Dynamic Programming Problems: Learn to Solve Them More Efficiently


Programming is all about solving issues and problems. There is an end number of programming issues that the developers face when they are writing code for developing a website, applications, or any other type of software. Programming problems can be listed and are sorted based on various categories of programming languages used like PHP, Java, Python, C++, and many others, which developers use for coding. Dynamic Programming.

Is Python the Future of Programming?


This stack overflow graph of major programming languages’ growth exclusively depicts the steady progress of the PYTHON! Python programming language is better used for app development, web app or web development, game development, scientific computing, system administration, etc.


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Java vs. Python Comparison: The Battle of Best Programming Language in 2021


Comparing two programming languages is similar to a comparison between two cars, where two different individuals may have different opinions on both of them. Well, as starters, computer programming languages have come a long way since their inception. Today, everything we dwell upon has to have a programming language behind it, easing away our troubles. java python performance programming language python development python developer java developers

Java 178

Rethinking Programming: Automated Observability


Introduction. Observability is the ability to understand the internal state of your system by looking at what is happening externally. In a software system, in order to acquire observability, we mainly implement the following aspects: logging, metrics, and tracing. Especially when we are moving away from monolithic software systems to microservices-based architectures, observability becomes a key aspect of the system design.

Introducing the MachMetrics Affiliate Program


In that spirit, we are introducing our MachMetrics Affiliate Program. Why Join Our Affiliate Program? On our Affiliate Program landing page , click on ‘Contact For More Information’ to email us. We are truly excited to introduce this new affiliate program.

Dynatrace joins ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program


This is why we are excited to announce that Dynatrace has joined ServiceNow’s Service Graph Connector Program. The post Dynatrace joins ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news.

Dynatrace launches new Partner Competency Program


Three years on from the introduction of the Dynatrace Partner Program, I’m excited to share with you a significant, evolutionary step in our P artner P rogram – the introduction of the Dynatrace Partner Competency Program. . Dynatrace news.

Which Programming Language Is Most Popular for UI Test Automation in 2019?


There is always a lot of uncertainty around which programming language to use when starting a new test automation project. You may also like: 10 Programming Languages You Should Know in 2019. java javascript ruby python c# test automation programming languages ui testingWhich language do you use for test automation? Should you go with the same language that the development team is using?

Dynatrace launches automatic end-to-end observability via traces for AWS Lambda (Preview program)


Before you begin, be sure to sign-up for the Preview program. Once you’ve received your invitation to the Preview program you need to: 1. How to participate in the Preview Program. Dynatrace news.

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Where To Learn Test Programming — July 2020 Edition


Why not learn test programming strategies and approaches? When you're looking for places to learn test programming, Test Automation University has you covered. What do you do when you have lots of free time on your hands?

HackPPL: a universal probabilistic programming language

The Morning Paper

HackPPL: a universal probabilistic programming language Ai et al., The Hack programming language, as the authors proudly tell us, is “ a dominant web development language across large technology firms with over 100 million lines of production code.” I’m not sure how it should officially be pronounced, but I can tell you that PPL stands for “probabilistic programming language”, not “people”! Uncategorized Facebook Programming Languages

Dynatrace incorporates Hackerone’s bug bounty program into its security playbook


We’ve recently joined forces with Hackerone , the industry leader in external bug bounty programs. Wait, what is a bug bounty program? According to Hackerone a bug bounty program is described as: A program where ethical hackers are invited to report security vulnerabilities to organizations, in exchange for monetary rewards for useful submissions. They can then browse for all public bug bounty programs to participate in. Dynatrace news.

The True Hardest Programming Problem Is Tight vs. Weak Coupling


A few months ago, I claimed that naming is the hardest programming problem. The true hardest problem is one that impacts every developer at every skill level, across all programming languages, regardless of experience. It is equally applicable across all programming disciplines. The hardest problem in programming is this: performance tight coupling weak couplingI was wrong.

Do Programming Languages Matter?

Professor Beekums

A lot of attention is given to programming languages. Does it really matter what programming languages you know though? Many companies list positions such as “PHP Developer” or “Java Programmer”. Those interested in learning how to code often ask what language they should learn. Developers themselves argue over the merits of various languages. There are a growing number of people, including myself, that don’t take known languages into account when hiring

Bootstrapping a Usability Testing Program


When we kicked off our user research program, our goal was to generate objective data to guide our UX decisions. While designing this program, our limited set of users was something we had to consider. To build momentum, we kicked off the program using internal stakeholders as our test subjects. The post Bootstrapping a Usability Testing Program appeared first on Tasktop Blog.

