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Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2


Built on Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is a suite of features for big data analytics. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 and Azure Blob Storage's capabilities are combined in Data Lake Storage Gen2. For instance, Data Lake Storage Gen2 offers scale, file-level security, and file system semantics.

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Article: Magic Pocket: Dropbox’s Exabyte-Scale Blob Storage System


A horizontally scalable exabyte-scale blob storage system which operates out of multiple regions, Magic Pocket is used to store all of Dropbox’s data. Adopting SMR technology and erasure codes, the system has extremely high durability guarantees but is cheaper than operating in the cloud. By Facundo Agriel

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Optimizing data warehouse storage

The Netflix TechBlog

At this scale, we can gain a significant amount of performance and cost benefits by optimizing the storage layout (records, objects, partitions) as the data lands into our warehouse. We built AutoOptimize to efficiently and transparently optimize the data and metadata storage layout while maximizing their cost and performance benefits.

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Storage Autoscaling With Percona Operator for MongoDB


Today along with their team, we will see how pvc-autoresizer can automate storage scaling for MongoDB clusters on Kubernetes. Our goal is to automate storage scaling when our disk reaches a certain threshold of use and simultaneously reduce the amount of alert noise related to that. kubectl annotate pvc --all"100Gi"

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Storage handling improvements increase retention of transaction data for Dynatrace Managed


Using existing storage resources optimally is key to being able to capture the right data over time. Increased storage space availability. The compression of transaction data older than three days can free up to 50% more storage space in your Dynatrace Managed Cluster. Data compression is completed on June 12.

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Why Compute and Storage Should Be Decoupled for Log Management at Scale


On a small scale, this isn’t problematic but when dealing with large-scale deployments, organizations end up using lots of computing, storage, and human resources just to manage their indexes. As the database grows in size, so does the index management cost.

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Unlocking the Secrets of TOAST: How To Optimize Large Column Storage in PostgreSQL for Top Performance and Scalability


This post will look at using The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique (TOAST) to improve performance and scalability. Therefore, TOAST is a storage technique used in PostgreSQL to handle large data objects such as images, videos, and audio files.

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