The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

* The Wiz: [link] 200518_2J_70c5f6c1c92a1cd436e525ac2b895f51 200518_AY_290d20f93c0e4b469e0bbe60a63f678e 200518_8F_49cb76e22485f51fad729e085a8bd08e 200518_4W_7d70995268b4aa4f495304063d449ae3&thumbSize=150&ival=100&end=all * harry.is: [link] --> For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever. With more standardised FOUT/FOIT behaviour from browser vendors, to the newer font-display specification, performance—and therefore the user—seems to have been finally been put front-and-centre.

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Life of a Netflix Partner Engineer?—?The case of extra 40 ms

The Netflix TechBlog

Life of a Netflix Partner Engineer?—?The The case of the extra 40 ms By: John Blair , Netflix Partner Engineering The Netflix application runs on hundreds of smart TVs, streaming sticks and pay TV set top boxes.


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Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure


If you’re hosting your databases in the cloud, choosing the right cloud service provider is a significant decision to make for your long-term hosting costs. This is especially apparent in today’s world where organizations are doing whatever they can to optimize and reduce their costs. Over the last few weeks, we have been inundated with requests from SMB customers looking to improve the ROI on their database hosting.

Azure 208

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For Sep 18th, 2020

High Scalability

Hey, it's HighScalability time! I can't wait for the duel. Just don't shoot into the air. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff won't happen. Know someone who could benefit from becoming one with the cloud? Of course you do.

Dynatrace wins AI Breakthrough Award for Davis AI engine


Dynatrace news. Today, the AI Breakthrough Awards announced its 2020 winners , recognizing the leading AI innovators and solutions.

Performance Testing with Open Source Tools – Myths and Reality

Alex Podelko

Some time ago Federico Toledo published Performance Testing with Open Source Tools- Busting The Myths. While Federico definitely has good points there, there is some truth in these myths too. Otherwise we wouldn’t see so many commercial tools built on the top of open source including BlazeMeter (it is ironic that the article is posted on the BlazeMeter site), Flood, and OctoPerf.

7 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques


The global gaming industry is expected to reach more than $300 billion by 2025 with the growth of revolutionary offerings, like cloud gaming and mobile gaming, according to a new report from GlobalData.

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React Server Components

Addy Osmani

React Server Components aim to enable modern UX with a server-driven mental model. In this post I will share some notes I took while catching up on the latest RFC and talk around this work

content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

CSS - Tricks

Una Kravets and Vladimir Levin: […] you can use another CSS property called content-visibility to apply the needed containment automatically. content-visibility ensures that you get the largest performance gains the browser can provide with minimal effort from you as a developer.

Please stop using this UPSERT anti-pattern

SQL Performance

I think everyone already knows my opinions about MERGE and why I stay away from it. But here's another (anti-)pattern I see all over the place when people want to perform an upsert (update a row if it exists and insert it if it doesn't): IF EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM dbo.

Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

CSS Wizardry

One of the more fundamental rules of building fast websites is to optimise your assets, and where text content such as HTML, CSS, and JS are concerned, we’re talking about compression. The de facto text-compression of the web is Gzip, with around 80% of compressed responses favouring that algorithm, and the remaining 20% use the much newer Brotli.

Optimized shot-based encodes for 4K: Now streaming!

The Netflix TechBlog

by Aditya Mavlankar , Liwei Guo , Anush Moorthy and Anne Aaron Netflix has an ever-expanding collection of titles which customers can enjoy in 4K resolution with a suitable device and subscription plan.

Important Health Checks for your MySQL Master-Slave Servers


In a MySQL master-slave high availability (HA) setup, it is important to continuously monitor the health of the master and slave servers so you can detect potential issues and take corrective actions. In this blog post, we explain some basic health checks you can do on your MySQL master and slave nodes to ensure your setup is healthy.

A Short on How Zoom Works

High Scalability

Zoom scaled from 20 million to 300 million users virtually over night. What's incredible is from the outside they've shown little in the way of apparent growing pains, though on the inside it's a good bet a lot of craziness is going on. Sure, Zoom has made some design decisions that made sense as a small spunky startup that don't make a lot of sense as a defacto standard, but that's to be expected. It's not a sign of bad architecture as many have suggested.

Dynatrace Application Security protects your applications in complex cloud environments


Dynatrace news. In our increasingly digital world, the speed of innovation is key to business success. Cloud-native technologies, including Kubernetes and OpenShift, help organizations accelerate innovation. Open source has also become a fundamental building block of the entire cloud-native stack.

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The case for a learned sorting algorithm

The Morning Paper

The case for a learned sorting algorithm , Kristo, Vaidya, et al., SIGMOD’20. We’ve watched machine learning thoroughly pervade the web giants , make serious headway in large consumer companies , and begin its push into the traditional enterprise.

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Is Python the Future of Programming?


Python might not have bright years in the past years (which is mainly launch in the year 1991) but it has seen a continuous and amazing trend of growth in the 21st century. This stack overflow graph of major programming languages’ growth exclusively depicts the steady progress of the PYTHON!

Reinventing virtualization with the AWS Nitro System

All Things Distributed

Running a business at the scale of Amazon, we often have to solve problems that no other company has faced before. The disadvantage of this is that there is no “how to” guide for us—a lot is unknown.

