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Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.251


We have released Dynatrace version 1.251. To learn what’s new, have a look at the release notes. The post Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.251 appeared first on Dynatrace news. Product news Release notes


Timestone: Netflix’s High-Throughput, Low-Latency Priority Queueing System with Built-in Support…

The Netflix TechBlog

Timestone: Netflix’s High-Throughput, Low-Latency Priority Queueing System with Built-in Support for Non-Parallelizable Workloads by Kostas Christidis Introduction Timestone is a high-throughput, low-latency priority queueing system we built in-house to support the needs of Cosmos , our media encoding platform. Over the past 2.5


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Critical CSS? Not So Fast!

CSS Wizardry

I have long held very strong opinions about the Critical CSS pattern. In theory, in a perfect world, with all things being equal, it’s demonstrably a Good Idea™.

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Dynatrace expands root cause analysis to Kubernetes with Davis AI


Kubernetes is used by many organizations to build, deploy, and manage large-scale distributed applications. However, the overwhelming advantage of running applications on Kubernetes comes at a cost.

The Block Allocation Policy of Virtual Distributed File System at the Source Code Level


Alluxio workers are responsible for managing local resources, and they store data as blocks. Users can allocate different storage tiers as the resources for Alluxio workers, including MEM/SSD/HDD, which are further composed of directories.

Scaling globally with the new AWS Middle East (UAE) Region

All Things Distributed

`Starting today the new AWS Middle East (UAE) Region is now open for use

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New Bit Manipulation Functions in SQL Server 2022

SQL Performance

The need to manipulate data at the bit level with bitwise operations isn’t common in T-SQL, but you might stumble into such a need in some specialized scenarios.

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Complete Automation Testing — Is It Feasible?


It is a fact that software testing is time and resources consuming. Testing the software can be observed from different perspectives. It can be divided based on what we are testing. For example, each deliverable in the project, like the requirements, design, code, documents, user interface, etc.,

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Why Modern Software is Slow–Windows Voice Recorder

Randon ASCII

I apologize for this title because there are many things that can make modern software slow. Blindly applying one explanation without a bit of investigation is the software equivalent of a cargo cult. That said, this post describes one example of why modern software can be painfully slow.

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On site in Hawai'i: How Terraformation is using AWS technology to reforest the world

All Things Distributed

In the second episode of Season 3 of Now Go Build I visit Terraformation in Hawaii

Native vs. Cross Platform: Decoding Best Choice for Your Apps


Native vs Cross platform applications have been a popular point of debate for developers throughout many years. The difference between Native and Cross platform solutions is not limited to performance but also considering their use cases and mapping-out some advantages and disadvantages.

How organizations can build a strong DevSecOps maturity model based on best practices


What is DevSecOps and what is a DevSecOps maturity model? DevSecOps brings development, operations, and security teams together in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This approach enables teams to focus on speed and agility in software development without compromising security.

Logistics Management Software Explained in Plain Language


Have you ever dreamed of making or taking your company to the level of Amazon? Of course, Amazon didn't become one of the most valuable brands in the world.

The Lock Escalation Threshold – Part 1

SQL Performance

This article isn’t about the act of lock escalation itself, which is already well documented and generally well understood. Some myths (like row locks escalating to page locks) persist, but challenging those yet again probably wouldn’t change much.

Now Go Build -- Season 3

All Things Distributed

Today the first episode of season3 of Now Go Build is available

Bad Performance and/or Structure Scores: Hosting or Developer?


Seeing poor Performance and/or Structure Scores on your GTmetrix Report? We’ll tell you if you need to consult your hosting provider or developer. Overview GTmetrix is primarily used to assess front-end issues though it can detect potential back-end issues as well.

Upgrade to the Data explorer to level up your data visualizations and analysis


With digital systems growing exponentially in size and complexity, industry trends like AIOps and DevSecOps are becoming the norm for application performance m onitoring (APM) and observability tools such as Dynatrace.

What Is Configuration Testing in Software Testing?


Configuration testing plays a critical part in the development life cycle by specifying the quality and portability of software. It helps to understand whether a program can be used on any operating system other than the one for which it was designed.

Best Continuous Performance Testing Practices


What practices are relevant in continuous performance testing today? We talked about this with an expert panel made up of Roger Abelenda, Andréi Guchin, Sofia Palamarchuk, Paul Holland, Andy Hohenner, and Eric Proegler. By Natalie Rodgers Two important Software Testing conferences will take place in.

