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Enhance user experience with full insight into your React Native apps


Dynatrace news. React Native is a development framework for native iOS and Android apps. With its basis in modern web technologies, React Native enables you to leverage existing web development experience and significantly reduces development time for cross-platform mobile apps.

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Complete Guide To Selenium Locators In Protractor (Examples)


While testing the functionality for your website, especially web elements such as radio button, text boxes, drop-down, etc., you need to make sure that you can access these elements.

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PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 3 – Pgpool-II


In our previous posts in this series, we discussed the case for connection pooling and introduced PgBouncer. In this post, we will discuss its most popular alternative – Pgpool-II. Pgpool-II is the swiss army knife of PostgreSQL middleware.

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How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes

José M. Pérez

Web Performance is important for user experience and business metrics. Estimating its impact is key to be able to prioritize it, yet it’s difficult to quantify its benefits until the work has been done. We need to break this chicken-and-egg loop.

60 seconds to self-upgrading observability on Google Kubernetes Engine


Dynatrace news. A decade ago, while working for a large hosting provider, I led a team that was thrown into turmoil over the purchasing of server and storage hardware in preparation for a multi-million dollar super-bowl ad campaign.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 27th, 2020

High Scalability

Hey, it's HighScalability time! Awesome explanation of how to build a PID controller to fly a rocket! via Orbital Index ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff can't happen. You are that important to the fate of the intelligent world.

COVID-19 Preparedness at ScaleGrid


Customers & Friends, With the impact of COVID-19 growing around the world, we are taking proactive steps to prepare our infrastructure to continue seamlessly as we navigate this critical time. In an abundance of caution to the rapidly growing climate of the pandemic, we are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

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When correlation (or lack of it) can be causation

The Morning Paper

Rex: preventing bugs and misconfiguration in large services using correlated change analysis , Mehta et al., NSDI’20. Check before you change: preventing correlated failures in service updates , Zhai et al., NSDI’20. Today’s post is a double header.

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Clean Unit Testing


It's easy to write "unit test" tests that use JUnit and some mocking library. They may produce code coverage that keeps some stakeholders happy, even though the tests aren't even unit tests and provide questionable value.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 13th, 2020

High Scalability

p>Hey, it's HighScalability time! The top 10,000 most spoken words in English represented by a point in hundreds of dimensions where the distance and direction between points encodes the relationship between words. roadmaps ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff can't happen. You are that important to the fate of the intelligent world. Know someone who wants to understand the cloud? I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 just for them.

Building with Friction

Tim Kadlec

I recently wrote about how important it is to make the right thing easy. The opposite is also true: it’s important to make the wrong things difficult. I did allude to it in that post a little bit, but I thought it was worth calling out explicitly.

Update of SSL certificate for Mission Control on April 1, 2020


Dynatrace news. The SSL certificate for Mission Control will be renewed on April 1, 2020. The updated certificate will be issued by Amazon Trust Services in the context of our strong partnership with AWS, thereby ensuring the highest possible reliability for our customers around the globe.

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Get Static

CSS - Tricks

In this piece, Eric Meyer argues that performance is more important than ever right now — especially for websites that contain critical information for the public: If you are in charge of a web site that provides even slightly important information, or important services, it’s time to get static.

Improving AWS Performance For The Future


The true power of cloud computing lies in the way it can be optimized for maximum performance and efficiency.

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Post: Scrapinghub, Fauna, Sisu, Educative, PA File Sight, Etleap, Triplebyte, Stream

High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI). You will be designing and implementing distributed systems : large-scale web crawling platform, integrating Deep Learning based web data extraction components, working on queue algorithms, large datasets, creating a development platform for other company departments, etc. this is going to be a challenging journey for any backend engineer! Please apply here.

Please help with STRING_SPLIT improvements

SQL Performance

We're mid-cycle between releases, where we're not yet hearing about any of the features planned for SQL Server vNext. This is probably the best time to press Microsoft for improvements, as long as we can back our requests with legitimate business cases.

Easily understand the detection rules of your RUM applications


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace Real User Monitoring provides you with full visibility into your real users’ actions and behavior in your applications. Application detection rules enable you to define the specific transactions that comprise your RUM applications.

Monitoring activities using sp_WhoIsActive in SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we will talk about sp_WhoIsActive stored procedure and how we can use it to monitor currently running activities in SQL Server.

