The Most Common Mobile Game Testing Concerns for QA Engineers


The mobile gaming market is currently emerging and is likely to continue growing in the next 10 years. The mobile games are becoming an inevitable part of our lives, attracting billions of users in all countries worldwide. mobile performance performance testing mobile gaming

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5 Steps to Making Mobile App Testing More Efficient


We spend more than 80% of our mobile use time interacting with apps. To mobile app development companies, this may sound exciting and intimidating at the same time. Mobile app testing can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to.

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3 Reasons Mobile Apps Can Be Slow


performance mobile apps app design bridge cross platform app rendering speedSlowness comes in two flavors. One flavor includes loading screens, waiting for UI to build up, etc.

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Why Mobile Compatibility Testing Is Crucial for Your Applications


mobile software testing mobile testing compatibility testingCompatibility is the capacity to exist together. As a real-life example, water is not compatible with oil, but milk is. The same thing happens with software or apps that we build. Compatibility Testing. Compatibility testing is a crucial QA task which guarantees that the software or product that is being tested is compatible, as desired over a broad set of client frameworks and configurations.

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Track Real User Monitoring license consumption by web and mobile application


We have internal applications, mobile apps, and public-facing web applications that have very different usage patterns.” With version 1.174, Dynatrace now offers a new Billing timeseries metric for web, mobile, and custom applications. Dynatrace news.

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What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites

Smashing Magazine

What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites. What I didn’t know before writing it was that her agency was struggling to optimize their mobile websites for speed. Understanding What “Slow” Means On The Mobile Web.

Seamlessly integrate Dynatrace mobile crash reporting into your build environments


Crash reporting is one of the key components of mobile app monitoring. Dynatrace OneAgent for mobile captures crashes and sends the stack traces to Dynatrace. As always, we’re already working on new functionality to make mobile monitoring and crash reporting even better for you.

Functional Testing vs. Non-Functional Testing


mobile app testing mobile zoneAccording to a report, app crashes cause 71% of uninstalls. Other reasons that compel users to uninstall the app are page response time, confusing UI, battery consumption, etc.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? The Mobile Speed Test


So why do you want to know if your website is mobile friendly? It turns out that Google has updated their algorithm to significantly increase the weight of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. So, optimizing your site for mobile is the way of the future!

Integrating Dynatrace ONE through Chat at NYCM


The secret is: Integrating Dynatrace ONE as an additional team member through Mobile and Web Chat! Step 1: Activate your Dynatrace Mobile App. At NYCM, the mobile app has been used for quite a while but – based on Chad’s words – the chat capability brought it to the next level!

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3 Of The Best Frameworks For Mobile App Development In 2018

The Polyglot Developer

Mobile development is a necessity for every modern business, but there are many ways to get the job done. We’re going to review my top three picks for mobile development frameworks that will thrive in the 2018 year.

Faster Mobile Websites - Slides

Dean Hume

The presentation itself was based on the importance of mobile web performance and a covered a few guidelines that you can use to improve the speed of your mobile websites. Mobile Website profiling and debugging tools.

Converting Your Ionic 2 Mobile App To NativeScript

The Polyglot Developer

NativeScript is a mobile development platform that I recently switched to because it eliminates the performance issues that people experience with web view based frameworks. The post Converting Your Ionic 2 Mobile App To NativeScript appeared first on The Polyglot Developer

Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance

Uber Engineering

Uber operates on a global scale across more than 600 cities, with our apps relying entirely on wireless connectivity from over 4,500 mobile carriers. To deliver the real-time performance expected from Uber’s users, our mobile apps require low-latency and highly … The post Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance appeared first on Uber Engineering Blog.

Making Mobile App Development Easier with Cross Platform Mobile Push

All Things Distributed

This year as I hosted AWS Summits in 12 different cities around the world, I met thousands of developers who are building powerful new applications for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, all running mobile cloud backends on AWS. Announcing Amazon SNS with Mobile Push.

Heading to Mobilism 2013

Tim Kadlec

A week from now I’ll be on a plane heading to Amsterdam for the excellent Mobilism conference. This will be my first time hanging out at Mobilism and I couldn’t be more excited. When I was involved with BDConf, we always saw Mobilism as being very similar: a conference that aimed to push the envelope on the discussion of the web on mobile and other emerging devices.

Top 5 Myths About QA Testing


software software development quality assurance mobile applicationsQuality assurance (QA) testing is an essential part of the software development process, involving the identification of bugs in products to ensure they are as error-free as possible. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of misconceptions about what QA testing and QA services actually entail.

