What Is Test Design Actually?


Learn how to design your tests. In this blog, we overview what is and how to perform test design (and, which is at least as important, how not to perform it). Going forward, a test basis is ‘the body of knowledge used as the basis for test analysis and design’.

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Design Of A Modern Cache—Part Deux

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Benjamin Manes , who did engineery things for Google and is now doing engineery things as CTO of Vector. The previous article described the caching algorithms used by Caffeine , in particular the eviction and concurrency models.

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Sociotechnical Design Variables

Strategic Tech

Over the past few years I have focused much of my learning and work choices around learning about the design of sociotechnical systems?—?how how to design software architectures and organise teams around them. This is the essence of design, trading off one variable to improve another.

Cultivate your personal design heuristics

O'Reilly Software

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock explores how you can grow as a designer by becoming conscious of your heuristics. Continue reading Cultivate your personal design heuristics

Towards federated learning at scale: system design

The Morning Paper

Towards federated learning at scale: system design Bonawitz et al., We designed the FL system to elastically scale with the number and sizes of the FL populations, potentially up into the billions. SysML 2019.

Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

There are 2 major challenges to succeed in our mission: We want to democratize the platform and create a contribution model: with a developer and production deployment experience that is designed for data scientists and friendly to the stacks they use.

Design Patterns: Cache-Aside Pattern


This post is part of a Design Patterns series. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Data Managment Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software Development

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Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine. Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine. I hate to admit it, but five or six years ago my interest in web design started to wane. Design had lost its joyfulness. Studying the design of Avaunt magazine can teach and inspire.

EventStorming Modelling Tips to Facilitate Microservice Design

Strategic Tech

The result is that we create better designed software systems and teams of problem solvers rather than order takers. In this article, we’ll share a few easy-to-learn techniques that will help you to get the most out of EventStorming so you can design more domain-aligned software systems.

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch. Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch. Before writing Art Direction for the Web , I began to study Alexey Brodovitch when I became fascinated by editorial and magazine design. Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine.

Top five considerations for SQL Server index design

SQL Shack

In this article, we will discuss the most important points that we should consider when designing an optimal SQL index. Before going through the index design procedure, let us revise the SQL Server index concept.

What is a design pattern?

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Discover what design patterns are and how they can be used to communicate solutions to common problems. Continue reading What is a design pattern

Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal. Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal. When you work in design for any length of time, forming habits is natural. I needed to recharge, reconnect with my creativity, and rekindle my enthusiasm for working in design.

The Problem With Design

Allen Holub

Somehow, some people have gotten the idea that design is somehow inimical to Agile. The problem with… The post The Problem With Design appeared first on Allen Holub That’s not true. It’s always helpful to think about things before you do them. The question is not whether or not you should think in advance, it’s how far in advance should the thinking occur. Hours? Months?

Design Patterns: Competing Consumer Pattern


Load-Levelling : Since this Design Pattern, inherently uses the Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern , all of the Benefits applied there apply here as well. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Messaging Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software Development

Designing far memory data structures: think outside the box

The Morning Paper

Designing far memory data structures: think outside the box Aguilera et al., Therefore, if we want to make full use of one-sided far memory, we need to think carefully about the design of our data structures to make that access efficient.

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Design Patterns: Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern


Control Costs : You don't have to design your service to meet peak load, but rather average load. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Messaging Design Patterns: Availability Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software Development RabbitMQ

Primary Sociotechnical Design Heuristics

Strategic Tech

Yet there is no flowchart we can simply follow to find the optimal design. It’s so easy to get design choices wrong and make things worse instead of making them better. In order to effectively design sociotechnical systems, I recommend using design heuristics.

Designing For Micro-Moments

Smashing Magazine

Designing For Micro-Moments. Designing For Micro-Moments. A couple of years ago, Google announced a new mobile-first initiative it wanted web designers and marketers to pick up on. As such, it’s your job to know how to specifically design for these micro-moments.

Design and architecture: Special Dumpster Fire Unit

O'Reilly Software

Matt Stine looks at the tricky situations that sometimes emerge from design and architecture. Continue reading Design and architecture: Special Dumpster Fire Unit

Modelling Bounded Contexts with the Bounded Context Design Canvas: A Workshop Recipe

Strategic Tech

In Domain-Driven Design, a large system is decomposed into bounded contexts , which become natural boundaries in code as microservices and as teams in the organisation. 30 minutes) Bounded Context Design Canvas (min. This guides you into exploring alternative design opportunities.

Mark+Steve, Performance+Design

Speed Curve

Mark presents traditional performance data in a way that is more compelling, revealing his strong design background. Mark has pioneered this new territory where performance and design overlap. Many times there's little interaction between designers and performance engineers.

The ‘Chocolate Sauce’ Design Heuristic

Strategic Tech

A trip to the supermarket can teach you a lot about designing software systems and shaping teams to build them… I was recently in need of some chocolate sauce. The designers of the supermarket had to decide where the chocolate sauce should live.

Product-aligned vs Capability-aligned Organisation Design

Strategic Tech

There are broadly two dominant approaches used to organise teams in modern organisations that have moved beyond traditional activity-oriented organisation design (organising people by their specific skill). organization-design digital-transformation domain-driven-design

What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites

Smashing Magazine

What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. I recently wrote a blog post for a web designer client about page speed and why it matters. What Web Designers Can Do To Optimize Mobile Sites For Speed.

