Efficient lock-free durable sets

The Morning Paper

Efficient lock-free durable sets Zuriel et al., OOPSLA’19. Given non-volatile memory (NVRAM), the naive hope for persistence is that it would be a no-op: what happens in memory, stays in memory.

Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency


It's easy for modern, distributed, high-scale applications to hide database performance and efficiency problems.

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Waste (and production efficiency)

Allen Holub

Why is it that, when I bring up concerns surrounding production efficiency, some people react as if I’m suggesting we return to the abuses 19th century factories?

Expanding Our Horizons - Efficiently

Edge Perspectives

In our Big Shift world, we confront the imperative of institutional innovation – shifting from institutional models built on scalable efficiency to institutional models built on scalable learning. I’ve written and spoken about this a lot over the years and one of the most common pushbacks I get is – “so, are you against efficiency?” Let me lead with the answer – no, I’m not against efficiency. First, we need to broaden our horizons to look beyond efficiency.

How Ably Efficiently Implemented Consistent Hashing

High Scalability

You can view the original article—H ow to implement consistent hashing efficiently —on Ably's blog. Further, we’ll look at data structures that can be used to implement this algorithm efficiently at scale.

Efficient Enterprise Testing — Integration Tests (Part Three)


Efficiency is everything! This part of the series will show how to verify our applications with code-level as well as system-level integration tests. performance junit integration testing system testing enterprise testing

Thoughts on Efficient Enterprise Testing (Part One)


Multitasking is the MOST efficient. Which scopes, approaches, and test technology should be pursued in order to make testing more efficient? Testing in the enterprise is still a topic that is not as extensively used as it should be.

Ensuring Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability of Digital Transformation

Alex Podelko

Marrying Artificial Intelligence and Automation to Drive Operational Efficiencies by Priyanka Arora, Asha Somayajula, Subarna Gaine, Mastercard. The CMG Impact conference (February 10-12, 2020 in Las Vegas) is coming. Looking at the program I have the same problem as I always had with CMG conferences – how could I attend all the sessions I want considering that we have multiple tracks?

Best Practices for Efficient Log Management and Monitoring


performance monitoring apm log management log efficient log management and monitoring log management best practices log storageWhen managing cloud-native applications, it's essential to have end-to-end visibility into what's happening at any given time. This is especially true because of the distributed and dynamic nature of cloud-native apps, which are often deployed using ephemeral technologies like containers and serverless functions.

Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design

Uber Engineering

In our experience, optimizing for operational efficiency requires answering one key question: for which tables does the maintenance cost supersede utility? Architecture Uber Data Big Data Data Engineering Data Infrastructure data science Data Warehouse Engineering Efficiency

Rebuilt OneAgent installer for Windows provides more efficient installation


The post Rebuilt OneAgent installer for Windows provides more efficient installation appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. This short blog post is a follow up to the announcement we made on May 6, 2019: OneAgent for Windows—Enhancements to *.msi-based msi-based deployment.

How to Create a Simple and Efficient PHP Cache


When working on PHP websites made from scratch and without a framework, speed can often be an issue. Caching is extremely useful in order to speed up PHP webpages. In this article, I’ll show you how to make a simple PHP caching system for your web pages. tutorial performance cache page caching

Cache 179

Efficient Enterprise Testing — Unit and Use Case Tests (Part Two)


Multitasking is the MOST efficient. In the first part of the series, we saw some generally applicable principles and constraints that effective tests should fulfill. In this part, we will have a closer look at code-level unit tests and component or use case tests.

Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency

Baron Schwartz

It’s easy for modern, distributed, high-scale applications to hide database performance and efficiency problems.

Fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance on blockchain systems

The Morning Paper

Fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance on blockchain systems Ruan et al., They demonstrate that provenance queries are efficient, and the system incurs small storage overhead. VLDB’19.

5 Steps to Making Mobile App Testing More Efficient


Here are five ways to make your mobile app testing more efficient. We spend more than 80% of our mobile use time interacting with apps. And by “we,” we mean 5 billion smartphone users all over the world.

Mobile 130

Flow Efficiency – What Value-adding Work is Actively being Worked On?


Flow Efficiency helps determine the proportion of your Flow Items (features, defects, debt, risk) are actively being worked on. If your Flow Efficiency is low, it’s an indication of waste – items stagnating in a wait state for some reason or another.

Teaching rigorous distributed systems with efficient model checking

The Morning Paper

Teaching rigorous distributed systems with efficient model checking Michael et al., EuroSys’19. On the surface you might think today’s paper selection an odd pick.

One SQL to rule them all: an efficient and syntactically idiomatic approach to management of streams and tables

The Morning Paper

One SQL to rule them all: an efficient and syntactically idiomatic approach to management of streams and tables Begoli et al., SIGMOD’19. In data processing it seems, all roads eventually lead back to SQL!

Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Software Testing Process


At present, according to the best software testing companies, there are various automated software testing … The post Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Software Testing Process appeared first on QA Mentor Blog.

Viewing and Sorting XEvents Efficiently (Code Samples) – XEProfiler

SQL Server According to Bob

I was doing backups and clean-ups and ran across a couple of sample projects for XEvent and event_sequence processing I thought others might find helpful. Enjoy!

Alignment Efficiency: When to Sacrifice Speed for Greater Alignment

Strategic Tech

To address this challenge, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of Alignment Efficiency. Any Formula 1 fans reading will likely be familiar with aerodynamic efficiency?—?adding Alignment Efficiency is inspired by aerodynamic efficiency.

