heard about last year's announcement from google over at google webmaster central. It turns out that Google has updated their algorithm to significantly increase the weight of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That's right, significantly!

Speed 42

ACM Survey – Part 3: How your peers speed up time to market


The post ACM Survey – Part 3: How your peers speed up time to market appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Welcome back to the blog series in which we summarize the findings of our Autonomous Cloud Management survey. Here’s what we discussed so far: Part 1 examined the Dev-to-Ops ratios that organizations have for their most critical application projects. Part 2 looked at organizational silos, and how far organizations have come in breaking them down.

Speed 110

How to Optimize Websites for Ad Publishers


Page speed has been a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm since 2010 , so it is essential to understand the various ways you can optimize your pages and why implementing synthetic monitoring can ensure your pages perform flawlessly and revenue isn’t lost.

Beyond Speed: Why You Should Be Tracking Interactive Metrics


In the past, the answer would be based on the load time of a page, but over the years, we have evolved our approach to site speed to incorporate new metrics, alone or in combination with existing metrics. Today, when asking “how fast,” we need to look at more than load speed and paint metrics and incorporate interactivity and user experience. The post Beyond Speed: Why You Should Be Tracking Interactive Metrics appeared first on Rigor. “How fast is a website?”

How to Get Ready for Google’s Speed Update


Google recently announced the launch of their Speed Update. This change to how Google ranks websites for searches will now take mobile page speed into account in its ranking algorithm. While the Speed Update won’t be in effect until July 2018, there are steps that companies can take now to make sure they are not penalized. Google won’t notify you if your ranking is dinged by mobile speed, but you will see the impact in your Google Search Console and your traffic.