ScaleGrid Launches Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Support for Managed Database Hosting


October 14, 2020 – ScaleGrid, a leading Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, has just announced the launch of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hosting through their fully managed DBaaS plans. PALO ALTO, Calif.,

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Cloud infrastructure monitoring in action: Dynatrace on Dynatrace


At Dynatrace we host most of our Dynatrace SaaS clusters for paying customers as well as trial users in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) Team at Dynatrace has an important role to play in that offering. Dynatrace news.

Progressive delivery at cloud scale: Optimizing CPU intensive code with Dynatrace


It’s done through what I would refer to as “Progressive Delivery at Cloud Scale”. Our Cluster Performance Engineering Team in collaboration with our Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) and development teams quickly identified the root cause and fixed the problem in no time!

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Dynatrace Managed now available on all major cloud platforms


Cloud-based solutions typically aren’t a viable option or enterprises that have strict security or privacy policies that require their data to be maintained on-premise. With this integration you can stay on top of the dynamics of your hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem. Dynatrace news.

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Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) vs. Dedicated Hosting at ScaleGrid


Where you decide to host your cloud databases is a huge decision. You have to choose your hosting model, a cloud provider, and then your primary and standby regions to deploy to. But, if you’re considering leveraging a managed databases provider, you have another decision to make – are you able to host in your own cloud account or are you required to host through your managed service provider? What is ScaleGrid’s Bring Your Own Cloud Plan? Bring Your Own Cloud.

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Dynatrace for Developers: Fixing memory leaks in our cloud-native services on k8s


Dynatrace enables our customers to monitor and optimize their cloud infrastructure and applications through the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform. For that reason, we started a simple load-test scenario where we flooded our event-based system with 100 cloud-events per minute.

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PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


In this latest trends report, we analyze the most popular cloud providers for PostgreSQL, VACUUM strategies, query management strategies, and on-premises vs. public cloud use being leveraged by enterprise organizations. Most Popular Cloud Providers for PostgreSQL Hosting. Let’s start with the most popular cloud providers for PostgreSQL hosting. of PostgreSQL cloud use compared to 55.0% AWS was not the only cloud provider to grow – we found that 19.4%

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2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

High Scalability

In this free PostgreSQL Trends Report , we break down PostgreSQL hosting use across public cloud vs. private cloud vs. hybrid cloud, most popular cloud providers, migration trends, database combinations with Postgres, and why PostgreSQL is preferred over popular RDBMS alternatives. Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud.

Dynatrace earns top position in ISG Provider Lens™ Cloud-Native Observability Solutions Quadrant


I am excited to announce that ISG analysts positioned Dynatrace highest for portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength in the Cloud-Native Observability Solutions Quadrant. . Dynatrace’s deep understanding of enterprises’ cloud-native needs stand s out .

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The Best Way to Host MySQL on Azure Cloud


So many default to Amazon RDS, when MySQL performs exceptionally well on Azure Cloud. In this post, we outline the best way to host MySQL on Azure , including managed solutions, instance types, high availability replication, backup, and disk types to use to optimize your cloud database performance. The Best Way to Host MySQL on Azure Cloud Click To Tweet. Another important aspect to consider is the performance of your MySQL instances in the public cloud.

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CIO research: Cloud complexity of growing concern


As every company, and government department is pushed to digitally transform, accelerate workloads to the cloud, release better software faster, and then ensure it works perfectly across every customer interaction, the challenge to run this software increases exponentially. However, every cloud has a silver lining so to speak, and the rewards reaped are more often than not worth the risk. IT performance problems increase with cloud-native architectures. Dynatrace news.

