DevOps Days Tampa Bay


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How DevOps Testing can Enhance the Application Development Process?


The post How DevOps Testing can Enhance the Application Development Process? DevOps Technologies Test Management DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation Why DevOps gained popularity

The Human Value in Driving Automated DevOps Testing


The increasing demand for IT companies to deliver high-quality software at a rapid speed has made it compulsory to shift towards using Agile and DevOps. The post The Human Value in Driving Automated DevOps Testing appeared first on Kovair Blog.

How DevOps Should Use DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) To Optimize Their Application Development

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This allows developers, DBA’s and DevOps engineers to quickly automate their backups, create new SQL and NoSQL clusters, and monitor the performance of their databases for their application without requiring any internal database expertise. This is a great choice for DevOps in particular because it allows for more developer agility, productivity, and also security. Let’s break down the individual benefits so you can decide if DBaaS is right for your DevOps team.

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5 Challenges That QA Testing Teams in DevOps Face


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Three DevOps Podcast Appearances

Baron Schwartz

Over the past few months, I’ve been invited to be a guest on several podcasts that focus on DevOps and software engineering. Real World DevOps. Database Performance With a Side of Empathy with Baron Schwartz | Real World DevOps. Arrested DevOps.

Bringing DevOps to the Database

Baron Schwartz

Applying DevOps principles and practices to the database can make software development processes faster, better and cheaper. Yet most companies do not include their databases in their DevOps initiatives because they face a variety of challenges to make it work.

Four tips to maximise your time at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019, London


In one week’s time, thousands of IT and business professionals will descend on London for the latest iteration of DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2019 (June 25-27 – InterContinental O2, London, UK). designed to help attendees take their DevOps initiatives to the next level. .

Get started integrating Dynatrace into your Azure DevOps release pipelines


More specifically, I’ll demonstrate how in just a few steps, you can add Dynatrace information events to your Azure DevOps release pipelines for things like deployments, performance tests, or configuration changes. Call the PowerShell script from an Azure DevOps release pipeline.

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New Book: DevOps for the Database

Baron Schwartz

I’ve written a new 65-page ebook, titled DevOps for the Database. DevOps needs to be more than just automation.

AWS Certification for DevOps Engineers

All Things Distributed

With the growing adoption of cloud computing, we see more of our customers establishing DevOps practices within their IT organizations as a way to increase IT efficiency, improve agility, and in turn innovate faster for their own customers.

How to Manage Integrated Testing for CI, CD, and DevOps


The post How to Manage Integrated Testing for CI, CD, and DevOps appeared first on Kovair Blog. Great products are the result of persistent development and rigorous testing. Today, testing is critical for enterprises to gain leadership, profitability and end-user satisfaction.

Dynatrace study: How your peers use cloud automation to innovate faster (Part 1)


Over the last year we’ve seen more and more Dynatrace customers move from DevOps to NoOps. These organizations have built automation into their DevOps environments to a degree that there is no longer a need for a traditional Ops team to manage software in-house. Dynatrace news.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence

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Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

Partner Spotlight: end-to-end data flow across the entire enterprise with ZigiWave and Dynatrace


The problems detected by Dynatrace can automatically trigger issues, bugs or stories in JIRA and other DevOps tools. DevOpsDynatrace news. Welcome to the third edition of Dynatrace Partner Spotlight!

Build automated self-healing systems with xMatters and Dynatrace (Part 1 of 3)


As a first use case, let’s explore how your DevOps teams can prevent a process crash from taking down services across an organization—in five easy steps. During an incident, DevOps on-call resources typically rely on a chat platform, like Slack. DevOps Partners Automation self-healing applicationDynatrace news. Dynatrace and xMatters have teamed up to help organizations meet the challenges of their increasingly complex enterprise cloud environments.

Unleash the power of the Dynatrace Markdown Dashboard Tile


DevOps BizDevOps dashboarding UFODynatrace news. Dynatrace Dashboards are constantly updated with new capabilities. If you want to get up to speed, check out my recent Performance Clinics: “ AI-Powered Dashboarding ” and “ Advanced Business Dashboarding and Analytics ”.

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ACM Survey – Part 3: How your peers speed up time to market


Try to get your company more into the DevOps mindset so that you can release smaller chunks of work more often. DevOps automation is about automating manual processes using technology to make them repeatable. DevOps ACMDynatrace news.

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ACM Survey, Part 2: How your peers use production monitoring data to innovate faster


Company and culture DevOpsDynatrace news. Welcome back to the blog series in which we summarize the findings of our Autonomous Cloud Management Survey. In part 1 we examined the Dev-to-Ops ratios that organizations have for their most critical application projects.

End-to-End Testing Tutorial: Learn in Three Minutes!


tutorial devops performance software development end-to-end testingSoftware systems nowadays are complex and interconnected with numerous subsystems. If any of the subsystems fails, the whole software system could crash. This is a major risk and can be avoided by end-to-end testing.

CMake: The Case When the Project's Quality Is Unforgivable


devops performance programming code quality cpp static code analysis cmake static code analyzerCMake is a cross-platform system for automating project builds.

