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Revolutionizing Software Testing


This is an article from DZone's 2023 Automated Testing Trend Report. For more: Read the Report Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the realm of software testing, introducing new possibilities and efficiencies.

article thumbnail Cloud Performance and Load Testing


This article presents the most recent Cloud, multi-region benchmark tests conducted in December 2023, explores how to carry out performance testing, detailing hands-on methods you can apply yourself, and provides recent benchmark data for your reference. The benchmark tool we used can be found here.

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What is synthetic testing?


Synthetic testing simulates real-user behaviors within an application or service to pinpoint potential problems. Here’s a look at why this testing matters, how it works, and what companies need to get the most from this approach. What is synthetic testing? RUM, meanwhile, requires actual users.

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Introducing SafeTest: A Novel Approach to Front End Testing

The Netflix TechBlog

by Moshe Kolodny In this post, we’re excited to introduce SafeTest, a revolutionary library that offers a fresh perspective on End-To-End (E2E) tests for web-based User Interface (UI) applications. Inability to test CORS setup or GraphQL calls. Complex and unintuitive authoring and debugging of tests.

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Microservices Resilient Testing Framework


As organizations increasingly embrace the microservices approach, the need for a resilient testing framework becomes important for the reliability, scalability , and security of these distributed systems. Resilience refers to the ability to withstand, recover from, or adapt to challenges, changes, or disruptions. What Is MRTF?

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Navigating Challenges in Online Banking API Testing


Drawing from diverse projects and collaborations, I've identified common API testing challenges that transcend industries. Addressing Common API Testing Challenges Negative Testing A prevalent pitfall in API testing is the exclusive focus on positive scenarios.

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Testing Level Dynamics: Achieving Confidence From Testing


Development teams develop and test their features to the best of their abilities so that quality releases occur within a timeframe. The confidence matrix shown below depicts four main areas:

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