Moving to Observability Driven Development


The current state of monitoring is such that visibility is not a consideration during the design or development, but something that is strapped on in the form of an agent, just before the production release.

Optimizing Python code during development


After looking at the code that spawned my threads, this is what I had: This is an error many developers faced before. The post Optimizing Python code during development appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Here at Dynatrace we are constantly expanding the platform.

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How is software developed at Amazon?

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How is software developed at Amazon? Get a couple of prime pizzas delivered and watch this excellent interview with Ken Exner, GM of AWS Developer Tools.

Top Seven Browser Compatibility Testing Tools For Developers in 2019


When talking about website or web app development, one thing that developers are most concerned about is cross-browser compatibility. Some valuable browser testing tools.

The Importance of QA Testing for Software Development


Quality assurance testing (QA testing) refers to a company delivering the best possible product or service to the customer by making sure the right processes are in place during development. An easy way that companies can implement QA testing into their development is through QA outsourcing.

Quality Assurance for Software Development


Agile is one of the most widely practiced software development methodology followed by organizations today. The post Quality Assurance for Software Development appeared first on Kovair Blog. Test Management Integrated Test Management Software Developer Software development

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Development and Testing


The post The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Development and Testing appeared first on Kovair Blog. Application Lifecycle Management Technologies Test Management AI Artificial Intelligence Integrated Test Management Software development Test Automation

Web Development Trends 2019


Smart developers are always looking ahead for ways to adapt in the ever changing world of web development. Staying on top of the latest web development trends could eventually help you land a job that doesn’t exist yet.

How to Develop a Solid Regression Testing Strategies


Each time a new feature is developed, existing feature improved or any UI updates made, there is a need to perform a regression test to ensure that the changes do not impact the old functioning of the software. Another activity that requires strategy. Regression Testing.

Minimizing Switching Costs in Software Development

Professor Beekums

I’ve written previously about the dangers of high switching costs in software development. However, reliance on vendors is inevitable as they can significantly accelerate product development. Being dependant on a third party is a huge risk.

How DevOps Testing can Enhance the Application Development Process?


The post How DevOps Testing can Enhance the Application Development Process? We have entered the digital age where technology is flourishing everywhere and is playing an integral role in our lives. Mobile applications are one great.

Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery


The post Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery appeared first on Kovair Blog. Application Lifecycle Management DevOps Technologies Test Management Software development

Testing for Developers: Testing Types and Definitions


In the series, we will define the basic terms that every developer needs to know about testing. This was part of the training we did for a company we consulted so that we educate all of their developers. The purpose is to give all team members a shared understanding of the fundamental terminology of quality assurance and all related processes. Later, this will improve communication and reviews quality. It will further increase the testing capabilities of each member.

Developing a chaos architecture mindset

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Adrian Cockcroft outlines the architectural principles of chaos engineering and shares methods engineers can use to exercise failure modes in safety and business-critical systems Continue reading Developing a chaos architecture mindset

How enterprises can successfully scale Agile development


But here’s the rub: Agile development teams do not work in isolation. And why, in lieu of a single tool or process, organizations need to identify and eliminate long cycles and wait times within development itself, and beyond. The disconnect between the business and Agile development.

Laravel Performance Optimization: Guide to a Perfect Laravel Developer


If you are a PHP developer or aspire to be one, you might be familiar with Laravel. Apart from several robust features that it offers, the most talked-about among developers, as well as businesses, is the ability to control Laravel performance optimization. Before deep-diving into how-about, it would be necessary to look upon the need for Laravel Performance Optimization when it comes to developing business focussed applications.

Continuous Testing in Software Development can Ensure Excellence in Quality


Similarly, The post Continuous Testing in Software Development can Ensure Excellence in Quality appeared first on Kovair Blog. The infotainment and entertainment industry has undergone a phenomenal change with online channels and providing features such as movies and other content on demand.

5 automation trends in software development, quantified

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Lessons from hundreds of development practice assessments across the industry. For more than 15 years, my colleagues and I at the Software Improvement Group (SIG) have been in the business of evaluating the quality of code, architecture, and development practices for our customers.

The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch

Alex Russell

At the same time, most developers experience no constraint on their use of JS…until it’s too late. We need to reset our conversation about “developer experience” to factor in the asymmetric cost of JS.

How to drive customer obsessed Product Development


The product development process is broken into three phases: Discovery, Execution & Rollout. Discovery is the work that the product manager undertakes to define the Epic scope and Feature set before bringing it to development.

Kubernetes and containers for enterprise developers

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O’Reilly Media Podcast: JP Phillips, platform engineer at IBM Cloud, on problem solving with containers and Kubernetes, and how developers can get started. Developers at the "Istio Hands-on Workshop" at KubeCon in Copenhagen.

How DevOps Should Use DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) To Optimize Their Application Development

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This allows developers, DBA’s and DevOps engineers to quickly automate their backups, create new SQL and NoSQL clusters, and monitor the performance of their databases for their application without requiring any internal database expertise. This is a great choice for DevOps in particular because it allows for more developer agility, productivity, and also security. This post was written by Wendy Dessler of The Blog Frog.

