Statistical foundations of virtual democracy

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Statiscal foundations of virtual democracy Kahng et al., The big idea behind virtual democracy is that we learn the voting preferences of each stakeholder, essentially creating an agent which is able to vote in their place, a virtual voter. Then when we need to make a decision we ask those virtual voters to cast their votes (in the form of a preference ranking). ICML’19.

Duplicate IP issues with Linux and virtual machine cloning.


When hypervisor management tools make clones of virtual machines, the tools usually make sure to create a unique MAC address for every clone. The post Duplicate IP issues with Linux and virtual machine cloning. cloud cloning linux virtualizationTL;DR – Some modern Linux distributions use a newer method of identification which, when combined with DHCP can result in duplicate IP addresses when cloning VMs, even when the VMs have unique MAC addresses.

AMD EPYC Processors in Azure Virtual Machines

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Back on December 5, 2017, Microsoft announced that they were using AMD EPYC 7551 processors in their storage-optimized Lv2-Series virtual machines. The key specifications for the Lsv2 series virtual machines are shown in Table 1.

AWS EC2 Virtualization 2017: Introducing Nitro

Brendan Gregg

Hardware virtualization for cloud computing has come a long way, improving performance using technologies such as VT-x, SR-IOV, VT-d, NVMe, and APICv. It's an exciting development in cloud computing: hardware virtualization is now fast.

Tungsten.js: UI Framework with Virtual DOM + Mustache Templates

Wayfair Tech

virtual DOMPerformance is top priority here at Wayfair, because improved performance means an improved customer experience. A significant piece of web performance is the time it takes to render, or generate, the markup for a page. Over the last several months we've worked hard to improve the render performance on our. Read more. Open Source Web Performance performance react.js tungsten tungsten.js

ScaleGrid DBaaS Expands MySQL Hosting Services Through AWS Cloud


PALO ALTO, Calif., June 6, 2019 – ScaleGrid , the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) leader in the SQL and NoSQL space, has announced the expansion of their fully managed MySQL Hosting services to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Virtualizing Operating Systems.

All Things Distributed

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Virtualizing Operating Systems. This weekends back-to-basics reading is on operating system virtualization. There are two papers that deserve the "classic" tag as they both form the basis for operating system virtualization that is in production today. Stanfords Disco, the predecessor of VMWare, uses a full hardware virtualization approach, where Cambridges Xen introduced us to paravirtualization. All Things Distributed.

How To Connect To Your MongoDB Deployments Using Robo 3T GUI


For our MongoDB Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) AWS deployments that are not open to the internet, this may mean selecting an instance that is allowed to connect to the Security Group and also has VPN connectivity to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Redis Cloud Gets Easier with Fully Managed Hosting on Azure


Additionally, organizations can customize their Redis persistence and host through their own Azure account which allows them to leverage advanced cloud capabilities like Azure Virtual Networks (VNET), Security Groups, and Reserved Instances to reduce long-term hosting costs up to 60%. PALO ALTO, Calif., October 2, 2019 – ScaleGrid, a rapidly growing leader in the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) space, has just launched their new fully managed Redis on Azure service.

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Java Performance Tools: Nine Types of Tools You Need to Know!


That’s true for virtually any programming language and platform. Something to test Java's performance. Managing an application’s performance, and specifically keeping it in good condition, is one of the hardest challenges in software development.

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Common Mistakes In Performance Testing


In this phase, virtual user scripts are run based on the number of concurrent users and workload specified in the non-functional test plan. Performance Test Execution and Monitoring.

The Future of Performance Testing

Alex Podelko

Data preparation and service virtualization functionality/tools would be here very handy here. And some functionality like network virtualization can be found in more sophisticated products – but it is time to have all of them (or at least have a good integration with “chaos engineering” tools). Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? , I decided to answer multiple comments here separately.

How Many Warehouses for the HammerDB TPC-C Test?


However most people use HammerDB with keying and thinking time disabled and therefore each virtual user can approximately drive the CPU resources of one CPU core on the database server. Therefore for the 100 virtual users 400 to 500 warehouses should be a minimum to be configured.

