Improving Spark Memory Resource With Off-Heap In-Memory Storage


performance storage spark caching in-memory spark caching spark memoryImprove your Spark memory. In the previous tutorial , we demonstrated how to get started with Spark and Alluxio.

Microsoft diskspd. Part 2, Accurately testing storage devices.


Often, when doing storage performance testing, we are interested in stressing the underlying storage devices, not the OS filesystem. Part 2, Accurately testing storage devices.

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Advancing Application Performance with NVMe Storage, Part 3


NVMe Storage Use Cases. NVMe storage's strong performance, combined with the capacity and data availability benefits of shared NVMe storage over local SSD, makes it a strong solution for AI/ML infrastructures of any size. big data ai data storage ml nvme peperformance

Checksums in Storage Systems and Why the Enterprise Should Care


It’s really scary knowing that such corruptions are happening in the memory of our computers and servers – that is before they even reach the network and storage portions of the stack. That data must then be safely transported over a network to the storage system where it is written to disk. Well, if you’re using one of the storage protocols that lack end-to-end checksums (e.g. performance storage database checksum data corruption data safety

Advancing Application Performance With NVMe Storage, Part 2


For example, one well-respected vendor's standard solution is limited to 7.5TB of internal storage, and it can only scale to 30TB. big data performance data storage ssd nvme gpu ai ml

Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage

The Morning Paper

Building an elastic query engine on disaggregated storage , Vuppalapati, NSDI’20. Snowflake is a data warehouse designed to overcome these limitations, and the fundamental mechanism by which it achieves this is the decoupling (disaggregation) of compute and storage.

An Efficient Object Storage for JUnit Tests


To resolve the problem it was suggested to find more suitable data storage. One day I faced the problem with downloading a relatively large binary data file from PostgreSQL. There are several limitations to store and fetch such data (all restrictions could be found in official documentation ). For some internal reasons well known Amazon S3 bucket was chosen for this purpose. The choice affected the project's unit test base.

Narrowing the gap between serverless and its state with storage functions

The Morning Paper

Narrowing the gap between serverless and its state with storage functions , Zhang et al., Shredder is " a low-latency multi-tenant cloud store that allows small units of computation to be performed directly within storage nodes. "

View from Nutanix storage during Postgres DB benchmark


The post View from Nutanix storage during Postgres DB benchmark appeared first on n0derunner. A quick look at how the workload is seen from the Nutanix CVM. In this example from prior post. The Linux VM running postgres has two virtual disks – one taking transaction log writes.

Partitioned Hive Table Across Storage Systems Using Alluxio


However, Hive cannot access a single table directly using a single query with the data of this Hive table across different mediums of storage and different clusters. This becomes a need when the data volume grows too large to fit a single medium of storage or cluster, and also when the users need to take into account the following considerations: Storage cost, where some partitions are less important than others and can be stored on cheaper storage tiers.

Advancing Application Performance with NVMe Storage, Part 1


With big data on the rise and data algorithms advancing, the ways in which technology has been applied to real-world challenges have grown more automated and autonomous.

Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections

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Redis Cluster is the native sharding implementation available within Redis that allows you to automatically distribute your data across multiple nodes without having to rely on external tools and utilities. At ScaleGrid, we recently added support for Redis Clusters on our platform through our fully managed Redis hosting plans.

The AWS Storage Gateway - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

Expanding the Cloud - The AWS Storage Gateway. Today Amazon Web Services has launched the AWS Storage Gateway, making the power of secure and reliable cloud storage accessible from customersâ?? s storage infrastructure. Once the AWS Storage Gatewayâ??s

MezzFS?—?Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform By Barak Alon (on behalf of Netflix’s Media Cloud Engineering team) MezzFS (short for “Mezzanine File System”) is a tool we’ve developed at Netflix that mounts cloud objects as local files via FUSE. MezzFS?—?Mounting

Media 285

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

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PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines. So what makes PostgreSQL so special, and how is it being used today?

Azure Storage Persistence now faster in NServiceBus 6

Particular Software

If you're using Azure Storage Persistence and haven't upgraded to NServiceBus 6 yet, get ready for a tremendous performance boost for your application when you do especially if you make use of sagas.

Expanding the Cloud - Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage.