Object-Oriented Programming Simplifies Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Digital twin models for stateful stream-processing have evolved from concepts largely unrelated to object-oriented programming, in particular, product life-cycle management and industrial IoT (where they are often called device twins ). The post Object-Oriented Programming Simplifies Digital Twins appeared first on ScaleOut Software. These are exciting times in the evolution of stream-processing.

The future of cloud-native programming

O'Reilly Software

Tamar Eilam offers an overview of cloud-native programming and outlines a path toward the unification of the cloud programming model. Continue reading The future of cloud-native programming

Programs, life cycles, and laws of software evolution

The Morning Paper

Programs, life cycles, and laws of software evolution , Lehman, Proc. For more than two decades, however, the programming fraternity, and through them the computer-user community, has faced serious problems achieving this. On programming, projects, and products. All change beyond the first version of the program is grouped by Lehman under the term maintenance. Programs must be made more alterable , and the alterability maintained throughout their lifetime.

Object-Oriented Programming Simplifies Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Digital twin models for stateful stream-processing have evolved from concepts largely unrelated to object-oriented programming, in particular, product life-cycle management and industrial IoT (where they are often called device twins ). Architecture Featured Performance Products Programming Techniques Technology data-parallel computing digital twin in-memory computing in-memory data grid object-oriented programming ScaleOut StreamServer stream processing

User Experience in Programming Languages

Professor Beekums

These things are also good to have in the tools we use to build software, especially programming languages. When we talk about UX, we often refer to the UX of the products we build and use. We want our products to be easy to use. Interactions should be quick. Mistakes should be easy to recover from. I’ve worked in a fair number of languages: Java for almost 15 years, PHP for 8, Javascript for 8, and dabbled in a few others like C# and Go

Programming Has Changed My Life

Professor Beekums

Sometimes I look back on my life and wonder what it would have been like if I had never started programming. Obviously my career would be different, but I believe that programming has fundamentally changed how I think. Who I am as a person has changed significantly due to solving as many software problems as I have and the changes have been for the better. Teenage me was severely flawed

Timing Methodology for MPI Programs

John McCalpin

While working on the implementation of the MPI version of the STREAM benchmark, I realized that there were some subtleties in timing that could easily lead to inaccurate and/or misleading results. This post is a transcription of my notes as I looked at the issues… Primary requirement: I want a measure of wall clock time that is guaranteed to start before any rank does work and to end after all ranks have finished their work.

The Flow Partner Program: Unlocking the Vast Potential of Value Stream Management (VSM)


If your customers don’t know what’s slowing them down, or why their Agile and DevOps transformations are hitting a wall, then the Flow Partner Program is for you. About the Flow Partner Program. Key Program Highlights. Get Involved with the Flow Partner Program.

Overview of C# Async Programming With Thread Pools and Task Parallel Library


I recently found myself explaining the concept of thread and thread pools to my team. We encountered a complicated threads-problem at our production environment that led us to review and analyze some legacy code. Although it threw me back to the basics, it was beneficial to review.NET capabilities and features in managing threads, which mainly reflected how.NET evolved significantly throughout the years.

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Parallel programming in Python: multiprocessing (part 1)


Parallel programming solves big numerical problems by dividing them into smaller sub-tasks, and hence reduces the overall computational time on multi-processor and/or multi-core machines. Parallel programming is well supported in traditional programming languages like C and FORTRAN, which are suitable for “heavy-duty” computational tasks. In serial programming we can use the following code to compute and print the result, via list comprehension.

Parallel programming in Python: mpi4py (part 1)


In previous posts we have introduced the multiprocessing module which makes it possible to parallelize Python programs on shared memory systems. This module provides an object-oriented interface that resembles the message passing interface (MPI) , and hence allows Python programs to exploit multiple processors on multiple compute nodes. Now we can write our first Python program with mpi4py.

Parallel programming in Python: mpi4py (part 2)


In part 1 of this post , we introduced the mpi4py module (MPI for Python) which provides an object-oriented interface for Python resembling the message passing interface (MPI) and enables Python programs to exploit multiple processors on multiple compute nodes. As we mentioned in part 1 of this post , collective communication methods are very useful in parallel programming.

Parallel programming in Python: multiprocessing (part 2)


In the previous post we introduced the Pool class of the multiprocessing module. In this post we continue on and introduce the Process class , which makes it possible to have direct control over individual processes. A process can be created by providing a target function and its input arguments to the Process constructor. The process can then be started with the start method and ended using the join method. Below is a very simple example that prints the square of a number.

