Optimizing Google Fonts Performance

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Optimizing Google Fonts Performance. Optimizing Google Fonts Performance. It’s fair to say Google Fonts are popular. Without Google Fonts you would be limited to the handful of “ system fonts ” installed on your user’s device. Google Fonts Are Already Optimized.

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Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook

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Google has released a new book: The Site Reliability Workbook — Practical Ways to Implement SRE. David Rensin, a SRE at Google, says : It's a whole new book. It's the second book in their SRE series. How is it different than the previous Site Reliability Engineering book?

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Case Study: Pokémon GO on Google Cloud Load Balancing

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There are a lot of cool nuggets in Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook. In addition, many engineers across Google provided their assis? Load Balancing google

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Load Balanced ProxySQL in Google Cloud


cloud tutorial performance google load testing load balancing google cloud gcp proxysqlThere are three different ways ProxySQL can direct traffic between your application and the back-end MySQL services. Locally, on the MySQL servers. Between the MySQL servers and the application. Colocated on the application servers themselves. Without going through too much detail, each has its own limitations.

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Google's June 2nd Outage: Their Status Page ? Reality


On Sunday June 2nd, Google Cloud Platform had an extended networking-based outage. There was significant disruption of commonly used services like YouTube and Gmail, as well as Google-hosted applications like Snapchat. cloud performance google outage

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We shipped font-display to Google Fonts!

Addy Osmani

At Google I/0 2019 , we announced that we would finally be bringing support for font-display to Google Fonts. I'm happy to share this is now available in production for all Google Fonts users via the new display parameter

Google's Inbox Email Client

Baron Schwartz

Google’s Inbox email client is going away in a couple of months, and I’m sad. As I’ve been looking around for a replacement, I realized that I never wrote about how I came to appreciate it.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence

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Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

How to Get Ready for Google’s Speed Update


Google recently announced the launch of their Speed Update. This change to how Google ranks websites for searches will now take mobile page speed into account in its ranking algorithm. This announcement is part of a Google’s ongoing efforts to incentivize good web performance. Google won’t notify you if your ranking is dinged by mobile speed, but you will see the impact in your Google Search Console and your traffic. Web Performance google SEO Speed

How to Speed Up Page Load Times with Google’s PageSpeed Insights


According to Google, a website can lose as many as half its visitors while loading. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tools may be just what you need to leverage data collected through speed testing. So does that mean Google Pagespeed Insights is worthless?

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2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used


Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform tied neck and neck at 17.5% PostgreSQL is an open source relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community.

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

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PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines. So what makes PostgreSQL so special, and how is it being used today?

Notes on: 'Performance Culture' at Google I/O 2014

Tim Kadlec

At Google I/O 2014 , Lara Swanson and Paul Lewis discussed performance culture. Since it’s one of my favorite topics, I decided to share my notes: 34% of US adults use a smartphone as their primary means of internet access. Mobile networks add a tremendous amount of latency. We are not our end users. The new devices and fast networks we use are not necessarily what our users are using. 40% of people abandon a site that takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load.

Fast key-value stores: an idea whose time has come and gone

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In ProtoCache (a component of a widely used Google application), 27% of its latency when using a traditional S+RInK design came from marshalling/un-marshalling. (We’ve Uncategorized Datastores GoogleFast key-value stores: an idea whose time has come and gone Adya et al., HotOS’19.

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Software-defined far memory in warehouse scale computers

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This makes memory a critical factor in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of large compute clusters, or as Google like to call them “Warehouse-scale computers (WSCs).” Google were able to bring about a 4-5% reduction in memory TCO (worth millions of dollars!)

How To Avoid Landing Page Redirects (10 min read)


Google sometimes refers to such practices as sneaky redirects , and if your page engages in what search engines deem inappropriate, your page will be penalized in the rankings.

Towards federated learning at scale: system design

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This is a high level paper describing Google’s production system for federated learning. There’s a good high-level overview of federated learning on Google’s AI blog. FL at Google has been used for on-device item ranking (e.g. Uncategorized Google Machine Learning

Nines are not enough: meaningful metrics for clouds

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The authors of today’s paper should know a thing or two about that: Jeffrey Mogul and John Wilkes at Google 1 ! About that recent outage… I know this has been a longer write-up than usual, but I can’t resist quoting this paragraph about risks that are under the cloud provider’s control, to be juxtaposed with the emerging details of the recent Google Cloud Networking Incident #19009. Uncategorized Google Operations

Is Google to IBM as Apple is to Apple?

The Agile Manager

Google recently entered this market. They also have brand and reach, although it can't be confirmed whether somebody has been fired for buying Google. And Google has entered the hardware business on the Droid platform, but they're not a hardware company. This means Google is following a similar pattern, but changing the attributes. In the late 1970s, the microcomputer industry was still in its emergent stages.

The Difference Between GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and WebPagetest


Optimization Explained google lighthouse page optimization PageSpeed PageSpeed Insights Pingdom Pingdom Tools WebPagetest yslowIf you’ve used any of these tools, you may wonder why the results are sometimes different.

Chrome Lite Pages

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Google’s servers are still involved, by as a proxy service forwarding the initial request along. It’s probably important to remember that the reason why Google is doing this isn’t to break our designs or mess with our websites — they’re doing this because there are serious performance concerns with the web, and those concerns aren't limited to developing nations. Article android chrome google lite pages performance

How to display a "new version available" for a Progressive Web App

Dean Hume

I recently visited Google’s Inbox and noticed a notification a little like the image below. This is where a pop up notification like Google’s Inbox provides the user with a means of always having the latest version of cached resources.

