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Easier user management with improved invitation workflow and user-group overview


Dynatrace news. To make user management easier for our customers, we’ve improved the invitation workflow and made it simpler to see which groups a user is assigned to. Resend invitation.


High-Performance Persistence With MicroStream (Part Three)


Learn how to keep your apps performing! For some time, there has been a new competitor in the field of persistence and serialization. We are talking about Project MicroStream. What is it exactly?

Monitoring and Profiling Your Spring Boot Application


Monitor and profile your Spring Boot application! You may also like: Monitoring Using Spring Boot 2.0, Prometheus, and Grafana (Part 1 — REST API).

Re-Slaving a Crashed MySQL Master Server in Semisynchronous Replication Setup


In a MySQL 5.7 master-slave setup that uses the default semisynchronous replication setting for rpl_semi_sync_master_wait_point , a crash of the master and failover to the slave is considered to be lossless. However, when the crashed master comes back, you may find that it has transactions that are not present in the current master (which was previously a slave).

Netflix Hack Day?—?November 2019

The Netflix TechBlog

Netflix Hack Day?—?Fall Fall 2019 By Tom Richards , Carenina Garcia Motion , and Leslie Posada Hack Day at Netflix is an opportunity to build and show off a feature, tool, or quirky app.

TLA+ model checking made symbolic

The Morning Paper

TLA+ model checking made symbolic Konnov et al., OOPSLA’19. TLA+ is a formal specification language ( T emporal L ogic of A ctions) particularly well suited to reasoning about distributed algorithms.

The Ultimate Website Testing Checklist Before Going Live


Website testing. We know the excitement when it comes to launching your first web site. After working hard on the stunning design, user interface, and engaging content, you cannot wait to share it with the audience. Are you sure your website is completely ready to launch?

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Easier SAML federation setup with improved workflow


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace enables authentication through your organization’s identity provider (IdP). If you want to use your organization’s corporate credentials for authentication in Dynatrace, you can set up SAML to delegate authentication to your IdP.

Open-Sourcing Metaflow, a Human-Centric Framework for Data Science

The Netflix TechBlog

by David Berg , Ravi Kiran Chirravuri , Romain Cledat , Savin Goyal , Ferras Hamad , Ville Tuulos tl;dr Metaflow is now open-source! Get started at Netflix applies data science to hundreds of use cases across the company, including optimizing content delivery and video encoding.

Mergeable replicated data types – Part II

The Morning Paper

Mergeable replicated data types – part II Kaki et al., OOPLSA ’19.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Sisu Data is looking for machine learning engineers who are eager to deliver their features end-to-end, from Jupyter notebook to production, and provide actionable insights to businesses based on their first-party, streaming, and structured relational data. Apply here. T riplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O (1), not O ( n ). Apply here.

Find the user session data you need and better understand customer experience with new USQL functions


Dynatrace news. To enhance your customers’ digital experiences, you need to see your application through their eyes. Every single click your end users make while using your application provides valuable insights into how well your application is performing and meeting your customers’ needs.

Tuning 130

Data Compression for Large-Scale Streaming Experimentation

The Netflix TechBlog

Julie (Novak) Beckley, Andy Rhines, Jeffrey Wong, Matthew Wardrop, Toby Mao, Martin Tingley Ever wonder why Netflix works so well when you’re streaming at home, on the train, or in a foreign hotel?

Mergeable replicated data types – Part I

The Morning Paper

Mergeable replicated data types Kaki et al., OOPSLA’19. This paper was published at OOPSLA, but perhaps it’s amongst the distributed systems community that I expect there to be the greatest interest.

Why Your Team Needs to Start Unit Testing Right Now


Unit testing is actually a lot like working out. You have a well- established, stable development team. They are veterans and quite experienced. You feel there’s nothing they can’t solve or achieve, even if it takes some time, they’ll manage, whether if it’s a bug or a feature.

Average Page Load Times for 2020 – Are you faster?


With another year winding down, it’s time for us to take stock of how our site performance compares to the average page load times for 2020.

Making Ops Life Easier: Automating SLA Monitoring for Deployed Services on Kubernetes


Dynatrace news. Kubernetes automatically validates the health of your pods within your k8s cluster, by continuously evaluating the health end-points (livenessProbe and readinessProbe) of your deployed services.

Sampling RUM: When and why it's a good idea

Speed Curve

I confess, I’m not a statistician. While I pride myself on the 'A' I received in my college statistics class, admittedly it was on a pretty steep curve.

Efficient lock-free durable sets

The Morning Paper

Efficient lock-free durable sets Zuriel et al., OOPSLA’19. Given non-volatile memory (NVRAM), the naive hope for persistence is that it would be a no-op: what happens in memory, stays in memory.

