Cache-Control for Civilians

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To this end, having a solid caching strategy can make all the difference for your visitors. ?? How is your knowledge of caching and Cache-Control headers? That being said, more and more often in my work I see lots of opportunities being left on the table through unconsidered or even completely overlooked caching practices. Cache-Control. One of the most common and effective ways to manage the caching of your assets is via the Cache-Control HTTP header.

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How to Boost Redis With Local Caching in Java


You may also like: Java-Distributed Caching in Redis. Local caching is one of the most useful tactics for improving the performance of databases such as Redis. Redis developers who want to do local caching in Java will find that Redis doesn’t support this functionality out of the box.

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Design Of A Modern Cache—Part Deux

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The previous article described the caching algorithms used by Caffeine , in particular the eviction and concurrency models. This allows for quickly discarding new arrivals that are unlikely to be used again, guarding the main region from cache pollution. cache

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How to Create a Simple and Efficient PHP Cache


Caching is extremely useful in order to speed up PHP webpages. In this article, I’ll show you how to make a simple PHP caching system for your web pages. tutorial performance cache page caching

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Multiple Cache Configurations With Caffeine and Spring Boot


Caching is key for the performance of nearly every application. Distributed caching is sometimes needed, but not always. In many cases, a local cache would work just fine, and there’s no need for the overhead and complexity of the distributed cache. So, in many applications, including plain Spring and Spring Boot, you can use @Cacheable on any method and its result will be cached so that the next time the method is invoked, the cached result is returned.

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Using Cache in Spring Boot


A solution to that problem could be using a cache, but how do you implement it? In that article, I explain how to use a basic cache in Spring Boot. java performance spring boot cacheLet's imagine a web application, where for each request received, it must read some configuration data of a database. That data doesn't change usually, but the application, in each request, must connect, execute the correct instructions to read the data, pick it up from the network, etc.

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WebP Caching has Landed!


We’re happy to announce that WebP Caching has landed! How Does WebP Caching Work? Enable the Feature for your Zones Cache Key WebP can be enabled for all Pull Zones. Once enabled, a Zone will cache each image separately as WebP and the other image format (e.g.

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Compress objects, not cache lines: an object-based compressed memory hierarchy

The Morning Paper

Compress objects, not cache lines: an object-based compressed memory hierarchy Tsai & Sanchez, ASPLOS’19. Existing cache and main memory compression techniques compress data in small fixed-size blocks, typically cache lines.

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AppFabric Caching: Retry Later

ScaleOut Software

Given all this, we thought it would be a good opportunity to see how we are doing relative to the competition, and in particular, relative to Microsoft’s AppFabric caching for Windows on-premise servers. Distributed Cache or In-Memory Data Grid?

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Exploring a back/forward cache for Chrome

Addy Osmani

bfcache creates a cache allowing for instant navigations to previously-visited pages

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How to Make Your Website Load Faster


website load speed website speed wordpress website design and development website speed test in drupal caching with vanish drupal caching wordpress cachingFaster loading? Sign me up!

Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections

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Redis Cluster is the native sharding implementation available within Redis that allows you to automatically distribute your data across multiple nodes without having to rely on external tools and utilities. At ScaleGrid, we recently added support for Redis Clusters on our platform through our fully managed Redis hosting plans.

Improving Spark Memory Resource With Off-Heap In-Memory Storage


performance storage spark caching in-memory spark caching spark memoryImprove your Spark memory. In the previous tutorial , we demonstrated how to get started with Spark and Alluxio.

Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker. Session Cache: Many websites leverage Redis Strings to create a session cache to speed up their website experience by caching HTML fragments or pages. Since data is stored temporarily in the RAM, this attribute makes Redis a perfect choice as a session cache. Learn how to build your own Twitter feed in our Caching tweets using Node.js, Redis and

Re-Architecting the Video Gatekeeper

The Netflix TechBlog

The Tech Hollow , an OSS technology we released a few years ago, has been best described as a total high-density near cache : Total : The entire dataset is cached on each node?—?there there is no eviction policy, and there are no cache misses.