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Software Developers Should Have Sysadmin Experience

Professor Beekums

developer? ?and? Software developers? ?write? Many companies like to keep developers and sysadmins on separate teams Being? ?a? software? ?developer? and? ?being? being? ?a? system? ?administrator? administrator? ?are? are? ?very? very? ?different? different? ?things.? things.?

Transforming Development with AWS

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At AWS, we want to be the Q for developers, giving them the super-powered tools and services with deep features in the Cloud. In the hands of builders, the impact of these services has been to completely transform the way applications are developed, debugged, and delivered to customers.

Where microservice development benefits from automation

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The growing popularity of microservices and APIs has led developers to automate the repetitive aspects of these technologies, such as defining all the RESTful requests, generating templates for the target code, and scaling out new instances.

Agile Software Development

Professor Beekums

It’d be hard to be a software developer these days without hearing about “being agile” Agile is a popular software development process.

Estimating Software Development

Professor Beekums

I’m a big believer in agile software development. One major part of that is being able to determine a team’s development velocity (a.k.a. how fast the team works) in a period of time. The naive approach is to use straight up time estimates.

40+ Best Web Development Blogs of 2018


In the world of web development, those who become experts usually do so by learning from their predecessors. Reading and following the right web development blogs makes it much easier to get a solid education. This blog provides in-depth development tutorials on a wide array of topics.

Dealing With Unknowns In Software Development

Professor Beekums

Software development is notoriously difficult to estimate. One is that there are usually pieces that need to be built that a developer has never built before. For this reason, I know few people who take the Waterfall process seriously.

What Makes A Senior Software Developer?

Professor Beekums

Most engineering organizations will have to answer the question: “What makes a software developer a senior developer?” UPDATE 2017-01-01: This post has a follow up. This is a challenging question because it is extremely subjective.

6 test automation tools developers love

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Establishing a whole-team approach to testing in all phases of the software development lifecycle can be challenging. Even when testers use development-centric languages and IDEs to create automated tests, many developers still resist the notion of having to test their own code. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Automation Guild, Automation Guild 2019

The Problem With Heroes In Software Development

Professor Beekums

Suddenly, one of your developers is on the case! This developer shows a little anxiety and curses a lot (it is 2 AM after all), but eventually the problems are resolved Imagine your web application goes down in the middle of the night. It’s 2 AM, but your business is global.

How Developers Make Their Jobs Harder

Professor Beekums

Software development is hard. However, developers often add to the difficulty of software development by doing certain things that make it harder than necessary. Bugs and inaccurate time estimates are a fact of life.

Beware of Developers Who Do Negative Work

Professor Beekums

At some point in every software developer’s career, we work with someone who does negative work. One example of this is an awful developer that was once at the same company as me. UPDATE 2016-12-25: This post has an important follow-up.

How to balance development goals with security and privacy

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As someone who has been on both sides of this table, I’d like to share some of my own security-related engineering sins and provide some practical advice for both engineers and security officers on how best to balance development goals with privacy concerns.

Switching Costs in Software Development

Professor Beekums

Switching costs are an important part of software development. When my software relies on one service, the amount of time I have to spend moving it to another service is called a switching cost. In general, you want these to be as low as possible.

SQL Server on IoT Edge and Developer Machines – Smaller Footprint

SQL Server According to Bob

With the announcement I can tell you more about one of the things we have been working on; SQL Server running on IoT Edge and Developer machines in under 500MB of memory. The effort goes beyond IoT Edge devices and extends to the common developer experience. SQL Server will ship Azure SQL Database Edge: [link]. The effort focuses attention on memory usage and disk space requirements of SQL Server.

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My Most Valuable Developer Experience

Professor Beekums

I’ve been a developer for over a decade now. Those years were filled with valuable experiences that were essential in making me a better developer today than I was. There was one experience in particular that was key in improving my thinking about software development.

We cannot engineer the future of software without happy developers

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Yiannis Kanellopoulos outlines deficiencies SIG found in its approach toward software developers and the key thing that helps developers realize their potential. Continue reading We cannot engineer the future of software without happy developers

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons


In that environment, the first PostgreSQL developers decided forking a process for each connection to the database is the safest choice. Developers are often strongly discouraged from holding a database connection while other operations take place.

Performetriks Training: Developing with Performance in Mind


This is the first online performance engineering training for developers, architects, QA, and test engineers. … The post Performetriks Training: Developing with Performance in Mind appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog. The Performetriks team will share their collective experience from real projects and educate your team on how to write high performance applications.

The Most Effective Software Development Team

Professor Beekums

There is the Development team. You wouldn’t want a developer managing UX designers and vice versa I think a lot about how teams should be structured when building software. Many companies choose to distinguish their teams by discipline. The UX team. The Product team. The QA team.

The Many Aspects Of A Developer

Professor Beekums

Knowing what different skillsets are available and being able to identify them in others is critical when hiring developers I try to be better tomorrow than I am today. I am constantly thinking about what my strengths are and what I’m weak at. It is impossible to be good at everything though.