AI-powered DNS request tracking extends infrastructure observability for high quality network traffic


To extend Dynatrace diagnostic visibility into network traffic, we’ve added out-of-the-box DNS request tracking to our infrastructure monitoring capabilities. Ensure high quality network traffic by tracking DNS requests out-of-the-box. Dynatrace news.

What your team can learn from traffic mega-surges like Amazon Prime Day

TechBeacon Testing

This year's Amazon Prime Day may be delayed (reportedly until August or September), but when it does arrive, it is certain to bring with it the usual flood of web traffic from hungry shoppers looking for killer deals.


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Taiji: managing global user traffic for large-scale Internet services at the edge

The Morning Paper

Taiji: managing global user traffic for large-scale internet services at the edge Xu et al., It’s another networking paper to close out the week (and our coverage of SOSP’19), but whereas Snap looked at traffic routing within the datacenter, Taiji is concerned with routing traffic from the edge to a datacenter. Traffic load is measured using requests per second for stateless traffic, and as the number of user sessions for sticky traffic.

Are Your Business Applications Dealing with a Traffic Jam? Get Unstuck Today!


The post Are Your Business Applications Dealing with a Traffic Jam? With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 just behind us it is clear that most, if not all conversation were about Read More. Get Unstuck Today! appeared first on Apica. API Cloud Monitoring

Are Your Business Applications Dealing with a Traffic Jam? Get Unstuck Today!


The post Are Your Business Applications Dealing with a Traffic Jam? With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 just behind us it is clear that most, if not all conversation were about Read More. Get Unstuck Today! appeared first on Apica. API Cloud Monitoring

How It Works: BULK INSERT (BCP) TDS Traffic

SQL Server According to Bob

Yesterday I had a discussion with a customer and realized that the BCP, TDS pattern could use a bit of documentation. Customer Scenario/Question: I am using BCP.exe to import a large data set. BCP.exe takes 15 minutes to complete but I only see a few seconds for the BULK INSERT command when monitoring dm_exec_requests. What is taking so long if the BULK INSERT is only showing a few seconds in dm_exec_requests? The customer was correct in her observation.

Keeping Netflix Reliable Using Prioritized Load Shedding

The Netflix TechBlog

How viewers are able to watch their favorite show on Netflix while the infrastructure self-recovers from a system failure By Manuel Correa , Arthur Gonigberg , and Daniel West Getting stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating experiences for drivers around the world.

Log4j Bug — Slows Down Your Application


This application was slowing down sometimes during high traffic volume periods; sometimes during low traffic periods as well. Learn how to troubleshoot your application. Recently we were troubleshooting a popular SaaS application. This application was slowing down intermittently. To recover from the problem, the application had to be restarted. There was no cohesive pattern. You may also like: How Slow App Performance Can Impact Your Bottom Line.

7 Best Performance Testing Tools to Look Out for in 2021


The system could work efficiently with a specific number of concurrent users; however, it may get dysfunctional with extra loads during peak traffic. Performance testing does not essentially display imperfections with an app, yet it needs to ensure that the app function as expected despite the bandwidth availability, network fluctuations, or traffic overload.

Why Load Balancing Is Important for Web Servers?


In the web hosting service industry, it is commonly used for balancing the HTTP traffic across multiple servers which act together as a web front-end. A Load Balancer allows the users to distribute the traffic to a single IP across several servers by using a set of different protocols. In case if one of the server nodes fails, the traffic can be programmatically distributed to other nodes without any service interruption. What is Load Balancing?

Large scale deployments are easy and cost-effective with network zones (Early Adopter)


Unnecessary traffic between such data centers can result in wasted resources, unpredictable downtimes, and lost business. By minimizing bandwidth and preventing unrelated traffic between data centers, you can maintain healthy network infrastructure and save on costs. Dynatrace network zones provide an easy means of routing OneAgent traffic between data centers using a unique approach that separates Dynatrace from its competitors. optimizing traffic routing.

Digital Customer Experience Starts and Ends With Login


From increasing traffic, reducing password fatigue, and improving security functions, a vastly convenient feature like Single Sign-On (SSO) can help to improve your consumer experience. It is beneficial for businesses to implement a seamless authentication and login system for many reasons. A large number of consumers will click away from an app or website to avoid filling out an online registration form.

A Dynatrace champions guide to get ahead of digital marketing campaigns


here are a few reasons why; if you’re running a public website that your marketing is promoting, you have marketing campaigns running against your systems and you probably ran already into situations when you asked yourself, “Why is Dynatrace alerting me with high traffic on this specific page?!”, “Is there a bot attack running but why doesn’t our CDN provider block the traffic?!”, “Why are our systems automatically scaling up on this regular workday?”. Dynatrace news.

The new normal of digital experience delivery – lessons learned from monitoring mission-critical websites during COVID-19


Over the last two month s, w e’ve monito red key sites and applications across industries that have been receiving surges in traffic , including government, health insurance, retail, banking, and media. Despite some instances of disruption, most of these sites and applications have held up, and traffic increases have been manageable. The following day, a normally mundane Wednesday , traffic soared to 128,000 sessions. Dynatrace news.

