Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds

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Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds. Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds. The Impact Of Social Media Embeds. Social Sharing Widgets.

How to Make A Social Media App and How Much Does it Cost?


If you’re wondering how to develop a stunning social media app like Instagram or Facebook, this guide is for you. It explains the step-by-step process, technical aspects, and the cost of making a social media app in detail.


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Incident Review For the Facebook Outage


The social network and some of its key apps started to display error messages before 16:00 UTC. performance networking social media monitoring facebook dns badges bgp

SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate

Tim Kadlec

SocialCorp is written by Joel Postman, currently the Chief Enterprise Social Business Strategist at Intridea , a social app development company. Joel frequently blogs on social media marketing and other related topics at Thanks to the rise of social communities like Facebook and Twitter, and the incredible reach a simple blog post can have, consumers are discussing company products and services, both positively and negatively, all over the web.

DZone Live: The Resilience Episode


DZone Live is broadcast across all DZone social media channels. The Resilience Episode of DZone Live. Join us for our first-ever Resilience edition. Our featured leaders include Kolton Andrus from Gremlin, Zac Morris from Kintaba, and Ted Young from Lightstep.

21 top performance engineering leaders to follow on Twitter

TechBeacon Testing

Political messages have invaded our social media. It's a strange time. We work from home. Layoffs over here, bailouts over there. Yet many of us still spend most of our days in front of a screen, writing software and helping improve it.

8 things to consider about performance testing tools 

TechBeacon Testing

In both cases, the site was unable to withstand the load, service was interrupted, and viewers quickly expressed their frustration on social media.

Five Steps to Building a Tier 1 Service that Is Resilient to Outages


They address the primary use cases for the organization’s products or support its underlying vital infrastructures, such as a product search service for an e-commerce site, a content posting service for a social media app, or a payment processing framework.

Web Performance Bookshelf


When it comes to web content, you can easily find what you need through many different paths, from search engines and social media to playlists and blogs, jumping.

Web Performance Bookshelf


When it comes to web content, you can easily find what you need through many different paths, from search engines and social media to playlists and blogs, jumping.

How Companies Can Build Enterprise-ready Apps and Compete With the Giants


Considering that some major financial and social media apps may share data with literally hundreds of partners, that's a bigger undertaking than you might imagine. Smaller companies have traditionally been able to tolerate quirks and technical issues when deploying an app, but larger enterprises have never really had this luxury.

Tech Transforms podcast: Company Culture, Hyperautomation, User Experience in a Zero Trust World, and Security Metrics – June 2022 recap?


Make sure to stay connected with our social media pages for updates and tag us with #TechTransforms to be featured on our pages! Dynatrace news.

Advancing Application Performance with NVMe Storage, Part 1


Manufacturing uses image recognition technology to spot defects in materials, organizations such as NOAA use satellite imagery to spot changes in weather, while social media platforms use image recognition to tag photos of friends and family. With big data on the rise and data algorithms advancing, the ways in which technology has been applied to real-world challenges have grown more automated and autonomous.

Tech Transforms podcast: Web 3.0, gamification, CIA innovation, getting ahead of the adversary – March 2022


Mike Gruss – Editor-in-chief at Sightline Media Group. Follow Sandy on social media for the latest updates! Mike Gruss, Editor-in-chief at Sightline Media Group, has eyes on all news related to DOD. Dynatrace news.

Simone Biles: How this game changer twists challenges into triumphs


Even now I feel like it’s a daily struggle because everyone judges you based on what they perceive, even with social media,” she says. The hardest part for me was everybody creating their own narrative and putting that in the media before I had a chance to speak for myself,” she says.

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Finding the Best Royalty-Free Images for Your Website


The upside with this option is that there are no copyright violations when sharing content on social media. Keep in mind that this means no selling or distributing, even if money isn't being made; however, there are no copyright violations when sharing content on social media.

Technomantu App | Technomantu app is free for Instagram followers. 

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You can check their profile details, number of media files, and history of views. . Technomantu is a great application for increasing followers on social media. . You can also view their photos, stories, and media files. .

Is Mainstream adoption of Cryptos Imminent

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People who don’t know much about investing are often tricked into giving up their cryptocurrency in exchange for promises of future benefits on social media.

How Dynatrace uses Dynatrace to combat the Log4j vulnerability (Log4Shell)


As organizations started learning about Log4Shell from news feeds, blogs, and social media, the Dynatrace security team—and Dynatrace Application Security—kicked into action. Dynatrace news.

Dynatrace introduces automatic vulnerability management for PHP


PHP is widely used in web development by prominent social media companies, content management systems, and video teleconferencing brands. Dynatrace news. The open-source scripting language PHP is used by over 78% of all websites that use a server-side programming language.

Get more value out of Dynatrace with in-product news links


It’s easy to miss some of these updates however if you don’t subscribe to our newsletters, product news blog posts , RSS channels, or social media. Dynatrace news. We strive to deliver the best possible experience with Dynatrace, and we’re truly an agile company. Every two weeks, we deliver a new set of enhancements and product features.

