Establishing a Performance Testing Strategy


It's important to have a strategy when testing performance. Establishing a performance testing strategy is the first and most important step in performance testing. You may also like: Common Mistakes In Performance Testing.

How architecture evolves into strategy

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A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business. Your architectures, and your strategies, must be similarly flexible in order to endure. Strategy is the art of creating power. The History of Strategy.

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PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


We recently attended the PostgresConf event in San Jose to hear from the most active PostgreSQL user base on their database management strategies. In this latest trends report, we analyze the most popular cloud providers for PostgreSQL, VACUUM strategies, query management strategies, and on-premises vs. public cloud use being leveraged by enterprise organizations. Most Popular PostgreSQL VACUUM Strategies. are in the process of planning their VACUUM strategy.

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How to Develop a Solid Regression Testing Strategies


Another activity that requires strategy. Regression Testing. Regression testing is a process that continues throughout the life cycle of an application.

Testing microservices: Challenges and Strategies


In Testsigma we always keep up to date and we definitely can shed some light to the effective testing strategy for a microservices architecture. Want to make your Automated Testing strategy the effective one?

A foundational strategy pattern for analysis: MECE

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As lists are the raw material of strategy and technology architecture, MECE list-making is one of the most useful tools you can have in your tool box. MECE, pronounced "mee-see," is a tool created by the leading business strategy firm McKinsey.

The Tortoise Strategy

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That the survivors will be those who follow a "tortoise" strategy: That means working with investors with a low cost of capital [.], Three years ago, I wrote that the unstoppable forces of Fintech were running into the immovable force of financial orthodoxy.

How to Build a Test Automation Strategy?


The post How to Build a Test Automation Strategy? Software development is a path full of chaos. Here’s why! Software projects start with excess enthusiasm. It starts with the design, then comes the architectural pattern, and everything looks fine. Even ahead of the schedule.

How to Build a Test Automation Strategy?


The post How to Build a Test Automation Strategy? Software development is a path full of chaos. Here’s why! Software projects start with excess enthusiasm. It starts with the design, then comes the architectural pattern, and everything looks fine. Even ahead of the schedule.

Testing for Fragmentation: The Perfect Cross-Device Test Strategy for Mobile


Testing for fragmentation. Everyone who has been involved with testing apps or web applications knows the trouble different platforms and browsers can cause. Things that work perfectly fine in one browser, break down suddenly and spectacularly in another one (I’m looking at you, IE11).

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Microservices Testing Strategies, Types & Tools: A Complete Guide


While transitioning to a microservices architecture, I've observed teams running into issues where they haven't planned out which testing strategies they want to use. The post Microservices Testing Strategies, Types & Tools: A Complete Guide appeared first on Insights on Latest Software Technologies - Simform Blog. From time and again, I've worked with several Fortune 5000 startups. The most common problem that we've dealt with is microservices testing.

Why Your Performance Testing Strategy Needs to Shift Left


While the agile approach is focused on implementing small, iterative tests throughout the development and testing phases, the primary goal… The post Why Your Performance Testing Strategy Needs to Shift Left appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog.

4 keys to a top-down testing strategy

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It's difficult enough to keep up with advances in software testing. Add to that the growing number of misunderstandings between test teams and leaders about how, where, and when to test, and it becomes even more challenging to achieve on-time, quality releases.

Why Telcos Need a Real-Time Analytics Strategy


In the telco world, batch processing has been the de facto choice for data processing and billing, so any analytics strategy had to be based on a batch processing model. Does this affect our analytics strategy? They drive a new and exciting opportunity to interact with, grow, and retain subscribers – in ways a traditional analytics strategy cannot. Or, learn more when you visit our telco strategy page. Historically, telco analytics have been limited and difficult.

Learning and Strategy

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But to really scale learning, we’re going to need to adopt a very different approach to strategy – the “zoom out, zoom in” approach. That’s why I’ve become a big proponent of an alternative approach to strategy.

A survival strategy for the digital transformation

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SKF keeps the strategy of its clients in mind at all times and tries to think along with them. This article titled " Überlebensstrategie für die digitale Transformation " appeared in German last week in the "Die Zukunft beginnt heute (the future starts today)" section of Wirtschaftwoche.

Plan Your Software Testing Life Cycle for Total Coverage


performance software software development testing and qa stlc testing strategies life cycle sotware testingMake a plan. You may also like: Software Testing Life Cycle. Preparation turns big problems into little ones, and it turns bug problems into little sprints.

17 Best Tips To Write Effective Test Cases


performance mobile testing tips & tricks perceived performance mobile testing strategy data input effectve testingA place to write effective test cases. Test cases are the first step in any testing cycle and are very important for any project.

Scheduling Time, Part 4: My Time Management Strategy

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This one’s about my overall strategy of using scheduling as a tool to manage my time. The essence of my strategy is this: I care about my time, but others care about my calendar, so I can forestall a lot of intrusions on my time by using my calendar intelligently.