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Expanding the Cloud - Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage. Today a new storage option for Amazon S3 has been launched: Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS). This new storage option enables customers to reduce their costs by storing non-critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy. This has been an option that customers have been asking us about for some time so we are really pleased to be able to offer this alternative storage option now.

Making it Easier to Manage a Production PostgreSQL Database


Note: The community has already started work on the zheap storage engine that overcomes this limitation. The past several years have seen increasing adoption for PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is an amazing relational database. Feature-wise, it is up there with the best, if not the best. There are many things I love about it – PL/ PG SQL, smart defaults, replication (that actually works out of the box), and an active and vibrant open source community.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - A Decomposition Storage Model

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Not everybody agreed that the "N-ary Storage Model" (NSM) was the best approach for all workloads but it stayed dominant until hardware constraints, especially on caches, forced the community to revisit some of the alternatives. A Decomposition Storage Model , George P.

Expanding the Cloud ? Managing Cold Storage with Amazon Glacier

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Managing Cold Storage with Amazon Glacier. With the introduction of Amazon Glacier , IT organizations now have a solution that removes the headaches of digital archiving and provides extremely low cost storage. A Complete Storage Solution. storage that is directly accessible.

Microsoft diskpd. Part 1 Preparing to test.


diskspd benchmarking storage windowsInstalling Disk-Speed (diskspd).

Speed 52

Follower Clusters – 3 Major Use Cases for Syncing SQL & NoSQL Deployments


Note: ScaleGrid implements follower clusters using storage snapshots. And since the entire import is performed using storage snapshots, rather than a logical dump, the process is nearly instantaneous. Follower clusters are a ScaleGrid feature that allows you to keep two independent database systems (of the same type) in sync. Unlike cloning or replication, this allows you to maintain an active, point-in-time copy of your production data.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - RAID: High-Performance, Reliable Secondary Storage

All Things Distributed

RAID: High-Performance, Reliable Secondary Storage Peter Chen, Edward Lee, Garth Gibson, Randy Katz and David Patterson, ACM Computing Surveys, Vol 26, No.

Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers. As we showed last week one of the services that is growing rapidly is the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Other storage tiers may see even greater cost savings. All Things Distributed.

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part III: Failover Scenarios

High Scalability

In this three-part blog series, we introduced a High Availability (HA) Framework for MySQL hosting in Part I, and discussed the details of MySQL semisynchronous replication in Part II.

Uber Infrastructure in 2019: Improving Reliability, Driving Customer Satisfaction

Uber Engineering

Architecture General Engineering CPU Infrastructure Observability Productivity Reliability Search Infrastructure Storage Uber Eats Velocity

How to identify SSD types and measure performance.


storage fio samsung ssdStart by identifying the exact SSD type by using lsscsi. lsscsi [1:0:0:0] cd/dvd QEMU QEMU DVD-ROM 2.5+ /dev/sr0 [2:0:0:0] disk ATA SAMSUNG MZ7LM1T9 404Q /dev/sda [2:0:1:0] disk ATA SAMSUNG MZ7LM1T9 404Q /dev/sdb [2:0:2:0] disk ATA SAMSUNG MZ7LM1T9 404Q /dev/sdc [2:0:3:0] disk ATA SAMSUNG MZ7LM1T9 404Q /dev/. Device Specs. The spec sheet for this ssd claims the following performance characteristics.

Why does my SSD not issue 1MB IO’s?


To achieve the maximum throughput on a storage device, we will usually use a large IO size to maximize the amount of data is transferred per IO request. For historical reasons, many storage testers will use a 1MB IO size for sequential testing. SSD Performance benchmarking kernel linux ssd storageFirst things First. CDC 9762 SMD disk drive from 1974. Why do we tend to use 1MB IO sizes for throughput benchmarking?

Best Practices for Efficient Log Management and Monitoring


performance monitoring apm log management log efficient log management and monitoring log management best practices log storageWhen managing cloud-native applications, it's essential to have end-to-end visibility into what's happening at any given time. This is especially true because of the distributed and dynamic nature of cloud-native apps, which are often deployed using ephemeral technologies like containers and serverless functions.

Uber’s Big Data Platform: 100+ Petabytes with Minute Latency

Uber Engineering

Architecture Uber Data Apache Apache Hadoop Apache Parquet Apache Spark Big Data Data Modeling Data Warehouse Docker Engineering Hadoop Hoodie Hudi JSON Latency MySQL PostgresSQL Storage Uber EngUber is committed to delivering safer and more reliable transportation across our global markets.

Databook: Turning Big Data into Knowledge with Metadata at Uber

Uber Engineering

Architecture Uber Data Cassandra Data Management Data Storage Data Warehouse Databook Dropwizard Gradle HDFS HIVE Infrastructure Kafka Metadata MySQL Postgres Quartz Queryparser RESTful API Uber Uber Data Knowledge Uber Engineering VerticaFrom driver and rider locations and destinations, to restaurant orders and payment transactions, every interaction on Uber’s transportation platform is driven by data.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - The 5 Minute Rule - All Things.

All Things Distributed

The AWS team launched this week Amazon Glacier , a cold storage archive service at the very low price point of $0.01 The Five-Minute Rule Ten Years Later, and Other Computer Storage Rules of Thumb , Jim Gray and Goetz Graefe, ACM SIGMOD Record 26 (4): 63â??68, All Things Distributed.

Monitoring Self-Destructing Apps Using Prometheus


Data related to monitoring is stored in RAM and LevelDB nevertheless data can be stored to other storage systems such as ElasticSearch, InfluxDb, and others, [link]. Watch out for your self-destructing apps! Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit.

No Server Required - Jekyll & Amazon S3 - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

As some of you may remember I was pretty excited when Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) released its website feature such that I could serve this weblog completely from S3. Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers. Expanding the Cloud - The AWS Storage Gateway.

AWS 81

New AWS feature: Run your website from Amazon S3 - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Since a few days ago this weblog serves 100% of its content directly out of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) without the need for a web server to be involved. Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers. Expanding the Cloud - The AWS Storage Gateway.

Memory-Optimized TempDB Metadata in SQL Server 2019

SQL Shack

By removing disk-based storage and the challenge of copying data in and out of memory, query speeds in SQL Server can be improved by orders of magnitude. Introduction In-memory technologies are one of the greatest ways to improve performance and combat contention in computing today.

My Best Christmas Present ? Root Domain Support for Amazon S3.

All Things Distributed

S3 is not only a highly reliable and available storage service but also one of the most powerful web serving engines that exists today. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. My Best Christmas Present â?? Root Domain Support for Amazon S3 Website Hosting. By Werner Vogels on 27 December 2012 12:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

SQL Server Index Fill factor with Performance Benchmark

SQL Shack

This option is available in index properties to manage data storage in the data pages. In this article, we will study in detail about the how SQL Server Index Fill factor works. Index Fill factor SQL Server Index Fill Factor is a percentage value to be filled data page with data in SQL Server.

Four Different Ways to Write in Alluxio


We refer to external storage such as HDFS or S3 as under storage. Alluxio is a new layer on top of under storage systems that can not only improve raw I/O performance but also enables applications flexible options to read, write and manage files. Given an application such as a Spark job that saves its output to an external storage service; Writing the job output to the memory layer in a colocated Alluxio worker will achieve the best write performance.

How to Optimize Elasticsearch for Better Search Performance


One of the top trending open-source data storage that responds to most of the use cases is Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is a distributed data storage and search engine with fault-tolerance and high availability capabilities.

Forwarded Records Performance issue in SQL Server

SQL Shack

Heap introduction and performance issues A page of 8KB is the smallest unit of storage in SQL Server. This article discusses the Forwarded Records and its performance issues for heap tables in SQL Server.

The Importance of Selecting the Proper Azure VM Size

SQL Performance

IT professionals are familiar with scoping the size of VMs with regards to vCPU, memory, and storage capacity. Storage optimized – High disk throughput and IO. and the overall size will determine the amount of temporary storage available. Premium storage support.

Azure 92

The Anna Key-Value Store Now Has 355x the Performance of DynamoDB for the Dollar

High Scalability

They've posted about Anna's new superpowers in Going Fast and Cheap: How We Made Anna Autoscale : Using Anna v0 as an in-memory storage engine, we set out to address the cloud storage problems described above. Anna Paper: Eliminating Boundaries in Cloud Storage with Anna.