Rendering large lists with react-window

Addy Osmani

If you use React and need to display large lists of data efficiently , you may be familiar with react-virtualized. It's a windowing library by Brian Vaughn that renders only the items currently visible in a list (within a scrolling "viewport").

Improve Cloud Foundry observability with the immutable OneAgent BOSH release


While BOSH is platform agnostic, it’s the standard vehicle for rolling out and managing Cloud Foundry on virtualized infrastructure, across cloud providers. Dynatrace news.

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Web Testing Challenges Testers Will Encounter in 2019


And software testing is being forced to be reinvented every day due to the introduction of new technologies like artificial intelligence, virtualization, and predictive analysis.

Using HammerDB as a Web Service


success": {"message": "Building 5 Warehouses with 6 Virtual Users, 5 active + 1 Monitor VU(dict value num_vu is set to 5): JOBID=5D23464E58D203E273738333"}}. HammerDB already has 2 interfaces with which to interface with the commands to build and test databases using the GUI interface or CLI.

Optimizing Application Performance and User Experience With NETSCOUT for Azure


In the era of Digital Transformation (DX) the IT landscape has expanded to environments that rely extensively on virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and cloud computing. As a result, the number of servers and the quantity of traffic have been exploding exponentially.

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PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons


These sit between the database and the clients, sometimes on a seperate server (physical or virtual) and sometimes on the same box, and create a pool that clients can connect to. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, ‘threads’ were a programming novelty rarely used and seldom trusted.

Benchmarking with Postgres PT1


In this example, we use Postgres and the pgbench workload generator to drive some load in a virtual machine. Assume a Linux virtual machine that has Postgres installed. Specifically using a Bitnami virtual appliance. Image By Daniel Lundin.

Java Or Scala Performance – Which One Is Better?

Alex Podelko

It is designed to run in specific environments, like Java Virtual Machine for instance. While both of these programming languages run on Java Virtual Machine, Scala code runs faster on this system for a number of reasons. Guest Post by Wendy Dessler. Source- Pixabay.

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Giving data a heartbeat


I have spent virtually my entire career looking at data. Dynatrace news. I love data. Synthetic data, network data, system data, and the list goes on.

View from Nutanix storage during Postgres DB benchmark


The Linux VM running postgres has two virtual disks – one taking transaction log writes. A quick look at how the workload is seen from the Nutanix CVM. In this example from prior post. The other is doing reads and writes from the main datafiles.

Optimize Citrix platform performance and user experience with a new extension (Preview)


It provides the bottom line of Citrix virtual application and desktop (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) infrastructure performance. They provide important characteristics of the Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) usage and performance: Optimize server sizing with session insights.

Extending Dynatrace


Virtualization can be a key player in your process’ performance, and Dynatrace has built-in integrations to bring metrics about the Cloud Infrastructure into your Dynatrace environment. Dynatrace news.

High Availability in Mule 4: Using Clusters


In other words, a cluster is a virtual server composed of multiple nodes. Mule Enterprise Edition supports scalable clustering to provide high availability (HA) for applications.

Top 10 Tips for Making the Spark + Alluxio Stack Blazing Fast


Alluxio is leveraged as compute-side virtual storage to improve performance. The Apache Spark + Alluxio stack is getting quite popular particularly for the unification of data access across S3 and HDFS. In addition, compute and storage are increasingly being separated causing larger latencies for queries. But to get the best performance, like any technology stack, you need to follow the best practices.

Integrate Azure Monitor to get AI-powered service behavior insights


Virtual machines. Virtual machine scale sets. Dynatrace news.

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O(n^2) in CreateProcess

Randon ASCII

Oddly slow virtual memory scanning of endlessly leaking CFG memory was causing gmail hangs for a while until we added a mitigation in Chrome’s JavaScript engine. I wrote a Python script that generated classes with virtual functions. 0 to 1,280,000 – one per virtual function.

