How to Tune Garbage Collection in Java


These pauses are sometimes called Stop-The-World pauses, and the minimization of them is the primary concern of GC tuning, as they can have a huge impact on the performance of a Java application. java tutorial performance garbage collection java performance tuning gc garbage collector heapGarbage collection is the mechanism by which the JVM reclaims memory on behalf of the application when it's no longer needed.

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How to fine tune failure detection


How to fine-tune failure detection. The post How to fine tune failure detection appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Failure detection with services. When I work with customers, I usually get their requirements to alert on failures.

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Snowflake Performance Tuning: Top 5 Best Practices


How do you tune the Snowflake data warehouse when there are no indexes, and few options available to tune the database itself? Snowflake was designed for simplicity, with few performance tuning options.

Tune Linux Kernel Parameters For PostgreSQL Optimization


In this post, we will discuss some important kernel parameters that can affect database server performance and how these should be tuned. You can tune the difference between the two ratios depending on your disk IO load.

SQL Server T-SQL Performance Tuning – Views

SQL Server Performance

In this installament of the TSQL Performance Tuning series we turn our attention to Views Views Used Within Joins or Where Conditions As a generic concept, an inner join with an object which has insufficient indexing will result in index scanning or perhaps a table scan which also applies for Views Impacts: • Much CPU […]. Developer Performance Tuning Uncategorized T-SQL Tuning Views

Tuning PostgreSQL Database Parameters to Optimize Performance


Out of the box, the default PostgreSQL configuration is not tuned for any particular workload. It is primarily the responsibility of the database administrator or developer to tune PostgreSQL according to their system’s workload. If queries perform full table scans where an index could be used or perform heavy joins or expensive aggregate operations, then the system can still perform poorly even if the database parameters are tuned.

Tuning Autovacuum in PostgreSQL and Autovacuum Internals


This may help tune your table level autovacuum settings appropriately. Tuning Autovacuum in PostgreSQL. How do we identify the tables that need their autovacuum settings tuned ? . In order to tune autovacuum for tables individually, you must know the number of inserts/deletes/updates on a table for an interval. In turn, this should help you with tuning your autovacuum settings for individual tables. The following are the parameters used to tune autovacuum IO.

Tuning your SQL Query – Generating a Proper Execution Plan.

SQL Server Performance

Developer General DBA Performance Tuning SQL T-SQL TSQLRecently one of my developers came to and complained of slow performance on a particular query. During the investigation I noticed that the primary cause was the poor query execution plan. In this article, I will discuss the approach which I used to improve the execution plan. For demonstration purpose, I will be creating a […].

SQL Server T-SQL Tuning – Temp Tables, Table Variables and Union

SQL Server Performance

In this article series we will focus on the primary points of T-SQL performance tuning. In this first installment I will lopok at tuning temp tables, table variables and the Union command. Developer Performance Tuning T-SQL Table Variable Temp Table TSQL UNIONTemp Tables and Table Variables Most database developers are used to breaking down code into small chunks using temp tables or table variables […].

Upcoming Webinar Friday 1/4: High-Performance PostgreSQL, Tuning and Optimization Guide


Please join Percona’s Senior Software Engineer, Ibrar Ahmed as he presents his High-Performance PostgreSQL, Tuning and Optimization Guide on Friday, January, 4th, at 8:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) / 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-4). Out of the box, the default PostgreSQL configuration is not tuned for any workload.

AWS re:Invent 2017: How Netflix Tunes EC2

Brendan Gregg

My last talk for 2017 was at AWS re:Invent, on "How Netflix Tunes EC2 Instances for Performance," an updated version of my [2014] talk. Our team looks after the BaseAMI, kernel tuning, OS performance tools and profilers, and self-service tools like Vector.

Performance Tuning Re-indexing and Update Statistics – A Case Study

SQL Server Performance

General DBA Performance Tuning index re-indexing Update StatisticsRecently we started experiencing a very strange issue in our production reporting environment where the Re-indexing and Update Statistics operation suddenly began taking more than 2 days to complete and was thus causing blockage in the database which in turn caused impairment in application performance. Reporting Server Configuration Details: SQL Server Version: SQL Server 2005 […].

