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Measuring Network Performance in Mobile Safari

CSS Wizardry

So far this year, all but one of my clients have been concerned about Google’s upcoming Web Vitals update. The client who’s bucking the trend is great, not least because it’s given me something a little different to focus on—they’re more interested in how their site fares on iOS.

Packaging award-winning shows with award-winning technology

The Netflix TechBlog

By Cyril Concolato Introduction In previous blog posts, our colleagues at Netflix have explained how 4K video streams are optimized , how even legacy video streams are improved and more recently how new audio codecs can provide better aural experiences to our members.


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Benchmark (YCSB) numbers for Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase2, Yugabyte and BangDB

High Scalability

This is guest post by Sachin Sinha who is passionate about data, analytics and machine learning at scale. Author & founder of BangDB.

How To Set Up MySQL on DigitalOcean


MySQL is the number one open source relational database management system in the world, and is used by millions of developers across all application types.

5 years of external pentesting: How the Dynatrace security posture has strengthened


Dynatrace news. Over each of the past five years, the Dynatrace security team has tasked external security firms with conducting penetration tests of our SaaS and Managed components. These tests are performed to verify the effectiveness of our security controls.

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Edge Authentication and Token-Agnostic Identity Propagation

The Netflix TechBlog

by AIM Team Members Karen Casella , Travis Nelson , Sunny Singh ; with prior art and contributions by Justin Ryan , Satyajit Thadeshwar As most developers can attest, dealing with security protocols and identity tokens, as well as user and device authentication, can be challenging.

Engineering dependability and fault tolerance in a distributed system

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Paddy Byers , Co-founder and CTO at Ably , a realtime data delivery platform. You can view the original article on Ably's blog. Users need to know that they can depend on the service that is provided to them.

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Number series generator challenge solutions – Part 2

SQL Performance

This is the second part in a series about solutions to the number series generator challenge. Last month I covered solutions that generate the rows on the fly using a table value constructor with rows based on constants. There were no I/O operations involved in those solutions.

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Dynatrace extends automatic and intelligent observability to cloud and Kubernetes logs for smarter automation at scale


Dynatrace news. Leveraging cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift in multicloud ecosystems across Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for faster digital transformation introduces a whole host of challenges.

Cloud 195

Maximally optimizing image loading for the web in 2021

CSS - Tricks

Malte Ubl’s list for: 8 image loading optimization techniques to minimize both the bandwidth used for loading images on the web and the CPU usage for image display. Fluid width images in CSS, not forgetting the height and width attributes in HTML so you get proper aspect-ratio on first render.

Cache 75

Top 7 Affiliate Programs for Testers and Developers


Introduction. Developers and testers are the core members of a project. They are the ones who regulate, develop, and analyze every aspect of the project. They perform important roles in the market. While they focus on their work for the most part of their day, they can still help other businesses flourish in their free time. These tech geeks with their supreme knowledge can add more value to their company, and also themselves, through affiliate programs.

Climb the automation engineer career ladder: 6 roles, requirements

TechBeacon Testing

A frequently asked question I hear often is"What is the career ladder for a test automation engineer?" That's a great question, as this role is often perceived as a flat one that makes it difficult for managers and practitioners alike to determine how a team member can grow within it.

Perform 2021: Recognizing customer innovations and digital transformation.


Dynatrace news. We work alongside incredible organizations throughout the year, each with a unique approach to digital transformation.

Hawkins: Diving into the Reasoning Behind our Design System

The Netflix TechBlog

Stranger Things imagery showcasing the inspiration for the Hawkins Design System by Hawkins team member Joshua Godi ; with art contributions by Wiki Chaves Hawkins may be the name of a fictional town in Indiana, most widely known as the backdrop for one of Netflix’s most popular TV series “Stranger Things,” but the name is so much more.

Design 180

Transactions in SQL Server for beginners

SQL Shack

In this article, we will talk about fundamental details of the transactions in SQL Server. Introduction A transaction is the logical work unit that performs a single activity or multiple activities in a database.

Observability Vs. Monitoring: Why A Developer Needs Both


Observability Vs. Monitoring: Why A Developer Needs Both. Given the complexity of distributing the evolving cloud-based services and infrastructures across a diverse range of users, IT service providers consistently observe and monitor metrics, datasets, and logs. Establishing system reliability and the predictability of backend IT infrastructure operations all spawn from systems observability and monitoring.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Looking to rapidly hire Top Software Developers ? Get Started with Toptal. Toptal will match you with top-quality, pre-screened freelance software developers that meet your project requirements. All in under 48 hours. Get started right away with a no risk trial. has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform.

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now also supported on Ubuntu 20


Dynatrace news. Just because all your web applications are accessible from your office and run great on your laptop doesn’t mean that your customers around the world and your colleagues in other company offices around the globe are having the same experience with them.

Beyond REST

The Netflix TechBlog

Rapid Development with GraphQL Microservices by Dane Avilla The entertainment industry has struggled with COVID-19 restrictions impacting productions around the globe.

Session timeouts in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 41st article for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups, we will explore the session timeout configurations for AG replicas. Prerequisites You should follow articles in the series, SQL Server Always On Availability Groups and prepare the following environment.

Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist


The market is filling up with mobile applications more and more. According to Statista , in 2016, the number of app downloads was approximately 140 billion. In 2019, this number increased up to 204 billion, and in 2021, this rate is keeping growing. At the same time, competition among companies is growing, and users raise their requirements for app quality. Poor quality products vanish from the market, and their owners go bust.

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Innovation Is Compounding Interest: How Legacy Companies Can Compete and Deliver Innovation Like the Cloud-Native Giants


There is little doubt that mastering software at scale produces a competitive advantage. The fact that Amazon is now using former J.C Penney and Sears stores as fulfillment centers tells you everything you need to know. Or does it?

A look behind the scenes of AWS Lambda and our new Lambda monitoring extension


Dynatrace news. Since its introduction by AWS in 2014, AWS Lambda has revolutionized the compute space and boosted the entire serverless movement.

Lambda 157

Growth Engineering at Netflix- Creating a Scalable Offers Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

by Eric Eiswerth Background Netflix has been offering streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) for over 10 years. Throughout that time we’ve primarily relied on 3 plans (Basic, Standard, & Premium), combined with the 30-day free trial to drive global customer acquisition.

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality

Smashing Magazine

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality. Optimizing Video For Size And Quality. Doug Sillars. 2021-02-15T15:00:00+00:00. 2021-02-15T15:34:02+00:00. Over the last few years, more and more projects are using video as an integral part of the application.

6 Common Pen Testing Myths


Pen testing is crucially important significant to assess and help enhance any company’s safety. As of 2020, the standard expense of a data breach in the healthcare industry mounted to 7.13 million USD. On the flip side, the average rate of a data breach worldwide in the measured phase was 3.86 million USD. Data spill, theft, and breaches in the public sector ranked very last, estimating an average of 1.08 million USD during the estimated period.

A Dynamic Journey to Performance

Wayfair Tech

Excitement buzzed in the virtual air -- after multiple years of work, we were finally going live! As we ramped up our feature toggle, we were met with words no engineer wants to hear: “Your service isn’t performing fast enough. We need you to toggle off.” Our team quickly pivoted. Read more.

Optimize mobile app performance, adoption, and conversions with Session Replay and business analytics


Dynatrace news. Mobile applications are key to digital transformation. New technologies like Xamarin or React Native are accelerating the speed at which organizations release new features and unlock market reach.

Mobile 178

Building a Rule-Based Platform to Manage Netflix Membership SKUs at Scale

The Netflix TechBlog

By Budhaditya Das , Wallace Wang , and Scott Yao At Netflix, we aspire to entertain the world. From mailing DVDs in the US to a global streaming service with over 200 million subscribers across 190 countries, we have come a long way.

Mobile 143

Modes of Transactions in SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we are going to talk about the modes of transactions in SQL Server. Introduction A transaction is the smallest work unit that is executed in the database and transactions also meet the properties of the ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability).

What Is Huffman Coding?


Huffman Coding: Why Do I Care? Have you ever wanted to know: How do we compress something, without losing any data? Why do some things compress better than others? How does GZIP work? In 5 Minutes or Less. Suppose we want to compress a string (Huffman coding can be used with any data, but strings make good examples). programming computer science

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The ants and the pheromones

The Morning Paper

TLDR; this is the last edition of The Morning Paper for now. Plus: one strand of research you won’t want to miss! I was listening to a BBC Radio 4 podcast recently ( More or Less: Behind the Stats – Ants and Algorithms ) in which the host Tim Harford is interviewing David Sumpter about his recent book, ‘ The ten equations that rule the world.’ One of those equations, the ‘reward equation’ models how ants communicate using pheromones, and our own brains keep track of rewards using dopamine.

Terminology matters: how to enhance user experience by aligning names with expectations


Dynatrace news. At Dynatrace we always focus on our users and how to solve their problems. We build features that our customers benefit from and use to simplify their work.

Java 170

Growth Engineering at Netflix?—?Automated Imagery Generation

The Netflix TechBlog

Growth Engineering at Netflix?—?Automated Automated Imagery Generation by Eric Eiswerth Background There’s a good chance you’ve probably visited the Netflix homepage. In the Growth Engineering team, we refer to this as the top of the signup funnel.

Deprecated features to take out of your toolbox – Part 1

SQL Performance

Microsoft is not in the habit of deprecating things these days, but when they do, it's for a reason – and it's certainly not because they want to make your life harder. On the contrary, it is almost always because they have developed better and more modern ways to solve those same problems.

Software Testing and QA: Learning Through Humor


We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced and professional software developers do let a couple of bugs slip through once in a while. However, it's not making mistakes that is the issue, but having no one to point them out for you to fix them. Instead of getting serious about the importance of software testing & QA for the success of your product or service, let’s rather indulge in a little bug-hunting humor. “QA QA engineers can have little a bug, as a treat.”.

Mobile web testing – 3 approaches that will make your life easy


The world isn’t new to the mobile-first approach. Call it convenience or anything else — people are consuming content on their mobile phones more than their desktops and this will only increase in the near future.