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) came in 2nd at 26.2% Ready to transition from a commercial database to open source, and want to know which databases are most popular in 2019? Wondering whether an on-premise vs. public cloud vs. hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for your database strategy? Or, considering adding a new database to your application and want to see which combinations are most popular?

PPC Optimization: Minimize Learning Mode

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In Google Ads the bid strategy you choose determines how Google calculates your ad bids. Different bid strategies have different uses and advantages, and include manual and automated bid strategies like "Maximize Clicks" and "Target CPA" (see Figure 1). PPC Optimization

CPU throttling using Chrome Developer Tools

Dean Hume

If you'd like to learn more about the Timeline tab, I recommend checking out the Google Developers Website for more information. Google Chrome Chrome Web Performance JavaScript Speaking

Why Page Speed Scores can be Dangerous


Google PageSpeed Insights has a their “Speed Score.” Who is your website’s users – Google, or your real customers? Many people assume that Google takes the score from their Insights into account, but that’s simply untrue.

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Spinnaker Sets Sail to the Continuous Delivery Foundation

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At the Spinnaker Summit in 2018, we announced that we had adopted a formalized project governance plan with Google. This means enabling more parties outside of Netflix and Google to have a say in the direction and implementation of Spinnaker.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

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An outgoing request from a whitelisted domain returns a 302 , forwarding the request to a self-hosted CSS file that is optimised specifcally for your browser, OS, and UA (Google Fonts do something similar).

The Importance of Web Hosting Speed and Performance For Your Website


billion fewer in sales per year, while Google claims that less than a one-second delay results in eight million fewer searches per day. Speed Matters on the Internet. When it comes to whether visitors look at your page or not, the most significant factor is how fast your page loads. Amazon revealed that a one-second delay could lead to $1.6 performance internet ebusiness

Fostering a Web Performance Culture

José M. Pérez

Google’s Lighthouse is one of them, which shows information about PWA, SEO and more. presented in Google IO 2018 ( source ) These tools make it easier to determine where we need to put emphasis to improve our sites. Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast.

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

To evaluate such ecosystems, in absence of more sophisticated data, I used the number of documents Google finds and the number of jobs Monster finds mentioning each product. My post Good Times for Load Testing was published in 2014.

PerformanceObserver and Paint Timing API

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In a recent post about Chrome 60 Beta , Google announced the support of the Paint Timing API to get metrics on when your page starts rendering and when the user gets content that can be consumed (more info on the definition of the events below).

Design Of A Modern Cache—Part Deux

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This is a guest post by Benjamin Manes , who did engineery things for Google and is now doing engineery things as CTO of Vector. The previous article described the caching algorithms used by Caffeine , in particular the eviction and concurrency models.

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How do you explain the unreasonable effectiveness of cloud security?

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Google has an ebook on their security approach; Microsoft has some web pages. With the enormous attack surface of cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, why aren't there more security problems? Data breaches and cyber attacks occur daily.

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What Web Designers Can Do To Speed Up Mobile Websites

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Instead, I suggest that web designers use another Google testing tool called Test My Site. Test My Site is a mobile page speed testing tool from Think with Google. For example: Think with Google suggests the typical page speed optimizations.

PPC Optimization: Localize Ad Text

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With Google's new expanded text ads (90 characters vs. 45) there is more room to make your case to potential buyers. One of the best ways to optimize a PPC account is to improve the ad text. This article shows how you can use local landmarks to boost click-through rates and conversions.

A Brief Guide of xPU for AI Accelerators

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Image Processing Unit (IPU) is the Pixel Visual Core designed by Google and integrated in Google Pixel 2 released in 2017. Compared with Google Pixel 1, the HDR photography is accelerated by 5x and the power efficiency increased by 10x.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 29th, 2019

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million bits : information learned by average adult; 7.7% : Amazon's share of US retail sales; 100 million : Stack Overflow monthly visitors; $156B : Consumer spending in apps across iOS and Google Play by 2023; Quotable Quotes: John C. Wake up!

Monitor your OAuth 2.0 protected APIs with Dynatrace Synthetic


OAuth is an open standard for access delegation that is currently used by Amazon , Google , Microsoft , PayPal , Facebook , Twitter , and other companies. Dynatrace news.

Netflix Studio Hack Day?—?May 2019

The Netflix TechBlog

We built this hack using Java (Springboot framework), the Google OAuth and Calendar APIs (for finding rooms) and Twilio API (for calling into the meeting), and deployed it on AWS. Netflix Studio Hack Day ?—?May

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For February 15th, 2019

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google's @fchollet, the danger of AI propaganda. Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Opportunity crossed over the rainbow bridge after 15 years of loyal service. " Our beloved Opportunity remains silent.". Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon.

Kelsey Hightower and Chris Gaun on serverless and Kubernetes

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This episode of the O’Reilly Podcast, features a conversation on serverless and Kubernetes, with Kelsey Hightower , developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform at Google (and co-author of Kubernetes: Up and Running ), and Chris Gaun , Kubernetes product manager at Mesosphere.

Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting

José M. Pérez

Or loading a 3rd party component like a Google Map, with all its additional assets needed to render the thing? A code coverage report, like the one Google Chrome provides won’t help us much. When it comes to SEO, you might have issues indexing lazy-loaded content on Google.

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