Chaos Engineering: Deadlock


In this series of chaos engineering articles, we have been learning to simulate various performance problems. In this post, let’s discuss how to simulate deadlock. What Is a Deadlock? Deadlocks tend to happen in multi-threaded applications.

Netflix Studio Engineering Overview

The Netflix TechBlog

Our mission in Studio Engineering is to build a unified, global, and digital studio that powers the effective production of amazing content. link] Why Does Studio Engineering Exist? innovation production studio engineering entertainment


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What Is Chaos Engineering?


It is no surprise that Site Reliability Engineers have risen to prominence in the last decade. Modern IT infrastructure requires robust systems thinking and reliability engineering to keep the show on the road. In the past, software systems ran in highly controlled environments on-premise and managed by an army of sysadmins. Today, migration to the cloud is relentless; the stage has completely shifted.

Life of a Netflix Partner Engineer?—?The case of extra 40 ms

The Netflix TechBlog

Life of a Netflix Partner Engineer?—?The The case of the extra 40 ms By: John Blair , Netflix Partner Engineering The Netflix application runs on hundreds of smart TVs, streaming sticks and pay TV set top boxes. Life of a Netflix Partner Engineer?—?The

Growth Engineering at Netflix?—?Automated Imagery Generation

The Netflix TechBlog

Growth Engineering at Netflix?—?Automated In the Growth Engineering team, we refer to this as the top of the signup funnel. If you recall in our previous blog post , Growth Engineering owns a service called the Orchestration Service. Growth Engineering at Netflix?—?Automated

Tutorial: Guide to automated SRE-driven performance engineering


In this blog, I will be going through a step-by-step guide on how to automate SRE-driven performance engineering. The post Tutorial: Guide to automated SRE-driven performance engineering appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

Chaos-Mesh-Action: Integrate Chaos Engineering Into Your CI


performance kubernetes chaos engineering github actions stabilityChaos Mesh is a cloud-native chaos testing platform that orchestrates chaos in Kubernetes environments.

Site reliability engineering: 5 things you need to know


What is site reliability engineering? Site reliability engineering (SRE) is the practice of applying software engineering principles to operations and infrastructure processes to help organizations create highly reliable and scalable software systems. Dynatrace news.

Growth Engineering at Netflix- Creating a Scalable Offers Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

The Growth Engineering team is responsible for executing growth initiatives that help us anticipate and adapt to this change. For more background on Growth Engineering and the signup funnel, please have a look at our previous blog post that covers the basics.

The New Normal Demands Resilience Engineering


The only way to keep the Dutch at home is by grounding their offspring , as our government has discovered twice over. So, after spending two weeks dreading the end of the holiday season, last week marked the start of the second homeschooling season in a year.

10 Portfolio Projects for Aspiring Automation Engineers


Other professionals, such as front-end developers, create portfolios to highlight their skills, and you can do the same as automation engineers! Those looking to break into the test automation field have difficulty doing so because of a lack of experience. One way to gain experience is, of course, to study and practice on your own. But how do you demonstrate your newfound knowledge to employers?

Engineering dependability and fault tolerance in a distributed system

High Scalability

This means a system that is not merely available but is also engineered with extensive redundant measures to continue to work as its users expect. reliability situations, where continuity of service is essential, with redundant elements continuously in-service, such as with airplane engines.

Mastering chaos engineering experiments with Gremlin and Dynatrace


Very often, I heard that chaos engineering is only a technique used by larger companies (like Netflix) or in cloud native environments. You should read on if: You want to get an idea what chaos engineering is. You plan to use chaos engineering in your delivery process.