The First Drop: Introducing AdoptOpenJDK Quality Assurance (AQA)


performance qa quality assurance openjdk testing and qa adoptopenjdk

Google planning a new ‘Badge of Shame’ for slow websites


Google has announced plans for a new badging system that would let users know whether a website typically loads slowly.

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.182


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Easily measure and manage user experience with more flexible Apdex calculations. Next generation Dynatrace Davis AI becomes the default causation engine. Build apps your customers love and grow your business with Dynatrace mobile monitoring. Latest management zone update improves collaboration for Synthetic Monitoring. Save build time and make life easier with the new Android auto-instrumentation.

NULL complexities – Part 1

SQL Performance

NULL handling is one of the trickier aspects of data modeling and data manipulation with SQL. Let's start with the fact that an attempt to explain exactly what a NULL is is not trivial in and of itself.

A tale of two abstractions: the case for object space

The Morning Paper

A tale of two abstractions: the case for object space , Bittman et al., HotStorage 2019.

How Can Perform Monkey Testing in Android App?


Wait.what is Monkey Testing? You may also like: Introduction to the World of Mobile Application Testing. What Is Monkey Testing?

Real-Time Digital Twins Simplify Code in Streaming Applications

ScaleOut Software

Designing applications that extract real-time insights from streaming telemetry can be a daunting challenge. Event streams typically combine messages from many data sources, as shown below. It’s a complex challenge to select and analyze messages that surface patterns of interest.

Code 52

OneAgent release notes version 1.181


Dynatrace news.Net. Added support for MongoDB.NET Driver 2.8 – 2.9. Added support for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client for.NET 3.2.0 – 4.0.0.Net Core. Added support for MongoDB.NET Driver 2.8 – 2.9. Added support for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client for.NET 2.0.0 – 4.0.0. Added support for MongoDB PHP for Linux 1.3+. Operating systems. Current support changes. Current OneAgent support changes.

Azure 100

Using BigQuery Without Breaking the Bank

Tim Kadlec

The closer you look at something, the more interesting it gets. That’s probably why I love it when I’m able to pore through large amounts of data related to a topic that interests me.

A persistent problem: managing pointers in NVM

The Morning Paper

A persistent problem: managing pointers in NVM Bittman et al., PLOS’19. At the start of November I was privileged to attend HPTS (the High Performance Transaction Systems) conference in Asilomar. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Process Files on the Basis of TimeStamp Attached to File Name in Mule 4


Find out more about Mule 4! Sometimes when you work for a bigger client you will get a problem that is different than regular issues you get. I will talk about such a scenario in this article. Earlier we were directly polling on one location and getting data in the form of the files.

Filtered Indexes and Forced Parameterization (redux)

SQL Performance

After blogging about how filtered indexes could be more powerful , and more recently about how they can be rendered useless by forced parameterization , I'm revisiting the filtered indexes/parameterization topic. A seemingly-too-simple solution came up at work recently, and I had to share.

Human Behavior in Software Development

Professor Beekums

I find behavioral economics fascinating. Many economists assume rational behavior among all people and it results in economic models that seem good in theory, but end up being completely inaccurate. Humans aren’t 100% rational and the real decisions we make are difficult to account for.

How Automated Software Testing Can Digitally Transform Your Business


Enterprises are going through decisive digital transformation to achieve speed and accuracy to stay ahead of the market. With the evolution of digital technologies at. Test Management Test Automation

Speed 52

Benchmarking spreadsheet systems

The Morning Paper

Benchmarking spreadsheet systems Rahman et al., Preprint. A recent TwThread drew my attention to this pre-print paper. When spreadsheets were originally conceived, data and formula were input by hand and so everything operated at human scale.

Which Programming Language Is Most Popular for UI Test Automation in 2019?


Which language do you use for test automation? There is always a lot of uncertainty around which programming language to use when starting a new test automation project. Should you go with the same language that the development team is using?

SQL Table Variable Deferred Compilation in SQL Server 2019

SQL Shack

In an article, An overview of the SQL table variable, we explored the usage of SQL table variables in SQL Server in comparison with a temporary table. Let’s have a quick recap of the table variable: We can define a table variable and use it similar to a temporary table with few differences.

Free Website Speed Monitoring


MachMetrics is a premium site speed monitoring tool used by #webperf enthusiasts worldwide. We have always offered a free plan to those who are happy with a few website tests per day. However we’re now announcing a new premium free plan for open source projects or non-profits. Do you run an open source project? Are you in charge of an open source project? We love that you’ve giving back to the community and we want to give back you.