7 Problems With Hybrid Mobile Development And How NativeScript Solves Them

The Polyglot Developer

I’ve been a mobile application developer since 2010 and I’ve played around with my fair share technologies and frameworks. After all, mobile development frameworks can be split into a hybrid web category which act as web applications bundled into a mobile application and a native mobile category which act as web applications compiled into a mobile application.

Mobile Navigation Icons

Tim Kadlec

Jeremy Keith just wrote a post about mobile navigation icons wherein he talks about the “three lines” icon that Andy Clarke also advocated when he explored the topic earlier. Unfortunately, as Jeremy points out, many mobile devices fail to handle it correctly. Theoretically, it would be easy to create the icon using Unicode symbols. For instance, you could create the icon by using the following HTML: ☰ Menu.

Give That Slow Hybrid Mobile App A Native Performance Boost With NativeScript

The Polyglot Developer

When it comes to hybrid mobile application development, there is always discussion around the performance of said applications. While hybrid mobile applications have come a long way in terms of performance since the early days, they still can’t quite live up to the performance expectations that are delivered in a native application. The post Give That Slow Hybrid Mobile App A Native Performance Boost With NativeScript appeared first on The Polyglot Developer

Best Practices In Appium


selenium appium mobile application testing open source test tools appium testng android testingMany times, in Appium we face uncertain issues with the AVD Manager, ADB, Emulators, uiautomatorviewer and with MobileWebScript execution. Common Reasons for Errors. Configuration Errors.

Book Review: Mobile First

Tim Kadlec

According to a recent report , by 2015 more people in the US will be accessing the Internet using mobile devices than through PCs. If this was the only thing mobile had going for it, it would be enough to justify the need for Luke’s new book ‘Mobile First’. Luke argues that you should design, and build, your mobile experience first.

Mobile User Behavior Groups

Tim Kadlec

According to an article on Information Week , Google classifies mobile users into three behavior groups: The “repetitive now” user is someone checking for the same piece of information over and over again, like checking the same stock quotes or weather. Google uses cookies to help cater to mobile users who check and recheck the same data points. Since a lot of these questions are location-aware, Google tries to build location into the mobile versions of these queries.

Apache Cordova And Ionic Framework Apps Are Not Native Mobile Apps

The Polyglot Developer

I recently came across an article by Ionic’s CEO, Max Lynch, titled, Cordova/Ionic Apps are Native Apps , trying to explain that Ionic applications are native mobile applications. The post Apache Cordova And Ionic Framework Apps Are Not Native Mobile Apps appeared first on The Polyglot Developer

The Great Mobile Debate

Tim Kadlec

There’s been an ongoing debate in the world of mobile development as to how mobile apps should be distributed, via an open system or a closed system, and consequently, how one should approach mobile development. The hot thing to do nowadays in mobile is to build an iPhone app. For the many constraints mobile development and design comes with, browser capabilities are becoming increasingly advanced in smartphones.

Recommended reading: Why mobile web apps are slow (Drew Crawford)

Sutter's Mill

Why mobile web apps are slow. Every competent mobile developer, whether they use a GCed environment or not, spends a great deal of time thinking about the memory performance of the target device. I don’t often link to other articles, but this one is worth reading. by Drew Crawford. …

Mobile performance and carrier networks

Tim Kadlec

This year’s post is an overview of how inconsistent mobile networks are, as well as a plea for more communication between carriers, manufacturers and developers. If you’re interested in mobile performance, please give it a read. I always look forward to the December return of the all the lovely advent blogs that are full of web goodness. Sites like 24ways , PHPAdvent and the Performance Calendar mean that I’ll have something to look forward to reading each day.

Is 'Mobile' Doing More Harm Than Good?

Tim Kadlec

For the last few months, I’ve been wondering if the term ‘mobile’ might be causing more trouble than it’s worth. Mobile’ came to encompass both the device and the context of use in one fell swoop.

Making our Android Studio Apps Reactive with UI Components & Redux

The Netflix TechBlog

By Juliano Moraes , David Henry , Corey Grunewald & Jim Isaacs Recently Netflix has started building mobile apps to bring technology and innovation to our Studio Physical Productions , the portion of the business responsible for producing our TV shows and movies.

Notes on 'It's a Write/Read Mobile Web'

Tim Kadlec

Here are my notes on his presentation, “It’s a Write/Read Mobile Web” presented at Smashing Conference in 2013. ” In the United States, 78% of Facebook monthly users are mobile. 60% mobile on Twitter, 40% mobile on YouTube. “The Mobile Moment”—when your mobile traffic crosses your desktop traffic and becomes your majority experience. 127% growth of mobile only Facebook users in the last year.