60 seconds to self-upgrading observability on Google Kubernetes Engine


We’ll look at lifecycle management and then move on to tracing, while sharing some exciting announcements about Google Kubernetes Engine along the way. Rapid OneAgent rollouts on Google Kubernetes Engine. Product news Google Kubernetes Engine Helm chart observability What's new

Google 204

10 great podcasts for software test engineers

TechBeacon Testing

Development teams use an endless stream of new tools, frameworks, and practices, and it’s your job as a test engineer to make sure that no matter what your development teams use or create, everything runs and works reliably. Software development practices change fast.

Performance Engineering: The What, The Why, and The How Explained


Everything you need to know about performance engineering. Application performance engineering is an essential practice for any DevOps team, allowing developers across departments to stay agile and efficient. You may also like: A Short History of Performance Engineering.

Skills Required To Be A Perfect Performance Engineer


Performance testing and engineering is always a niche area with many challenging objectives across the globe. The challenge of performance testing with performance engineering is far more complex and requires one to be multi-skilled to find problems/issues/defects. In the last few years, I have come across several interviews, discussions with client-facing groups and customers, and what they have in common is a high demand for performance engineers, not just performance testers.

Dynatrace wins AI Breakthrough Award for Davis AI engine


We are proud to s hare Dynatrace has been named the winner in the “ Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company ” category, recognized for our innovation and the business-driving impact of our AI engine, Davis. . Dynatrace news.

10 performance engineering trends to watch

TechBeacon Testing

As teams try to adopt a faster, more iterative, incremental style of software delivery using the latest performance engineering techniques, the state of the art can hold them back. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance Engineering

Nurturing Design in Your Software Engineering Culture

Strategic Tech

There are a few qualities that differentiate average from high performing software engineering organisations. In my experience, the culture is better and the results are better in orgs where engineers and architects obsess over the design of code and architecture.

A Day in the Life of a Content Analytics Engineer

The Netflix TechBlog

I’m a Senior Analytics Engineer on the Content and Marketing Analytics Research team. Being an Analytics Engineer is like being a hybrid of a librarian ?? One of my favorite things about being an Analytics Engineer is the variety.

10 experts advise aspiring test automation engineers

TechBeacon Testing

Talk to 10 test automation experts on how to get started (or get better at your job), and you're likely to get 12 different answers. We know, because we tried, asking not for general, vague advice such as "Learn to code," but for specific websites, books, videos, and other resources to study.

Search Engine Optimization Checklist (PDF)

Smashing Magazine

Search Engine Optimization Checklist (PDF). Search Engine Optimization Checklist (PDF). Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of a website’s design, and one all too often overlooked. A Smashing Guide To The World Of Search Engine Optimization.

Do’s and Don’ts for Software Engineer Job Interview


In my estimation, I have given over 2,500 interviews in my career, the bulk of them for Software Engineer positions. I have been interviewing Software Engineers for over 25 years and in my current role as CEO of Solution Street, I conduct, on average, two interviews a week. Do’s for a Software Engineer Job Interview. Solution Street has been evolving its interview process for over 18 years, and we feel like we offer a pretty robust and fair process.

Performance Engineering 101: The Brass Tacks to Get You Started


The Road to Performance Engineering. For example, Google was primarily known as a search engine. engineering developer engineer application performance dev and test performance engineering nfrIn a perfect world, software developers write bug-free code, clients are happy with the user experience, and everyone gets along just fine.

Climb the automation engineer career ladder: 6 roles, requirements

TechBeacon Testing

A frequently asked question I hear often is"What is the career ladder for a test automation engineer?" That's a great question, as this role is often perceived as a flat one that makes it difficult for managers and practitioners alike to determine how a team member can grow within it.

60 great resources for performance engineering teams

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance EngineeringOne major roadblock that prevents teams from successfully maturing their performance efforts is a lack of training. Sometimes, just knowing where to start can be a challenge.

Chaos Engineering and Monitoring, Part 1: Sensu + Gremlin


devops monitoring alerts sensu chaos engineering event monitoringOne of my earliest jobs was as an admin for an MSP. We'd routinely generate alerts that weren't actionable, lacked context, and for most of our customers, were considered noise. From a monitoring perspective, it was bad. Customers didn't trust in the alerts they received and often resorted to having some additional monitoring product installed on their systems.