15 WPF Performance Tips for 2019


The reasons for this poor performance include things such as bad coding practices, broken bindings, complex layouts, the lack of UI virtualization, and much more. Are you a WPF developer? Do your WPF apps have areas of poor performance or don’t run as quickly as you would like? If so, I have 15 tips to help you identify and improve the performance of your WPF applications.

CheriABI: enforcing valid pointer provenance and minimizing pointer privilege in the POSIX C run-time environment

The Morning Paper

The work includes changes to the CHERI ISA, the C compiler, the C language runtime, the virtual memory APIs, and the CheriBSD kernel. On a context switch the kernel saves and restores user-thread register capability state, and updates virtual-physical mappings.

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Vision and Execution Leader – 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM


In a sea of virtualized layers of abstraction, shared services, and dependencies, the cloud has become increasingly complex. Our platform needed a full-stack approach, including virtual network infrastructure, containers, applications, and users. Dynatrace news.

Reinventing Performance Testing: New Architectures

Alex Podelko

The answer to this challenge is service virtualization, which allows simulating real services during testing without actual access. Cloud and virtualization triggered appearance dynamic, auto-scaling architectures, which significantly impact getting and analyzing feedback. Due to virtualization system-level monitoring doesn’t help much anymore and may be misleading – so getting information from application and database servers becomes very important.

Install a bitnami image to Nutanix AHV cluster.


One of the nice things about using public cloud is the ability to use pre-canned application virtual appliances created by companies like Bitnami. We can use these same appliance images on Nutanix AHV to easily do a Postgres database benchmark. Step 1. Get the bitnami image. wget [link].

Explore Autonomous Cloud Management at an Autonomous Cloud Lab


Dynatrace news. The path to Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM) and NoOps is a transformational journey that reaches all parts of an organization. It fundamentally changes how teams and tools work together with a common goal: deliver software faster, more frequently and with a higher degree of quality.

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Optimize your applications with 24×7 continuous thread analysis


A scalable architecture needs to distribute work across many threads in order to facilitate all the CPUs of a physical or virtual machine. Dynatrace news. Threads enable your application to execute multiple tasks at the same time.

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Setting Up XCUITest on Bitbar Device Cloud


Bitbar also provides an option for setting up the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so that companies can run the private cloud in their own network. This is the last post in our XCUITest101 series. With the last blog , we set up scalable XCUITest and run them on a Continuous Integration server.

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Tungsten in the news

Wayfair Tech

The topic is Tungsten.js, our awesome framework that 'lights up' the DOM with fast, virtual-DOM-based updates, React-style, and can be integrated with Backbone.js There's a great interview with our own Matt DeGennaro by Paul Krill of Infoworld that came out a few days ago. and pretty much whatever other framework. Read more. Open Source Web Performance mustache php tungsten.js

Supporting Disaster Recovery with Dynatrace at NYCM


Each virtual machine on their VMWare private cloud follows a specific naming scheme that reflects the DR-SRM Priority Level (1-21). Dynatrace news. When disaster strikes, it is important to react fast and get live updates on the recovery progress of the business and mission-critical systems.

Why Load Balancing Is Important for Web Servers?


Some load balancers can even trigger the creation of new virtualized applications servers to meet the increased demand and maintain the response times. What is Load Balancing? Load balancing refers to the distribution of a workload across several nodes. In the web hosting service industry, it is commonly used for balancing the HTTP traffic across multiple servers which act together as a web front-end.

How to maximize CPU performance for PostgreSQL 12.0 benchmarks on Linux


It is also important to note however that at the level of peak performance approached at 80 virtual users in this case. As you increase the number of virtual users you increase the CPU utilization but don’t increase the throughput (NOPM), why is this?

HammerDB Concepts and Architecture


As virtual users are started the database specific packages and workload specific modules are loaded into the virtual user threads. Virtual Users. Virtual Users within HammerDB are operating system threads.

Introducing the Dynatrace SAP ABAP platform monitoring extension (EAP)


Vertical infrastructure dependencies characterize how SAP depends on virtual and physical infrastructure performance. Dynatrace news.