How It Works (It Just Runs Faster): Non-Volatile Memory SQL Server Tail Of Log Caching on NVDIMM

SQL Server According to Bob

Note: We received feedback that there was some confusion on us calling this functionality “tail of the log caching” because our documentation and prior history has referred to the tail of the log as the portion of the hardened log that has not been backed up. Tail Of Log Caching.

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Application Scalability — How To Do Efficient Scaling


performance performance testing performance and monitoring performance tuning performance engineering application scaling performance caching scalability and performance

Self-Host Your Static Assets

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Users might already have the file cached. If links to [link] , and a user goes from there to who also links to [link] , then the user will already have that file in their cache. Penalty: Caching. Myth: Cross-Domain Caching.

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Expanding the Cloud: More memory, more caching and more performance for your data

All Things Distributed

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed, in-memory caching service for customers to optimize the latency, performance and cost of their read workloads.

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Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types

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Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker. C C++ Caching Clustering Database DevOps Message Broker Redis Redis Cluster Redis Hashes Redis Lists Redis Queues Redis Sets Redis Sorted Sets Redis Strings Use Cases administrator cache data management database databases in-memory key-value store nosql open source queue redis

Redis vs Memcached

Software Architecture

nosql caching memcached database redisMemcached is in-memory key value store whereas Redis is in-memory data structures store. Memcached supports only string data type which is ideal for storing read-only data. Redis supports almost all types of data.

Redis Cloud Gets Easier with Fully Managed Hosting on Azure

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The demand for Redis is skyrocketing across dozens of use cases, particularly for cache, queues, geospatial data, and high speed transactions. ScaleGrid, a rapidly growing leader in the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) space, has just launched their new fully managed Redis on Azure service.

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Working with fio “distribution /pereto” parameter


We would expect a similar shape for any sort of caching mechanism. Nutanix X-Ray caching fio modelingThe fio Pareto parameter allows us to create a workload, which references a very large dataset, but specify a hotspot for the access pattern.

Use Parallel Analysis – Not Parallel Query – for Fast Data Access and Scalable Computing Power

ScaleOut Software

Looking beyond distributed caching, it’s their ability to perform data-parallel analysis that gives IMDGs such exciting capabilities. For more than a decade, in-memory data grids (IMDGs) have proven their usefulness for storing fast-changing data in enterprise applications.

Memory Latency on the Intel Xeon Phi x200 “Knights Landing” processor

John McCalpin

The modes that are important are: “Flat” vs “Cache” In “Flat” mode, MCDRAM memory is used as directly accessible memory, occupying the upper 16 GiB of physical address space. In “Cache” mode, MCDRAM memory is used as an L3 cache for the main DDR4 memory. I will discuss the performance characteristics of Cache mode at a later date.

Invited Talk at SuperComputing 2016!

John McCalpin

Computer Architecture Computer Hardware Performance cache DRAM high performance computing memory bandwidth memory latency STREAM benchmark“Memory Bandwidth and System Balance in HPC Systems” If you are planning to attend the SuperComputing 2016 conference in Salt Lake City next month, be sure to reserve a spot on your calendar for my talk on Wednesday afternoon (4:15pm-5:00pm).

Why Do We Need the Volatile Keyword?


Even if my application runs in the cloud on the JVM, despite all of those software layers abstracting away the underlying hardware, the volatile keyword is still needed due to the cache of the processor that my software runs on. The Volatile Keyword and the Cache of Modern Processors. Modern processors, like the Intel Xeon or the AMD Ryzen, cache the values from the main memory in per-core caches to improve the memory access performance.

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Bringing Rich Experiences to Memory-constrained TV Devices

The Netflix TechBlog

Our UI runs on top of a custom rendering engine which uses what we call a “surface cache” to optimize our use of graphics memory. A full-screen image at this resolution will use 1280 * 720 * 4 = 3.5MB of surface cache. The majority of legacy devices run at 28MB of surface cache.

