Governing IT Investments

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In the previous blog , we looked at common misconceptions of IT governance. We also looked at how corporate governance works to better understand what governance is and is not. In this blog, we'll look at how we can implement more comprehensive governance in tech projects. For corporate tech investments, the top most governing body is the firm's investment committee. People who govern delivery do so on behalf of investors, not delivery.

Can we stop misusing the word "Governance"?

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The word "governance" is misused in IT, particularly in software development. Governance is neither of these things. By extension, this makes it a form of self-regulation, and defines governance as nothing more than a fancy word for management. This body doesn't govern. The second interpretation relegates governance to an overhead role that polices the organization, searching for violations of rules and policies. Well, what does it mean to govern?

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Regulatory Capture and IT Governance

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Industries are regulated by governments so that companies don't compromise the public interest. In the same way, we have governance within businesses to make sure that management doesn't compromise the interest of investors. And just as it is with businesses in a regulated industry, management of a well-governed business may have a set of priorities that are perfectly justifiable in management's context, but are orthogonal to investor's interests.

Activist Investing in Strategic Software Chapter 1 Excerpt - Why Governance Matters

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Here's an excerpt from Chapter 1, Why Governance Matters. * * * That there are abundant examples of bad governance but few examples of good ones comes as no surprise. What passes for "good" in governance is not all that remarkable. People in governance roles are expected to discharge their duties competently; meeting expectation is not exceptional. Hence we have few examples of good governance but many examples of bad. IT Governance Strategic IT

IT Governance Maximises IT Returns

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This suggests strongly that “how work is done” is an essential IT governance question. That is, IT governance must not be concerned only with measuring results, but also knowing that that the way in which those results are achieved is in compliance with practices that minimise the probability of failure. One of our governance objectives must be that we are cognisant of how solutions are being delivered everywhere in the enterprise, because this is an indicator of their completeness.

Join Your Peers at an Agile Governance or Budgeting Event In October

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We’re pleased to present Real Time Governance , a follow-on webinar that extends the concepts to their next stage of evolution. I’ve had the opportunity to present the Governance material with my ThoughtWorks colleagues Jane Robarts and David Leigh-Fellows in Calgary, Toronto (which was recorded and is available on InfoQ ) and San Francisco. Agile Management IT Governance Leadership PMO Strategic ITOctober is normally a heads-down month.

I'll be Gone, You'll be Gone

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The Financial Times recently ran a long article describing the breakdown of governance over the Crossrail development , the first new underground railway in London in over a century. Good governance is usually only appreciable by its absence, but the Crossrail case allows a before / after contrast between the presence of good and, after the sacking of a key board member, the presence of bad. As a case study in governance, the FT article is an analysis very much worth reading.

Spinnaker Sets Sail to the Continuous Delivery Foundation

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At the Spinnaker Summit in 2018, we announced that we had adopted a formalized project governance plan with Google. Spinnaker’s previously defined governance policy remains in place.

How to Optimize Elasticsearch for Better Search Performance


In today's world, data is generated in high volumes and to make something out of it, extracted data is needed to be transformed, stored, maintained, governed and analyzed.

Activist Investing in Strategic Software

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A few years ago, I felt I had enough experience - and had put enough thought into the subject - to write a book on governance in software development. I had observed that most tech firms and captive IT organizations are largely left to self-govern, and both are pretty light touch about it. I had also observed that governance is widely misunderstood and the term is used in technology in a lot of different ways, almost universally incorrectly. IT Governance Strategic IT

Deploying AI powered software intelligence in environments with technical or regulatory constraints


Federal Sales Engineer, I often find myself explaining to government customers that Dynatrace provides Software Intelligence in your data center or on-prem cloud environment, monitoring all your mission-critical systems and bringing automatic, context-aware AI power in house. Dynatrace news.


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There is no law or reason governing why I was there at the moment the battery exploded, or for the battery to have exploded at precisely that moment. The landscape of strategic software investing and governance is riddled with speculation. IT Governance Risk ManagementEarlier this year, my house should have burned to the ground. A CR2032 battery exploded and caught fire in a confined place dense with flammable objects.