Network Automation at Fastly


Ryan Landry, the senior director for TechOps at Fastly, has shared how network automation enables them to manage traffic peaks during popular live-streamed events such as the Super Bowl LIV. Fastly are directly connected to numerous ISPs across the US and try to keep their live video traffic on these direct paths with their partners to deliver video streams as close to the end-user as possible.

A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve

Tim Kadlec

By serving one version of the site with in place to some traffic, and a site without it to another, I could compare the performance of them both over the same timespan and see how it shakes out. With the separate branch ready, I was able set up a split test in Netlify by selecting the master branch and the instant-page branch, and allocating the traffic that should go to each. I’ve wanted to give a proper try out on my site for a while now.

Monitor Your App’s Health With Spring Boot Actuator


Ever wanted to see the precise HTTP traffic going through your Spring Boot API? Vegetables won't keep your app healthy. With the Spring Boot Actuator and some code, you can! Spring Boot Actuator manages and monitors the health of your app using HTTP endpoints. It also allows you to see everything that’s happening in the background of an OpenID Connect (OIDC) flow. tutorial performance spring boot oidc actuator spring initializr

Simplify troubleshooting with AI-powered insights into connection pool performance (Early Adopter)


A traffic spike can be another root cause (for example, if a new marketing promotion drives lots of new customer traffic to your site). Davis baselines your traffic levels mainly to identify traffic drops, however it can also be set to create events when traffic is higher than expected.

Unlock end-to-end observability insights with Dynatrace PurePath 4 seamless integration of OpenTracing for Java


With Dynatrace OneAgent you also benefit from support for traffic routing and traffic control. OneAgent implements network zones to create traffic routing rules and limit cross data-center traffic. Dynatrace news.

Java 167

Evolving Regional Evacuation

The Netflix TechBlog

In the event of an isolated failure we first pre-scale microservices in the healthy regions after which we can shift traffic away from the failing one. This pre-scaling is necessary due to our use of autoscaling, which generally means that services are right-sized to handle their current demand, not the surge they would experience once we shift traffic. So, if we evacuate South American traffic to North America, demand for CE and Android DRM won’t grow uniformly.

COVID-19 and Digital Services: An Action Plan for the Unexpected


While most government agencies and commercial enterprises have digital services in place, the current volume of usage — including traffic to critical employment, health and retail/eCommerce services — has reached levels that many organizations have never seen before or tested against. Step 1: Understand Traffic Patterns and Potential Spikes; Remove Team Silos. The impact of traffic spikes is illustrated by the load that eCommerce web sites typically see during Black Friday.

Telltale: Netflix Application Monitoring Simplified

The Netflix TechBlog

We also highlight interesting broader events such as regional traffic evacuations and nearby deployments , information that is vital to understanding health holistically. Regional traffic evacuations. By Andrei U.,

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) vs. Dedicated Hosting at ScaleGrid


Each of these models is suitable for production deployments and high traffic applications, and are available for all of our supported databases, including MySQL , PostgreSQL , Redis™ and MongoDB® database ( Greenplum® database coming soon). It also allows you to reduce costs as you don’t have to pay for the traffic between the application and database when they are in the same VPC. This can result in significant cost savings for high traffic applications.

Cloud 150

Redis vs Memcached

Software Architecture

Memcached is very good at handling high traffic websites. Redis can not handle heavy traffic on read/write. Memcached is in-memory key value store whereas Redis is in-memory data structures store. Memcached supports only string data type which is ideal for storing read-only data. Redis supports almost all types of data. Redis can also be used as a messaging system such as pubsub. Memcached cannot be used as a pubsub system. Memcached is more memory efficient than Redis.

Performance reality check: 4 ways to keep up with unexpected surges

TechBeacon Testing

From online retail to finance, and from streaming entertainment to healthcare providers and agencies, all manner of businesses and government entities have seen their web traffic and app activity explode. COVID-19 has changed everything for many organizations, and it did so overnight, with no time to prepare. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Pandemic, Performance Engineering, Performance Testing

How to get the most value out of Session Replay: Use cases and examples


Session Replay features a number of settings, controls, and API calls that allow you to selectively record only those user sessions that are relevant to your business case: The Cost and traffic control setting, which allows you to decide the percentage of sessions you want to record. Cost and traffic control. The following settings can be applied: Cost and traffic control : 100%. The following settings can be applied: Cost and traffic control : 25%. Dynatrace news.

Why Test Your Web-Apps on Older Versions of Chrome?


Currently, global Internet traffic counts to a whopping 4.3 Testing on Google Chrome is necessary for any app-designer. Internet usage has constantly exploded in the past decade and continues to grow every single day. billion users. In the early days of the Internet, we hardly had a couple of browsers to choose from like Netscape (now known as Firefox), and Internet Explorer.

Improve your cloud deployments with automated observability into your Azure Deployment Slots


Unlike other monitoring tools on the market, which don’t provide AI-driven anomaly detection and alerting, Dynatrace delivers real-time data to track the performance of your deployed apps and the characteristics of your client traffic. Dynatrace news.

