October, 2019

Monitor your applications from newly added public Synthetic locations


Dynatrace news. With Dynatrace Synthetic, you can monitor the availability and performance of your web applications under clean-room conditions.

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, ‘threads’ were a programming novelty rarely used and seldom trusted. In that environment, the first PostgreSQL developers decided forking a process for each connection to the database is the safest choice.

Top Seven Browser Compatibility Testing Tools For Developers in 2019


Some valuable browser testing tools. When talking about website or web app development, one thing that developers are most concerned about is cross-browser compatibility. As you know, there are multiple things involved in creating a website, such as planning, designing, testing, etc.

Delta: A Data Synchronization and Enrichment Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Invisible mask: practical attacks on face recognition with infrared

The Morning Paper

Invisible mask: practical attacks on face recognition with infrared Zhou et al., arXiv’18. You might have seen selected write-ups from The Morning Paper appearing in ACM Queue.

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Overlooked T-SQL Gems

SQL Performance

My good friend Aaron Bertrand inspired me to write this article. He reminded me of how sometimes we take things for granted when they seem obvious to us and don't always bother checking the full story behind them.

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CIO research: Cloud complexity of growing concern


Dynatrace news. My favorite slide, that I used in nearly every one of my presentations, is a simple statement; “You have one of the hardest jobs in the world.”. I see people nod their head, smile and sometimes pull out a phone and take a photo.

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Solving Performance Hotspots With Memory Pooling in Go


Solve performance hotspots like solving a puzzle. You may also like: Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency. Introduction. Igneous is an unstructured data management company. We move bytes back and forth — that’s what we do.

How Netflix microservices tackle dataset pub-sub

The Netflix TechBlog

By Ammar Khaku Introduction In a microservice architecture such as Netflix’s, propagating datasets from a single source to multiple downstream destinations can be challenging.

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Applying deep learning to Airbnb search

The Morning Paper

Applying deep learning to Airbnb search Haldar et al., KDD’19. Last time out we looked at Booking.com’s lessons learned from introducing machine learning to their product stack.

HammerDB: Avoiding bottlenecks in client.


HammerDB is a great tool for running Database benchmarks. However it is very easy to create an artificial bottleneck which will give a very poor benchmark result.

Improved content validation for Synthetic browser and clickpath monitors


Dynatrace news. With the release of Dynatrace 1.178, we’ve added a new type of content validation capability for synthetic browser and clickpath monitors. The contains visible text option mimics the Find (Ctrl+F/Cmd+F) functionality of a web browser.

Two kernel mysteries and the most technical talk I've ever seen

Brendan Gregg

If you start digging into Linux kernel internals, like function disassembly and profiling, you may run into two mysteries of kernel engineering, as I did: 1. What is this "__fentry__" stuff at the start of _every_ kernel function? Profiling? Why doesn't it massively slow down the Linux kernel?

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Cross-Browser Testing: Best Practices and Useful Resources


Wine testing.browser testing.what's the difference? In the earlier days of web development, executing cross-browser testing used to be very easy.

How to maximize CPU performance for PostgreSQL 12.0 benchmarks on Linux


HammerDB doesn’t publish competitive database benchmarks, instead we always encourage people to be better informed by running their own.

150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at Booking.com

The Morning Paper

150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at Booking.com Bernadi et al., KDD’19. Here’s a paper that will reward careful study for many organisations.

Measuring CPU performance with X-Ray and pgbench.


Nutanix X-Ray is well known for being able to model IO/Storage workloads, but what about workloads that are CPU bound? X-Ray can run Ansible scripts on the X-Ray worker VMs, and by doing so we are able to provision almost any application.

Monitor client certificate-secured APIs with Dynatrace Synthetic


Dynatrace news. APIs are the connective tissue in today’s online services. Fun fact: Salesforce and eBay first allowed access to their web APIs in the year 2000. As of 2019, ProgrammableWeb provides searchable access to almost 22,000 APIs, with more being added on a daily basis.

Knowledge is power – how your QA/test teams can help you accelerate your value delivery 


As the digital demands of the business continue to escalate, software delivery teams are under extraordinary pressure to deliver more work faster.

