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Load Balancing: Handling Heterogeneous Hardware

Uber Engineering

Learn about how Uber changed it’s RPC load balancing within Service Mesh to mitigate hardware heterogeneity.

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Virtual Network Functions in VPC and Integration With Event Notifications in IBM Cloud


Previously, proprietary hardware performed functions like routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc. In IBM Cloud, we have proprietary hardware like the FortiGate firewall that resides inside IBM Cloud data centers today. These hardware functions are packaged as virtual machine images in a VNF.


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SQL Server Hardware Optimization

SQL Server Performance

An important concern in optimizing the hardware platform is hardware components that restrict performance, known as bottlenecks. Quite often, the problem isn’t correcting performance bottlenecks as much as it is identifying them in the first place. Start with obtaining a performance baseline.

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SQL Server Hardware Performance Tuning

SQL Shack

SQL Server Performance Tuning can be a difficult assignment, especially when working with a massive database where even the minor change can raise a significant impact on the existing query performance. Performance Tuning always plays a vital role in database performance as well as product performance.

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Top Ten Lightweight Linux Distributions


While some distributions are aimed at experienced Linux users, there are distributions that cater to the needs of beginners or users with older hardware. These lightweight distributions are tailored to run on older hardware or low-powered devices while still providing users a robust and customizable experience.

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Using Raspberry PI in Virtualization: Unlocking New Possibilities


Through the use of virtualization technology, multiple operating systems can now run on a single physical machine, revolutionizing the way we use computer hardware.

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Create A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet With Golang And A Raspberry Pi Zero

The Polyglot Developer

Over the past month or so, in my free time, I’ve been working towards creating an affordable hardware wallet for various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Right now many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, but those are very expensive and rarely in supply.