Website or Mobile User Experience Design – Why It Matters


When designing a digital presence, whether it is a website or a mobile app, attractive graphics and engaging content are not the only things that matter. One aspect of the web and app design that many designers still overlook is the need for good user experience design.

Key Steps to Designing an Effective EHR Usability Assessment


The design of EHR systems is constantly improving, but as time goes on, EHR end-users are not fully satisfied with their interfaces or the amount of time they are spending on data entry and navigating through the less than perfect system. opinion usability performance #design ehr

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Dynatrace achieves AWS Outposts Ready designation


We’re therefore excited to announce that Dynatrace has received the AWS Outposts Service Ready designation. The post Dynatrace achieves AWS Outposts Ready designation appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

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How Do You Test A Design System? — Advanced Topics


How do you test a design system? You got here because you either have a design system or know you need one. Marie Drake , Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK , presented her webinar, " Roadmap To Testing A Design System ", where she discussed this topic in some detail.

Design Systems and Testability With Applitools


May 2020, Applitools had the pleasure of hosting Tyler Krupicka from Intuit for an hour-long webinar discussing design systems and testability. At Intuit, Tyler works on the "Player/Design Systems" team, where he focuses on design systems. performance testing web developement interview ui cross browser testing unit test storybook design systems ui component

What Is Test Design Actually?


Learn how to design your tests. In this blog, we overview what is and how to perform test design (and, which is at least as important, how not to perform it). Considering the ‘official’ definition, ‘ test design is the activity of deriving and specifying test cases from test conditions’, where a test condition is ‘an aspect of the test basis that is relevant in order to achieve specific test objectives.’ performance risk analysis test design

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Design Of A Modern Cache—Part Deux

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Benjamin Manes , who did engineery things for Google and is now doing engineery things as CTO of Vector. The previous article described the caching algorithms used by Caffeine , in particular the eviction and concurrency models. Since then we’ve made improvements to the eviction algorithm and explored a new approach towards expiration. Eviction Policy.

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Legacy Architecture Modernisation With Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Strategic Tech

Before jumping into either of those scenarios, have a look at what Strategic Domain-Driven Design can offer you. This means a software architecture should be purposely designed for the most favourable business consequences. Starting planning doesn’t mean design is finished.

7 top tools for responsive web design testing


Responsive design is an approach to design websites such that it responds well on all screen sizes, platforms, and orientations. This approach eliminates the need to design a new set of code for each new device.

Database Design and Logical Asseveration for SQL Query Optimization

SQL Shack

Database design and Logical Asseveration play a vital role in database performance and SQL Query optimization. Database Design Database design plays an essential role in the database performance side. General database design PerformanceBoth have different parameters to make your database and the query accurate. If the table structure is not in proper terms of data distribution and normalized […].

Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine. Inspired Design Decisions: Avaunt Magazine. I hate to admit it, but five or six years ago my interest in web design started to wane. Web design had stagnated, predictability had replaced creativity, and ideas seemed less important than data. Design had lost its joyfulness. When I began working with the legendary newspaper and magazine designer Mark Porter, I became fascinated by art direction and editorial design.

The Problem With Design

Allen Holub

Somehow, some people have gotten the idea that design is somehow inimical to Agile. The problem with… The post The Problem With Design appeared first on Allen Holub That’s not true. It’s always helpful to think about things before you do them. The question is not whether or not you should think in advance, it’s how far in advance should the thinking occur. Hours? Months?

How to Test Responsive Web Design Cross-Browser Compatibility


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a term that was defined by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 according to which, design and development of web pages should be responsive to different screen size, platform, and orientation. Here are the three key components of responsive web design – 1.

Cultivate your personal design heuristics

O'Reilly Software

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock explores how you can grow as a designer by becoming conscious of your heuristics. Continue reading Cultivate your personal design heuristics

Inspired Design Decisions: Neville Brody Design Cannot Remain Neutral

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Neville Brody Design Cannot Remain Neutral. Inspired Design Decisions: Neville Brody Design Cannot Remain Neutral. Local bands designed their own publicity and the mostly two-colour artwork was edgy and unpolished. Its unconventional and thought-provoking designs and Brody’s subsequent work redefined the British music press from the 1980s onwards and influenced a generation of designers.

Design Patterns: Cache-Aside Pattern


This post is part of a Design Patterns series. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Data Managment Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software DevelopmentApplications that rely heavily on a data-store usually can benefit greatly from using the Cache-Aside Pattern. If used correctly, this pattern can improve performance and help maintain consistency between the cache and the underlying data store.

