The Next Generation in Logistics Tracking with Real-Time Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Traditional platforms for streaming analytics don’t offer the combination of granular data tracking and real-time aggregate analysis that logistics applications such as these require.

Deploying AI powered software intelligence in environments with technical or regulatory constraints


As mentioned in the beginning, Dynatrace offers solutions for all regulatory and technical requirements including a completely air-gapped option when policy or logistics prevent internet access. Dynatrace news.

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Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Resource allocation problems can be efficiently solved through a branch of mathematics called combinatorial optimization, used for example for airline scheduling or logistics problems. By Benoit Rostykus, Gabriel Hartmann Noisy Neighbors We’ve all had noisy neighbors at one point in our life.

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The future of synthetic testing is in the cloud


If you’re spending the majority of your time on data center and hardware logistics, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to build better features, keep browsers updated, or satisfy your customers. Dynatrace news.

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Call for Code asks developers worldwide to collaborate on solutions to save lives

O'Reilly Software

They’ve identified six areas where technology can make a real difference in disaster preparedness: blockchain, artificial intelligence, logistics, data science, sensor data processing, and visual recognition.

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Snuba: automating weak supervision to label training data

The Morning Paper

Snuba: automating weak supervision to label training data Varma & Ré, VLDB 2019. This week we’re moving on from ICML to start looking at some of the papers from VLDB 2019.

Optimized risk scores

The Morning Paper

Compared to Penalised Logistic Regression (PLR), Naive Rounding (RD) and Rescaled Rounding (RSRD), the RiskSLIM models have the best CAL on 6/6 datasets and the best test AUC on 5/6 datasets. Optimized risk scores Ustun & Rudin, KDD’17.

Expanding the Cloud – An AWS Region is coming to Hong Kong

All Things Distributed

These companies include Cathay Pacific, CLSA, HSBC, Gibson Innovations, Kerry Logistics, Ocean Park, Next Digital, and TownGas. Today, I am very excited to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Hong Kong!

Updating graph databases with Cypher

The Morning Paper

Cypher is used in hundreds of production applications across many industry vertical domains, such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and retails, logistics, government, and healthcare. Updating graph databases with Cypher Green et al., VLDB’19.

Challenging common assumptions in the unsupervised learning of disentangled representations

The Morning Paper

” The authors chose as a representative task recovering the true factors of variations from the learned representations, using either multi-class logistic regression, or gradient boosted trees.

I Ran This Whole Conference and I Didn’t Even Get a T-shirt

J. Paul Reed

As many of you know, Mary Thengvall and I produced and co-chaired REdeploy last year, a conference on the intersection of resilient technology, organizations, and people. Mary recently posted a three-part retrospective series on the conference.

Titan Graph Database Integration with DynamoDB: World-class Performance, Availability, and Scale for New Workloads

All Things Distributed

Another example is for tracking inventory in a vast logistics system, where only a subset of its locations is relevant for a specific item. This requires a database that can quickly traverse the logistics history for a given item or order.

Alice Boxhall for W3C TAG

Alex Russell

In addition to the usual travel and logistical support I have enjoyed on the TAG, Alice has the backing and support of the entire Chrome Web Standards Team. TL;DR: Having achieved much of what I hoped when running for the TAG six years ago, it’s time for fresh perspectives. Therefore, with my deep and enthusiastic support, Google has nominated Alice Boxhall in the current election. If you work at a W3C member organisation, please seriously consider making Alice your first vote.

Faster, higher, stronger: How the digitalization of industry is redefining value creation

All Things Distributed

This requires using agile development processes for continuous improvement and creating a broader portfolio of solutions, for example by increasingly connecting the shop floor with data "from the outside" such as logistics and inventory management.

How architecture evolves into strategy

O'Reilly Software

He writes, "Strategy decides where to act; logistics brings the troops to this point; tactics decides the manner of execution." A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business.

Rethinking the 'production' of data

All Things Distributed

This starts with integrated platforms that can manage all activities, from market research to production to logistics. This article titled " Daten müssen strategischer Teil des Geschäfts werden " appeared in German last week in the "IT und Datenproduktion" column of Wirtschaftwoche.

Are Microservices to Ecosystems as Core Competencies were to Conglomerates?

The Agile Manager

And, within each of those businesses, some functions are differentiating (such as fleet optimization for a logistics company) while some functions are not (nobody beats their competitors by having a superior accounting back office). As far back as the 19th century, industrial firms pursued vertical integration strategies.

Expanding the Cloud: Introducing Amazon QuickSight

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In such a data intensive environment, making key business decisions such as running marketing and sales campaigns, logistic planning, financial analysis and ad targeting require deriving insights from these data.

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Where Has All the Business Knowledge Gone?

The Agile Manager

They were in consultants in logistics, and they were lamenting how one of their clients was struggling in the wake of a business process change that another firm - a tech consultancy - had agitated for their mutual client to adopt. I was queuing for a flight late last year when two people standing behind me started talking about how disappointing their trip had been.