Heap Memory In Java Applications Performance Testing


Does every performance engineer need to know about how memory in Java works? To completely fine-tune the java performance bottlenecks for high performance my answer is YES.

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Java Application Troubleshooting the Sherlock Holmes Way


Troubleshoot your Java application, the Sherlock Holmes way. Java application failure troubleshooting can be closely associated with the typical crime scene investigation. You may also like: Troubleshooting Java Applications With Arthas.

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Java vs. Go Microservices - Load testing (Rematch)


We started reading official documentation, tutorials, blog posts and articles about Go, especially ones where authors shared their experiences of migration from Java to Go or comparison Java with Go, as at that moment, we'd been using Java for 15+ years.

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Principles to Handle Thousands of Connections in Java Using Netty


java server performance parallelism socket ioC10K problem is a term that stands for ten thousand concurrently handling connections.

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Java memory optimizations: 3x Jenkins performance improvement with Dynatrace


But let’s start from the beginning: Step #1 – Switching to Java 11. Once you’ve switched to Java 11, Dynatrace’s memory allocation hotspot analyzer view gives a great overview of memory allocations as well as objects that have survived one or many garbage collection runs.

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How to Tune Garbage Collection in Java


These pauses are sometimes called Stop-The-World pauses, and the minimization of them is the primary concern of GC tuning, as they can have a huge impact on the performance of a Java application. java tutorial performance garbage collection java performance tuning gc garbage collector heapGarbage collection is the mechanism by which the JVM reclaims memory on behalf of the application when it's no longer needed.

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Performance Tuning Java Applications in Linux


Learn how to make your Java applications performance perfectly. In this blog post, we shall go over various aspects that have to be taken care of to extract maximum performance out of a Java Application running on Linux. Ensure there is enough RAM to hold your java process.

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How Java Profilers Work


One of the best tools we have today for understanding application behavior and troubleshooting performance issues are Java profilers. Java profilers monitor JVM execution at the bytecode level and can provide information on thread execution and locks, heap memory usage, garbage collection, hot methods, exceptions, class loading, and more. How Java Profilers Work. java performance java performance app performance profilers java profilers

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Measuring Performance of Your Methods Using JMH in Java


Measure Java performance! From JDK-12 onwards, the JDK comes with JMH (Java Microbenchmark Harness), It is a toolkit that helps you implement Java microbenchmarks correctly. jvm jdk java 1.8

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Java Performance: For-Looping vs. Streaming


How well does your Java perform? performance jvm streaming java performance iteration data stream for loop graal vm cleverIteration Performance. There are many views on how to iterate with high performance.

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Java 9 Performance Improvements — Getting Started With Java Spring


In my previous article, I wrote about the Modularity System , which was introduced in Java 9. With this writing, I would like to continue the Java evolution line by taking a glance about the main Java 9 features according to the performance improvements. Java 9 Feature: Performance Improvements. In Java 9, the most significant performance upgrade was concerned with the Garbage Collection. java performance java 9 garbage collector new features

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Complete Guide To Access Forms In Selenium With Java


java performance automation testing selenium automation selenium 3.0 Have you noticed the ubiquity of web forms while surfing the internet? Almost every website or web-application you visit leverages web-forms to gain relevant information about yourself.

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Rocket Performance on Your Java Application with Memcached


To install RavenDB using Docker follows the step below: java nosql performance memcached jakarta ee jakarta jnosqlMemcached is an easy-to-use, high-performance, in-memory data store.

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Multi-Threaded Geo Web Crawler In Java


The implementation is in core Java. Mowglee is a multi-threaded geo web crawler in Java. This article provides the implementation of a web crawling system called Mowglee that uses geography as the main classifying criteria for crawling.

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How to Automate Appium Java Tests In Parallel Using TestNG


Automate Appium Java Tests In Parallel. The beauty of Appium for mobile testing is that its tests can be written in any programming language including Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and C#. java tutorial performance testng appium java testing appium testing

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Java Performance Tools: Nine Types of Tools You Need to Know!


Something to test Java's performance. java performance apm tracing rum java profiler jvm performance web requestsManaging an application’s performance, and specifically keeping it in good condition, is one of the hardest challenges in software development.

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Top 5 JUnit and Unit Testing Courses for Java Programmers


You may already know that JUnit and Mockito are two of the most popular testing libraries for Java applications, and you will find them in almost every Java application classpath. I often meet and work with Java developers who know Java well but haven't written a single unit test. java performance testing tdd unit testing junit online courses mockito unit tests java for beginners

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Remote Debugging Java Applications With JDWP


Most Java developers have had to debug their applications, usually to find and fix an issue there. This is where JDWP (Java Debug Wire Protocol) comes into play. java performance jvm debugging remote debugging jdwp

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Java Unit Testing Best Practices: How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Automation


Generally, a unit should be a small part of the application — in Java, it is often a single class. java performance testing unit testing best practices testing pyramid testing best practicesUnit testing is a well-known practice, but there's lots of room for improvement!

Comparing Apache Ignite In-Memory Cache Performance With Hazelcast In-Memory Cache and Java Native Hashmap


java big data performance apache ignite in-memory data grid in-memory caching distributed cacheOverview. This article compares different options for the in-memory maps and their performances in order for an application to move away from traditional RDBMS tables for frequently accessed data.

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Performance Analysis of ArrayList and LinkedList in Java


ArrayList and LinkedList are frequently used classes in the Java collection framework. java performance array linkedlist arraylist interview answers performance analysisIf you know only understand basic performance comparisons of ArrayList and LinkedList , but not the minor details of these two classes, then this article is for you. " ArrayList should be used where more search operations are required, and.