Tips for Optimizing Your Site for Multiple Browsers and Devices


When it comes to various mobiles and devices, it becomes mandatory as it not just about page load time; website optimization is about a seamless and flawless experience to users on all mobile browsers and devices. performance cross browser testing cdn website speed amp image optimization mobile first website optimizationToday, everything is becoming more fast-paced. We look forward to faster things that save our time.

Large or Small Memory Size for My App?


java performance mobile applicationShould I be running my application with few instances (i.e. machines) with large memory size or a lot of instances with small memory size? Which strategy is optimal? This question might be confronted often. After building applications for 2 decades, after building JVM performance engineering/troubleshooting tools ( GCeasy , FastThread , HeapHero ), I still don’t know the right answer to this question.

Challenges Testers Face for Testing SMAC


There is a lot of discussion going currently about SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and the Cloud. cloud performance analytics mobile testing testers cloud testingAn Intro to SMAC. SMAC is a new platform with a lot of growth expected in the years to come. Software testing is not only about testing individual parts of the application but also testing the integrated product associated with it. It also requires some prediction based on the analytics of real product usage.

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Responsive Web Design and Mobile Context

Tim Kadlec

There is an active, and very interesting, debate taking place right now in the web community about the merits of responsive web design—particularly how it applies to mobile. On one side of the fence you have the “one web” group who believe that you should be delivering the same content to both mobile and desktop users, typically anchored by a responsive approach. This, of course, broaches the question: What exactly is the mobile context?

Book Review: Mobile Web Development

Tim Kadlec

Mobile Web Development is written by Nirav Mehta, the head of Magnet Technologies a software development firm in India. Mobile Web Development covers a wide variety of topics related to…guess what… mobile web development. Nirav does a fantastic job of introducing a wide variety of technologies needed to begin mobile web development including sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, optimizing your site for mobile devices and using AJAX on the mobile web.

Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

All Things Distributed

Speed of development, scalability, and simplicity of management are among the critical needs of mobile developers. As I have mentioned previously , companies like Crittercism and Dropcam have already built exciting mobile businesses leveraging DynamoDB.

Problems With Online Android Emulators and How to Solve Them


With such dominance in the space, the creation of mobile apps has reached never-before-seen heights. android mobile testing app testing android testing online android emulatorAndroid now occupies the number one place in the global smartphone market, with a market share of 87% at the end of 2016. That means nine out of ten smartphones in the world run on Android. But the constant innovation that fuels this market has major problems in terms of the development and testing timelines.

Can You Afford It?: Real-world Web Performance Budgets

Alex Russell

Two numbers set the stage: 45% of mobile connections occur over 2G worldwide. At last year’s Chrome Dev Summit I discussed some of the thermal and power-limiting factors that create a huge disparity between desktop and mobile device performance.

Engineering the Architecture Behind Uber’s New Rider App

Uber Engineering

Architecture Mobile Android iOS MVC UberEATS UberPOOL UberX VIPERWhy Uber Started Over. Uber is based on a simple concept: push a button, get a ride.

The Road to uChat: Building Uber’s Internal Chat Solution

Uber Engineering

Architecture Chat Platform Chef Chris Duarte Ed Wolf Employee Productivity Envoy Erlang Fullstack Labs Go Information Technology Marissa Alvarado-Lima Mattermost Messaging Platform Mobile Puppet Puppet Code Manager React Native SCCM Stanley Chan System Center Configuration Manager Technology Services Uber Uber Engineering uChat uDeploy XMPPTwo years ago, Uber’s previous chat application began showing signs that it would not be able to adapt to our growth.

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Introducing AthenaX, Uber Engineering’s Open Source Streaming Analytics Platform

Uber Engineering

Architecture Open Source Analytics Analytics Dashboard Apache Calcite Apache Flink Apache Samza Apache Storm App AthenaX Bill Lui Data Data Analytics Event Stream Processing Haohui Mai Kafka Michelangelo Mobile Naveen Cherukuri OS Restaurant Manager SQL Streaming Analytics Structured Query Language Uber Data UberEATS UberPOOL YARNUber facilitates seamless and more enjoyable user experiences by channeling data from a variety of real-time sources.

Re-Architecting Cash and Digital Wallet Payments for India with Uber Engineering

Uber Engineering

Architecture Business Intelligence Cash Payment Digital Wallets Engineering ExploreIndia Mobile Payments Payments Efficiency Team Uber Uber Bangalore Uber India EngineeringUber is developing a payment platform for India that enables operations teams to more seamlessly collect and distribute cash and digital wallet payments to drivers.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

Armed with this knowledge, we can soon understand why TTFB can often increase so dramatically on mobile. Surely, you’ve wondered before, the server has no idea that I’m on a mobile device—how can it be increasing its TTFB?!