Software Performance Testing Using JMeter and Kovair Omnibus


Before shipping a software product for customer delivery, it is very essential to check both the functional and the non-functional aspects of the application. The post Software Performance Testing Using JMeter and Kovair Omnibus appeared first on Kovair Blog.

Java Or Scala Performance – Which One Is Better?

Alex Podelko

When trying to develop a new piece of software or an app, one of the first things a developer has to do is pick a programming language. The Scala system does have its own compiler, but it does not perform as the javac compiler does. The Performance Factor.

Java 130

Reinventing Performance Testing: Agile

Alex Podelko

I am looking forward to share my thoughts on ‘Reinventing Performance Testing’ at the imPACt performance and capacity conference by CMG held on November 7-10, 2016 in La Jolla, CA. Agile development eliminates the main problem of tradition development: you need to have a working system before you may test it, so performance testing happened at the last moment. Practical agile development is struggling with performance in general.

Why Compatibility Testing is at the Core of Digital Transformation


In today’s digital world the importance of compatibility testing is vital to ensure an app or software performs well in all environments and also meets.

Extending Vector with eBPF to inspect host and container performance

The Netflix TechBlog

by Jason Koch , with Martin Spier , Brendan Gregg , Ed Hunter Improving the tools available to our engineers to help them diagnose, triage, and work through software performance challenges in the cloud is a key goal for the cloud performance engineering team at Netflix.

Performance Testing – Testing for Speed, Stability, and Scalability


We’ve all been there… you’re using a piece of software or navigating a website and everything is just running really slow. These are performance issues, and today, we’re going to talk about how these issues can be identified early on with performance testing.

Organise your engineering teams around the work by reteaming

Abhishek Tiwari

Warehouse engineering squad - managing software services related inventory, stocktake, dispatch, allocation, transfer, robotics, etc. Store engineering squad - focus on software and systems required for the storefront including point-of-sales system, promotions, etc.