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Addressing Application Performances in Java Applications


java tips and tricks performance best practicesWhile solving issues related to NFRs (especially application performance), I always think about why we as developers give less importance (honorable exceptions are always there) to performance. Is this due to a lack of awareness? Many times, we start thinking of performance only at the time of a performance test or after deployment.

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Java Or Scala Performance – Which One Is Better?

Alex Podelko

For years, the debate has raged on regarding which programming language is better, Java or Scala. While some argue that just because Java is older it is better, others believe Scala is better for a variety of reasons. The Java program language was first introduced in 1995.

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Top 9 Free Java Process Monitoring Tools and How to Choose One


What Are Java Profilers? A Java Profiler is a tool that monitors Java bytecode constructs and operations at the JVM level. java open source performance monitoring jvm process java performance process monitoringTo help equip you for the ongoing process of optimization and the life of debugging ahead of you, we’ve gathered a list of the best tools to monitor the JVM in both development and production environments. And the best part?

Increase Throughput by Eliminating Blocking Code in Your Java REST App


java performance jvm blocking profiler tool blocking codeBlocking code is code which blocks executing threads until their operations finish.

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Java vs. Python for test automation? Why Ruby is the better choice

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Ruby, Java, PythonWhat's the top language for writing software test automation scripts? Your guess is as good as anyone else's, because there's no agreement on this. And that's unfortunate.

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Java vulnerabilities

Sutter's Mill

From the post: Are the Java vulnerabilities actually C and C++ vulnerabilities? You’ve probably seen the headlines: [US-CERT] Java in Web Browser: Disable Now! We’ve been telling people to disable Java for years. … This should be enough motivation for you to turn Java off.

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'High-Performance Java Persistence' Chapter 8: Why JPA and Hibernate Matter


This chapter aims to remind the reader why Hibernate has its place in high-performance data access, and the table of content looks like this: java performance hibernate jpa java persistenceSecond Part, Chapter 8. Now that the first part of my book is published, it’s time to focus on the second part, which covers both JPA and Hibernate.

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Tricks with Direct Memory Access in Java

Highly Scalable

Java was initially designed as a safe, managed environment. Nevertheless, Java HotSpot VM contains a “backdoor” that provides a number of low-level operations to manipulate memory and threads directly. HotSpot JVM direct memory management heap hot spot hotspot java jdk7 jv

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Troubleshooting CPU Spike in a Major Trading Application


java tutorial performance troubleshooting cpu java development tool java threads java memory leak java design pattern thread class

Java Package Flame Graph

Brendan Gregg

But with Java, there's another way to visualize the same CPU workload which provides some additional insight: **a Java package flame graph**. Instead of visualizing the stack trace hierarchy, this visualizes the Java package name hierarchy. Here is a normal stack trace-based [CPU flame graph] for Java, running a microbenchmark ( SVG ): The y-axis is stack depth. How much CPU time was in java/util methods directly, excluding child functions calls?

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MicroProfile Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana [Video]


It also defines a Java API so that the developer can define and supply his own values. java microservices microservice architecture microprofile grafana prometheus microprofile metrics

Log4j Bug — Slows Down Your Application


java java 8 spring framework glassfish technology and tools troubleshoot azure cloud saas application development thread dump thread memoryLearn how to troubleshoot your application. Recently we were troubleshooting a popular SaaS application.

Interview-Ready Snippets of Code for Thread Life Cycle States


Read on to find out some Java technical interview questions! Almost any Java technical interview contains several questions covering Java concurrency topics. java performance interview concurrency thread thread life

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TCP: Out of Memory — Consider Tuning TCP_Mem


You may also like: Java Out of Memory Heap Analysis. The application was running on a GNU/Linux OS, Java 8, Tomcat 8 application server. performance api memory cpu java (programming lang. java (software What happens when you're out of memory?

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Unit Testing Log Messages Made Easy


As a Java Developer, we need to cover a lot of scenarios to ensure the quality of our software and catch bugs as soon as possible when introducing a new code. java performance logging log4j unit test log lombok slf4j log4j2

RSocket vs. gRPC Benchmark


java performance scalability latency cpu grpc rpc qpsAlmost every time I present RSocket to an audience, there will be someone asking the question: "How does RSocket compare to gRPC?" " Today we are going to find out.

2019 Top Slack Channels for Software Testers


java performance software testing selenium slack appium java script robot framework collabaoration

Servlet 3.0 Async Support in Spring and Performance Misconceptions


Spring makes it easy to write Java applications. Spring Boot allows us to quickly create Spring applications: build and run a Java application server with embedded Tomcat and your own controller in less than 5 minutes.

Memory Wasted by Spring Boot Application


java performance spring boot memory environment springbootapplication analyzing memory memory wasted stress testSpring chickens and spring boots! One of the widely wasted resources in the world today is Memory.

Which Programming Language Is Most Popular for UI Test Automation in 2019?


java javascript ruby python c# test automation programming languages ui testingWhich language do you use for test automation? There is always a lot of uncertainty around which programming language to use when starting a new test automation project.

20 Highly Qualified Test Automation Superstars


Our world-class expert instructors provide free test automation training in multiple programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, and Swift. java javascript python performance c# test automation developers automated testing qa

High-Performance Persistence With MicroStream (Part Three)


java microservices persistence high performance microstreamLearn how to keep your apps performing! For some time, there has been a new competitor in the field of persistence and serialization. We are talking about Project MicroStream. What is it exactly?