Plan, execute, and modernize a cloud migration strategy with Dynatrace


For IT teams seeking agility, cost savings, and a faster on-ramp to innovation, a cloud migration strategy is critical. This is especially true when organizations migrate legacy apps to public clouds. Thanks to modern observability platforms, cloud migration has never been easier.

Incident Review: Google Cloud Outage


performance google cloud cloud backup incident reviewOutages on the Internet always catch you by surprise, whether you are the end user or the Head of Site Reliability trying to keep a clear mind while you execute your incident playbook.

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Modernize cloud operations to transform the way you work


As organizations expand their cloud footprints, they are combining public, private, and on-premises infrastructures. But modern cloud infrastructure is large, complex, and dynamic — and over time, this cloud complexity can impede innovation. VA’s journey into the cloud.

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What is Google Cloud Functions?


In recent years, function-as-a-service (FaaS) platforms such as Google Cloud Functions (GCF) have gained popularity as an easy way to run code in a highly available, fault-tolerant serverless environment. What is Google Cloud Functions? GCF is part of the Google Cloud Platform.

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What is cloud migration?


More organizations than ever are undertaking cloud migration as digital transformation continues to gain momentum across every industry in every region. But what does it take to migrate your existing applications to the cloud? What is cloud migration? Dynatrace news.

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Oracle Cloud Breakdown – Database Hosting Costs on OCI


When considering a new cloud provider, the big names come to mind - AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. If you’re a developer, you might even be considering a dev-friendly cloud like DigitalOcean or Linode. But, did you know there’s a (relatively) new player in the cloud game?

What Is Cloud Testing: Everything You Need To Know


Several years back, virtualization became a buzzword in the industry that flourished, evolved, and became famously known as Cloud computing. In other words, it includes sharing services like programming, infrastructure, platforms, and software on-demand on the cloud via the internet.

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2022 ESG Report: Cloud-native applications lead modern IT, but create observability challenges


Cloud-native applications now dominate IT as DevOps teams respond to growing demands to deliver functionality faster and more securely. As DevOps teams are pivoting to cloud-native technologies, IT environments have become increasingly complex. Dynatrace news.

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Spring Cloud Sleuth Makes Distributed Tracing Simple


As requests go through a distributed software system, Spring Cloud Sleuth allows you to aggregate and track log entries. A single client request in a distributed system, on the other hand, may be spread among a number of different cloud services.

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Managing hybrid cloud infrastructure with an observability platform


While many companies now enlist public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Public Cloud, or Microsoft Azure to achieve their business goals, a majority also use hybrid cloud infrastructure to accommodate traditional applications that can’t be easily migrated to public clouds.

Cloud operations and observability boost resilience for American Family


As more organizations invest in a multicloud strategy, improving cloud operations and observability for increased resilience becomes critical to keep up with the accelerating pace of digital transformation. American Family turned to observability for cloud operations. Dynatrace news.

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How to overcome the cloud observability wall


As cloud environments become increasingly complex, legacy solutions can’t keep up with modern demands. What is the cloud observability wall? Cloud applications are different from traditional monolithic applications – they are both ephemeral and dynamic. Dynatrace news.

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AWS re:Invent 2021 shines light on cloud-native observability


Indeed, organizations view IT modernization and cloud computing as intertwined with their business strategy and COVID-19 recovery plans. As a result, reliance on cloud computing for infrastructure and application development has increased during the pandemic era. Dynatrace news.

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Cloud Automation workshop roadshow: Kick-off


Back in 2018, we taught those DevOps concepts and implemented unbreakable pipelines for cloud-native delivery projects. With all the technology changes through the past three years, with the world moving to K8s, the rise of GitOps, everything as code, event-driven automation, and many new open standards in the cloud-native space, it was time to update our workshop. Our Cloud Automation Roadshow brings the latest cloud-native automation practices to our attendees.

