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Explore Autonomous Cloud Management at an Autonomous Cloud Lab


Dynatrace news. The path to Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM) and NoOps is a transformational journey that reaches all parts of an organization. It fundamentally changes how teams and tools work together with a common goal: deliver software faster, more frequently and with a higher degree of quality.

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Which Is the Best PostgreSQL GUI? 2019 Comparison


PostgreSQL graphical user interface (GUI) tools help these open source database users to manage, manipulate, and visualize their data. In this post, we discuss the top 5 GUI tools for administering your PostgreSQL deployments.

Reimagining Experimentation Analysis at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Toby Mao , Sri Sri Perangur , Colin McFarland Another day, another custom script to analyze an A/B test. Maybe you’ve done this before and have an old script lying around. If it’s new, it’s probably going to take some time to set up, right? Not at Netflix.

Five Fast JavaScript Data Grids — A Performance Review


An example of a Data Grid. It is hard to imagine a modern web app that does not involve a data grid component to display and filter the data.

How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage

CSS - Tricks

Because we know that all people with battery-powered devices are constantly concerned about their battery levels, and that websites are significant consumers of that battery power, we should probably think about this stuff a lot more than we do.

Giving data a heartbeat


Dynatrace news. I love data. I have spent virtually my entire career looking at data. Synthetic data, network data, system data, and the list goes on.

Less Data Doesn't Mean a Lesser Experience

Tim Kadlec

After yesterday’s post , someone on Twitter expressed concern about providing a “degraded experience” to users who have Save-Data enabled. It’s far from the first time I’ve heard this concern expressed.

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Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Redis , short for Remote Dictionary Server, is a BSD-licensed, open-source in-memory key-value data structure store written in C language by Salvatore Sanfillipo and was first released on May 10, 2009. Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker. It’s important to note that Redis is a NoSQL database system.

How It Works: SQL Server Lock Partitioning

SQL Server According to Bob

Previous posts have discussed partitioning, for example, a partitioned memory object [link] and how a latch maintains the desired access (exclusive, shared, …) [link]. Quick Refresher Over Partitioned Protection/Locking.

Game changing — From zero to Autonomous Cloud Management today


Dynatrace news. I’m going to revisit the Dynatrace digital transformation in this blog, because it is also an excellent story that began our journey to Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM).

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5G Will Definitely Make the Web Slower, Maybe

CSS - Tricks

Scott Jehl has written this wonderful piece about how 5G is on the horizon and how it could cause problems for users. But first, he starts by talking about the overwhelming positive news about it: [.] as it matures 5G is predicted to improve network speeds dramatically.

Six Must-Know Performance Testing Criteria for Mobile Applications


In today’s digital world, for every business, mobile applications continue to be the major source of digital connectivity with their customers. Primarily, these mobile apps become vital part and businesses have less than a second’s time to impress users.

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World’s Top Web Performance Leaders To Watch


Reading time 16 min Whether you’re a web performance expert, an evangelist for the culture of performance, a web engineer incorporating performance into your process, or someone new to the web performance entirely, you probably identify as curious, excited about new ideas, and always learning.

Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part III: Patroni

High Scalability

In our previous blog posts, we discussed the capabilities and functioning of PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) by Cluster Labs and Replication Manager (repmgr) by 2ndQuadrant. In the final post of this series, we will review the last solution, Patroni by Zalando, and compare all three at the end so you can determine which high availability framework is best for your PostgreSQL hosting deployment. Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part I: PostgreSQL Automatic Failover.

Leverage the power of Davis AI with custom time-series events for your specific use cases (Preview)


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace Davis automatically analyzes abnormal situations within your IT infrastructure and reports all relevant impacts and root causes.

Procella: unifying serving and analytical data at YouTube

The Morning Paper

Procella: unifying serving and analytical data at YouTube Chattopadhyay et al., VLDB’19. Academic papers aren’t usually set to music, but if they were the chorus of Queen’s “I want it all (and I want it now…)” seems appropriate here.

Testing Code With REST Calls Made Easy


Introduction. These days, our code frequently has to reach out to a remote server as part of its job, usually consuming an API or some other service. Frequently, our code communicates with these remote services in a RESTful manner. java server performance spring rest http junit mocking frameworks

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T-SQL bugs, pitfalls, and best practices – pivoting and unpivoting

SQL Performance

This article is the fifth part in a series about T-SQL bugs, pitfalls and best practices. Previously I covered determinism , subqueries , joins and windowing. This month I cover pivoting and unpivoting.

