The Fastest Google Fonts

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* The Wiz: [link] 200518_2J_70c5f6c1c92a1cd436e525ac2b895f51 200518_AY_290d20f93c0e4b469e0bbe60a63f678e 200518_8F_49cb76e22485f51fad729e085a8bd08e 200518_4W_7d70995268b4aa4f495304063d449ae3&thumbSize=150&ival=100&end=all * harry.is: [link] --> For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever.

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Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure


If you’re hosting your databases in the cloud, choosing the right cloud service provider is a significant decision to make for your long-term hosting costs. This is especially apparent in today’s world where organizations are doing whatever they can to optimize and reduce their costs.

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Handling Multiple Windows With Protractor For Selenium Testing


Every day is a challenge for newbie automation testers! Just when you learned how to perform automated browser testing on a single window, you now come across the challenge of handling multiple windows. Isn’t this a nightmare! Well, no need to worry, I've got you covered.

A Short on How Zoom Works

High Scalability

Zoom scaled from 20 million to 300 million users virtually over night. What's incredible is from the outside they've shown little in the way of apparent growing pains, though on the inside it's a good bet a lot of craziness is going on.

Up your quality and agility factor – using automation to build “performance-as-a-self-service”


Dynatrace news. Organizations are being challenged, but also seizing the opportunity, to digitally transform their businesses with better customer experiences and new and competitive services, to increase business value.

How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes


Web Performance is important for user experience and business metrics. Estimating its impact is key to be able to prioritize it, yet it’s difficult to quantify its benefits until the work has been done. We need to break this chicken-and-egg loop.

How Netflix uses Druid for Real-time Insights to Ensure a High-Quality Experience

The Netflix TechBlog

By Ben Sykes Continue reading on Netflix TechBlog ». apache realtime druid metrics-and-analytics kafka

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Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 1

SQL Performance

This article is the first in a series about the fundamentals of table expressions in T-SQL. I will mainly focus on four types of named table expressions, which are known in T-SQL as derived tables, common table expressions (CTEs), views, and inline table-valued functions (inline TVFs).

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Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage

The Morning Paper

Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage , Vuppalapati, NSDI’20. This paper describes the design decisions behind the Snowflake cloud-based data warehouse.

Should I use microservices?

O'Reilly Software

Considerations for when—and when not—to apply microservices in your organization. Despite the drive in some quarters to make microservice architectures the default approach for software, I feel that due to their numerous challenges, adopting them still requires careful thought.

Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

CSS Wizardry

One of the more fundamental rules of building fast websites is to optimise your assets, and where text content such as HTML, CSS, and JS are concerned, we’re talking about compression.

What is Greenplum Database? Intro to the Big Data Database


Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that is built and based on PostgreSQL.

Unit Testing Log Messages Made Easy


As a Java Developer, we need to cover a lot of scenarios to ensure the quality of our software and catch bugs as soon as possible when introducing a new code. For 99% of all my use cases AssertJ, Junit, Mockito, and Wiremock are sufficient enough do cover the test cases.

One Team at Uber is Moving from Microservices to Macroservices

High Scalability

There may be an undiscovered tribe deep in some jungle somewhere that hasn’t made up their mind on microservices, but I doubt it. People love microservices or love to hate microservices. There’s not much in between.

Dynatrace Managed is now certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux software


Dynatrace news. We’re very excited about this week’s a nnouncement from? Red Hat , one of our? technology alliance partners , that Dynatrace Managed is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.x distributions. For details, see the listing in the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Introducing Page Speed Benchmarks – a new resource for the performance community

Speed Curve

Here are some common questions I’m asked when I talk with people about performance: Which metrics should I care about? What types of devices and connections should I test on? Which third parties should I be most concerned about? How fast should I be?

Ready for changes with Hexagonal Architecture

The Netflix TechBlog

by Damir Svrtan and Sergii Makagon As the production of Netflix Originals grows each year, so does our need to build apps that enable efficiency throughout the entire creative process.

When scaling your workload is a matter of saving lives

All Things Distributed

On March 16, 2020, at 9:26 PM, I received an urgent email from my friend DJ Patil, former White House Chief Data Scientist, Head of Technology for Devoted Health, a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School, and Advisor to Venrock Partners.

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 2 – Derived tables, logical considerations

SQL Performance

Last month I provided a background to table expressions in T-SQL. I explained the context from relational theory and the SQL standard. I explained how a table in SQL is an attempt to represent a relation from relational theory.

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The measure and mismeasure of fairness: a critical review of fair machine learning

The Morning Paper

The measure and mismeasure of fairness: a critical review of fair machine learning , Corbett-Davies & Goel, arXiv 2018. With many thanks to Ben Fried and the ACM Queue editorial board for the paper recommendation.

Debunking 5 Myths About Performance Budgets


In a constantly changing environment, brands are likely to be iterating on sites and applications to make them bigger, faster, fancier, and more engaging while pushing the new and updated code out as quickly as possible.

Performance Budgets, Pragmatically

CSS Wizardry

One of the key tools that performance engineers have at their disposal is the Performance Budget: it helps us—or, more importantly, our clients—ensure that any performance-focused work is monitored and maintained after we’ve gone.

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 3 – Pgpool-II


In our previous posts in this series, we discussed the case for connection pooling and introduced PgBouncer. In this post, we will discuss its most popular alternative – Pgpool-II. Pgpool-II is the swiss army knife of PostgreSQL middleware.

Principles to Handle Thousands of Connections in Java Using Netty


C10K problem is a term that stands for ten thousand concurrently handling connections.

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Socratic vs. Euclidean Forms of API Documentation

High Scalability

I was emailing a service about their documentation and while their doc was good, about one particularly tricky concept they told me that once you use it for a while, that’s when you’ll understand it. In other words: you’ll only understand it after you understand it.

Quickstart to Autonomous Cloud with Keptn on GKE


Dynatrace news. Self-Service Progressive Delivery of Microservices, Automated SLI/SLO based Quality Gates, Continuous Feedback through ChatOps and Automatic Remediation of Production Issues are some of the capabilities you expect from a modern cloud-native software delivery platform.

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Getting started with SQL Server Query Tuning

SQL Shack

This article will cover some essential techniques for SQL query tuning. Query tuning is a very wide topic to talk about, but some essential techniques never change in order to tune queries in SQL Server.

Bringing 4K and HDR to Anime at Netflix with Sol Levante

The Netflix TechBlog

By Haruka Miyagawa & Kylee Peña Continue reading on Netflix TechBlog ». 4k netflix anime animation hdr


How Amazon is solving big-data challenges with data lakes

All Things Distributed

Back when Jeff Bezos filled orders in his garage and drove packages to the post office himself, crunching the numbers on costs, tracking inventory, and forecasting future demand was relatively simple.

NULL complexities – Part 4, Missing standard unique constraint

SQL Performance

This article is Part 4 in a series about NULL complexities.

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Millions of tiny databases

The Morning Paper

Millions of tiny databases , Brooker et al., NSDI’20. This paper is a real joy to read.

5 Best Practices for Software Development and Testing


The software development process may have become cheaper and easier over the years, but it’s still a mammoth undertaking that can cause many problems if. Test Management Software development Software Testing

Big Project Build Times–Chromium

Randon ASCII

A twitter discussion on build times and source-file sizes got me interested in doing some analysis of Chromium build times.

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Important Health Checks for your MySQL Master-Slave Servers


In a MySQL master-slave high availability (HA) setup, it is important to continuously monitor the health of the master and slave servers so you can detect potential issues and take corrective actions. In this blog post, we explain some basic health checks you can do on your MySQL master and slave nodes to ensure your setup is healthy.

Selenium Automation Script With JavaScript


Selenium is an open-source automation framework initially introduced in 2004. Using this framework, we can validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. Java, C#, Python are mostly used for developing test scripts.

Moore's Law is not Ending Soon and the Reason May Surprise You

High Scalability

Jim Keller recently gave a fascinating and far ranging interview on the AI Podcast. You can find it at Moore's Law, Microprocessors, Abstractions, and First Principles. One of the many topics of discussion was the often predicted death of Moore's Law.

Understand customer experience with Session Replay without compromising data privacy


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace introduced Session Replay some time ago to help modernize your DEM strategy. Session Replay enables you to capture and visually replay the complete digital experience of your end users.

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