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At Dynatrace we believe that monitoring and performance should both be automated processes that can be treated as code without the need for any manual intervention. And, applying the “Everything as Code” principles can greatly help achieve that. Benefits of Everything as Code.

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Code Coverage vs Test Coverage — Which Is Better?


Test Coverage and Code coverage are the most popular methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of the code. This is why I thought of coming up with an article to talk about the differences between code coverage and test coverage in detail. Make sure you stay covered!

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Code Review for Software Quality


Software code review plays an important role in software quality. The code review can happen in multiple stages, by multiple people, on multiple deliverables. Reviewing code for software quality can be stressful! You may also like: Code Review. Peer Code Reviews.

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Some Curiosities of Oracle Error Codes


A blog post about Oracle error codes? If you doubt that this might be possible or of interest, then answer these two questions: database performance oracle code database performance error pl/sql code errorCuriosities about them, even?

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Reporting Code Coverage Using Maven and JaCoCo Plugin


Code coverage is a metric indicating the percentage of lines of code that are executed when running automated tests, specifically unit and integration tests , for instance. performance xml maven code code coverage tests jacocoIt’s known that having automated tests as part of your build process improves the software quality and reduces the number of bugs.

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Testing Code With REST Calls Made Easy


These days, our code frequently has to reach out to a remote server as part of its job, usually consuming an API or some other service. Frequently, our code communicates with these remote services in a RESTful manner. Introduction. java server performance spring rest http junit mocking frameworks

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Optimizing Python code during development


For this blog post I want to focus on how you can leverage Dynatrace to get a lot of insight into your plugin code. Part 1 – The code as it stood. As the plugin needs to run in less than a minute, even on very large environments I have to monitor the execution time of my code.

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Increase Throughput by Eliminating Blocking Code in Your Java REST App


Blocking code is code which blocks executing threads until their operations finish. This article assumes some basic knowledge about the differences between blocking and non-blocking code. java performance jvm blocking profiler tool blocking code

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Improving Code Readability


Readable code is usable code. The non-used code blocks saved for future use are sometimes forgotten and another developer could not be in want of changing the code of the legacy system. Such non-used code blocks may affect code readability in the future.

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How to Optimize Code and RAM Size


Convenience always has a price, and with a ‘blinky’ it is that the code size for just ‘toggling a GPIO pin’ is exaggerated. It is great if vendors provide a starting point for my own projects. A working ‘blinky’ is always a great starter.

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Multidimensional analysis 2.0: Analyze, chart, and report on microservices-based metrics without code changes


Analyze, chart, and report on microservices-based metrics without code changes appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

Who Tests Code

Professor Beekums

Who writes code? The obvious answer is that developers write code. Who makes sure the code works? Many companies have separate QA departments that are responsible for making sure code works. The answer to this question also seems obvious.

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Using React Loadable for Code Splitting by Components and Routes

CSS - Tricks

In a bid to have web applications serve needs for different types of users, it’s likely that more code is required than it would be for one type of user so the app can handle and adapt to different scenarios and use cases, which lead to new features and functionalities.

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Fully automatic code level monitoring and extended version support for AIX


Fully automatic deep code monitoring module injection. One of the unique strengths of Dynatrace OneAgent is the fully automated injection of the deep code monitoring module on Windows and Linux. Dynatrace news.

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Learning To Make Maintainable Code

Professor Beekums

Programmers want to write good code. High quality software includes many things, one of which is making code easy to modify/maintainable. There are always new versions with new features which obviously means that there is more code written. It makes sense.

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Real-Time Digital Twins Simplify Code in Streaming Applications

ScaleOut Software

Borrowed from its usage in product life-cycle management and simulation, a digital twin provides an object-oriented container for hosting application code and data. The post Real-Time Digital Twins Simplify Code in Streaming Applications appeared first on ScaleOut Software.

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Real-Time Digital Twins Simplify Code in Streaming Applications

ScaleOut Software

Borrowed from its usage in product life-cycle management and simulation, a digital twin provides an object-oriented container for hosting application code and data. The post Real-Time Digital Twins Simplify Code in Streaming Applications appeared first on ScaleOut Software.

