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Monzo Employs Targeted Traffic Shedding Against Stampeding Herd Effect From the Mobile App


Monzo developed a solution for shedding traffic in case its platform comes under intense and unexpected load that could lead to an outage. Traffic spikes can be generated by the mobile app and triggered by push notifications or other bursts in user activity.

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Progressive Web Apps and the Future of Mobile Web


An increase in mobile usage has upped the game for businesses globally, allowing them to re-strategize their online user experience. Statista shares insightful data on mobile web traffic that accounts for more than 50% globally from 1st quarter 2015 to 3rd quarter 2020.

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How to Implement an Indoor Navigation Feature in Your Mobile App

Tech News Gather

The platforms can record a host of metrics, including the number and frequency of visits, wait time, traffic hotspots, and more. The post How to Implement an Indoor Navigation Feature in Your Mobile App appeared first on Technewsgather. Finally, indoor navigation solutions also offer enterprises detailed analytics.

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2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail and e-commerce IT performance observations


What was once an onslaught of consumer traffic between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has turned into a weeklong event, with most retailers offering deals well ahead of Black Friday. Social media was relatively quiet, and as always, the Dynatrace Insights team was benchmarking key retailer home pages from mobile and desktop perspectives.

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How do you decide your approach for mobile website testing?


As per April 2019 data of Statistica[1], the global mobile population accounted for 4 billion unique users. That’s not all, the global mobile traffic is expected to increase sevenfold between 2017 and 2022. The daily media consumption on mobile devices has grown by 504 percent since 2011[2]. Mobile-first indexing.

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All of Netflix’s HDR video streaming is now dynamically optimized

The Netflix TechBlog

1) depicts the migration of traffic from fixed bitrates to DO encodes. 1: Migration of traffic from fixed-ladder encodes to DO encodes. Improvements have been seen across all device categories ranging from TVs to mobiles and tablets. We started backfilling HDR-DO encodes for existing titles from Q2 2022. The graphic below (Fig.

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Native App Network Performance Analysis


When 54 percent of the internet traffic share is accounted for by Mobile , it's certainly nontrivial to acknowledge how your app can make a difference to that of the competitor! Introduction.

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