Getting started with Sphinx search engine

SQL Shack

In this article, we will be talking about the Sphinx search engine and how to use it to install it on the Windows operating system.

21 top performance engineering leaders to follow on Twitter

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance Engineering, Performance TestingIt's a strange time. We work from home. Political messages have invaded our social media. Layoffs over here, bailouts over there.

In Search of Quality: QA Must Be Engaged in Search Engine Development


performance testing test automation solr kafka apache kafka search engine test data management test data test data management automationIf you’re reading this, you’re likely already well aware of the value of watertight QA practice and have a good understanding of what it entails.

10 portfolio projects for aspiring automation engineers

TechBeacon Testing

Those looking to break into the test automation field have difficulty doing so because of lack of experience. One way to gain experience is, of course, to study and practice on your own. But how do you demonstrate your newfound knowledge to employers?

Manticore search: a continuation of the Sphinx search engine

SQL Shack

In this article, we will be talking about Manticore Search, which is an open-source search engine first released in 2017 as a fork of the Sphinx search engine.

Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage

The Morning Paper

Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage , Vuppalapati, NSDI’20. This paper describes the design decisions behind the Snowflake cloud-based data warehouse.

Engineering SQL Support on Apache Pinot at Uber

Uber Engineering

As Uber’s operations became more complex and we offered additional features and … The post Engineering SQL Support on Apache Pinot at Uber appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog.

Building full-text indexes using the Sphinx search engine

SQL Shack

In the previously published article, Getting started with Sphinx search engine, we talked about the Sphinx search engine and how to install it on the Windows operating system.

Should You Shift From Performance Testing to Performance Engineering?


Performance engineering at its finest. performance testing software testing automated testing mobile app testing software test automation performance engineering performance testing and tuning automated testing life cycle automated testing best practicesAs the world becomes more decidedly digital, the demand for apps has skyrocketed like never before. " There's an app for that " is not just a popular saying. It is an accurate depiction of how people live their lives.

Brilliant Jerks in Engineering

Brendan Gregg

Many of us have worked with them: the engineering jerk who is brilliant at what they do, but treats others like trash. Here's a test for you or your company: Would you tolerate a brilliant engineer who is also an a **e? (Or These are not two actual engineers, but are collections of related traits to help examine this behavior beyond the simple "no a **e rule." Alice is great at working individually on hard engineering problems.

Dynatrace Sales Engineers build 3D printed PPE for frontline professionals


Two Dynatrace Sales Engineers from our Chicago region, Dave Beran and Josh Wood, have recently collaborated on a 3D printing project to protect their local frontline professionals. Dynatrace news.

DevOps demands quality engineering. Is your team ready?

TechBeacon Testing

For DevOps teams, quality assurance isn’t enough: You need to up your game to quality engineering if you expect to increase velocity and improve quality through continuous integration.

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Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform at Netflix Jeffrey Wong, Senior Modeling Architect, Experimentation Platform Colin McFarland, Director, Experimentation Platform At Netflix, we have data scientists coming from many backgrounds such as neuroscience, statistics and biostatistics, economics, and physics; each of these backgrounds has a meaningful contribution to how experiments should be analyzed.

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Team building in software engineering


This can be a challenge for engineering teams: engineers can be less social and more competitive than non-engineers. The post Team building in software engineering appeared first on Tasktop Blog. EngineeringWhen you come in to work, do your teammates greet you? Are jokes told on your team? E specially bad ones? Do you chat about anything besides work? Trust is essential to teams.

How to go from performance tester to performance engineer

TechBeacon Testing

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of performance engineering, which goes well beyond performance testing. These organizations now require the capability to fix performance issues whenever and wherever they exist—and they're willing to pay a premium for those skills.

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