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All Code Is Technical Debt

Professor Beekums

That’s because all code is technical debt. Developers often try to minimize the amount of technical debt they take on when building software. Many will even try to have “zero” technical debt. It sounds like a worthwhile goal.

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Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting

José M. Pérez

We are explicit about our dependencies, so we know what code we need to run to run a specific component. Lazy-loading and bundle splitting can have a huge impact on page performance: less code requested, parsed, and executed. You can see a demo here (check the code source ).

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Code Quality: Its Importance in Custom Software Development


The post Code Quality: Its Importance in Custom Software Development appeared first on Insights on Latest Software Technologies - Simform Blog. Custom Software Development Quality Assurance

Teach Writing Code First

Professor Beekums

Throughout my career as a software engineer, many people have told me that learning to write code is difficult. The real difficulty lies in the fact that most people are taught computer science before they are taught to write code.

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CMake: The Case When the Project's Quality Is Unforgivable


This system is much older than the PVS-Studio static code analyzer, but no one has tried to apply the analyzer on its code and review the errors. CMake is a cross-platform system for automating software building from source code.

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7 ways to tidy up your test code

TechBeacon Testing

Your test code is a mess. You're not quite sure where anything is anymore. The fragility of it is causing your builds to fail. You're hesitant to make any changes for fear of breaking something else. The bottom line is that your tests do not spark joy, as organizing guru Marie Kondo would say. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing, Special Coverage: STAREAST Conference 2019

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Scaling symbolic evaluation for automated verification of systems code with Serval

The Morning Paper

Scaling symbolic evaluation for automated verification of systems code with Serval Nelson et al., Here are the resulting code and specification sizes, together with the verification runtimes (impressively short!).

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"I Don't Want To Maintain Their Code"

Professor Beekums

The reaction from one of the developers was simply: “I don’t want to maintain their code.” The worst code is always other people’s code. I recently heard of a situation where a team needs to hire someone since they’re understaffed. I understand this mentality. For most developers, this is simply fact. What is also fact is that very little software of significance gets built by the lone wolf. Building software is a difficult endeavour

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Can't Be A Software Architect Without Writing Code

Professor Beekums

They may spend a good portion of their day around whiteboards with various teams, but they also spend a decent amount of time writing code. They view writing code as beneath them What defines a software architect? It usually means someone has achieved a high level of technical skill. Most of the architects I’ve worked with have been quite good. Occasionally, I meet someone who has let the title go to their head.

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Call for Code asks developers worldwide to collaborate on solutions to save lives

O'Reilly Software

The O’Reilly Media Podcast: Daniel Krook, IBM developer advocate, on the Call for Code Global Initiative at IBM. Call for Code is a worldwide, multi-year initiative that challenges developers to solve pressing problems with sustainable software solutions.

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PPC Optimization: Excluding ZIP Codes by Income

Website Optimization

This article shows how to exclude lower income ZIP codes in Google Ads. For cosmetic dentists, proper targeting is everything in PPC advertising. Cosmetic dentists typically target more affluent clients that can afford their smile makeover services.

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HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council


The first step towards this goal is the recently announced move of the HammerDB source code to the TPC-Council GitHub repository. The previous developer owned GitHub repository sm-shaw github repository has been deleted and the TPC-Council repository will be the source code repository for ongoing and future HammerDB development. To understand the difference between the downloadable binaries and the source code view the post on HammerDB Concepts and Architecture.

Code Reviews Are Awesome. Sometimes

Professor Beekums

Code reviews are seen as an essential part of software development. It makes a lot of sense to say that a programmer should have their work reviewed by another programmer. Authors and journalists have their work reviewed by an editor after all. Humans make mistakes and creators especially get a little tunnel vision when they are focused on making their creations. Having someone else look at it can catch many errors

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Viewing and Sorting XEvents Efficiently (Code Samples) – XEProfiler

SQL Server According to Bob

The sample code is provided “as is” and any express or implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed.