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ScaleGrid Launches Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Support for Managed Database Hosting


October 14, 2020 – ScaleGrid, a leading Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, has just announced the launch of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hosting through their fully managed DBaaS plans. PALO ALTO, Calif.,

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ScaleGrid Adds Oracle Cloud for Managed Database Hosting


March 30, 2021 – ScaleGrid, a leading Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, has just announced support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through their fully managed database hosting plans. MongoDB MySQL Oracle Cloud PostgreSQL REDIS ScaleGridPALO ALTO, Calif.,

Surveying the Tides of Cloud-Native and Open Source Observability


We can plausibly say the enterprise development market turned the tide on cloud-native development in 2020, as most net-new software and serious overhaul projects started moving toward microservices architectures, with Kubernetes as the preferred platform.

Why vulnerability management enhances your cloud application security strategy


Key takeaways from this article on vulnerability management for cloud application security: Today’s cloud apps with their fast innovation cycles and frequent use of open-source libraries must address a gap for runtime vulnerability management in production environments. Dynatrace news.

AIOps for cloud observability: How to simplify complexity and automate CloudOps


Cloud observability is fast becoming an imperative as more organizations adopt multicloud IT strategies. To adapt, many are turning to AIOps and other automation technologies to solve the complex issues that accompany cloud-native architecture. Dynatrace news.

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Simplify Kubernetes complexity with advanced AIOps and cloud observability


Cloud-native observability and artificial intelligence (AI) can help organizations do just that with improved analysis and targeted insight. Cloud-native observability delivers enhanced Kubernetes insight. Dynatrace news.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) vs. Dedicated Hosting at ScaleGrid


Where you decide to host your cloud databases is a huge decision. You have to choose your hosting model, a cloud provider, and then your primary and standby regions to deploy to. What is ScaleGrid’s Bring Your Own Cloud Plan? Bring Your Own Cloud. Cloud Provider: AWS.

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AIOps capabilities drive intelligent cloud observability


AIOps capabilities help IT teams cope with the overwhelming complexity of multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. To gain this scale and dexterity many organizations have moved to cloud architecture. Dynatrace news.

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Playing With Spring Cloud Contract


testing spring software quality spring cloud contract contract testingIn a previous post , we saw how new needs arose in the field of testing derived from the evolution of application architectures. Through a simple example, we established concepts such as consumer , producer , and service and showed that just as important as testing the functionalities in consumer and producer independently is, so also is ensuring that the interaction between them both is right.

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Netflix Cloud Packaging in the Terabyte Era

The Netflix TechBlog

As an example, cloud-based post-production editing and collaboration pipelines demand a complex set of functionalities, including the generation and hosting of high quality proxy content. It is worth pointing out that cloud processing is always subject to variable network conditions.

Cloud 197

Answer-driven release validation with Dynatrace SaaS Cloud Automation


Now we’re happy to announce the release of Cloud Automation quality gates. Cloud Automation quality gates query service-level indicators and compare them against service-level objectives. Dynatrace Cloud Automation is currently only available for Dynatrace SaaS deployments.

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Testing With Spring Cloud Contract


Learn how to test with Spring Cloud. performance testing spring boot spring cloud functional test spring cloud contract microservices testingWith many industries transforming to a microservices architecture, testing these microservices is a challenge.

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Article: A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud

InfoQ Articles

In this article, I want to present a simple cloud architecture that can allow an organization to take monolithic applications to the cloud incrementally without a dramatic change in the architecture.

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2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

High Scalability

In this free PostgreSQL Trends Report , we break down PostgreSQL hosting use across public cloud vs. private cloud vs. hybrid cloud, most popular cloud providers, migration trends, database combinations with Postgres, and why PostgreSQL is preferred over popular RDBMS alternatives. Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud.

Dynatrace helps the world’s largest organizations accelerate cloud transformation with native Microsoft Azure integration


The post Dynatrace helps the world’s largest organizations accelerate cloud transformation with native Microsoft Azure integration appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Cloud and microservices Azure Azure Portal Integration Microsoft AzureDynatrace news.

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How Dynatrace cloud monitoring helped Porsche Informatik accelerate transformation


To gain greater agility, Porsche Informatik migrated to a containerized, hybrid cloud environment. But this approach introduced new complexity and a need for more advanced cloud monitoring capabilities. Simplifying complexity with cloud monitoring. The cloud monitoring journey.