Webinar: Being an Activist Investor in IT Projects

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An ounce of good governance is worth a pound of project rescue. Agile practices, with their emphasis on transparency, business alignment and technical completion, are enablers of better IT governance. An Agile organization needs a new approach to governance, one that makes everybody think not as caretakers of a project but investors in a business outcome. What you will learn What are the principles of IT governance? What kind of governance does Agile enable and demand?

In Tech, Portfolio Management is a Metaphor, Not a Way of Life

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A few years ago, I wrote about the chronic misuse of the word "governance" in technology. When we think in shareholder activism terms, we understand the importance of good governance structures and mechanics, and the need for diligence by those investing in the business through technology. IT Governance Strategic ITThe word "portfolio" is suffering the same fate.

The Persistent Imbalance Between Supply and Demand for Software Development Labor

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As it happens, it will go largely unnoticed because neither the concept of technical debt nor its commercial ramifications are well understood by the (average) business buyer of software, and because IT governance remains weak in practice. IT Finance IT Governance Strategic ITThe growth in demand for software has consistently outpaced the growth in the supply of software developers. This has been the case for well over half a century. It's worth looking at why.

The AWS GovCloud (US) Region - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

This new region, which is located on the West Coast of the US, helps US government agencies and contractors move more of their workloads to the cloud by implementing a number of US government-specific regulatory requirements. Our government customers sometimes have an additional layer of regulatory requirements given that they at times deal with highly sensitive information, such as defense-related data. Government and Big Data. All Things Distributed.

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Resiliency, Not Predictability

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A steady diet of reliable data about the software we're developing and how the delivery of that software is progressing allow a steering committee to continuously and fluidly perform its governance obligations. This, in turn, gives us information to act on the last governance responsibility, which we do by changing team structure, composition and even leadership, and working with the investment committee to maintain viability of the investment itself.

Rules versus Results

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We assume, not only that good procedure will give rise to good outcome, but also that the ability to articulate the procedure is the key to good outcomes. -- John Kay, writing in the Financial Times A common error in both the management and governance of IT is an over-reliance on rules, process and "best practices" that portend to give us a means for modeling and controlling delivery. Best practices" are held out as the basis of IT governance. Agile Management IT Governance

Why Commercial Contracts Matter In Agile Software Development

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The preamble language defines who the parties are or think they are as an acknowledgement of the strengths that each bring to the relationship: they are disruptors ("re-imagining the classroom for the 21st century"), or market leaders ("the nation's largest provider of financial services to retirees"), or specialists ("the leading provider of software development services to municipal governments in the tri-state area"). Agile Management IT Governance

Expanding the Cloud – The Second AWS GovCloud (US) Region, AWS GovCloud (US-East)

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In 2011, AWS was the first cloud provider to launch an isolated infrastructure Region designed to meet the stringent requirements of government agencies and other highly regulated industries when it opened the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region.

Evolving Regional Evacuation

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Unfortunately, due to the diversity of services, a mix of Java ( Governator /Springboot with Ribbon /gRPC, etc.) Niosha Behnam | Demand Engineering @ Netflix At Netflix we prioritize innovation and velocity in pursuit of the best experience for our 150+ million global customers.

The Corrosive Effects of Complexity

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IT Governance Leadership"Much complexity has been deliberately created, to encourage consumers to pay more than they need, or expected." John Kay, The Wrong Sort of Competition in Energy Modern software assets are complex in both their technical composition and their means of creation.

Business Cases: Simplicity over Sophistry

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Beyond just being a rational thing to do, policy dictates that we have a business case: the rules governing capitalization require that we explicitly define what we expect to achieve, at what cost, for what benefit, over what time. A good business case is critical to governance, portfolio management and execution. IT Governance Strategic IT

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 22nd, 2019

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Trust, but Verify

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IT Governance Strategic IT“If a builder builds a house for a man and does not make its construction firm, and the house which he has built collapses and causes the death of the owner of the house, that builder shall be put to death.” Clearly, the Babylonians understood that the builder will always know more about the risks than the client, and can hide fragilities and improve his profitability by cutting corners—in, say, the foundation.

Strategic Software Investing: Chase the Ends, Not the Means

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IT Governance Risk Management Strategic ITWhen a company engages in custom software development, it is making an investment into itself. Company executives decide to convert capital into software because they believe that the resulting software will make the business better. How we make that investment decision is crucial to the success of the investment. Our first investment decision is based solely on an idea.

