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Seeing through hardware counters: a journey to threefold performance increase

The Netflix TechBlog

Special thanks to Sandhya Viswanathan , Jennifer Dimatteo , Brendan Gregg , Susie Xia , Jason Koch , Mike Huang , Amer Ather , Chris Berry , Chris Sanden , and Guy Cirino Seeing through hardware counters: a journey to threefold performance increase was originally published in Netflix TechBlog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation (..)

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Top Ten Lightweight Linux Distributions


While some distributions are aimed at experienced Linux users, there are distributions that cater to the needs of beginners or users with older hardware. These lightweight distributions are tailored to run on older hardware or low-powered devices while still providing users a robust and customizable experience.

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Optimize your environment: Unveiling Dynatrace Hyper-V extension for enhanced performance and efficient troubleshooting


It enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on the same physical hardware and integrates closely with Windows-hosted services. Therefore, they experience how the application code functions and how the application operations depend on the underlying hardware resources and the operating system managed by Hyper-V.

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Breaking Free From The Cloud With MRSK: Just Enough Orchestration For Your Apps


Startups, for instance, can get started without buying expensive hardware and scale flexibly. There is no doubt that the cloud has changed the way we run our software. Also, the cloud has enabled novel solutions such as serverless, managed Kubernetes and Docker, or edge functions.

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Analyzing the Various Components of TCO for Digital Products


From hardware and software investments to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, every component contributes to the grand TCO puzzle. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, understanding the expenses involved in developing, deploying, and maintaining a digital product is crucial for businesses and individuals.

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SQL Server Hardware Optimization

SQL Server Performance

An important concern in optimizing the hardware platform is hardware components that restrict performance, known as bottlenecks. Quite often, the problem isn’t correcting performance bottlenecks as much as it is identifying them in the first place. Start with obtaining a performance baseline.

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Create A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet With Golang And A Raspberry Pi Zero

The Polyglot Developer

Over the past month or so, in my free time, I’ve been working towards creating an affordable hardware wallet for various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Right now many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, but those are very expensive and rarely in supply.