Application Scalability — How To Do Efficient Scaling


performance performance testing performance and monitoring performance tuning performance engineering application scaling performance caching scalability and performance

Hibernate Bytecode Enhancement: Dirty Tracking


In this article, I’m going to explain what actually happens under the hood and how to tune it up. performance hibernate 5 bytecode hibernate performance tuning dirty tracking

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Does the 32-Bit JVM or 64-Bit JVM Decision Matter Anymore?


java jvm jvm performance tuning q&a 32 bit 64 bitThere are a few distinct differences and subtle nuances between 32-bit JVM and 64-bit JVM. We thought we will try to clarify them through this question-and-answer article.

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Reducing High CPU on MySQL: a Case Study


MySQL Percona Monitoring and Management Performance Tuning PMM MySQL indexing MySQL Query Performance MySQL Query TuningIn this blog post, I want to share a case we worked on a few days ago.

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Finding Table Differences on Nullable Columns Using MySQL Generated Columns


Insight for DBAs Insight for Developers MySQL Performance Tuning MySQL Query Tuning query tuningSome time ago, a customer had a performance issue with an internal process. He was comparing, finding, and reporting the rows that were different between two tables.

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Performance gains for postgres on Linux with hugepages


Databases Tuning hugepages linux postgres tuningFor this experiment I am using Postgres v11 on Linux 3.10 kernel. The goal was to see what gains can be made from using hugepages. I use the “built in” benchmark pgbench to run a simple set of queries. Since I am interested in only the gains from hugepages I chose to use the “-S” parameter to pgbench which means perform only the “select” statements.

Understanding SQL Server Query Optimization – Part 3

SQL Server Performance

Performance Tuning QueryEditor’s Note: In the first of this four part series, I gave an overview of the tools and techniques of query optimization in SQL Server. In the second part, I talked about the process of displaying and interpreting query execution plans. I also showed how to generate query execution plans usin gSQL Server Management Studio, […].

SQL Server Hardware Optimization

SQL Server Performance

General DBA Performance Tuning hardwareAn important concern in optimizing the hardware platform is hardware components that restrict performance, known as bottlenecks. Quite often, the problem isn’t correcting performance bottlenecks as much as it is identifying them in the first place. Start with obtaining a performance baseline. You monitor the server over time so that you can determine Server average […].

Configuring the Maximum Degree of Parallelism

SQL Server Performance

Performance TuningA commonly altered setting is Maximum Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP), which controls the maximum number of CPUs that can be used in executing a single task. For example, a large query may be broken up into different parts, with each part executing threads on separate CPUs. Such a query is known as a parallel query. […].

Upcoming Webinar Thurs 3/21: MySQL Performance Schema in 1 hour


In this webinar, I will give an overview of Performance Schema, focusing on its tuning, performance, and usability. Additionally, it comes with hundreds of options which allow for greater precision tuning. Performance Schema Performance Tuning Technical Webinars

Multiple Table Queries in SQL Server – UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT, Subqueries, and Joins

SQL Server Performance

Performance TuningThere are several for creating queries that return data from multiple tables. The one you choose depends on your data retrieval requirements and the underlying structure of the database. In this three part article series, I will demonstrate how to combine data from multiple tables by using UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT. You’ll perform advanced queries […].

SQL Server Logical Reads – What do they really tell us?

SQL Server Performance

Performance TuningSQL Server trace, the most common tool DBAs use to evaluate query performance, provides the ‘logical reads’ counter on which many DBAs rely for evaluating a query’s I/O performance. In this article, we will examine this counter’s true meaning and provide examples that prove it can sometimes be quite misleading… I am sure you have […].

Techniques to Monitor SQL Server memory usage

SQL Server Performance

Performance Tuning DBCC MEMORYSTATUSMemory has a dramatic impact on SQL Server Performance. Fortunately, in SQL Server you can either use DMVs, , Extended Events, sp_server_diagnostics system procedure or SQL Profiler to server memory usage and track down root cause of SQL Server memory bottlenecks. In this article, I will provide you high-level overview of these memory-related tools. Dynamic […].

MySQL 8.0.14: A Road to Parallel Query Execution is Wide Open!


MySQL Performance Tuning parallel query Parallel Query ExecutionFor a very long time – since when multiple CPU cores were commonly available – I dreamed about MySQL having the ability to execute queries in parallel.

Percona Database Performance Blog 2018 Year in Review: Top Blog Posts


Linux OS Tuning for MySQL Database Performance. In this post we will review the most important Linux settings to adjust for performance tuning and optimization of a MySQL database server. Tuning PostgreSQL Database Parameters to Optimize Performance. Tuning InnoDB Primary Keys.

Charset and Collation Settings Impact on MySQL Performance


MySQL Performance Tuning Character Sets MySQL Character SetsFollowing my post MySQL 8 is not always faster than MySQL 5.7, this time I decided to test very simple read-only CPU intensive workloads, when all data fits memory.

Monitor and Optimize Slow Queries with PMM and EverSQL – Part One


MySQL Percona Monitoring and Management Performance Tuning PMM MySQL Query Performance MySQL tool query performance query performance insightsA common challenge with continuously deployed applications is that new and modified SQL queries are constantly being introduced to the application.

Monitor and Optimize Slow Queries with PMM and EverSQL – Part 2


EverSQL (use code PERCONA-EVERSQL-10OFF for a 10% discount on the first billing cycle) is a platform that intelligently tunes your SQL queries by providing query optimization recommendations, and feedback on missing indexes.

Using Parallel Query with Amazon Aurora for MySQL


Amazon Aurora MySQL Performance Tuning parallel query Parallel Query Execution parallelizationParallel query execution is my favorite, non-existent , feature in MySQL.

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Webinar Tuesday, 8/28: Forking or Branching – Lessons from the MySQL Community


Insight for DBAs MySQL Performance Tuning Technical WebinarsPlease join Percona’s CEO, Peter Zaitsev as he presents Forking or Branching – Lessons from the MySQL Community on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 7:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) / 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4). Register Now.

Is It a Read Intensive or a Write Intensive Workload?


Database Monitoring Insight for DBAs Insight for Developers MySQL Percona Monitoring and Management Percona Server for MySQL Performance Tuning PMM Database Workloads read intensive write intensive

Upcoming Webinar Tuesday, 7/31: Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures


Insight for DBAs MySQL Performance Tuning Technical Webinars MongoDB 3.6 Please join Percona’s CEO, Peter Zaitsev as he presents Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 at 7:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) / 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4). Register Now.

Monitoring Processes with Percona Monitoring and Management


MySQL Percona Monitoring and Management Performance Tuning PMM Process Exporter process monitoringA few months ago I wrote a blog post on How to Capture Per Process Metrics in PMM.

Analyzing Amazon Aurora Slow Logs with pt-query-digest


Amazon Aurora Amazon RDS AWS MySQL Percona Toolkit Performance Tuning MySQL slow logs Slow Query Log slow query logsIn this blog post we shall discuss how you can analyze slow query logs from Amazon Aurora for MySQL , (referred to as Amazon Aurora in the remaining blog).

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Should You Use ClickHouse as a Main Operational Database?


Clickhouse Performance Tuning API gateway massively parallel analytical systemFirst of all, this post is not a recommendation but more like a “what if” story. What if we use ClickHouse (which is a columnar analytical database) as our main datastore? Well, typically, an analytical database is not a replacement for a transactional or key/value datastore.

Get details of SQL Server Database Growth and Shrink Events

SQL Shack

Performance tuning is an open-ended task, and you need to ensure the monitoring of various database parameters. It is essential for the DBA to need to ensure the SQL Server database performance.

Benchmarking with Postgres PT2


I had to tune the parameter checkpoint_completion_target from 0.5 default pgbench – notice the sharp drop in log-writes before tuning. In this example we run pgbench with a scale factor of 1000 which equates to a database size of around 15GB.

Synthetic monitoring of internal applications extended to Windows-based ActiveGates!


So stay tuned for more news about: Cluster-wide locations for Dynatrace Managed. Dynatrace news.

Monitor your OAuth 2.0 protected APIs with Dynatrace Synthetic


Stay tuned for more Synthetic news including: Synthetic credentials store. Dynatrace news. As microservices and automation continue to drive API usage, most organizations have either already introduced, or plan to introduce, an API testing process.

Impact of Data locality on DB workloads.


The Postgres DB is totally un-tuned and contains purely default settings. Effect of removing CPU constraints and maintaining data locality on a running DB instance. In this video I migrate a Postgres DB running PGbench benchmark. The DB is running on a Host which is CPU constrained.

Dynatrace OneAgent supported for RHEL 8 deployments


Please join us in congratulating Red Hat on this release, and stay tuned for further announcements. Dynatrace news. We’re very excited about this week’s announcement from Red Hat , one of our technology alliance partners , about the public release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. This announcement was made during the Red Hat Summit conference in Boston, where Dynatrace presented as one of the platinum partners.

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