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ScaleGrid DBaaS Expands MySQL Hosting Services Through AWS Cloud


June 6, 2019 – ScaleGrid , the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) leader in the SQL and NoSQL space, has announced the expansion of their fully managed MySQL Hosting services to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The platform allows MySQL AWS administrators to automate their time-consuming database operations in the cloud and improve their performance with high availability, disaster recovery, polyglot persistence, and advanced monitoring and analytics. PALO ALTO, Calif.,

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2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used


In this free PostgreSQL Trends Report, we break down PostgreSQL hosting use across public cloud vs. private cloud vs. hybrid cloud, most popular cloud providers, migration trends, database combinations with Postgres, and why PostgreSQL is preferred over popular RDBMS alternatives. Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud. of our respondents are hosting PostgreSQL in on-premise private clouds, where only 34.8% are using public clouds.

Quickstart to Autonomous Cloud with Keptn on GKE


Self-Service Progressive Delivery of Microservices, Automated SLI/SLO based Quality Gates, Continuous Feedback through ChatOps and Automatic Remediation of Production Issues are some of the capabilities you expect from a modern cloud-native software delivery platform. In December Dynatrace announced Keptn , an open-source pluggable control plane enabling autonomous software delivery and operations for cloud-native applications. Dynatrace news.

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Improve your cloud deployments with automated observability into your Azure Deployment Slots


You can now simplify cloud operations with automated observability into the performance of your Azure cloud platform services in context with the performance of your applications. . Product news Azure Azure Deployment Slots Cloud Version 1.201 What's newDynatrace news.

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2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence

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Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

Penetration Testing on Cloud Environment — Things to Consider


Technically, a penetration test on the cloud computing environment does not differ that much from any other penetration test , even an on-premise equivalent. You may have moved data to the cloud. cloud performance hacking penetration testing cloud environmentBut that doesn’t mean your responsibilities for securing it are gone.

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Testing With Spring Cloud Contract


Learn how to test with Spring Cloud. performance testing spring boot spring cloud functional test spring cloud contract microservices testingWith many industries transforming to a microservices architecture, testing these microservices is a challenge. Different teams own different services, so testing and validating the API communications between these microservices is important.

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Keptn – The Autonomous Cloud control plane for Dynatrace explained


Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) and Keptn – the Event-Driven Autonomous Cloud Control Plane – are helping our Dynatrace customers to automate their delivery and operations processes. There’s more from Christian and the rest of the Keptn and Autonomous Cloud community that we can all benefit from. Autonomous Cloud was driven by our customers need to better automation. Keptn – the event-driven Control Plane for Autonomous Cloud. Cloud and microservices

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Moving HPC to the Cloud: A Guide for 2020

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Limor Maayan-Wainstein , a senior technical writer with 10 years of experience writing about cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing, web development, and more. When coupled with the cloud, HPC is made more affordable, accessible, efficient and shareable.

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Maximized cloud-region coverage with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring


Dynatrace Synthetic leverages locations from the largest cloud providers. We’ve heard your feedback during the last few months and are happy to announce a fresh set of 18 new cloud locations for Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring. New Google Cloud Platform locations. Dynatrace news.

Autonomous Cloud Enablement aka Scaling NoOps via Self-Service


Autonomous Cloud is not another lofty marketing term. Autonomous Cloud is what enables our globally distributed development teams at Dynatrace to deliver better software faster following our NoOps approach: Fully Autonomous and as a Self-Service! Three waves of DevOps leading to Autonomous Cloud. We have teams building cloud-native services for our billing, licensing, customer experience, proactive customer support, marketplace or Davis Assistant. Dynatrace news.

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Infrastructure monitoring for enterprise cloud – 4 key requirements


Anyone moving to the cloud knows that it isn’t just a change from running servers in your data center to running them in someone else’s data center. If you’re doing it right, cloud represents a fundamental change in how you build, deliver and operate your applications and infrastructure. It’s not a matter of finding a cloud-friendly tool that replicates what Microsoft SCOM or Nagios showed in your traditional environment. In the cloud, silos are lethal. Dynatrace news.