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22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application


Automation testing in progress. I can relate to the feeling where you wish to achieve flawless automation testing in the blink of an eye! On the other hand, I also understand the apprehension that is causing you to delay test automation.

Database Metrics

SQL Shack

Summary There is a multitude of database metrics that we can collect and use to help us understand database and server resource consumption, as well as overall usage. This data can include hardware statistics, such as measures of CPU or memory consumed over time.

“I was told to buy a software or lose my computer: I ignored it.” A study of ransomware

The Morning Paper

“I was told to buy a software or lose my computer. I ignored it”: a study of ransomware Simoiu et al., SOUPS 2019. This is a very easy to digest paper shedding light on the prevalence of ransomware and the characteristics of those most likely to be vulnerable to it.

How It Works: SQL Server Lock Iteration / Enumeration

SQL Server According to Bob

When executing a query to enumerate the locks, such as select * from sys.dm_tran_locks, tran_locks, how does SQL Server scan the locks and avoid impacting the overall concurrency?

AI-powered custom log metrics for faster troubleshooting


Dynatrace news. You might already use Dynatrace Log Monitoring to gain direct access to the log content of your system’s mission-critical processes. Log Monitoring is a great way to search for text patterns like log files with errors or exceptions.

Understanding Event Loss with Extended Events

SQL Performance

My colleague, Erin Stellato, recently asked me a question about where and why event loss could happen with Extended Events.

The Marvel of Observability


Marvel at this article! You may also like: The Observability Pipeline. “[You’ve] You’ve] been fighting with one arm behind your back. What happens when [you’re] finally set free?” — Paraphrasing Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel.

Business Models and Trust

Edge Perspectives

Three years ago I sketched out three dimensions of business model evolution in response to the mounting performance pressure of the Big Shift. In this blog post, I want to highlight the role of this business model evolution in restoring trust in our corporations.

In-toto: providing farm-to-table guarantees for bits and bytes

The Morning Paper

in-toto: providing farm-to-table guarantees for bits and bytes Torres-Arias et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019. Small world with high risks did a great job of highlighting the absurd risks we’re currently carrying in many software supply chains. There are glimmers of hope though.

Log4j 2 – The Ghost in the logging framework


It was exactly one day after my vacation. Starting to get back into the groove, I had a quick chat with my fellow engineer Holger (Staudacher). He casually mentioned that he found a really confusing test failure the other day that we should pair up on.

Everything as Code


Dynatrace news. We’re no longer living in an age where large companies require only physical servers, with similar and rarely changing configurations, that could be manually maintained in a single Datacenter.

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Digital Twins and Real-Time Digital Twins: What’s the Difference?

ScaleOut Software

Digital twins are typically used in the field of product life-cycle management (PLM) to model the behavior of individual devices or components within a system. This assists in their design and development and helps lower costs.

Why I Returned to Windows


[link]. I’m a Unix guy. Note that I did not say Linux. When I started my career, many small to mid-sized companies were running on minicomputers from companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), PR1ME Computer, and others.

SpaceX Spending $10 Billion to Make the Internet 20ms Faster


Elon Musk’s need for speed. As the media coverage of the project ramps up, you may have heard of Starlink – SpaceX’s new satellite constellation project.

Detecting and characterizing lateral phishing at scale

The Morning Paper

Detecting and characterizing lateral phishing at scale Ho et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019. This is an investigation into the phenomenon of lateral phishing attacks.

Act locally, connect globally with IoT and edge computing

All Things Distributed

There are places so remote, so harsh that humans can't safely explore them (for example, hundreds of miles below the earth, areas that experience extreme temperatures, or on other planets).

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Improve Cloud Foundry observability with the immutable OneAgent BOSH release


Dynatrace news. Cloud Foundry BOSH is a powerful tool that combines release engineering, deployment, and life cycle management of distributed software in the cloud.

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Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest

CSS - Tricks

WebPageTest is an online tool and an Open Source project to help developers audit the performance of their websites. As a Web Performance Evangelist at Theodo , I use it every single day.