Django Highlights: Wrangling Static Assets And Media Files (Part 4)

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Django Highlights: Wrangling Static Assets And Media Files (Part 4). Django Highlights: Wrangling Static Assets And Media Files (Part 4). But unfortunately, when dealing with static assets and media files, there are a lot of caveats to deal with. Media Files. Any file uploaded by a user, from profile pictures to personal documents, is called a media file. Django’s default handling of static assets and media files is just that: simple. Media Files.

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Media Query & Asset Downloading Results

Tim Kadlec

A little while back, I mentioned I was doing some research for the book about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. The HTML and CSS are below: #test2 { background-image:url('images/test2.png'); width:200px; height:75px; } @media all and (max-width: 600px) { #test2 {display:none;} }. The HTML and CSS are below: #test3 div { background-image:url('images/test3.png'); width:200px; height:75px; } @media all and (max-width: 600px) { #test3 { display:none; } }.

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Media Queries within SVG

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One aspect in particular that is getting quite a bit of attention is the ability to embed media queries within SVG files. With embedded media queries you could apply an id or class to the portion of SVG that generates the slogan and then embed a media query within the SVG file that hides the slogan when the logo is below a certain size. Essentially something like this: @media screen and (max-width: 200px) { #slogan{ display: none; } }.

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MezzFS?—?Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform

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Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform By Barak Alon (on behalf of Netflix’s Media Cloud Engineering team) MezzFS (short for “Mezzanine File System”) is a tool we’ve developed at Netflix that mounts cloud objects as local files via FUSE. It’s used extensively in our media processing platform, which includes services like Archer and runs features like video encoding and title image generation on tens of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances. MezzFS?—?Mounting

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Media Query & Asset Downloading Tests

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A few people—including Jason Grigsby , Greg Rewis and Aaron Mentele —have done some excellent testing about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. However, setting background images within a media query and then overriding seems to work pretty well ( test 5 ). When you’re building a responsive site, there will undoubtedly be times when you need to change a background image, or when you need to hide an image for a specific resolution range.

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Amazon Cloudfront is Streaming Media 2010 Editor's pick - All.

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Amazon Cloudfront is Streaming Media 2010 Editors pick. I am excited that Amazon Cloudfront has been selected as one of the 10 Editors pick of 2010 by Streaming Media. The Streaming Media editors singled out Cloudfront Streaming Content service as possibly truly disruptive. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. By Werner Vogels on 19 April 2010 03:02 AM. Permalink. Comments ().

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SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate

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Joel frequently blogs on social media marketing and other related topics at Joel has written a fantastic book to give to anyone looking to get started in, or relatively new to using social media for marketing for corporate companies. Joel is willing to discuss both how social media can help if used correctly, and how social media can hurt a company if used improperly. Who Wrote It?

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Leases - All Things Distributed

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I was in Los Angeles this week for the Digital Media on AWS Summit and to visit many of the studios and production houses that are using AWS for production and post-production work. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Leases. By Werner Vogels on 21 September 2012 06:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

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Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS - All Things.

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Customers from various verticals (media, social gaming, mobile, news, advertisement) such as Netflix, Shazam and Scopely have used SQS in variety of use-cases requiring loose coupling and high performance. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS. By Werner Vogels on 08 November 2012 03:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability


Digital Experience Load Testing Media and Entertainment WebThe great about a television network having a hit TV show is that everyone wants to watch it. And while Read More. The post Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability appeared first on Apica.

In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

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Unsized Media. The unsized-media policy tells the browser that all media elements should have size attributes, and if they don’t, the browser should choose a default. There is a LOT of unsized-media out there (I’m guilty too!)

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Web Performance Bookshelf


When it comes to web content, you can easily find what you need through many different paths, from search engines and social media to playlists and blogs, jumping.

7 Effective Tips For Every Remote Testing Team


There are the above-mentioned family ones, social media, and what’s amounting to an endless stream of news. You’ve got a finicky toddler who won’t eat breakfast, a spouse or partner loudly watching Netflix in the living room, and a dog that’s begging for an extra play session. Oh, did we mention your conference call is scheduled to start in five minutes? So many distractions abound as most of us work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HDMI?—?Scaling Netflix Certification

The Netflix TechBlog

Test Area: Requested Media Profile Validation A Netflix capable STB should request accurate media streams from our cloud service for optimal user experience. This ensures that the media streams requested by DUT accurately reflect its HDMI capabilities and the active HDMI topology.

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The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

While there are a number of ways to achieve this, I’d dare say the simplest and most ubiquitous is Filament Group’s print media type trick. This is the danger of the print media hack. Complementing our media-trick stylesheet with a preload ensures we get the best of all worlds: an asynchronous high priority fetch that will work in almost all modern browsers, and; a very widely supported method for reapplying CSS that we loaded asynchronously.