Expanded cloud-region coverage for Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring


Dynatrace Synthetic leverages locations from the largest cloud providers. We’ve heard your feedback during the last few months and are happy to announce a fresh set of 18 new cloud locations for Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring. In keeping with our general approach in which the future of synthetic testing is in the cloud , we keep a close eye on the offerings that are provided by the largest cloud providers. New Google Cloud Platform locations. Dynatrace news.

How to Setup a WordPress MySQL Database in the Cloud


In order for your WordPress website to be able to access, store and retrieve the data in your MySQL database, it needs to be hosted online through a cloud computing service. Host MySQL on AWS , or MySQL on Azure with configurable instance sizes through the top two cloud providers in the world. How to Setup a #WordPress #MySQL Database in the Cloud Click To Tweet. BYOC MySQL Deployment – Host through your own cloud account.

How do you explain the unreasonable effectiveness of cloud security?

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With the enormous attack surface of cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, why aren't there more security problems? How do you explain the unreasonable effectiveness of cloud security? The main take-aways for me were: AWS cloud securityData breaches and cyber attacks occur daily. Google has an ebook on their security approach; Microsoft has some web pages.

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The future of synthetic testing is in the cloud


While not a new concept, the term “cloud” creates a lot of confusion because it means different things to different audiences. I’ve been speaking to customers over the last few months about our new cloud architecture for Synthetic testing locations and their confusion is clear. Cloud can be confusing, even to technology folks and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Cloud effectively solves each of these major issues. For us, cloud is not a cost savings play.

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Building an Observable Enterprise App — VMWare Cloud Community


cloud tutorial performance vmware sreOnce an app is launched to market, it's up to the engineering team to ensure that it continues to meet its SLAs. See how we use VMware Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) and Sentry to proactively monitor and fix issues before they become production problems. Every engineering leader has experienced the anxiety and stress of taking an app to production.

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Game changing — From zero to Autonomous Cloud Management today


I’m going to revisit the Dynatrace digital transformation in this blog, because it is also an excellent story that began our journey to Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM). Although the company was disrupting and pioneering 2nd generation APM tools in the early 2000’s, by 2011 it became apparent that cloud, microservices and containers were creating a better, faster way of developing and deploying software. Dynatrace news.

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RSocket Broker Use Case in Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba Cloud FaaS Offering. The Alibaba Cloud FaaS offering is part of Alibaba Cloud Service Engine on Alibaba cloud. performance alibaba cloud reactive streams faas alibaba rsocket system architecture faas offering rsocket brokerFind out more about RSocket. You may also like: Spring Tips: RSocket Messaging in Spring Boot 2.2 Video]. The functions are written in Node.js

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Setting Up XCUITest on Bitbar Device Cloud


There are many vendors in the market who provide the real devices in the cloud but Bitbar is the pioneer who started supporting XCUITest in the cloud before anyone else. In this post, we will see how we can use Bitbar Device Cloud to run our XCUITest tests on physical devices. Bitbar Device Cloud. They added support to run XCUITest in the cloud in the early stages. performance testing app testing xcuitest bitbar device cloud cloud based testing

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Embark on a journey towards Autonomous Cloud Management with Dynatrace


It feels like just yesterday DevOps was all the rage, and everything had to be “Cloud” in order to be modern. At Dynatrace, we went through such a transformation ourselves, back in 2011 when we saw the need to create a new platform that was purpose-built for these dynamic, cloud-native IT environments. First of all, I suggest that you fill in the Dynatrace Autonomous Cloud Survey and see how you stack up against your peers. Dynatrace news.

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Simplify cloud operations with automated observability into your Azure Automation service


Azure Automation provides an extremely powerful set of tools for automating operations within enterprises on hybrid cloud. Azure Automation delivers a cloud-based automation and configuration service that supports consistent management across your Azure and non-Azure environments.

