July, 2020

MicroProfile Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana [Video]


In this short video, Rudy de Busscher shows how to connect MicroProfile Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana to produce useful graphics and to help investigate your microservice architecture. The goal of MicroProfile Metrics is to expose monitoring data from the implementation in a unified way.

Expand application and infrastructure observability with operational insights into Kubernetes pods


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace is the only Kubernetes monitoring solution that provides continuous automation and full-stack advanced observability without changing code, container images, or deployments.

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Configuring SQL Server Always On Availability Groups on AWS EC2

SQL Shack

In this article, we will review how to set up multi-subnet Always On Availability groups using AWS EC2 instances and AWS FSx as file share witness.

Some Performance Links

CSS - Tricks

Just had a couple of good performance links burning a hole in my pocket, so blogging them like a good little blogger. Web Performance Recipes With Puppeteer. Puppeteer is an Node library for spinning up a copy of Chrome “headlessly” (i.e. no UI) and controlling it.

Testing vs Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control What’s the Difference?


A product, an application, a website, the success of all these do depend on the functionalities built into them. But answer to some questions like “How easy they were to use? How easy were they to understand? Did they do the job without any errors?”,

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 4 – Derived tables, optimization considerations, continued

SQL Performance

This article is the fourth part in a series on table expressions. In Part 1 and Part 2 I covered the conceptual treatment of derived tables. In Part 3 I started covering optimization considerations of derived tables.

OAuth API Testing With JMeter


For Installing and Overview of JMETER. Please check. link]. performance oauth jmeter load api testing api access tokens jmeter 5.1

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Explore SQL Server Index Properties in SSMS

SQL Shack

This article gives you an insight into SQL Server Index properties in SSMS. Introduction We can create indexes in SQL Server using both GUI and t-SQL method. Once we create an index using t-SQL, we specify the index name, key columns, included columns, filter to create it.

What is a DNS Prefetch?


A DNS Prefetch is a resource hint to make a DNS lookup for a domain the browser has not yet determined needs to be made. This can improve performance because when the browser does need to make a request for a resource, the DNS lookup for that domain has already. The post What is a DNS Prefetch?

Top Strategies for Effective User Testing in Software Development


What is user testing? User testing is a research method that is based on observing and analyzing how a certain number of users use the. Test Management Benefits of Risk based Testing Continuous Testing Software Testing

The dangers of becoming a full-stack tester

TechBeacon Testing

An increasing number of firms are now on the hunt for what they call "full-stack testers." What they mean by that is people who can test everything in the company's process, and do so at garage-sale prices.

21 Groups and Companies Testers Should Follow on Linkedin


Getting in the Know on LinkedIn in 2020. Are you a tester on Linkedin? We all know the benefits of having a well-maintained Linkedin profile: recruiters reach out to you, you can show off skills and achievements, display personal recommendations, network, etc.

SAPGUI: Understanding the SAPGUI user experience


Dynatrace news. In today’s world of observ ability and reporting , my experience in capturing the end-user-experience (EUE) with web and mobile application technologies is easy to achieve. But not all applications are created equally when it comes to obtaining users’ experience.

Web Standards


Web standards are best defined as guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C to promote consistency in design code which makes up a web page. These standards , while not enforceable by law, have a great deal of benefit to both web developers and web surfers alike.

What are Preconnect Resource Hints?


A preconnect is a resource hint that tells the browser to make a proactive HTTP connection to a domain the browser has not yet determined needs to be made. Creating an HTTP connection takes many steps, including making a DNS lookup, a TCP connection, and negotiating a secure TLS connection.

11 Tried & Tested Angular Best Practices for Web App Development


Whether you’re engaged in building customized web apps as a project manager, a frontend developer, or a CTO, you’ve most likely employed Angular. And it’s also possible that your web-apps may be Angular-powered but may still need the Angular best practices for exceptional app performance and organized code. . The post 11 Tried & Tested Angular Best Practices for Web App Development appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Web App Development

Why Browser Security UI Isn't Specified

Alex Russell

From time to time, working groups (particularly at the W3C ) are asked to adopt requirements on browser-presented UI (pixels drawn outside or over-top the page content) in the normative text of a specification.

Improving The Accuracy of Quality Assurance With Defect Tracking


Quality assurance and software maintenance can be highly costly for the company; in many instances, companies are spending around 80% and even 90% (in some cases) of the software development budget on quality maintenance and keeping up with the standards.

No need to compromise visibility in public clouds with the new Azure services supported by Dynatrace


Dynatrace news. With cloud deployments growing rapidly during the past few years and enterprise multi-cloud environments becoming the norm, new challenges have emerged, including: Cloud dynamics make it hard to keep up with autoscaling, where services come and go based on demand.

Azure 152

Quality Sense Podcast: Oren Rubin — Web Test Automation Challenges


In today’s Quality Sense episode, Federico Toledo sits down for a chat with the founder and CEO of Testim , Oren Rubin , an Israeli entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in the software industry.

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now supported on Red Hat 8, Ubuntu 18, and CentOS 8


Dynatrace news. Synthetic-enabled ActiveGates are crucial elements of private Synthetic Monitoring locations.

How to Overcome 6 Selenium Automation Testing Challenges


Undoubtedly, Selenium has made web testing far simpler for many QA teams and enterprises worldwide, but it has a fair share of challenges.

Mobile 159

Measure Your Test Automation Maturity


I'm a Developer Advocate and one of the things I love most about my role is that I travel all of over the world — meeting and consulting with engineering teams, and discussing the challenges that they face. One thing that I've realized about building quality software is.the struggle is real!

Differences Between Functional Testing and Usability Testing


In Software testing, several testing practices help in validating how the developed software is functioning as per the customer requirements and user expectations. Two of such testing practices include functional testing and usability testing.

Large scale deployments are easy and cost-effective with network zones (Early Adopter)


Dynatrace news. Large enterprise environments are often distributed across multiple data centers around the world. Unnecessary traffic between such data centers can result in wasted resources, unpredictable downtimes, and lost business.

Managing Dynatrace Managed at scale


Dynatrace news. The complexity of cloud-based or hybrid IT environments and application landscapes continues to grow.

A Developer's Guide to Optimizing Mobile App Performance


The invention of mobile phones led to wireless connections between people communicating over a long distance. Users were happy to stay connected with wide coverage offered to them via different cellular phone networks.

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Cluster Diagnostics: Troubleshoot Cluster Issues Using Only SQL Queries


TiDB is an open-source, distributed SQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads. Ideally, a TiDB cluster should always be efficient and problem-free. It should be stable, load-balanced, and have a reliable rate of queries per second (QPS).

Automation Testing Technologies - What’s Trending in 2020?


Evolution in technology continues to make life easier. During the past decade, many surprising accomplishments have been done in the technical world. If we talk about test automation, then coding skills were a must-have a few years ago, and automation was a long process.