Azure 138

Optimizing Application Performance and User Experience With NETSCOUT for Azure


As a result, the number of servers and the quantity of traffic have been exploding exponentially. In the era of Digital Transformation (DX) the IT landscape has expanded to environments that rely extensively on virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and cloud computing.

Azure 130

Helping your digital services run optimally for your customers and employees during COVID-19


Aside from the huge surge in internal application usage, businesses are also witnessing increased levels of user traffic to their applications. Facilitating an understanding of traffic patterns and potential traffic spikes helps maintain customer experience. State and local governments are one of the organizations seeing the most surges in web traffic due to an increased demand for public services. Dynatrace news.

From Heavy Metal to Irrational Exuberance

ACM Sigarch

They need help tracking down expensive and insidious traffic across the language boundaries (copying and serialization).

C++ 84

5 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Your Website


Is the blog drawing traffic? Which pages are receiving the most traffic? You may think the answers are obvious, and the most obvious questions include: How many people are hitting our website? How many site visitors are converting? These are not necessarily the most important metrics about your website, and all of these questions can… The post 5 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Your Website appeared first on Dotcom-Monitor Web Performance Blog.

TCP: Out of Memory — Consider Tuning TCP_Mem


All other application instances were handling the traffic properly. What happens when you're out of memory? You may also like: Java Out of Memory Heap Analysis. Recently we experienced an interesting production problem. This application was running on multiple AWS EC2 instances behind Elastic Load Balancer. The application was running on a GNU/Linux OS, Java 8, Tomcat 8 application server. All of a sudden, one of the application instances became unresponsive.

Tuning 149

Redefining application communications with AWS App Mesh

All Things Distributed

Examples of such capabilities include service discovery, application-level metrics and logs, traces to help debug traffic patterns, traffic shaping, and the ability to secure communication between services. At re:Invent 2018, AWS announced the AWS App Mesh public preview, a service mesh that allows you to easily monitor and control communications across applications. Today, I'm happy to announce that App Mesh is generally available for use by customers.

AWS 108

Easily understand the detection rules of your RUM applications


By investigating these questions, we distilled these two pain points: Following definition of application detection rules, some users don’t see traffic from the correct URLs in the corresponding Dynatrace applications (i.e., Following definition of application detection rules, traffic from some URLs is picked up by the wrong application. Dynatrace news.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture


When they dug into the data, they found that the reason load times had increased was that they got a lot more traffic from Africa after doing the optimizations. Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers. Performance is a feature and needs to be prioritized as such. Performance is a topic that has interested me for a long time.

Improving our video encodes for legacy devices

The Netflix TechBlog

Yet, given its wide support, our H.264/AVC Main profile family still represents a substantial portion of the members viewing hours and an even larger portion of the traffic.

PPC Optimization: Optimizing Smart Campaigns

Website Optimization

Semi-automated and self optimizing Smart campaigns are designed to drive leads and traffic with minimal setup and maintenance (see Figure 1). In July 2018 Google rolled out Smart Campaigns in Google Ads in the US. Smart campaigns are designed for small businesses without a dedicated marketing staff. While it may sound like an oxymoron, Smart Campaigns can be optimized. This article details how to optimize smart campaigns. PPC Optimization

Seamlessly Swapping the API backend of the Netflix Android app

The Netflix TechBlog

In this step, a pipeline picks our candidate change, deploys the service, makes it publicly discoverable, and redirects a small percentage of production traffic to this new service.

Cluster Diagnostics: Troubleshoot Cluster Issues Using Only SQL Queries


For external reasons, application traffic may surge and increase the pressure on the cluster. TiDB is an open-source, distributed SQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads. Ideally, a TiDB cluster should always be efficient and problem-free. It should be stable, load-balanced, and have a reliable rate of queries per second (QPS).

The Best Way to Host MongoDB on DigitalOcean


While adequate for low-traffic applications, small databases, and dev/test environments, we recommend against leveraging shared clusters for your MongoDB production deployments. This is typically more than adequate for production deployments and high-traffic applications, and starts at $60/month for 8GB of memory, 2 vCPUs, 4TB of transfer and 25GB of SSD disk space. MongoDB is the #3 open source database and the #1 NoSQL database in the world.

How to Optimize Website Speed for Black Friday 2017


Is your website prepared for record breaking traffic and sales? Halloween is almost here and before you know it, it will be Black Friday and then, Cyber Monday. These consumer “holidays” bring about the race for shoppers to buy all of the coveted items on. The post How to Optimize Website Speed for Black Friday 2017 appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services. Performance Engineering Software Testing Black Friday load testing Page Speed Performance Performance Testing

Speed 43

Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions

High Scalability

The number of services that compose our product in order to scale our organization and handle the increases in traffic went from under 10 to over 30 services. This is article was written by Dirceu Pereira Tiegs, Site Reliability Engineer at Auth0, and originally was originally published in Auth0. Auth0 provides authentication, authorization, and single sign-on services for apps of any type (mobile, web, native) on any stack. Authentication is critical for the vast majority of apps.