On the Edge of a New Decade

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For example, surveys around the world are confirming the continuing erosion of trust in all our institutions – not just companies, but also governments, schools and NGOs. We’re heading into a new decade today. It’s not just a new year, but a new decade.*

Page Simulator

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Experiment Workflow Management Given the asynchronous nature of the experiment workflow and the need to govern the lifecycle of multiple clusters dedicated to each partition, we needed a solution to manage the experiment workflow.

Are You Ready to Restructure?

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This, in turn, means that businesses are being completely restructured in how they are capitalized, organized, managed and governed. One covers challenge of change management during restructure , the other governing restructure. Agile Management Change Management IT Governance Restructuring ITGlobal business faces unprecedented changes.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 21st, 2018

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Business Value is a Weak Currency

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IT Governance Strategic ITInvestments in infrastructure, whether public transport or IT applications, tend to lack hard numbers because they are a means to an end and not an end in themselves. We have transport to enable people to travel to work and allow goods to reach markets. Captive IT departments produce systems that enable us to conduct business faster and more efficiently and at larger scale. In the absence of hard measures, we concoct soft ones.

Restructuring IT: Organizing for Results

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Instead of sending round reams of paperwork for PMs to fill out in little more than CYA exercises, what if we were able to govern IT non-invasively, ascertaining from our delivery teams whether they’re delivering value for money, and working in accordance with expectations?

CIO research: Cloud complexity of growing concern


As every company, and government department is pushed to digitally transform, accelerate workloads to the cloud, release better software faster, and then ensure it works perfectly across every customer interaction, the challenge to run this software increases exponentially. Dynatrace news.

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The Agile PMO: Becoming a Real Time PMO

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This makes us more effective at governing IT : By reconciling actual results with our business cases, we know the in-flight NPV we’re tracking toward. Agile Management IT Governance PMO

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Annual Budgeting and Agile IT, Part II: Why Agile Gets Compromised When It Goes Corporate

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The rules governing capital expenditure are pretty strict. The annual budgeting cycle that still governs companies sets an expectation that operations, IT included, will perform consistently with a big, up-front plan. IT Governance Restructuring IT Strategic ITIn the first installment , we had a look at how the CFO is primarily concerned with consistent cash flow so that the business can service long-term financing obligations.

IT Effectiveness is Measured by Asset Yield

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From an IT governance perspective, however, this doesn’t tell us all that much. With this measure we have a business-oriented way to answer the first governance question : are we getting value for money? Well governed IT is the centerpiece of executing this strategy.

Annual Budgeting and Agile IT, Part III: Operational Predictability versus Financial Rationality

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We do this through continuous governance , to align operations with financial intent. But there's a difference between mechanical governance and investing. Continuous governance is only effective if we have activist investors: people experienced with technology investments who not only scrutinize the data but manipulate it, reframe it, challenge it, supplement it by getting their own, and interrogate the people behind it. IT Governance Restructuring IT Strategic IT

Expanding the cloud to the Middle East: Introducing the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

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Starting today, developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations can run their applications and serve end users across the region from data centers located in the Middle East.

The Agile PMO: Automating Metrics Capture

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Agile Management IT Governance PMOThe last piece of the Agile PMO puzzle is to make the data needs of the PMO non-burdensome to delivery teams. It’s all well and good to be able to get quality and performance data, but it has to be easily accessible.

Restructuring IT: The Detroitification of IT

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Change Management IT Governance Restructuring IT Strategic ITIn previous installments of this series on restructuring IT , we looked at how IT has adopted industrial practices as it has gone in pursuit of scale. As a result, IT bears striking resemblance to Detroit automakers.

Restructuring IT: Anticipatory Responsiveness

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Change Management IT Governance Restructuring IT Strategic ITMichael Milken , the former junk bond king, has a charitable foundation.

Identifying, Auditing, and Discussing Third Parties

CSS Wizardry

A large part of my performance consultancy work is auditing and subsequently governing third-party scripts, dependencies, and their providers.

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Restructuring IT: A Different Look at the Business-IT Relationship

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IT Governance Restructuring IT Strategic ITThe relationship between IT and its business partners is notoriously bad. Year after year, surveys by different research organizations report that improving that relationship is a top-10 priority for CIOs.