Reinventing Performance Testing: New Technologies

Alex Podelko

New Technologies (this post). Some HTTP-based protocols are extremely difficult to correlate if there is no built-in support, so it is recommended that you look for that kind of specific support if such technologies are used. The most prominent special case is mobile technologies.

Philosophy of Technology

Professor Beekums

One thing I find myself considering more and more is the philosophy of the people who are building the technology I am evaluating. A lot of factors are considered in a build vs buy decision. What are the technical capabilities of existing systems?

The Financialization of Disruptive Technology

The Agile Manager

The whole point of the portfolio model applied to captive technology investing was to avoid taking a long position in any one thing. It's fashionable to champion an investment-oriented model for software development, particularly around exploratory opportunities.

Engineering well-rounded technology leaders

O'Reilly Software

Continue reading Engineering well-rounded technology leaders From developers to CTOs, everyone has a role to play in shaping their own transformation. One of the greatest drivers of professional development is learning through doing.

Database Technology in a Blockchain World


However, the hype surrounding blockchain doesn’t mean we’ve even scratched the surface of the technology’s enterprise potential. However, the Bitcoin-iteration of this technology also shows why blockchain isn’t a direct replacement for your enterprise databases.

Technology Problems Are People Problems First

Professor Beekums

I’m a software developer. When I see a technical problem, my first thoughts are always for technical solutions. It is the obvious thing to do. However, solving a problem well often requires understanding what caused the problem in the first place.

Looking for disruption? Don't look to technology

The Agile Manager

The chattering classes would have us believe that technology disrupts. By way of example, the technology to enable the sharing economy existed for years, but monetizing everything from spare time to the spare bedroom only became appealing when mortgages went underwater, wages stagnated, and the labor participation rate dropped. That computer technology was at the center of this disruption should be no surprise given the rise of the Information Age several decades ago.

The Human Value in Driving Automated DevOps Testing


DevOps Technologies Test Management Continuous Testing DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation Test AutomationThe increasing demand for IT companies to deliver high-quality software at a rapid speed has made it compulsory to shift towards using Agile and DevOps.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Development and Testing


According to Garter, artificial intelligence will be omnipresent in all spheres of technology and will successfully make its presence prominent among the top investment priority.

How I Ran 100 UI Tests in Just 20 Seconds


technology testing app development test automation artifical intelligence user interface test automation tools ai artificial intelligence visual testing

How DevOps Testing can Enhance the Application Development Process?


We have entered the digital age where technology is flourishing everywhere and is playing an integral role in our lives. DevOps Technologies Test Management DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation Why DevOps gained popularity

Why IT Needs to Look at the Network Through a 4-D Lens


cloud data access information technology network applications network performance network performance monitoringSomeone trying to look at the network through a 4-D lens.

How Machine Learning Offers a New Dimension to Software Testing?


Technologies Test Management Machine Learning Test AutomationOver the past few years, the software testing industry seems to be evolving at a faster pace. As per one study, 62 percent of the. The post How Machine Learning Offers a New Dimension to Software Testing?

How to Use AI for Software Testing


Technology is ever-changing and evolving with every passing day. Technologies Test Management AI Artificial Intelligence Continuous Testing Multiple Testing Tools Software developmentSomething new comes up which improves the overall performance of a software. A lot of improvements.

Why Writing an Accurate Test Plan Can Prevent Errors?


Application Lifecycle Management Technologies Test Management Software development Test AutomationIn this article, you will learn about the importance of writing accurate test plans and how an effective test plan can help to prevent errors.

Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery


The only constant thing in this world is ‘change’ and the only industry that makes a quick shift in innovation and technology is IT software. Application Lifecycle Management DevOps Technologies Test Management Software development

Looking Ahead Beyond CMOS

ACM Sigarch

The rest of the article presents some views on whether additional single thread performance is feasible, and if so, some methods for extracting that performance in light of potential technology changes. The question now is how to address the technology barriers to improving performance.

A Brief Guide of xPU for AI Accelerators

ACM Sigarch

ACM SIGARCH Architecture Accelerators Emerging Technology Hardware Machine Learning Specialization Systems

Object-Oriented Programming Simplifies Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Featured Performance Products Programming Techniques Technology data-parallel computing digital twin in-memory computing in-memory data grid object-oriented programming ScaleOut StreamServer stream processingThese are exciting times in the evolution of stream-processing.

A Note to Business Leaders on Software Engineering

Strategic Tech

software-development digital-transformation management-and-leadership technologySoftware developers are interchangeable. A software developer with a computer science degree will produce the same quality of work as any other software developer with a computer science degree.

The Road to uChat: Building Uber’s Internal Chat Solution

Uber Engineering

Architecture Chat Platform Chef Chris Duarte Ed Wolf Employee Productivity Envoy Erlang Fullstack Labs Go Information Technology Marissa Alvarado-Lima Mattermost Messaging Platform Mobile Puppet Puppet Code Manager React Native SCCM Stanley Chan System Center Configuration Manager Technology Services Uber Uber Engineering uChat uDeploy XMPPTwo years ago, Uber’s previous chat application began showing signs that it would not be able to adapt to our growth.