What is Interface Testing? Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools

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Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools. Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools appeared first on Software Testing Help. Introduction to Interface Testing: When an application or a software or a website is developed, then there are several components of it. Those components can be server, database etc. Read more What is Interface Testing? The post What is Interface Testing? Types of Testing

Sometimes the Strategy is Buoy the Credit Rating

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There are no guarantees that an incumbent can successfully execute any strategy, let alone a strategy of co-option. The type of capital invested determines the strategy a company pursues and the way it operates. These drastic actions provide reassurance to creditors that big companies will do just about anything to keep their investment grade ratings.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence


Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? On average, 20% of public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments are leveraging a multi-cloud strategy. We hope these database trends were insightful and sparked some new ideas or validated your current database strategy! Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019?

Self-Host Your Static Assets

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That said, this isn’t always the case, and by self-hosting your assets you can design much more bespoke caching strategies.

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Choices of scale

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Michael Feathers explores various scaling strategies in light of research about human cognition and systems cohesion. Continue reading Choices of scale

Beyond data and model parallelism for deep neural networks

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To me that means the “simple” object access protocol, but not here: We introduce SOAP, a more comprehensive search space of parallelization strategies for DNNs that includes strategies to parallelize a DNN in the Sample, Operator, Attribute, and Parameter dimensions.

How to Build a Cross-Platform Matrix for Usability Testing


When developing an app, it’s vital that you build a testing strategy for it. Usability tests on ALL devices. performance performance testing os usability testing cross-platform testing platform

PPC Optimization: Minimize Learning Mode

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In Google Ads the bid strategy you choose determines how Google calculates your ad bids. Different bid strategies have different uses and advantages, and include manual and automated bid strategies like "Maximize Clicks" and "Target CPA" (see Figure 1).

Achieving Optimized Workflow for Software Development Team


Achieving optimal workflow for software development team is not difficult if you use the ideal development strategies. It equips software development teams with the perfect. Application Lifecycle Management Requirements Management Test Management Software development

Debugging Microservices With Contract Testing


This requires testers to employ a different mindset and strategies for successful debugging of microservices. On that note, one strategy that we find particularly useful is contract testing. Sign your contract tests on the dotted line.

Which Software Testing Methodology Is Right for Your Project?


For those who are planning to develop software, it’s important to choose a fitting software testing strategy. Hmm.which one is best? There are five primary methodologies software developers use to create and test their projects: Waterfall , Rapid , Prototype , Agile, and Spiral.

Why you should test according to your product's maturity

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When it comes to QA, I am often asked, "What should my testing strategy be?" The answer, unfortunately, isn't clear-cut because it depends on your product's level of maturity. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing

CSS and Network Performance

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While this strategy is effective, it’s not simple: highly dynamic sites can be difficult to extract styles from, the process needs to be automated, we have to make assumptions about what above the fold even is, it’s hard to capture edge cases, and tooling still in its relative infancy.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

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The implication here is that we’ve now rendered any font-loading strategies completely ineffective: font-display can’t work if there are no fonts; the Font Loading API is useless if there are no fonts.

The Best Way to Host MongoDB on DigitalOcean


In this post, we’ll walk you through the best way to host MongoDB on DigitalOcean, including the best instance types to use, disk types, replication strategy, and managed service providers. MongoDB Replication Strategies. The optimal replication strategy would be a Primary-Secondary-Secondary setup which leverages 3 data-bearing nodes and allows you to failover to 2 separate datacenter in the event your primary region goes down.

Three Tips for EC2 Monitoring using CloudWatch


Instead of leaving this entirely to your Ops team, I encourage both developers and architects to have a monitoring strategy while designing solutions for the cloud.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence

High Scalability

Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

Java Unit Testing Best Practices: How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Automation


We will also discuss code coverage, mocking dependencies, and overall testing strategies. Unit testing is a well-known practice, but there's lots of room for improvement!

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used


of respondents have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy. A recent report by RightScale found that 69% of businesses have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy by combining both public clouds and private clouds. of PostgreSQL deployments were leveraging a multi-cloud strategy.

The Three Types of Performance Testing

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Simply knowing the different forms of performance testing that we have available to us, and where they sit in the product development process, makes it much easier for businesses to adopt a performance strategy and keep on top of things.

The Future of Performance Testing

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It definitely changes the performance engineering strategy and there are many questions to be sorted out eventually. Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? , I decided to answer multiple comments here separately.

Visual UI or Functional Testing- Which One to Use and When?


There are many components of a successful web application testing strategy, but two of the most important elements are — Functional testing and visual testing. Being a tester or QA, you might know the importance of testing web applications. It is an essential part of the web application development process on which the stability and success of an app depend.

Handling Failure in Long-Running Processes


Let's see some strategies for dealing with failure in the Shipping service. In the previous posts in this series, we've seen some examples of long-running processes , how to model them, and where to store the state. But building distributed systems is hard.

What If?

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Not only does this strike me as an unusual design decision—setting out to build a lazyloader and then having it intentionally block rendering—there had been no defensive strategy to answer the question: what if something goes wrong with image delivery? This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered such an odd choice of development strategy.