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Accelerate transformation with automated observability for Google Cloud Platform


As a leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services , the Google Cloud Platform is fast becoming an integral part of many enterprises’ cloud strategies. Simplified cloud complexity with fully automated observability of Google Cloud. Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

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CIO research: Cloud complexity of growing concern


As every company, and government department is pushed to digitally transform, accelerate workloads to the cloud, release better software faster, and then ensure it works perfectly across every customer interaction, the challenge to run this software increases exponentially. However, every cloud has a silver lining so to speak, and the rewards reaped are more often than not worth the risk. IT performance problems increase with cloud-native architectures. Dynatrace news.

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Quickstart to Autonomous Cloud with Keptn on GKE


Self-Service Progressive Delivery of Microservices, Automated SLI/SLO based Quality Gates, Continuous Feedback through ChatOps and Automatic Remediation of Production Issues are some of the capabilities you expect from a modern cloud-native software delivery platform. Dynatrace news.

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ScaleGrid DBaaS Expands MySQL Hosting Services Through AWS Cloud


June 6, 2019 – ScaleGrid , the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) leader in the SQL and NoSQL space, has announced the expansion of their fully managed MySQL Hosting services to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The platform allows MySQL AWS administrators to automate their time-consuming database operations in the cloud and improve their performance with high availability, disaster recovery, polyglot persistence, and advanced monitoring and analytics. PALO ALTO, Calif.,

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PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


In this latest trends report, we analyze the most popular cloud providers for PostgreSQL, VACUUM strategies, query management strategies, and on-premises vs. public cloud use being leveraged by enterprise organizations. Most Popular Cloud Providers for PostgreSQL Hosting. Let’s start with the most popular cloud providers for PostgreSQL hosting. of PostgreSQL cloud use compared to 55.0% AWS was not the only cloud provider to grow – we found that 19.4%

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Cloud infrastructure monitoring in action: Dynatrace on Dynatrace


At Dynatrace we host most of our Dynatrace SaaS clusters for paying customers as well as trial users in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) Team at Dynatrace has an important role to play in that offering. Dynatrace news.

Cloud monitoring for the warfighter advantage with Paul Puckett


Paul Puckett, Director of the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA). Cloud integration and application performance monitoring at the federal level is in full force. Multi-cloud adoption. Managing the mission with cloud monitoring. Multi-cloud adoption.

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Penetration Testing on Cloud Environment — Things to Consider


Technically, a penetration test on the cloud computing environment does not differ that much from any other penetration test , even an on-premise equivalent. You may have moved data to the cloud. cloud performance hacking penetration testing cloud environment

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The Best Way to Host MySQL on Azure Cloud


So many default to Amazon RDS, when MySQL performs exceptionally well on Azure Cloud. In this post, we outline the best way to host MySQL on Azure , including managed solutions, instance types, high availability replication, backup, and disk types to use to optimize your cloud database performance. The Best Way to Host MySQL on Azure Cloud Click To Tweet. Another important aspect to consider is the performance of your MySQL instances in the public cloud.

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Dynatrace Managed now available on all major cloud platforms


Cloud-based solutions typically aren’t a viable option or enterprises that have strict security or privacy policies that require their data to be maintained on-premise. With this integration you can stay on top of the dynamics of your hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem. Dynatrace news.

Dynatrace extends automatic and intelligent observability to cloud and Kubernetes logs for smarter automation at scale


Leveraging cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift in multicloud ecosystems across Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for faster digital transformation introduces a whole host of challenges. Dynatrace news.

Cloud 217

New federal IT modernization research illuminates cloud growth, potential AI adoption challenges


The adoption of cloud computing in the federal government will accelerate in a meaningful way over the next 12 to 18 months, increasing the importance of cloud monitoring. This is welcome insight as the Cloud First and Cloud Smart initiatives continue to take root.

Cloud 171

9 Cloud Migration Challenges and Solutions For CTOs in 2021


It is never easy to build a successful cloud migration strategy and ensure that all the bases are covered. However, if you have the right solution, cloud migration can help you reap the benefits of cloud-based services. Cloud

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