Context Is Essential To Software Design

Professor Beekums

Best practices sound like a great thing. Why wouldn’t we want to make sure our software is the best it can be? How better to make it so than to use practices that everyone considers the best? This was something I was extremely concerned with early in my career.

HAProxy EBtree: Design for a Scheduler, and Use (Almost) Everywhere


Load Balancing Routing Performance & Scalability Architecture & Design DevOps newsAt QCON New York 2019, Andjelko Iharos presented how CTO Willy Tarreau and the HAProxy team implemented a scheduler using an EBtree data structure to optimize performance and memory usage of the HAProxy load balancer. By K Jonas.

Design Patterns: Series Introduction


I have decided to write a series on some common and modern Design Patterns that are useful in today's horizontally scalable (such as cloud-hosted) applications. This is not going to be the usual, gang of four design patterns series, but rather more suited towards building a modern application architecture that caters for the increasing requirements for east-west communication and easily scaling up and deploying. Design Patterns Software Development Software Architecture

Design after Agile: How to succeed by trying less

O'Reilly Software

Stuart Halloway explains how to augment agility with principles for designing systems. Continue reading Design after Agile: How to succeed by trying less

Inspired Design Decisions: Bea Feitler, An Unstoppable Creative Force

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Bea Feitler, An Unstoppable Creative Force. Inspired Design Decisions: Bea Feitler, An Unstoppable Creative Force. Even if you didn’t study graphic design at art school, you might know a few famous names. Previously On “Inspired Design Decisions”.

Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design

Uber Engineering

Once identified, … The post Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog. Maintaining Uber’s large-scale data warehouse comes with an operational cost in terms of ETL functions and storage.

Organisational Fluidity in Digital Ecosystem Platform Design: Strategic Alliance Teams

Strategic Tech

If you’re among the thousands of organisations building a platform-powered digital ecosystem, you face serious organisation design challenges. Without an explicit organisation design strategy, you will over-commit resources to low priority initiatives and starve your big bets?—?the

Just-in-time design in software delivery: how to avoid 4 sources of waste in design


Please note: In this post, I will refer to all design practices, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Visual Design, and Design Research as design. Much has been written about Lean UX and the role of design in Agile development. Design’s primary role is reducing the risk that the team is building the wrong thing or building something that is hard to use. It is an approach that helps designers reduce waste and increase effectiveness.

Scalability?: ?Think in Terms Of TCO


An architect should focus on designing a scalable software architecture from the early phase of the product life cycle. performance domain driven design software design principles tco software architecture design scaleablility

Responsive Design Dashboard

Speed Curve

Responsive design is the preferred technique for making web content adapt to the device on which it's viewed. A corollary to responsive design is the need for performance. Indeed, last week Google announced that websites need to deliver their design appropriately and quickly on mobile devices or they will be demoted in Google's search results. SpeedCurve's Responsive Design Dashboard answers both questions in one view.

How to design a RESTful API architecture from a human-language spec

O'Reilly Software

Despite being consumed directly by machines, APIs are made to satisfy the needs of human beings, so designing them should follow a user-centered process, but often it doesn’t. Continue reading How to design a RESTful API architecture from a human-language spec

Book Review: Responsible Responsive Design

Tim Kadlec

Yesterday Guy Podjarny published his analysis of the use of responsive design among the top 10,000 websites. Another recent survey showed that a hefty 90% of publishers are looking at implementing responsive design. However you want to slice it, responsive design is an increasingly popular technique. That’s where Scott Jehl’s new book Responsible Responsive Design comes in.

5 Things Your Website Needs for Faster Performance in 2020


According to a study by the Aberdeen Group , each second of delay in your website load time results in: performance website website speed load time business website design faster loadingHow fast can it run? Nobody enjoys a long line at the supermarket or a long wait at the restaurant.

Velocity: Better performance through better design

Speed Curve

Improve web performance by improving your design process… it needs to be iterative, mindful, principled and visual. I start out by suggesting that before a project is launched the team must sit down and design the process that they are going to use to reach a solution.

Implementing Responsive Design Workshop

Tim Kadlec

On June 14th, I’m going to teach a one-day Implementing Responsive Design workshop at the McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis. The workshop will run the full day and will go from the core tenants of responsive design through to more advanced topics such as performance optimization, feature detection, RESS and more. In addition, thanks to Peachpit , everyone who attends will get a copy of Implementing Responsive Design to read, sell, or use as a doorstop—your choice.

New: The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines, Third Edition

High Scalability

Five years ago when Google published The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines it was a manifesto declaring the world of computing had changed forever.

Responsive Responsive Design

Tim Kadlec

I mentioned several examples, but the one that really prompted the post was the myth of responsive design equaling bad performance. To whet your appetite a bit: We love to tout the web’s universality when discussing the need for responsive design. The web is an incredibly dynamic and interactive medium, and designing for it demands that we consider more than just visual aesthetics.

A Programmer's Adventure Into UX Design

Professor Beekums

I started professorbeekums.com with very little knowledge about UX Design. The most obvious solution to that problem is to learn. Yet startups are rife with examples of folks trying to do things themselves when they should have hired a professional. It is human to judge things by their appearance so having poor UX can be a huge blocker to gaining users. For something so critical, it makes sense that I should have hired someone