Digital Twins Enable Seamless Use of Edge Computing in IoT

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Cloud Featured Performance Programming Techniques Technology digital twin in-memory computing in-memory data grid object-oriented programming real-time analytics scalable speedup ScaleOut StreamServer stream processing

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Shift-Left Testing in the Enterprise and the Case for Open Source


Why continuous testing and open source are a perfect match I recently visited the offices of CA Technologies (one of Abstracta’s partners) in Santa Clara, where I had the chance to discuss shift-left testing, continuous testing, and why and how to turn to open source.

Strategic IT Does More than Assume Technology Risk, it Mitigates Business Risk

The Agile Manager

Being asked to do nothing more than assume risk for something such as availability or performance of technology is appealing from an IT perspective because it’s a space we know, or at least we think we know. play with shiny new toys) without taking us out of our comfort zone (the technology space versus the business space). Worrying with the technology is familiar territory; worrying about the underlying business need driving the technology is not.

Use Parallel Analysis – Not Parallel Query – for Fast Data Access and Scalable Computing Power

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Featured Performance Programming Techniques Solutions Technology data-parallel computing distributed caching high availability in-memory computing in-memory data grid object-oriented programming scalability ScaleOut ComputeServer

The Benefits of Software Architecture: Hierarchical Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Performance Programming Techniques Technology data-parallel computing digital twin in-memory computing in-memory data grid object-oriented programmingBy Dr. William L.

Reports of Scale-Out’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

ScaleOut Software

Third, technology changes so fast that today’s pricey, top of the line server will quickly become tomorrow’s dusty objet d’art as it awaits recycling. Architecture Performance Programming Techniques Technology data-parallel Hadoop parallel computing scale up scale-out

How to Easily Deploy an IMDG in the Cloud

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Cloud Performance Technology Amazon EC2 cloud scalable speedup scaleout stateserver Windows AzureCloud-based applications enjoy the unique elasticity that cloud infrastructures provide.

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AppFabric Caching: Retry Later

ScaleOut Software

Architecture Comparison Features Performance Technology AppFabric data-parallel distributed cachingWe have spent a great deal of time at ScaleOut Software re-architecting our in-memory data grid (IMDG)’s code base to make best use of many cores and large memory.

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Expanding the Cloud ? Introducing Amazon CloudSearch - All.

All Things Distributed

s search technology to every developer. Search is a much broader technology than just the indexing of large collections of web pages. Their main motivation is that existing search technologies, both commercial and open source, have proven to be hard to manage and complex to configure.

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AWS re:Invent 2013 - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

The AWS re:Invent user conference last year in Las Vegas was by many described as the best technology conference they had been to in a long time. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. AWS re:Invent 2013.

AWS 61

How Much Did Poor Quality Software Cost in 2018?


But what are the actual monetary costs — and how can your technology company mitigate them? Quality over quantity. Poor-quality software has huge and growing economic consequences for organizations in the United States.

The Future of Performance Testing

Alex Podelko

Finally, in addition to the standard disclaimer that all these above are my personal thoughts only, I should admit that I have rather a bad record of business predictions – usually simplistic and limited technologies succeeded on the market over more deep technologies that appeared to be much more promising to me… Anyway, looking forward to see what the future holds to performance testing. Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? ,

Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers - All Things.

All Things Distributed

One of the things that differentiates Amazon Web Services from other technology providers is its commitment to let customers benefits from continuous cost-cutting innovations and from the economies of scale AWS is able to achieve. All Things Distributed.

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

My post Good Times for Load Testing was published in 2014. It is difficult to believe that 5 years passed… Are times still good for load testing? Well, yes and no. I am not so upbeat as I was in 2014.

Evolution of Browser Testing


As technology has evolved, browser testing has also had to make strides to keep up. This article is an outline of browser testing in the past, and how it has changed to keep up with our growing technological field. The evolution of technology.

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons


However, modern web applications are rarely monolithic, and often use multiple languages and technologies. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, ‘threads’ were a programming novelty rarely used and seldom trusted.

Hacking with AWS at The Next Web Hackaton - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

Over the past years The Next Web Conference has become a premier conference on internet life and its technologies. The 2010 Shareholder Letter Focusses on Technology. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

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How Do You Improve Network Agility?


The rise of innovative efforts made by several vendors to expand and modernize network device interfaces is improving network agility and is seen with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking. Modern Technologies Are Complex. While these modern technologies provide tremendous business value, their complexity is difficult to consume without automation as a complementary approach.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 11th, 2019

High Scalability

cdixon : Smartphones are a good example of a broader historical pattern: technologies usually arrive in pairs, a strong form and a weak form.But it’s strong technologies that end up defining new eras.Weak technologies adapt to the world as it currently exists. Wake up!

Netflix Studio Hack Day?—?May 2019

The Netflix TechBlog

They’re a chance to bring together employees from all our different disciplines to explore new ideas and experiment with emerging technologies. For this project, we synchronized Netflix content with haptic effects using Immersion Corporation technology. Netflix Studio Hack Day ?—?May

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Introducing the Citrix NetScaler ActiveGate monitoring extension


In order to develop and present real-time visualizations of the technologies that interact with and depend on these network devices, we pair these NetScaler metrics with data from your OneAgent-monitored hosts. We also enable you to follow transactions throughout your technology stack.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture

José M. Pérez

It’s better to learn the fundamentals than the library There are still lots of job descriptions and interview processes that focus on libraries and not the underlying technology. Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast.