Ingesting JMeter, temperature and humidity metrics: A Dynatrace innovation day report


In this blog, I want to give you two examples of internal innovation projects at Dynatrace which leverage this new API, to truly show you the power – and the fun-ness of this new metric ingest ??. The idea was inspired by an innovation day project of our lab in Klagenfurt.

The Innovator's Cunundrum

The Agile Manager

Innovation Strategic ITEven as the pandemic hits sales, [automakers] need to pour vast sums into developing electrical vehicles - with absolutely no guarantee of success. -- FT Lex, July 29, 2020 Socioeconomic systems in transition are impossible to navigate.


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Innovate. Collaborate. Deliver. Our digital hub is live


The post Innovate. Dynatrace news. I think it’s an obvious statement to make, but the COVID-19 virus has taken everyone by surprise, in terms of how quickly it has disrupted our lives , and how disruptive it has been to so many people. Our thoughts are with everyone around the world who is currently suffering or ha s lost loved ones as a result of the virus. . We are also extremely sympathetic to those that are without work or have had to shut down a business.

Dynatrace innovates again with the release of topology-driven auto-adaptive metric baselines


The post Dynatrace innovates again with the release of topology-driven auto-adaptive metric baselines appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

Institutional Innovation - I Have a Dream

Edge Perspectives

Today they are an unnatural bundle of three very different and often conflicting business types: infrastructure management, product innovation and commercialization, and customer relationship businesses. Everyone talks about transformation these days, but the term is used so loosely that it’s begun to lose all meaning. I recently wrote a blog post suggesting that the ultimate test of transformation is whether the caterpillar became a butterfly – is it so different that it’s unrecognizable?

Innovation Exhaustion

The Agile Manager

But even Amazon is showing signs of innovation fatigue. Blockchain could eliminate redundancies across companies, reduce fees for simple transfers, and usher in all kinds of innovation. That means that companies in ecosystems that adopt distributed ledger technology will find opportunities for innovation and gain some efficiencies, but will not be able to exploit its full potential for quite some time. Innovation Strategic IT

Innovation Can’t Keep the Web Fast

CSS - Tricks

Every so often, the fruits of innovation bear fruit in the form of improvements to the foundational layers of the web. As technological innovations such as HTTP/3 and 5G emerge, we must take care not to rest on our laurels and simply assume they will heal our ills once and for all. Innovation alone can’t keep the web fast because making the web fast — and keeping it that way — is the hard work we can only accomplish by working together.

Dynatrace study: How your peers use cloud automation to innovate faster (Part 1)


The size and complexity of today’s cloud environments will continue to expand with the speed and innovation required to remain competitive. The post Dynatrace study: How your peers use cloud automation to innovate faster (Part 1) appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Over the last year we’ve seen more and more Dynatrace customers move from DevOps to NoOps.

Innovation Versus Control

The Agile Manager

This separates the sclerotic laggards from the adaptive innovators. The second part of the paragraph helps us to better understand the organizational dynamics within a small and innovative company versus those within a large integrated program team or an enterprise. Anyone touting the potential for innovation from a delivery team engaged in task execution is living in a world of make-believe. Innovation is scarce where control is the priority.

Eliminate inefficiencies and innovate faster by optimizing hybrid mainframe environments on IBM Z


This real-time visibility, as well as proven code-level analysis from cloud to the mainframe, gives enterprises a huge competitive advantage—they can eliminate inefficiencies and consequently, innovate at a faster rate. The post Eliminate inefficiencies and innovate faster by optimizing hybrid mainframe environments on IBM Z appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. IBM Z systems power billions of transactions each day and are used by most Fortune 500 companies.

Organizing for Innovation, Part I

The Agile Manager

Innovation happens through people, not assets. Assets can be an impediment to innovation: software that is brittle, monolithic, poorly encapsulated, or high-maintenance inhibits creative new uses of it. But assets don't innovate by themselves. Innovation happens through the people you have. We saw last month that innovation is stifled where management's prevailing goal is control. Innovation

The Would-Be Innovator's Dilemma

The Agile Manager

It is appealing to think of your trading partners and competitors seeing your company as an industry leading innovator. Unfortunately, as we saw last month, innovation is an increasingly expensive game. How do you play the innovation game to win if you don't have infinitely deep pockets to finance voyages of discovery and if you don't have the clout or the charm to convince others to finance your vision? Do You have the Financial Profile of an Innovator?

Organizing for Innovation, Part II

The Agile Manager

While it is true that it is people and not assets who innovate, the assets can enable or prohibit such innovation. InnovationLast month we defined autonomy by the classes of decisions that are devolved to the team level, specifically that the smallest organizational unit - a team - has the ability to decide what it should do, can do, and will do. Looking at it this way makes clear the sharp differences between autocratic and autonomous management philosophies.

SpringOne Platform: Four great days of sharing new ways of innovating with Pivotal Platform


We’re thrilled to receive this award because Dynatrace and Pivotal are a great fit together, and it’s always satisfying for our teams to enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation and deliver innovation faster together. The post SpringOne Platform: Four great days of sharing new ways of innovating with Pivotal Platform appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

Securing the software delivery value stream for safer digital innovation


The post Securing the software delivery value stream for safer digital innovation appeared first on Tasktop Blog. The Bifurcation of Security. In recent years, we’re seeing a clear split within the security community. There’s the “traditional” enterprise security focused on auditable controls, segregation of duties, approvals, change management, etc.

Customer Conversations - How Intuit and Edmodo Innovate using.

All Things Distributed

Customer Conversations - How Intuit and Edmodo Innovate using Amazon RDS. From tax preparation to safe social networks, Amazon RDS brings new and innovative applications to the cloud. Empowering innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Amazon Web Services (AWS). I often get to meet, discuss, and learn from innovators how they are using AWS to deliver transformative applications to their users, customers and partners. This is a unique and innovative platform.

Organizing for Innovation, Part VI: Putting It All Together

The Agile Manager

Visualizing it helps explain how all these things combine to create an organization that innovates as well as operates. With enterprises increasingly feeling the heat from new companies, technologies and products, executives charge managers with extracting more innovations from the business. Managers go about looking at changing ways of working, recognizing that innovation is partially a byproduct of "how" things are done. Innovation at scale requires autonomy at scale.

Organizing for Innovation, Part III: A New Metaphor

The Agile Manager

If the organizational goal is innovation, we need the organization to have the characteristics described in the previous post in this series : it must be attuned to its environment, and it must be highly adaptable to it. Traditional organizational thinking inhibits the conditions that create innovation. To have any reasonable expectation of innovation, we need to have the right expectations of how the organization functions if we are to manage in a way that fosters innovation.

Organizing for Innovation, Part V: The Leadership Challenge

The Agile Manager

While constraints force institutional responses such as prioritization and innovation, they are also opportunities for a systemic change. Innovation Leadership Restructuring ITOrganizations of autonomous teams require a different set of behaviors than organizations that are run like a machine. People in a self-directed team form their own appreciations for what should be done, prioritize what will be done, and self-determine how it will be done.

Organizing for Innovation Part IV: Autonomy at Scale

The Agile Manager

Creating complex higher-order offerings as composites of lower-level capabilities is the “platform effect” of innovation. InnovationIt is easy to understand how a small organization of autonomous teams can function. When there are only a few teams, there is a small community, and it is simple for people to communicate with one another in both formal and informal ways. It is not difficult to see how a large organization of largely independent teams can scale.

Dareboost at Etam: when Web Performance meets a strong culture of innovation


Leslie] My Name is Leslie-Anne Buffignani, … Continue reading Dareboost at Etam: when Web Performance meets a strong culture of innovation → Performance analyticsWe often assist our clients in their web performance optimization projects. Between two follow-up meetings, some members of the Etam Group‘s web development team gave me an interview. Boris] Hello! Thank you for granting us a few minutes. Let’s start at the beginning: would you like to introduce yourself?

Netflix Studio Engineering Overview

The Netflix TechBlog

We combine our entertainment knowledge and our technical expertise to provide innovative technical solutions from the initial pitch of an idea to the moment our members hit play. innovation production studio engineering entertainmentBy Steve Urban , Sridhar Seetharaman , Shilpa Motukuri , Tom Mack , Erik Strauss , Hema Kannan , CJ Barker Netflix is revolutionizing the way a modern studio operates.

All In

The Agile Manager

Corporate Psyche Innovation LeadershipImmediately after World War II, Coca-Cola had 60% of the soft drinks market in the United States. By the early 1980s, it had about 25%.

Lost Productivity or Found Hyperefficiency?

The Agile Manager

Consider healthcare: although medical costs are much higher today in nominal terms than they were in 1970, they are much lower in real terms when adjusted both for monetary inflation and medical-technological innovation. There is a popular theory that technological innovation has become more important than capital in setting prevailing economic conditions. a dearth of innovative new technologies). InnovationLabor productivity creates economic prosperity.

But Is It Really a Tech Firm?

The Agile Manager

On the plus side, tech firms have to invest for invention and innovation. Innovation Strategic ITThere are lots of executives who would have you believe that the business they run is really a tech business. With tech firm valuations still at sky-high levels, it's easy to understand why.

The Tortoise Strategy

The Agile Manager

Innovation IT Finance Risk ManagementThree years ago, I wrote that the unstoppable forces of Fintech were running into the immovable force of financial orthodoxy. Specifically, the technology cycle wasn't enough to overcome the credit cycle for peer-to-peer lending firms, which were resorting to selling their loan portfolios to traditional lenders, becoming buyers of last resort themselves when no buyers emerged, and offering deposit insurance for lenders.

Late Mover Advantage

The Agile Manager

An intermediary couldn't crush the competition with customer love, innovation, tech firepower, or scale. Innovation IT Finance Leadership Risk ManagementMany years ago, I worked with a company that helped big pharma companies distribute free medical samples to doctors. Having pharma products on-hand is a convenience for doctors and patients alike, mainly because a doctor can initiate immediate treatment for a patient.

Driving Bandwidth Cost Down for AWS Customers. - All Things.

All Things Distributed

Often we think about innovation as going after new unchartered territories, but it is also important to innovate in those existing dimensions that will remain important for customers. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Driving Bandwidth Cost Down for AWS Customers. By Werner Vogels on 29 June 2011 09:55 AM. Permalink. Comments ().

AWS 66

Making the Switch to Apica Synthetic Monitoring


Application Performance Management (APM) is a maturing field, full of innovative vendors. Users of APM tools thus have a range Read More. The post Making the Switch to Apica Synthetic Monitoring appeared first on Apica.

Feeling the Customer Love for AWS - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

We work hard to meet our customers expectations and to continue to innovate on their behalf. They also brought with them a video that showed their appreciation on how we enable them to innovate. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Feeling the Customer Love for AWS. By Werner Vogels on 19 July 2013 11:00 AM. Permalink. Comments ().

AWS 71

Compelling Reasons to Go for Laravel Development Services


Laravel is emerging rapidly and supporting innovative features, consequently, for more efficiency and faster application development. If you're looking to develop a website or PHP application, you might be looking for different frameworks and get confused. There are many of them, but the most compelling one is Laravel. With the help of Laravel Development Service, you can achieve the new high in success by developing the flawless website of the future.

Amazon EC2 Cluster GPU Instances - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services takes another step on the continuous innovation path by announcing a new Amazon EC2 instance type: The Cluster GPU Instance. We believe that making these GPU resources available for everyone to use at low cost will drive new innovation in the application of highly parallel programming models. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

Driving Storage Costs Down for AWS Customers - All Things.