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Chaos Engineering and Monitoring, Part 1: Sensu + Gremlin


devops monitoring alerts sensu chaos engineering event monitoringOne of my earliest jobs was as an admin for an MSP. We'd routinely generate alerts that weren't actionable, lacked context, and for most of our customers, were considered noise. From a monitoring perspective, it was bad.

Using Selenium, Docker, and Cloud for Performance Testing


selenium atlassian aws and devops confluence headless chrome perfromance

How To Build a Business Case for Test Data Management


Moves into Agile and DevOps are made with the promise of doing more faster to keep up with business demands. test data management testing data business case devops quality assurance devops tooling tdm in software testingIn today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced applications development environment, budgets are no less important than before; in fact, they may be even more important as the technology teams look to keep pace with business growth.

Supporting Disaster Recovery with Dynatrace at NYCM


DevOps OperationsDynatrace news. When disaster strikes, it is important to react fast and get live updates on the recovery progress of the business and mission-critical systems.

Moving to Observability Driven Development


devops performance microservices monitoring cloud native observabilityWith all the benefits that microservices architecture and cloud-native and serverless applications bring, they also add a lot of complexity from an operations point of view.

Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections

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Redis Cluster is the native sharding implementation available within Redis that allows you to automatically distribute your data across multiple nodes without having to rely on external tools and utilities. At ScaleGrid, we recently added support for Redis Clusters on our platform through our fully managed Redis hosting plans.

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2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

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PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines. So what makes PostgreSQL so special, and how is it being used today?

Web Testing Challenges Testers Will Encounter in 2019


agile security devops performance testing automation testing bugs api testing web testing

Importance of Unit Testing


devops performance unit testing pros and cons testing performanceWe all know that testing your application is important, as it ensures security, customer satisfaction, and saves money in the long run.

What Does APM Stand For?: A Newbie Guide


devops monitoring management analytics operations eum euem newbie what is apmDefining APM. Today's blog post is headed back to the basics.

Easy automated Concourse deployment validation with Dynatrace and Pitometer


Read more about monspec in our AWS DevOps Tutorial here. Cloud and microservices DevOps Concourse PitometerDynatrace news. In my colleague Andi Grabner’s recent blog on Automated Deployment and Architectural Validation, he notes that, based on a recent ACM survey , validating deployment still seems to be a semi-automated task for most software delivery teams.

Davis Diaries: Mainframe error to resolution in minutes!


DevOps MainframeDynatrace news. Last year I announced my “ Share Your AI-Detected Problem Pattern ” initiative with the hope that Dynatrace users would share their real-life examples on how Dynatrace Davis: Helps them detect problems. Delivers impact and root cause.

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Reducing Your Node Application Docker Image Size


tutorial devops docker microservice node applicationRecently I happen to encounter memory/space issues quite often with a server that hosts Nexus (a repository manager that almost has universal support for all formats). On digging into the issue the prima facie evidence that we got was Docker Image size of our node applications are at alarming. high (~ 2.5

How Visual Testing Is Transforming the Way Modern Teams Test Software


devops performance ui qa and software testing visual testing testing as a serviceVisual testing is the automated process of detecting and reviewing visual UI changes. Sometimes called visual regression testing or UI testing, it’s all about what your users actually see and interact with.

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part III: Failover Scenarios

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In this three-part blog series, we introduced a High Availability (HA) Framework for MySQL hosting in Part I, and discussed the details of MySQL semisynchronous replication in Part II.

Managing the Modern IT Environment – Observability Do’s and Don’ts


cloud devops performance saas apm observability cloud microservicesMost people think observability is simply a fancier synonym for monitoring.

Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery


Application Lifecycle Management DevOps Technologies Test Management Software developmentThe only constant thing in this world is ‘change’ and the only industry that makes a quick shift in innovation and technology is IT software.

More Effective AI to Human Interactions with Dynatrace DAVIS at NYCM


DevOps ChatOps Davis NoOps VoiceOpsDynatrace news. Effective communication between people has and will always be a challenge. There is always a chance for misunderstandings or talking in circles until you get to the answers you expect.

Will AIOps help you solve problems faster?


DevOps Digital transformation AIopsDynatrace news. Every company needs to solve IT problems fast. Since the dawn of time, IT organizations have been striving to solve problems as fast as they possibly can.

How to Get Metrics for Advance Alerting to Prevent Trouble


devops performance ubuntu monitoring sysadmin ansible vagrant influxdb grafana infracodeAlthough we all have to deal with unexpected events, we also have tools to prevent them. Like mentioned in the last post , log files must be accessible upfront; otherwise. troubleshooting is compromised. Before any issue occurs, there’s a lot we can do in order to be aware of what’s going on, act proactively, and don’t let the problem become reality.

How Stability Targets Keep Your Apps on the Mark


devops performance testing monitoring engineering bugs bug fix error monitoring stability fixingShould applications be released when we don’t know how stable the user experience is? The obvious answer is the right one: of course not. Application stability is the most important metric that software companies can use. Yet, many organizations don’t measure stability at all.

How to stamp out intermittent testing issues with periodic automation

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing, Test Management, Special Coverage: Agile + DevOps West 2019In the pop culture of the United States, Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) is a legendary and elusive ape-like creature infrequently seen in the Pacific Northwest. In the software realm, we have our own version of Sasquatch: those irritating, sometimes catastrophic, issues that are hard to reproduce.