How we achieved 5X faster pipeline execution by removing closure allocations

Particular Software

The NServiceBus messaging pipeline strives to achieve the right balance of flexibility, maintainability, and wicked fast…ummm…ability. It needs to be wicked fast because it is executed at scale.

Five Data-Loading Patterns To Improve Frontend Performance

Smashing Magazine

Five Data-Loading Patterns To Improve Frontend Performance. Five Data-Loading Patterns To Improve Frontend Performance. Agustinus Theodorus. 2022-09-27T14:00:00+00:00. 2022-09-27T16:33:12+00:00. When it comes to performance, you shouldn’t be stingy.

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Understand and replay Android app crashes with Session Replay


From banking and retail to healthcare and government, nearly all industries have experienced a dramatic shift to mobile computing over the last decade. More and more end users are completing transactions, playing games, consuming content, and interacting with others on mobile devices.

How To Become a Super Human Software Developer


There's a handful of software developers on the planet today that seems to be "superhuman software developers". Linus Torvalds , Alan Kay and Steve Wozniak are some of the primary candidates.

JMeter DSL, the Story of Abstracta’s Latest Innovation in Software Testing


How was JMeter DSL born? What is its contribution to the IT industry? Why is this software testing innovation so important? What is expected from it? Find out all about the history of JMeter DSL, Abstracta’s latest software testing innovation, led by Roger Abelenda.

DevOps Metrics: Quantifying your DevOps Processes


If DevOps implementation is one of the obstacles you have successfully conquered, your battle has just begun. Analyzing the right metrics and KPIs gives you a clear picture of your business growth, its current performance, and things that require improvement. DevOps

Open A Digital Bank Account Using Your Mobile Banking App

Tech News Gather

We’ve all heard of digital banking, and we can open a digital bank account in just a few steps if we head to our trusted smartphone only. In this informative article, you’ll learn the benefits you get by opening an account digitally and what impact it has on your everyday transactions.

What is application modernization? How to pick an application modernization strategy


Application modernization is a means to help organizations survive in a digital world. Today, organizations must adopt solid modernization strategies to stay competitive in the market.

The Future of Observability: OpenTelemetry Adoption


Chronosphere has its eye on the future of observability, and we are constantly talking to companies and industry experts about the observability challenges ahead.


The Best Way to Test Performance in Continuous Integration


Which are the benefits of continuous performance testing? Why is it so crucial to achieve an efficient continuous integration pipeline? Find out in the second article of our saga entitled “Performance Testing In-Depth”, with the voice of Roger Abelenda and an interview with Andréi Guchin.

Key Software Development Metrics & KPIs to Ace Software Development


Thanks to agile methodology, the importance of measuring the overall productivity of a software team is drastically increased.

What is Smoke Testing? 


Smoke testing proves an application’s core functionality by employing a subset of test cases to assess high-level functionality. Its principal value lies in determining the application’s stability quickly. Origin Story.

Dynatrace and Microsoft Azure integrate to help accelerate your cloud transformation


Dynatrace news. Over the last few years, Dynatrace and Microsoft have partnered to help the world’s largest organizations tame hybrid, multicloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.

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5 Super Fast Ways To Improve Core Web Vitals


Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? Is your website struggling with a high bounce rate? Then it requires immediate attention

Martingale Strategy – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Application Features

Tech News Gather

Martingale strategy and its features. Making bets with a certain strategy will be a more rational decision since this will reduce risks and fill the deposit faster. The Linebet bookmaker operates under an active Curacao license, so there is no doubt about the transparency of bets.

Native vs. Cross Platform: Decoding Best Choice for Your App Development


Native applications benefit the operating system's features and development environment. On the contrary, cross-platform apps help reduce time to market and costs. So, which one to choose?

Element Timing: One true metric to rule them all?

Speed Curve

One of the great things about Google's Core Web Vitals is that they provide a standard way to measure our visitors’ experience. Core Web Vitals can answer questions like: When was the largest element displayed?

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Dynatrace named global winner for best observability platform by Research in Action in their 2022 Vendor Selection Matrix™


Dynatrace news. Research in Action (RIA), a leading independent research and consulting company based in Germany, recently named Dynatrace the global winner for best observability platform in its 2022 Vendor Selection Matrix™.