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What is a design pattern?

O'Reilly Software

Discover what design patterns are and how they can be used to communicate solutions to common problems. Continue reading What is a design pattern

Sociotechnical Design Variables

Strategic Tech

Over the past few years I have focused much of my learning and work choices around learning about the design of sociotechnical systems?—?how how to design software architectures and organise teams around them. performance, security) UX / Brand Perception: design decisions which have an impact on how users experience the system I’ve recently been collating some of the variables which exist in each of these areas, and they are presented in the remainder of this article.

3 test design principles to get you to continuous integration

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Design, Special Coverage: STAREAST, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous TestingIf your test case is causing more harm than good, is it truly useful? In the days of legacy software delivery, with long lead times and great difficulty changing the product once shipped, nearly all test cases (automated or not) were good test cases.

Inspired Design Decisions: Pressing Matters

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Pressing Matters. Inspired Design Decisions: Pressing Matters. Its publishers hope to inspire newcomers to printmaking, but as I thumbed through its pages, I found there is plenty about the design of Pressing Matters which can inspire web designers too. The result is a design which feels connected. These principles are not new and they have guided art direction and design for decades. Does Bootstrap create unimaginative designs?

Inspired Design Decisions With Bradbury Thompson: The Art Of Graphic Design

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions With Bradbury Thompson: The Art Of Graphic Design. Inspired Design Decisions With Bradbury Thompson: The Art Of Graphic Design. We work in an industry which is now more dominated by the academic, mechanical, and technical aspects of design.

Design Patterns: Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern


Control Costs : You don't have to design your service to meet peak load, but rather average load. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Messaging Design Patterns: Availability Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software Development RabbitMQModern software usually involves running tasks that invoke services. If the service is subjected to intermittent heavy loads, it can cause performance or reliability issues.

Design Patterns: Competing Consumer Pattern


Load-Levelling : Since this Design Pattern, inherently uses the Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern , all of the Benefits applied there apply here as well. Software Architecture Design Patterns: Messaging Design Patterns: Performance & Scalability Design Patterns Software Development

Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform at Netflix Jeffrey Wong, Senior Modeling Architect, Experimentation Platform Colin McFarland, Director, Experimentation Platform At Netflix, we have data scientists coming from many backgrounds such as neuroscience, statistics and biostatistics, economics, and physics; each of these backgrounds has a meaningful contribution to how experiments should be analyzed.

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Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal. Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal. When you work in design for any length of time, forming habits is natural. This repetition can be fabulous for your productivity, but when each design looks much like your last, you can quickly begin to feel jaded. I needed to recharge, reconnect with my creativity, and rekindle my enthusiasm for working in design. Time away helped me rediscover my enthusiasm for design.

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch. Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch. Before writing Art Direction for the Web , I began to study Alexey Brodovitch when I became fascinated by editorial and magazine design. Then, I became intrigued by his design process, how he sketched layouts, arranged them into spreads, and created a rhythm which flowed through his magazines. This book will make a fabulous addition to your design collection.

Designing Edge Gateway, Uber’s API Lifecycle Management Platform

Uber Engineering

In October 2014, Uber had started its journey of scale in what … The post Designing Edge Gateway, Uber’s API Lifecycle Management Platform appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog.

Towards federated learning at scale: system design

The Morning Paper

Towards federated learning at scale: system design Bonawitz et al., We designed the FL system to elastically scale with the number and sizes of the FL populations, potentially up into the billions. SysML 2019. This is a high level paper describing Google’s production system for federated learning.

Design Patterns: Series Introduction


I have decided to write a series on some common and modern Design Patterns that are useful in today's horizontally scalable (such as cloud-hosted) applications. This is not going to be the usual, gang of four design patterns series, but rather more suited towards building a modern application architecture that caters for the increasing requirements for east-west communication and easily scaling up and deploying. Design Patterns Software Development Software Architecture

Designing For Micro-Moments

Smashing Magazine

Designing For Micro-Moments. Designing For Micro-Moments. A couple of years ago, Google announced a new mobile-first initiative it wanted web designers and marketers to pick up on. In Myriam Jessier’s " Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018 ", she sums up Google’s four micro-moments: “I want to know.”. “I As such, it’s your job to know how to specifically design for these micro-moments. How You Should Be Designing For Micro-Moments.

