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ML Education at Uber: Program Design and Outcomes

Uber Engineering

If you have read our previous article, ML Education at Uber: Frameworks Inspired by Engineering Principles, you have seen several examples of how Uber benefits from applying Engineering Principles to drive the ML Education Program’s content design and program frameworks.

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Top Educational App Ideas That Startups Should Check Out In 2023

Tech News Gather

In today’s dynamic landscape of education app development as a technology has emerged as a transformative force, propelling the realm of learning forward. This guide delves into a captivating exploration of the top educational app ideas that startups should seize in 2023.


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Complete Guide for Customized Education App Development

Tech News Gather

During that time, there was a sudden increase in education and educational enterprise app development demand with the expanding tendency towards learning from your comfort zone. In order to provide online education, schools, universities, and institutes have embraced technology. billion in 2021 to $288.4 billion in 2031.

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Navigating the Skies


With the ever-growing volume of data generated for business, education, and technology, the importance of scalability, security, and cloud services has become paramount in choosing the right cloud vendor. At the heart of this digital transformation lies the critical role of cloud databases — the backbone of modern data management.

Database 259
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How to Create an Educational App & How Much Does it Cost?


Are you thinking of building an educational app that can help you stay ahead in this competitive market? This article will walk you through every step involved in making an educational app. The post How to Create an Educational App & How Much Does it Cost?

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The Tasktop Co-Op: Where Education Meets Experience


And here’s the squeeze of what I found … Cooperative education is a voluntary academic program that enables students to alternate classroom studies with career-aligned industry experiences. Co-op programs usually last for a longer duration with responsibilities increasing as the education progresses. .

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TPDP Episode #31: Developer Education through Books, Video Courses, and Conferences

The Polyglot Developer

This episode, titled Developer Education through Books, Video Courses, and Conferences , shares the personal stories of three developers when it comes to how they learn and expand their skill arsenal, as well as how they use their knowledge to produce content for other developers to consume in the format of books and courses.