Let’s talk SQL Server to kick off the PASS Facebook Live series

SQL Server According to Bob

Social Media was never really part of the equation in the early days of the PASS Summit. So it is only fitting that PASS would embrace live social media technologies like Facebook Live. I’ve had such a long, great history with the PASS Summit, Community, and all the great people that have run this organization. I owe a great debt to this community to help me build a brand and reputation for my passion and talks on SQL Server.

Business observability and the travel and hospitality industry: a key to successful recovery


The hotel : Preferring increased social distancing, I booked an apartment through a major hotel chain’s vacation rental subsidiary. Which experience am I most likely to share, with friends or on social media? Dynatrace news.

Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with George Ukkuru


Monitor social media feedback, application logs, Mobil App Store feedback to identify the issues faced by the end users and take proactive actions to identify patterns. George Ukkuru is a seasoned technocrat and AVP of quality engineering, DevOps, and SRE @Marlabs Inc.

Mobile testing: Most critical scenarios you shouldn’t miss to test


For example, if you have a social media application, the app will have access to the status posting section or the section to upload photos, chats etc. For heavier applications like games, social media or eCommerce users already have a lower expectations while they are on the move.

Bias in word embeddings

The Morning Paper

Relations are no longer context-dependent and dynamic, and embeddings become deterministic projections of the bias of the social world. This bias is diffused into further algorithms unchanged, resulting in socially discriminative decisions.

Why is NFT a revolution for the future generations?

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This will enable them to share their work with others, whether it’s through social media or a private message. New NFTs can be used to show your skills in a particular art or your interest in a field and how they can prove to be wonders in the time ahead.

Business observability and the travel and hospitality industry: a key to successful recovery


The hotel : Preferring increased social distancing, I booked an apartment through a major hotel chain’s vacation rental subsidiary. Which experience am I most likely to share, with friends or on social media? Dynatrace news.

A CTOs view on the cultural benefit of Hackathons


runs online raffles from time to time but many end-users voice their frustration on social media that they never win. Dynatrace news. Is your company running Hackathons , Hackdays, Hackfests, Codefests or Innovation Days?

How digital experience monitoring helps deliver business observability


Dynatrace news. Fast, consistent application delivery creates a positive user experience that can ultimately drive customer loyalty and improve business metrics like conversion rate and user retention.

Important Factors to Consider in Mobile App Development 

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Look for some customer engaging activities using social media platforms, as this will help you to reach the bulk of end-users in the shortest period. .

How to start with SLOs to align Business, DevOps, and SREs


If that service is slow, failing, or not available at all it results in frustration mentioned in some of the comments on social media and the app store. Dynatrace news.

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A Guide To Attracting Clients To Your Agency

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Content marketing is the primary marketing activity that many digital agencies use, from blogging to social media posts. Unfortunately, it is a fundamental question that seems to be regularly overlooked by freelancers and agencies as they blog or share content via social media.

Test automation for 2FA-enabled authentication with Testsigma


Most recently we’ve seen several D2C companies like e-commerce & social media make two-factor authentication a mandatory part of the verification process.

Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Social Networking Sites: Social platforms like Twitter use Redis Lists to populate their timelines or homepage feeds, and can customize the top of their feeds with trending tweets or stories. User Posts: Social platforms like Instagram leverage Redis Hashes to map all the archived user photos or posts back to a single user. Redis has found a huge market share across the travel and hospitality, community forums, social media, SaaS, and ecommerce industries to name just a few.

What is an A/B Test?

The Netflix TechBlog

Now we have more than one possible explanation for the increase in engagement: it could be the new product experience, it could be the hit title that’s all over social media, it could be both.

The 10 Must-Track Web Performance Metrics


Web analytics such as click-through rates, bounce rates, website business transactions and sales, response times, web server usage, social media interaction, and many other key performance indicators will help ensure your site is optimal. Examples include website tracking analytics, remarketing pixels, social widgets, and ads/advertisements. This action could be a subscription list, a product sale, or a social media share, etc.

The Paradox of Connection

Edge Perspectives

And, of course, social media makes it possible for us to share news about ourselves to a large and growing number of friend, acquaintances and followers. We see this a lot on social media, especially among the younger generations. We are becoming more connected with each other and less connected with each other at the same time.

Cloud Native Cost Optimization

Adrian Cockcroft

A cost-optimizer at work. Photo of Corey Quinn taken at Kubecon by Adrian One of the impacts of COVID-19 has been a large rapid unplanned change in business activity for most of the global economy.

Cloud 52

Feel the Fear

Edge Perspectives

I don’t know about you, but I have a definite sense that many of us use social media to share the amazing places we’ve been and people we’re spending time with in an effort to reassure others that we’re doing really well. Our mass media (and social media) are increasingly focused on the terrible things that are happening in the world. I perceive that fear is becoming pervasive and increasingly intense around the world.

Here’s How Mobile Apps are Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

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Introduce social features and encourage users to show their badges and achievements on social media. In this mobile-obsessed world, every business is investing in app development to market their products or services and reach a wider audience.

Dynatrace launches new Partner Competency Program


Competency partners are immediately able to utilize Competency badges across their services collateral and company assets, as well as being able to promote attained competencies on social media via the existing social badging service we utilize for individual’s certifications. .

What is APM?


Every day we access applications to shop online, stream TV shows, connect to social media, manage finances, and work. Dynatrace news.