How to prevent hidden images from loading on responsive designs


Responsive design is an absolute necessity in today’s web. Unfortunately, many themes and frameworks achieve responsive design by using hidden images on mobile devices or tablets. Lazy loading also works nicely when working with responsive design.

Primary Sociotechnical Design Heuristics

Strategic Tech

Yet there is no flowchart we can simply follow to find the optimal design. It’s so easy to get design choices wrong and make things worse instead of making them better. In order to effectively design sociotechnical systems, I recommend using design heuristics. The problem is that there are hundreds and thousands of heuristics, and nobody has time to scan through a thousand heuristics every time they need to make a design choice.

Mark+Steve, Performance+Design

Speed Curve

Mark presents traditional performance data in a way that is more compelling, revealing his strong design background. Mark has pioneered this new territory where performance and design overlap. Many times there's little interaction between designers and performance engineers. And yet, designers and performance engineers are after the same thing: creating a great user experience! Design and performance are connected, like the yin and yang.

Designing far memory data structures: think outside the box

The Morning Paper

Designing far memory data structures: think outside the box Aguilera et al., Therefore, if we want to make full use of one-sided far memory, we need to think carefully about the design of our data structures to make that access efficient. This paper is all about the design of efficient data structures for far-memory, which turns out to have consequences reaching all the way down to the hardware. This makes it challenging to design effective far memory data structures.

Design and architecture: Special Dumpster Fire Unit

O'Reilly Software

Matt Stine looks at the tricky situations that sometimes emerge from design and architecture. Continue reading Design and architecture: Special Dumpster Fire Unit

EventStorming Modelling Tips to Facilitate Microservice Design

Strategic Tech

The result is that we create better designed software systems and teams of problem solvers rather than order takers. Used judiciously, EventStorming gives us the ability to uncover enough information about our domain and our business that we can use it to design our microservices, bounded contexts, and even our teams. If you want to see how to take the next steps and use your EventStorm to design microservices, check out our Bounded Context Canvas workshop recipe.

SRP Is the MEDUSA of Clean Code Family


But Irony is, SRP is the most powerful but obscured principle in the Design toolbox, this throws a web of confusion and you are stoned by thinking should I use it in the right way or not? java tutorial performance clean code code smell srp design principle srp design principle programWhile we are hearing tips on Clean code, the most common tip is maintaining SRP while writing class or methods, in a broader scope Module/Package/Service/API.

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Design and operate better applications in Kubernetes with extended insights into cross-container communications


The post Design and operate better applications in Kubernetes with extended insights into cross-container communications appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Kubernetes at scale in the enterprise is complex. Systems are constantly changing, with pods existing only briefly to perform tasks before they’re terminated. In such circumstances, it’s challenging to investigate the reasons for unexpected behavior or traffic between pods.

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The ‘Chocolate Sauce’ Design Heuristic

Strategic Tech

A trip to the supermarket can teach you a lot about designing software systems and shaping teams to build them… I was recently in need of some chocolate sauce. The Chocolate Sauce Heuristic for Software Design There are a few lessons about software development we can learn from this story, but I want to focus on design. The designers of the supermarket had to decide where the chocolate sauce should live.

HAProxy EBtree: Design for a Scheduler, and Use (Almost) Everywhere


Load Balancing Routing Performance & Scalability Architecture & Design DevOps newsAt QCON New York 2019, Andjelko Iharos presented how CTO Willy Tarreau and the HAProxy team implemented a scheduler using an EBtree data structure to optimize performance and memory usage of the HAProxy load balancer. By K Jonas.

Modelling Bounded Contexts with the Bounded Context Design Canvas: A Workshop Recipe

Strategic Tech

In Domain-Driven Design, a large system is decomposed into bounded contexts , which become natural boundaries in code as microservices and as teams in the organisation. This workshop format is designed around both of these needs and uses two tools in order to find the most effective system design: EventStorming and the Bounded Context Design Canvas. 30 minutes) Bounded Context Design Canvas (min. This guides you into exploring alternative design opportunities.

Design after Agile: How to succeed by trying less

O'Reilly Software

Stuart Halloway explains how to augment agility with principles for designing systems. Continue reading Design after Agile: How to succeed by trying less

Product-aligned vs Capability-aligned Organisation Design

Strategic Tech

There are broadly two dominant approaches used to organise teams in modern organisations that have moved beyond traditional activity-oriented organisation design (organising people by their specific skill). The vertically-sliced product-aligned organisation design was no longer a competitive advantage. The supermarket were fully aware of this and began their transition to a capability-aligned organisation design.