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Lazy Pre-Browsing with Prefetch

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This means that from a cold-cache, if a user were to land on this page for the first time, they’re absolutely going to take a performance hit—there’s just no way around it.

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Expanding the Cloud - Introducing Amazon ElastiCache - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Today AWS has launched Amazon ElastiCache , a new service that makes it easy to add distributed in-memory caching to any application. Amazon ElastiCache handles the complexity of creating, scaling and managing an in-memory cache to free up brainpower for more differentiating activities.

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Memory Bandwidth Requirements of the HPL benchmark

John McCalpin

The algorithms used by HPL have lots of data re-use (both in registers and from the caches), but the data still has to go to and from memory, so the bandwidth requirement is not zero, which means that at some point in scaling the number of cores or frequency or FP operations per cycle, we are going to run out of the available memory bandwidth. Algorithms Performance arithmetic cache high performance computing memory bandwidth

Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Because microprocessors are so fast, computer architecture design has evolved towards adding various levels of caching between compute units and the main memory, in order to hide the latency of bringing the bits to the brains.

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Fast key-value stores: an idea whose time has come and gone

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Generally to cache data (including non-persistent data that never sees a backing store), to share non-persistent data across application services (e.g. Oh, you mean a cache? Yes, a bit like those 2nd-level caches we were talking about earlier, e.g. Ehcache from 2003 onwards.

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Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

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only to find that the resource they’re requesting isn’t in that PoP ’s cache.

CSS and Network Performance

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We’re bound to an inefficient caching strategy: a change to, say, the background colour of the currently-selected day on a date picker used on only one page, would require that we cache-bust the entirety of app.css.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

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To further exacerbate the problem, the 302 response has a Cache-Control: must-revalidate, private. header , meaning that we will always make an outgoing request for this resource regardless of whether or not we’re hitting the site from a cold or a warm cache.

Examining the Performance Impact of an Adhoc Workload

SQL Performance

It’s one of the things we look at during a health audit, and Kimberly has a great query from her Plan cache and optimizing for adhoc workloads post that’s part of our toolkit. dm_exec_cached_plans. Once a query plan is in cache, it can be re-used.

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Monitoring and Profiling Your Spring Boot Application


Monitoring is very essential for modern applications, modern applications are highly distributed in nature and have different dependencies like database, service, caching and many more. Monitor and profile your Spring Boot application! You may also like: Monitoring Using Spring Boot 2.0,

MezzFS?—?Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Disk Caching? — ? MezzFS can be configured to cache objects on the local disk. Regional caching? —?Netflix If an application in region A is using MezzFS to read from an object stored in region B, MezzFS will cache the object in region A. MezzFS?—?Mounting

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How Netflix microservices tackle dataset pub-sub

The Netflix TechBlog

Often the data is held in memory by consumers and used as a “total cache”, where it is accessed at runtime by client code and atomically swapped out under the hood. This powers the fallback cache used by the client as detailed above.

Speeding up Linux kernel builds with ccache

Nick Desaulniers

ccache , the compiler cache, is a fantastic way to speed up build times for C and C++ code that I previously recommended. Usually when this happens with ccache, there’s something non-deterministic about the builds that prevents cache hits. With ccache, we can check the cache hit/miss stats with -s , clear the cache with -C , and clear the stats with -z. Let’s see what happens to our build time for subsequent builds with a hot cache: No Cache.

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Taskbar Latency and Kernel Calls

Randon ASCII

The fact that this shows up as CPU time suggests that the reads were all hitting in the system cache and the CPU time was the kernel overhead (note ntoskrnl.exe on the first sampled call stack) of grabbing data from the cache.

SQL Server Linux: fsync and Buffered I/O

SQL Server According to Bob

This means data can be stored in file system cache, non-stable media. ) The issue, as described in the link, is that the sync returns the error but may clear the state of the cached pages. Assume the database application opens the backup file, allowing file system caching (~_O_DIRECT.)