Squashed Bugs, Served Hot and Fresh With Failure Rate Heatmaps


Debugging is not just about the fix — sometimes it's the drudgery of trying to locate the root cause that kills passion, especially when you have thousands or even millions of lines of code. Randomly pick some of the tests and dive into the code again. Learn how to squash bugs!

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Coloring Flame Graphs: Code Hues

Brendan Gregg

I recently improved flame graph code coloring. Code-type coloring was a regex hack that took five minutes. My hack was the following eight lines of code: if (defined $type and $type eq "java") { if ($name =~ /::/) { # C++ $type = "yellow"; } elsif ($name =~ m:/:) { # Java (match "/" in path) $type = "green" } else { # system $type = "red"; }. And that's what I coded. I had similar issues with JIT'd code for Node.js.

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Comments on timing short code sections on Intel processors

John McCalpin

I usually precede the code that I want to test with a “warm-up” loop consisting of at least a few seconds of execution of instructions using the same SIMD width as the code that I want to test. This is even more confusing when you consider vectorization and loop unrolling, which the compiler may change significantly from one compilation to the next as you fiddle with your code. For simple loops, you can look at the assembly code and count instructions.

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Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers

Smashing Magazine

Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers. Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers. A Practical Guide To Shipping Efficient Code. Shubham Kanodia. 2018-10-15T14:30:13+02:00. 2019-04-29T18:34:58+00:00.

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Thoughts on Efficient Enterprise Testing (Part One)


performance code quality unit test integration test test frameworkMultitasking is the MOST efficient. Testing in the enterprise is still a topic that is not as extensively used as it should be.

How Much Testing Is Enough?


Whether you’re writing unit tests for your programs or finding bugs in closed-source third-party software, knowing what code you have and have not covered is an important piece of information. At its core, bncov is a code coverage analysis tool. A frequently asked question in software testing is: “is that enough testing, or should we do more?”

Code Migration in Production: Rewriting the Sharding Layer of Uber’s Schemaless Datastore

Uber Engineering

As our … The post Code Migration in Production: Rewriting the Sharding Layer of Uber’s Schemaless Datastore appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog. In 2014, Uber Engineering built Schemaless , our fault-tolerant and scalable datastore, to facilitate the rapid growth of our company. For context, we deployed more than 40 Schemaless instances and many thousands of storage nodes in 2016 alone.

Improve the Quality of Your Software in 6 Steps


No matter what happened in the past, you are now responsible for not introducing any new quality issues with the source code that you write. tutorial performance ux software engineering software quality legacy code sonarqube sonarlintDo your customers keep complaining about bugs in your software application? Does it take you too much time to implement new features? If you answered yes , then you probably have issues with the quality of your software application.

SQL Server on Linux: Kerberos Troubleshooting, Hints and Tips and Hard Code Debugging

SQL Server According to Bob

Minor code may provide more information. Major Error Code (Value << type_offset). Minor Error Code (Reference: map_error). Minor Error Code is an encoded value (think HRESULT) value. SQL Server on Linux uses the GSSAPI and SSSD service for Active Directory (AD) authentication activities. Thus, Kerberos is the path for success for AD authentication and just in case you have to troubleshoot a problem I have a few tips. My Short Story.

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Making Windows Slower Part 2: Process Creation

Randon ASCII

Code Reliability Investigative Reporting Performance Programming Application Verifier crashing pageheapWindows has long had a reputation for slow file operations and slow process creation. Have you ever wanted to make these operations even slower?

Self-Host Your Static Assets

CSS Wizardry

This is exactly what Rawgit did in October 2018, yet (at the time of writing) a crude GitHub code search still yielded over a million references to the now-sunset service, and almost 20,000 live sites are still linking to it!

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More Manageable, Efficient Code Through 5S

Tim Kadlec

Sometimes code turns ugly. We add quick fixes or enhancements and our code starts to become a big tangle of functions that aren’t laid out in any sort of organized fashion. Over time, our code becomes bloated, difficult to maintain and what should be simple little fixes can quickly turn into long walks through messy syntax. By using the system applied to coding, we can make our code more efficient and much easier to maintain.