All Things Distributed

One of the things that differentiates Amazon Web Services from other technology providers is its commitment to let customers benefits from continuous cost-cutting innovations and from the economies of scale AWS is able to achieve. In a time where on-premise infrastructure costs are rising significantly it is great to see that AWS can let all of its customers, big and small, benefit from the cost cutting innovations in storage. All Things Distributed.

Reinventing virtualization with the AWS Nitro System

All Things Distributed

Indeed, we have created some of our most innovative and successful ideas when we have entered unchartered territory. A great example of this approach to innovation and problem solving is the creation of the AWS Nitro System , the underlying platform for our EC2 instances.

Looking for disruption? Don't look to technology

The Agile Manager

InnovationThe chattering classes would have us believe that technology disrupts. It does not. Socio-economic conditions change to create an incongruity that is ripe for exploitation. By way of example, the technology to enable the sharing economy existed for years, but monetizing everything from spare time to the spare bedroom only became appealing when mortgages went underwater, wages stagnated, and the labor participation rate dropped.

Invest in What You Know

The Agile Manager

Innovation LeadershipEvery day, millions of people buy expensive things they don't know much about: cars and residential homes, enterprise software and entire enterprises. Having a deep pocket - or investiture by people with deep pockets - is the only qualification required for an individual to have buying authority. As we saw previously, emotions have a share - often a disproportionate one at that - in buying decisions.

Without the Right Capital Structure, There is no Software Company Within

The Agile Manager

automakers have far more capacity than demand), highly flexible (lower labor intensity and cheap capital means production can shift quickly in response to economic or political demands, but by extension means there is no intrinsic strength derived from a "highly skilled labor force"), and subject to constant innovation in inputs (look at the progress in materials science in the last two decades). Innovation IT Finance Strategic ITIs every company destined to be a software company?

How Do You Improve Network Agility?


The rise of innovative efforts made by several vendors to expand and modernize network device interfaces is improving network agility and is seen with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking. This network interface innovation stems from the use of programmable constructs like Yang, Tosca, and DevOps in an effort to move away from the CLI. Organizations are in search of improving network agility, but what exactly does this mean?

Upcoming Software Testing Trends in 2020


The advent of these methods has led to the innovation and use of new testing techniques. The projections are in! Check out these testing trends! The software development landscape continues to evolve with DevOps and Agile development methods taking over traditional approaches. For QA professionals, it becomes crucial to quickly adapt to new changes in the testing domain so that they may become better testers and stay relevant to their industry.

The Return of Financial Engineering - and What it Means for Tech

The Agile Manager

That clears the way for innovators to disrupt and grow quickly. But until those innovators rise up, finance is positioned to stymie - not facilitate - business innovation. Innovation IT Finance Strategic ITSoon after the financial crisis began in 2008, companies shifted attention from finance to operations. Finance had fallen out of favour: risk capital dried up, asset prices collapsed and capital sought safe havens like US Treasurys.

Porsche Informatik Hits the Gas on Digital Transformation with Red Hat OpenShift and the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform


Under intense pressure to transform in response to digitization trends and rising consumer expectations, Porsche Informatik needed a way to push its leading edge – to innovate faster, drastically reduce their time to market, and enhance the overall user experience. Dynatrace news.

Can a Business Rent a Core Capability?

The Agile Manager

Innovation Strategic ITTech utilities - things that automate administration, enable communication or improve employee productivity - started as a labor expense, became a capital expense, and have now become a rent payment. This final state is an efficient economic relationship for buyer and seller. The buyer has more flattering financial statements and can negotiate for non-core services at a gross level (e.g., a single cost per employee).

Living legend Steve Wozniak announced as Dynatrace Go Keynote.


A living legend, Steve will be joining Dynatrace CMO Mike Maciag for a fireside chat on all things innovation, AI, creativity, and whatever else comes into this genius’s thoughts. Dynatrace news. This could be the world’s shortest blog post, because really what else is there to say?