Your First C Program

Sutter's Mill

As a tribute in honor of Dennis Ritchie’s passing , I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts in this post’s comments about your first C program – either the code if you remember it approximately, or a story about when you wrote it. I wrote my first C program in 1988 as a lab assignment for a fourth-year course in computer graphics at the University of Waterloo.

C++ 40

Optimizing String Comparisons in Go


Want your Go programs to run faster? programming go golang programming examples golang app developmentOptimizing string comparisons in Go can improve your application’s response time and help scalability.

Article: Donkey: A Highly-Performant HTTP Stack for Clojure

InfoQ Articles

JVM HTTP Clojure Networking Performance & Scalability Java Functional Programming Development Architecture & Design article

SRP Is the MEDUSA of Clean Code Family


java tutorial performance clean code code smell srp design principle srp design principle programWhile we are hearing tips on Clean code, the most common tip is maintaining SRP while writing class or methods, in a broader scope Module/Package/Service/API. But Irony is, SRP is the most powerful but obscured principle in the Design toolbox, this throws a web of confusion and you are stoned by thinking should I use it in the right way or not? That's why I like to call SRP Medusa.

Code 179

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - The Working Set Model for Program Behavior

All Things Distributed

The Working Set Model for Program Behavior , Peter J. This weekend we go back in time all the way to the beginning of operating systems research. In the first SOSP conference in 1967 there were several papers that laid the foundation for the development of structured operating systems.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Linux BPF Applications With libbpf


tutorial performance programming database performance performance tuning linux kernelAt the beginning of 2020, when I used the BCC tools to analyze our database performance bottlenecks, and pulled the code from the GitHub, I accidentally discovered that there was an additional libbpf-tools directory in the BCC project. I had read an article on BPF portability and another on BCC to libbpf conversion , and I used what I learned to convert my previously submitted bcc-tools to libbpf-tools.

Code 118

How to Do API Testing?


tutorial performance api test automation api testing testing and qa application programming interface testing as a service testing tutorial api testNowadays API testing is an integral part of testing. There are a lot of tools like postman, insomnia, etc.

Optimizing UX: How to set up your own Usability Testing Program in-house  


To address this problem, we devised a Usability Testing Program — which, as a smaller company — presented us with some interesting challenges. Challenge 1: Not enough dedicated resources available to run the Usability Testing Program. For our Usability Testing Program we faced two resource-based challenges: Ideally, we need one facilitator and at least one note-taker. Testing Tasktop Integration Hub ’s user experience is a rather complex undertaking.

Big / Bug Data: Analyzing the Apache Flink Source Code


java programming bigdata static analysis open souce apache flink static analysis tools static analyzerApplications used in the field of Big Data process huge amounts of information, and this often happens in real time. Naturally, such applications must be highly reliable so that no error in the code can interfere with data processing. To achieve high reliability, one needs to keep a wary eye on the code quality of projects developed for this area.

Code 140

Measure Your Test Automation Maturity


performance testing programming test automation developers automated testing automated testing best practices automated testing frameworksI'm a Developer Advocate and one of the things I love most about my role is that I travel all of over the world — meeting and consulting with engineering teams, and discussing the challenges that they face. One thing that I've realized about building quality software is.the struggle is real!

PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


The supported programming languages for PostgreSQL include.Net, C, C++, Delphi, Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Perl, PHP, Python and Tcl, but PostgreSQL can support many server-side procedural languages through its available extensions. We found that Java is the most popular programming language for PostgreSQL, being leveraged by 31.1% Python was the second most popular programming language used with PostgreSQL, coming in close at an average of 28.9%

Cloud 142

Use Digital Twins for the Next Generation in Telematics

ScaleOut Software

Real-Time Digital Twins Can Add Important New Capabilities to Telematics Systems and Eliminate Scalability Bottlenecks.

Why Use “Real-Time Digital Twins” for Streaming Analytics?

ScaleOut Software

And how are they different from streaming pipelines like Azure Stream Analytics and Apache Flink/Beam? What Problems Does Streaming Analytics Solve?

Long Code vs. Short Code: What?s Better for My Use Case?


Successfully programming an application requires an ingenious mix of lines of code that combine to bring life and versatility to the application. javascript tutorial performance programming performance optimizationYou’ll need to make several decisions while attempting to find solutions to a bigger set of problems.

Code 118

Developing Real-Time Digital Twins for Cloud Deployment

ScaleOut Software

The mock development environment is shown below: Once a model has been created, it can be tested using a client test program that sends messages that simulate the behavior of one or more data sources. Simplifying the Development Process with Mock Environments.

Cloud 52