3 Key Metrics to Identify the Usability of Your Product


Per ISO standards (ISO 9241-11), usability is defined as: usability ux report efficiency usability testing effectiveness satisfactionIs your app usable? Really? Did you check the metrics? "Is your product usable enough to release now?"

Sustainability versus Efficiency

The Agile Manager

In so doing, they're not focused on sustainability, they're focused on efficiency. Efficiency requires everything to stay the same. We luxuriate in the simplicity of holding everything else constant when we focus solely on efficiency. When we pursue efficiency, we're focused on where the business is right now. In efficiency-centric businesses, it’s not uncommon to find people doing substantially the same things that people were doing 10 years earlier.

Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. By Werner Vogels on 08 November 2012 03:00 PM. Permalink. Comments (). The Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a highly scalable, reliable and elastic queuing service that just works.

More Manageable, Efficient Code Through 5S

Tim Kadlec

By using the system applied to coding, we can make our code more efficient and much easier to maintain. If you eliminate all of the items that are not necessary, you immediately have a workspace that is cleaner and thereby more efficient. ’ This step involves arranging resources in the most efficient way possible so that those resources are easy to access. Sometimes code turns ugly.

Re-Architecting Cash and Digital Wallet Payments for India with Uber Engineering

Uber Engineering

Architecture Business Intelligence Cash Payment Digital Wallets Engineering ExploreIndia Mobile Payments Payments Efficiency Team Uber Uber Bangalore Uber India EngineeringUber is developing a payment platform for India that enables operations teams to more seamlessly collect and distribute cash and digital wallet payments to drivers.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Join Processing in Relational.

All Things Distributed

It is very hard to implement the join operation efficiently as there any many unknowns in the execution of the operation. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Join Processing in Relational Databases.

Selenium WebDriver and TestNG: Find Perfect Match for Automation Testing


Selenium automation testing increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the testers and allows them to leverage various benefits at the same time. Many organizations are adopting this favorite testing tool as it provides more accuracy and efficiency to them.

Performance Engineering: The What, The Why, and The How Explained


Application performance engineering is an essential practice for any DevOps team, allowing developers across departments to stay agile and efficient. Everything you need to know about performance engineering. Being a software developer means much more than simply writing bug-free code.

Faster remainders when the divisor is a constant: beating compilers and libdivide

Daniel Lemire

In some instances, libdivide can even be more efficient than compilers because it uses an approach introduced by Robison (2005) where we not only use multiplications and shifts, but also an addition to avoid arithmetic overflows. There are far more efficient ways to do that, but here is the programming 101 approach in C: for ( uint32_t i = 0 ; i < N ; i + + ) {. Not all instructions on modern processors cost the same.

How Data Inspires Building a Scalable, Resilient and Secure Cloud Infrastructure At Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

As a micro-service owner, a Netflix engineer is responsible for its innovation as well as its operation, which includes making sure the service is reliable, secure, efficient and performant. In the Efficiency space, our data teams focus on transparency and optimization.

Service-Oriented Architecture


SOA offerings should provide a solid solution to the problem of complex architecture and code redundancies, enabling efficient interoperability between systems, applications, and services. Service-Oriented Architecture Overview.

Predictable Pitfalls of Scaling VoIP to Cluster


You may also like: Application Scalability — How To Do Efficient Scaling. Avoid these pitfalls of scaling VoIP to cluster. VoIP technologies have a reputation for being rather complex and not without good reason.

Solving Performance Hotspots With Memory Pooling in Go


You may also like: Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency. Solve performance hotspots like solving a puzzle. Introduction. Igneous is an unstructured data management company. We move bytes back and forth — that’s what we do.

N1QL Index Advisor: Improve Query Performance and Productivity


As application developers, your main focus is to design the most efficient queries for your application. You want to ensure the integrity of the data that your application pushes to the database, and construct the most efficient queries to retrieve the data needed for the application.

Redis vs Memcached

Software Architecture

Memcached is more memory efficient than Redis. Redis is more memory efficient only after you use hashes. Memcached is in-memory key value store whereas Redis is in-memory data structures store. Memcached supports only string data type which is ideal for storing read-only data.

Introducing SVT-AV1: a scalable open-source AV1 framework

The Netflix TechBlog

This makes it possible for SVT-AV1 to decrease encoding time while still maintaining compression efficiency. At Netflix, we believe that the AV1 ecosystem would benefit from an alternative clean and efficient open-source encoder implementation.

Building and Scaling Data Lineage at Netflix to Improve Data Infrastructure Reliability, and…

The Netflix TechBlog

Using this approach, we are able to build a unified data model and the repository to deliver the right leverage to enable multiple use cases such as data discovery, SLA service and Data Efficiency.

Rendering large lists with react-window

Addy Osmani

If you use React and need to display large lists of data efficiently , you may be familiar with react-virtualized. It's a windowing library by Brian Vaughn that renders only the items currently visible in a list (within a scrolling "viewport").

Dynatrace introduces support for Microsoft Azure Lighthouse to provide manageability at scale


The newly launched Microsoft Azure Lighthouse offers capabilities for cross-customer management at scale for service providers to differentiate and benefit from greater efficiency and automation. Dynatrace news.

Azure 209

The impact of intellectual debt on IT operations


We also made the point that machine learning systems can improve IT efficiency; speeding analysis by narrowing focus. But with autonomous IT operations on the horizon, it’s important to understand the path to intellectual debt and its impact on both efficiency and innovation.

Snap: a microkernel approach to host networking

The Morning Paper

Here are the bombshell paragraphs: Our datacenter applications seek ever more CPU-efficient and lower-latency communication, which Pony Express delivers. The desire for CPU efficiency and lower latencies is easy to understand. Snap: a microkernel approach to host networking Marty et al.,