The Pitfalls in C++ Unit Testing


Recently there has been a surge of interest in C++ unit testing. C++ unit testing has not been common in C++ development in the past. Although C++ is a kind of programming language that fits well with unit testing, several complexities require extra care.

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Post:, Scrapinghub, Fauna, Sisu, Educative, PA File Sight, Etleap, Triplebyte, Stream

High Scalability

Who's Hiring? has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform. Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI).

Measuring database scaling & density on Nutanix HCI platform.


What Density can we achieve Vs The theoretical max How does database performance behave as more DBs are consolidated? What impact does running the CVM have on available host resources? tl;dr The cluster was able to achieve ~90% of the theoretical maximum. CVM overhead was 5% for this workload.

Automate your monitoring orchestration with the new Environment API (Early Adopter)


Dynatrace news. In today’s dynamic environments, you can’t afford to manually bootstrap new monitoring environments. Automatic monitoring orchestration—the ability to automatically create, set up, and deprovision monitoring environments—can make or break your business.

Serverless in the wild: characterizing and optimising the serverless workload at a large cloud provider

The Morning Paper

Serverless in the wild: characterizing and optimising the serverless workload at a large cloud provider , Shahrad et al., arXiv 2020. This is a fresh-from-the-arXivs paper that Jonathan Mace (@mpi_jcmace) drew my attention to on Twitter last week, thank you Jonathan!

Types of Automation Testing and Their Misconceptions


Automation testing has become one of the most adopted techniques in the software testing process, it helps to accelerate go-to-market launch while providing enough bandwidth for the testers to work on finding critical test cases.

Post: Fauna, Sisu, Educative, PA File Sight, Etleap, Triplebyte, Stream

High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Sisu Data is looking for machine learning engineers who are eager to deliver their features end-to-end, from Jupyter notebook to production, and provide actionable insights to businesses based on their first-party, streaming, and structured relational data. Apply here. T riplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O (1), not O ( n ). Apply here.

How to identify NVME drive types and test throughput


Easily change OneAgent metadata, host name, and monitoring mode


Dynatrace news. If you have thousands of hosts to monitor, changing the configuration of some of the hosts can be challenging. With the Dynatrace OneAgent command-line interface (CLI), you can easily reconfigure your hosts or host groups anytime after installation.

The DevTools Performance Tab – Using Chrome’s Profiler to Optimize Your Page Speed


Chrome’s DevTools suite contains some of the most powerful tools available to help you analyze and improve the speed of your website (or web app). They can also be the most overwhelming.

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Java vs. Go Microservices - Load testing (Rematch)


When Go first appeared in November 2009, we didn't hear much about it, and our first interaction happened in 2012 when Go version 1 was officially released by Google.

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Implementing Infinite Scroll And Image Lazy Loading In React

Smashing Magazine

Implementing Infinite Scroll And Image Lazy Loading In React. Implementing Infinite Scroll And Image Lazy Loading In React. Chidi Orji. 2020-03-16T12:00:00+00:00. 2020-03-16T21:15:46+00:00. If you have been looking for an alternative to pagination, infinite scroll is a good consideration.

Big Project Build Times–Chromium

Randon ASCII

A twitter discussion on build times and source-file sizes got me interested in doing some analysis of Chromium build times.

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Get quick alerts and avoid false positives with the new baseline setting


Dynatrace news. We’re happy to announce that with Dynatrace version 1.189, you can give your baselining routines more time to evaluate short-lived performance conditions.

Maintaining Performance

CSS - Tricks

EmberJS Cut Our Load Times By 60%


Let’s go back in time to a year ago. We had just upgraded our app to PHP 7 and we were feeling pretty confident that we had the fastest-loading online accounting software app out there.

An approach to index tuning – part 1

SQL Performance

A performance tuning engagement can end up taking many turns as you work through it – it all depends on what is showing up as the problem and what the data tells you.

Note from Testsigma CEO


The world is witnessing challenging times, and I sincerely hope that you, your loved ones, and your colleagues are taking precautionary measures and are staying safe. It is also encouraging to see the world’s resilience as it comes together to fight this rising threat.

Improvements to tables enhance the Dynatrace user experience


Dynatrace news. At Dynatrace, we’re constantly improving the UX and UI of our components and patterns. We recently identified two table-related functionalities that have repeatedly raised questions and increased the need for custom implementations on the Dynatrace platform.