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Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android

The Netflix TechBlog

AV1 is made possible by the wide-ranging industry commitment of expertise and intellectual property within the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), of which Netflix is a founding member. Our AV1 support on Android leverages the open-source dav1d decoder built by the VideoLAN, VLC, and FFmpeg communities and sponsored by the Alliance for Open Media.

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Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android

The Netflix TechBlog

AV1 is made possible by the wide-ranging industry commitment of expertise and intellectual property within the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), of which Netflix is a founding member. Our AV1 support on Android leverages the open-source dav1d decoder built by the VideoLAN, VLC, and FFmpeg communities and sponsored by the Alliance for Open Media.

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How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experience to the living room on crowded networks…

The Netflix TechBlog

would reduce play delay, as we are no longer required to wait for the handshake to finish and we can instead issue the HTTP request for media data and receive the HTTP response for media data earlier. Media Rebuffer At Netflix, we define a media rebuffer as a non-network originated rebuffer. It typically occurs when media data is not processed quickly enough by the device due to the high load on the CPU. improvement in media rebuffers.

The new normal of digital experience delivery – lessons learned from monitoring mission-critical websites during COVID-19


Over the last two month s, w e’ve monito red key sites and applications across industries that have been receiving surges in traffic , including government, health insurance, retail, banking, and media. Media p erformance . Watching media sites including CNN, Fox News, and CNBC has been very interesting. This is vital as many people are relying on these media sites to keep them up dated on critical COVID -19 information. . Dynatrace news.

Web Performance Bookshelf


When it comes to web content, you can easily find what you need through many different paths, from search engines and social media to playlists and blogs, jumping. Why share the library of the web performance books while there’s a substantial collection of fantastic websites and articles on the net? The post Web Performance Bookshelf appeared first on Production. Web Performance

Optimizing CSS for faster page loads

CSS - Tricks

main stylesheet and JS files) while others may be less important (like images or stylesheets for other media types). A straightforward post with some perf data from Tomas Pustelnik.

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Fostering a Web Performance Culture


One of the best examples is Vox Media , the company behind The Verge and other high trafficked sites. In May 2015, Vox Media wrote about the slowness of their site and commitment to make them faster. Vox Media took some performance metrics (first paint, page complete and speed index) and decided on a target. One of Vox Media’s posts where they gave an update on their efforts. Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast.

Responsive Images - Serve Scaled Images


Responsive image techniques, such as the srcset , sizes , and media HTML attributes, allow different scaled images to be delivered based on the size and resolution of the accessing device. What Are the srcset , sizes , and media Attributes? The srcset , sizes , and media attributes allow the and elements to be extended by offering the browser additional information, such as different image sources as well as different display sizes and media conditions.

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CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

Split Your Media Types. So if achieving Critical CSS is proving quite tricky—and it probably is—another option we have is to split our main CSS file out into its individual Media Queries. If we can split that single, all-render blocking file into its respective Media Queries: Then we see that the network treats files differently: CSS files not required to render the current context are assigned a Lowest priority.

Banner Ad Study: The Female Gaze

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In 2018 alone, total media ad spending will rise 7.4% Digital media will account for 43.5% With the rapid growth of online advertising, viewer attention is becoming increasingly scarce. to $638 billion. of this total ad spend (eMarketer 2018) and will surpass conventional advertising by 2021. With online browsers bombarded with more and more advertising the trick is to capture their limited attention with compelling ads.

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Introducing Page Speed Benchmarks – a new resource for the performance community

Speed Curve

Page Speed Benchmarks is an interactive dashboard that lets you explore and compare web performance data for leading websites across several industries – from retail to media. For example, highly dynamic sites, such as media sites, serve different third parties throughout the day.

Key Challenges with Quasi Experiments at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Geographic units are defined based on the lowest level of media buying capability. For instance, TV advertising can be bought at TV media market level only in most countries.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

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By setting a non-matching media type, the browser naturally loads the stylesheet with a low priority off of the Critical Path. Once the file has loaded, the inline onload event handler swaps to a matching media type, and this change then applies the stylesheet to the document, swapping the fonts in. Disclaimers: I was not approached or hired by Hoefler&Co or Cloud.typography to look into any of the following issues.

Optimized shot-based encodes for 4K: Now streaming!

The Netflix TechBlog

by Aditya Mavlankar , Liwei Guo , Anush Moorthy and Anne Aaron Netflix has an ever-expanding collection of titles which customers can enjoy in 4K resolution with a suitable device and subscription plan.

How to prevent hidden images from loading on responsive designs


<picture> <source srcset="{{ secure_asset('assets/images/banner- desktop.jpg') }}" media="(min-width: 768px)" /> <img src="{{ secure_asset('assets/images/banner-mobile.jpg') }}" /> </picture>. The <picture> tag works in the same way that CSS media queries do.

Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting


You might have come across them in react-media or unstated. Look at this example taken from react-media: const MyComponent = ( ) = > (. < < Media query = " (max-width: 599px)" >. </ Media >. ) ; The Media component calls its children passing a matches argument. This way, the children components don’t need to know about the media query. Componentization has marked a before and after in web development.

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SQL Server Linux: fsync and Buffered I/O

SQL Server According to Bob

This means data can be stored in file system cache, non-stable media. ) An fsync/fdatasync is used to make sure the data is stored in stable media. The stable media write(s) occurs during the sync operation and can fail for any number of reasons (out of disk space, lost connectivity to SAN, etc.) The next sync returns ESUCCESS, meaning the the write(s), which were in cache, do not flush to stable media but applications were told they did.

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What is Greenplum Database? Intro to the Big Data Database


Greenplum customers include American Express, Walmart, Asurian, Bank of America, and many more across the banking, professional services, media, insurance, healthcare, automotive and retail markets. Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that is built and based on PostgreSQL.

Advancing Application Performance with NVMe Storage, Part 1


Manufacturing uses image recognition technology to spot defects in materials, organizations such as NOAA use satellite imagery to spot changes in weather, while social media platforms use image recognition to tag photos of friends and family. With big data on the rise and data algorithms advancing, the ways in which technology has been applied to real-world challenges have grown more automated and autonomous.

How a RESTful API represents resources

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They are actively debated and are always on the spot in the discussions about RESTful API design: resource representations, Media Types, HATEOAS, and versioning. Formats, linking, and versioning are important in well-formed RESTful APIs. In this series of posts on RESTful API design, we started from the spec of a bike rental application and we're moving towards a fully functional API design.

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Engineering a Studio Quality Experience With High-Quality Audio at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Adaptive streaming is a technology designed to deliver media to the user in the most optimal way for their network connection. Media is split into many small segments (chunks) and each chunk contains a few seconds of playback data. Media is provided in several qualities. by Guillaume du Pontavice, Phill Williams and Kylee Peña (on behalf of our Streaming Algorithms, Audio Algorithms, and Creative Technologies teams) Remember the epic opening sequence of Stranger Things 2 ?

Feel the Fear

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I don’t know about you, but I have a definite sense that many of us use social media to share the amazing places we’ve been and people we’re spending time with in an effort to reassure others that we’re doing really well. Our mass media (and social media) are increasingly focused on the terrible things that are happening in the world. I perceive that fear is becoming pervasive and increasingly intense around the world.

Weekly Platform News: Improving UX on Slow Connections, a Tip for Writing Alt Text and a Polyfill for the HTML loading attribute

CSS - Tricks

in popular media over time."> in popular media after the release of Ghostbusters on June 7th, 1984."> In this week's roundup, how to determine a slow connection, what we should put into alt text for images, and a new polyfill for the HTML loading attribute, plus more. Detecting users on slow connections.

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The Simplest Way to Load CSS Asynchronously

CSS - Tricks

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/my.css" media="print" onload="'all'"> Don't just up and do this to all your stylesheets though, otherwise, you'll get a pretty nasty "Flash of Unstyled Content" ( FOUC ) as the page loads. Scott Jehl: One of the most impactful things we can do to improve page performance and resilience is to load CSS in a way that does not delay page rendering.

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Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Redis has found a huge market share across the travel and hospitality, community forums, social media, SaaS, and ecommerce industries to name just a few. Redis , short for Remote Dictionary Server, is a BSD-licensed, open-source in-memory key-value data structure store written in C language by Salvatore Sanfillipo and was first released on May 10, 2009. Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker.

Cutting Through Performance Metrics Fog with the Lighthouse Score


If this is a media site that wants to quickly load content so the user can start reading, you could reasonably say Page A is the best. However, the subscriptions department for that same media site might say Page A is terrible because they want people to be able to click the “buy a subscription” call to action button. For example, many of Rigor’s media customers use User Timings like Time until first ad is displayed or Time to until video starts autoplaying.

Weekly Platform News: HTML Loading Attribute, the Main ARIA Specifications, and Moving from iFrame to Shadow DOM

CSS - Tricks

One major drawback of this new approach is that CSS media queries can no longer be used to conditionally apply styles based on the content’s width (since the content no longer loads in a separate, embedded document). With iframes, media queries would give us the width of our content; with Shadow DOM, media queries give us the width of the device itself.

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Python at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Video Encoding and Media Cloud Engineering Our team takes care of encoding (and re-encoding) the Netflix catalog, as well as leveraging machine learning for insights into that catalog. We use Python for ~50 projects such as vmaf and mezzfs , we build computer vision solutions using a media map-reduce platform called Archer , and we use Python for many internal projects.