Taskbar Latency and Kernel Calls

Randon ASCII

I work quickly on my computer and I get frustrated when I am forced to wait on an operation that should be fast. A persistent nuisance on my over-powered home laptop is that closing windows on the taskbar is slow. I right-click on an entry, wait for the menu to appear, and then select “Close window”.

How to get the answers you deserve using the three pillars of observability


Dynatrace news. In software, observability refers to telemetry produced by services. Observability is divided into three major verticals—metrics, logs, and distributed traces—the so-called three pillars of observability.

Choosing a cloud DBMS: architectures and tradeoffs

The Morning Paper

Choosing a cloud DBMS: architectures and tradeoffs Tan et al., VLDB’19. If you’re moving an OLAP workload to the cloud (AWS in the context of this paper), what DBMS setup should you go with?

Improving Code Readability


Readable code is usable code. The world’s greatest chefs never put anything on the plate that will never be eaten, this rule corresponds to the YAGNI principle in Software Engineering.

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Sponsored Post: Educative, PA File Sight, Etleap, PerfOps, InMemory.Net, Triplebyte, Stream, Scalyr

High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Triplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O (1), not O ( n ). Apply here. Need excellent people? Advertise your job here! Cool Products and Services. Grokking the System Design Interview is a popular course on (taken by 20,000+ people) that's widely considered the best System Design interview resource on the Internet.

Batch Mode Normalization and Performance

SQL Performance

I briefly mentioned that batch mode data is normalized in my last article Batch Mode Bitmaps in SQL Server. All data in a batch is represented by an eight-byte value in this particular normalized format, regardless of the underlying data type.

Embark on a journey towards Autonomous Cloud Management with Dynatrace


Dynatrace news. It feels like just yesterday DevOps was all the rage, and everything had to be “Cloud” in order to be modern. These days, most organizations have embraced the benefits of DevOps and are running one or more of their applications on somebody else’s computer.

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Updating graph databases with Cypher

The Morning Paper

Updating graph databases with Cypher Green et al., VLDB’19. This is the story of a great collaboration between academia, industry, and users of the Cypher graph querying language as created by Neo4j.

Introduction To Jepsen Testing At Couchbase


Intro. As most of you know, Couchbase is a database that provides users with a range of consistency and fault tolerance options to ensure that the state of their data meets certain criteria or guarantees.

Google PageSpeed Insights - Scoring 100/100 with WordPress


Running speed tests with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights , WebPageTest , or KeyCDN’s Website Speed Test are always a good way to help gauge your website’s performance. While these metrics can be very helpful it is also important to keep this data in perspective.

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Modern applications at AWS

All Things Distributed

Innovation has always been part of the Amazon DNA, but about 20 years ago, we went through a radical transformation with the goal of making our iterative process—" invent, launch, reinvent, relaunch, start over, rinse, repeat, again and again "—even faster.

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How to Optimize Digital Experience and Operations with Dynatrace


Dynatrace news. I was fortunate enough to get invited to our PerformGo! APAC Series.

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SLOG: serializable, low-latency, geo-replicated transactions

The Morning Paper

SLOG: serializable, low-latency, geo-replicated transactions Ren et al., VLDB’19. SLOG is another research system motivated by the needs of the application developer (aka, user!). Building correct applications is much easier when the system provides strict serializability guarantees.

Handling Content Versioning in Your CMS: Exploring TimeMachine


The demand for content is at an all-time high. According to the International Data Corporation , the digital universe is doubling in size every two years and is expected to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020.

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Save-Data Usage

Tim Kadlec

Yesterday someone at Shopify let me know on Twitter that they started reducing page weight if the Save-Data header is on. tkadlec [link] is now Save-Data aware. About a 13% reduction in page weight, [link]. Early data shows 20% of Indian/Brazilian requests contain this header so happy days #webperf ??. I love seeing companies paying attention to the Save-Data header.

3 ways to get test automation done within your sprints

TechBeacon Testing

Many development teams won't attempt to create features and automate the tests for those features within the same sprint, since these two development activities together can easily take up the entire two-week sprint.

Recognising our Top Performing APAC Partners


Dynatrace news. Over the last few weeks, the Dynatrace team from across the Asia-Pacific region has been on the road as part of the exhilarating Dynatrace PerformGo! World Tour.

Declarative recursive computation on an RDBMS

The Morning Paper

Declarative recursive computation on an RDBMS… or, why you should use a database for distributed machine learing Jankov et al., VLDB’19.

Smashtest Tutorial: Run Your Automation Script 10x Times Faster


Soon your automation will be running at top speed! When it comes to automated website testing, one extremely important parameter is the intellect gathered from the output of your automation test execution i.e. the number of bugs reported, percentage of pass/failed test cases, test coverage, etc.