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Load Balanced ProxySQL in Google Cloud


cloud tutorial performance google load testing load balancing google cloud gcp proxysqlThere are three different ways ProxySQL can direct traffic between your application and the back-end MySQL services. Locally, on the MySQL servers. Between the MySQL servers and the application. Colocated on the application servers themselves. Without going through too much detail, each has its own limitations.

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Improve Cloud Foundry observability with the immutable OneAgent BOSH release


Cloud Foundry BOSH is a powerful tool that combines release engineering, deployment, and life cycle management of distributed software in the cloud. While BOSH is platform agnostic, it’s the standard vehicle for rolling out and managing Cloud Foundry on virtualized infrastructure, across cloud providers. Supporting native BOSH packaging and immutable OneAgent releases are prime examples of Dynatrace leadership in monitoring and observability for Cloud Foundry.

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Transform digital experience in real-time using Experience Cloud ID from Adobe Analytics


However, despite Marketing teams using the Adobe Experience Cloud ID to identify troublesome user sessions to pass along, the IT and App teams still have no idea how to search for this in their monitoring and troubleshooting tools. Dynatrace news.

Developing Real-Time Digital Twins for Cloud Deployment

ScaleOut Software

This blog post explains how a new software construct called a real-time digital twin running in a cloud-hosted service can create a breakthrough for streaming analytics. The post Developing Real-Time Digital Twins for Cloud Deployment appeared first on ScaleOut Software.

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Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions

High Scalability

We designed Auth0 from the beginning so that it could run anywhere: on our cloud, on your cloud, or even on your own private infrastructure. The number of cloud resources grew immensely as well; we used to have a couple dozen nodes in one environment (US), now we have more than a thousand over four environments (US, US-2, EU, AU). We doubled-down decided to use a single cloud provider for each of our environments and moved all our public cloud infrastructure to AWS.

Cloud Native Cost Optimization

Adrian Cockcroft

While datacenter based IT costs are largely fixed, in a three year depreciation schedule, cloud costs are inherently variable, and can be sized to fit the need. When times get tough, a focus on cost optimization can also greatly reduce cloud costs, and the results take effect in next month’s bill. cloud-computing aws covid19 cloud-native cost-optimizationA cost-optimizer at work.

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Benchmark Netifi RSocket Broker on Alibaba Cloud


Purpose. Recently there has been some discussions around service mesh benchmark tests. We are evaluating Netifi RSocket broker, and I think it would be nice to get a sense on the performance of RSocket broker using the same Istio setup. RSocket. RSocket is an "application protocol providing Reactive Streams semantics." " What that means is it ensures back pressure end-to-end. In a microservice architecture, this feature is more important than ever before.

No need to compromise visibility in public clouds with new Azure services supported by Dynatrace (Part 2)


Fully automated observability into your Azure multi-cloud environment. You can integrate Dynatrace with Azure for intelligent monitoring of services running in Azure Cloud. Simplify cloud operations with full visibility into your Azure Automation accounts. Dynatrace news.

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ScyllaDB Trends – How Users Deploy The Real-Time Big Data Database


In this post, we break down ScyllaDB cloud vs. on-premise deployments, most popular cloud providers, SQL and NoSQL databases used with ScyllaDB, most time-consuming management tasks, and why you should use ScyllaDB vs. Cassandra. ScyllaDB Cloud vs. ScyllaDB On-Premises. Most Popular Cloud Providers for ScyllaDB. ScyllaDB Cloud vs. ScyllaDB On-Premises. ScyllaDB can be run in both in the public cloud and on-premises. Cloud vs. On-Premise Click To Tweet.

Could intellectual debt derail your journey to the autonomous cloud?


Tomorrow’s hybrid multi-cloud environments are hyper-dynamic with highly distributed application environments, rapidly escalating the challenges to human-centric operations teams. To remain competitive, companies must prepare to move from a traditional delivery and operational model towards NoOps and a fully autonomous cloud approach—on the path to a self-driving enterprise. Dynatrace Autonomous Cloud Enablement. Dynatrace news.

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