The Import On Interaction Pattern

Addy Osmani

Tip: Lazy-load non-critical resources when a user interacts with UI requiring it. Your page may contain code or data for a component or resource that isnt immediately necessary. For example, UI a user doesnt see unless they click or scroll on parts of the page.

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New! Vitals Dashboard

Speed Curve

Getting up to speed on Core Web Vitals seems to be at the top of everyone's to-do list these days. Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to bring you our new Vitals dashboard to help you get a huge jumpstart. We love to visualize performance data (in case you haven't heard).

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 7 – CTEs, optimization considerations

SQL Performance

This article is the 7th part of a series about named table expressions. In Part 5 and Part 6 I covered the conceptual aspects of common table expressions (CTEs). This month and next my focus turns to optimization considerations of CTEs.

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Site-Speed Topography

CSS Wizardry

A couple of years ago, my first few days on a new web performance project were always slow going. So many false starts, tedious workflows, and a complete lack of efficiency really made it difficult for me to find momentum.

Speed 159

Keeping Netflix Reliable Using Prioritized Load Shedding

The Netflix TechBlog

How viewers are able to watch their favorite show on Netflix while the infrastructure self-recovers from a system failure By Manuel Correa , Arthur Gonigberg , and Daniel West Getting stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating experiences for drivers around the world.

What is Greenplum Database? Intro to the Big Data Database


Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that is built and based on PostgreSQL. It can scale towards a multi-petabyte level data workload without a single issue, and it allows access to a cluster of powerful servers that will work together within a single SQL interface where you can view all of the data. In this blog post, we explain what Greenplum is, and break down the Greenplum architecture, advantages, major use cases, and how to get started.

One Team at Uber is Moving from Microservices to Macroservices

High Scalability

There may be an undiscovered tribe deep in some jungle somewhere that hasn’t made up their mind on microservices, but I doubt it. People love microservices or love to hate microservices. There’s not much in between. So it means something when even a team at a company like Uber announces a change away from microservices to something else. Macroservices. But we’ll get to that. Think what you want about Uber the company, but from a software perspective Uber has been a good citizen.

Dynatrace launches automatic end-to-end observability via traces for AWS Lambda (Preview program)


Dynatrace news. We’ve worked closely with our partner AWS to deliver a complete, end-to-end picture of your cloud environment that includes monitoring support for all AWS services.

Lambda 233

Watchman: monitoring dependency conflicts for Python library ecosystem

The Morning Paper

Watchman: monitoring dependency conflicts for Python library ecosystem Wang et al., ICSE ‘20. There are more than 1.4M Python libraries in the PyPI repository. Figuring out which combinations of those work well together is not always easy.

Most Practical Selenium WebDriver Tutorial With Examples


Selenium is one of the most widely used automation frameworks for web-application testing. It automates browser testing and eases redundant test efforts for the QA Community. Most of the organizations are switching to using Selenium to automate their test suites which are often run regularly.

How the Seahawks are using a data lake to improve their game

All Things Distributed

Growing up in the Netherlands, American football was largely a foreign concept to me. My version of football was The Beautiful Game , or as most Americans know it, soccer.

Games 131

Faster Web App Delivery with PRPL

Addy Osmani

PRPL is a pattern for structuring and serving web applications and Progressive Web Apps with an emphasis on improved app delivery and launch performance

The Easy Ones – Three Bugs Hiding in the Open

Randon ASCII

I write a lot about investigations into tricky bugs – CPU defects , kernel bugs , transient 4-GB memory allocations – but most bugs are not that esoteric.

Code 95

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 6 – Recursive CTEs

SQL Performance

This article is the sixth part in a series about table expressions. Last month in Part 5 I covered the logical treatment of nonrecursive CTEs. This month I cover the logical treatment of recursive CTEs.

C++ 101

Performance Budgets, Pragmatically

CSS Wizardry

One of the key tools that performance engineers have at their disposal is the Performance Budget: it helps us—or, more importantly, our clients—ensure that any performance-focused work is monitored and maintained after we’ve gone. By establishing an acceptable threshold, be that based on RUM data, bundle analysis, image weight, milestone timings, or any other suitable metric, we can be sure that new or unrelated bodies of work do not have a detrimental impact on the performance of our site.

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform

The Netflix TechBlog

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform By David Henry & Mel Yahya Over the last few years Netflix has been developing a mobile app called Prodicle to innovate in the physical production of TV shows and movies. The world of physical production is fast-paced, and needs vary significantly between the country, region, and even from one production to the next.

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mysqldump Best Practices: Part 1 – MySQL Prerequisites


Mysqldump is a client utility that is used to perform logical backups of the MySQL database. This popular migration tool is useful for various use cases of MySQL such as: Backup and restore of databases. Migrating data from one server to another.

Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure

High Scalability

If you’re hosting your databases in the cloud, choosing the right cloud service provider is a significant decision to make for your long-term hosting costs. This is especially apparent in today's world where organizations are doing whatever they can to optimize and reduce their costs. Over the last few weeks, we have been inundated with requests from SMB customers looking to improve the ROI on their database hosting.

Azure 206

AI-powered DNS request tracking extends infrastructure observability for high quality network traffic


Dynatrace news. Have you ever received a call from a customer telling you that an application you’re providing is too slow?