Firecracker: lightweight virtualization for serverless applications

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Firecracker: lightweight virtualisation for serverless applications , Agache et al., The traditional view is that there is a choice between virtualization with strong security and high overhead, and container technologies with weaker security and minimal overhead.

10 AWS Lambda Use Cases to Start Your Serverless Journey


Many big companies such as Netflix, Conde Nast and NY Times are migrating their compute services to serverless. But sometimes the cloud architects are confused about the application of serverless technologies.

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Revisiting “Serverless Architectures”

The Symphonia

I started writing “ Serverless Architectures ” in May 2016. Fast forward to two years later and the article has had more than half a million visits, regularly appears in the top five Google search results for “Serverless”, and helped launched Symphonia ?—?my What is Serverless?

How to solve the testing challenges that come with serverless apps

TechBeacon Testing

Serverless technologies can go a long way toward helping organizations with certain application needs avoid the complexity of infrastructure management. But implementing serverless apps has consequences.

Your technology architecture and engineering organization should coevolve as your startup grows

Abhishek Tiwari

The evolution of your technology architecture should depend on the size, culture, and skill set of your engineering organization. 11-20 Engineers Focus: Still fast-paced product delivery but now have a product market fit and planning ahead for scaling team, technology, and product.

Serverless at re:Invent 2017

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the Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform which is the core of AWS’ larger Serverless service suite. It’s no longer a niche technology for enthusiasts?—?it’s Traffic shaping / canary deployment was pre-announced at Serverless Conf NYC in October, and this is now available.

Some new Serverless Architecture videos from John and Mike

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First up is my talk on “Crossing the Serverless Fireswamp” ?—?which which helps you understand the limitations of a serverless approach, and learn a practical set of techniques for dealing with them. link] Next up is John, who took his talk “Building Resilient Serverless Systems” to QCon London. Ever wanted to know how to deploy serverless apps easily and around the planet? aws lambda presentations architecture serverlessHi everyone.

How to make a Serverless Real Time Chat App


The post How to make a Serverless Real Time Chat App appeared first on Insights on Latest Software Technologies - Simform Blog. Cloud

Symphonia at Velocity 2018, and more Serverless Insights

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Hello friendly Serverless Insights subscribers! It’s a great event full of deep technology experience, and a whole breadth of diversity. I led off with a talk titled “ Crossing the Serverless Fireswamp ”. Next up Lynn Langit gave a talk on Serverless SQL , updated for 2018.

AI-powered, automated observability and deep visibility into serverless apps running on Google Cloud Run


Cloud Run brings serverless to containers. Read on to see how Dynatrace m onitors the dynamics in your Cloud Run environment and understands and raises the performance of serverless applications through AI and automation. . How to raise the performance of your serverless apps.

Announcing the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™

ScaleOut Software

This code can be thought of as similar to a serverless function with the major distinction that it is automatically supplied contextual information and does not have to maintain it in an external data store.

Real-Time Digital Twins: A New Approach to Streaming Analytics

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Query results also might be forwarded to cloud-based serverless functions to trigger alerts or other actions in conjunction with access to a database or blob store. They are made possible by scalable, in-memory computing technology hosted on clusters of cloud-based servers.

Did you get your re:Invent holiday wish?

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In this issue of Serverless Insights I’m going to focus on announcements from re:Invent, and “pre:Invent”?—?the Specifically I’m almost entirely going to focus on Serverless, and Serverless related updates. lightweight virtualization for Serverless Computing”.

The topics to watch in software architecture

O'Reilly Software

Microservices, serverless, AI, ML, and Kubernetes are among the most notable topics in our analysis of proposals from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference. These go-to experts and practitioners operate on the front lines of technology.

Content Management Systems of the Future: Headless, JAMstack, ADN and Functions at the Edge

Abhishek Tiwari

Recently I was asked about content management systems (CMS) of the future - more specifically how they are evolving in the era of microservices, APIs, and serverless computing. CMS Serverless Microservices Content Delivery Networks

AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency

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For other teams it has meant Lambda is simply not a suitable technology for certain types of system. blog lambda aws-lambda aws serverlessThe most important new text box of re:Invent? Lambda is a wonderful platform.

Best Practices for Efficient Log Management and Monitoring


This is especially true because of the distributed and dynamic nature of cloud-native apps, which are often deployed using ephemeral technologies like containers and serverless functions. When managing cloud-native applications, it's essential to have end-to-end visibility into what's happening at any given time.

Updated Azure SQL Database Tier Options

SQL Performance

There is a lot of awesome technology involved with Hyperscale in how it is architected to use SSD-based caches and page servers. Serverless Database. The overall cost of serverless is the summation of the compute cost and storage cost.

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SpringOne Platform: Four great days of sharing new ways of innovating with Pivotal Platform


We took a look at the fact that as organizations migrate to Pivotal Platform to increase the speed of their application delivery, one last hurdle may be mastering the complexity that comes with cloud, microservices and containers across a vast technology landscape, and at scale.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 14th, 2018

High Scalability

Serverless is for startups who can't afford their own. Wake up! It's HighScalability time: We've come a long way in 50 years. Or have we? Alan Kay : I believe ARPA spent $ 175,000 of 1968 money for that one demo. That’s probably like a million bucks today.

CIO research: Cloud complexity of growing concern


Despite the concern about the enterprise cloud increasing complexity, most CIOs said their businesses have adopted several different cloud technologies in the last twelve months; microservices, private cloud, containers and serverless computing amongst the most adopted. Dynatrace news.

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Everything as Code


We’re currently in a technological era where we have a large variety of computing endpoints at our disposal like containers, Platform as a Service (PaaS), serverless, virtual machines, APIs, etc. Dynatrace news.

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Web Development Trends 2019


Serverless Applications Managing your own server is so 2018. Serverless frameworks like Nuclio let you utilize cloud technology to reduce your workload, improve scaling and save money on unused resources.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For June 22nd, 2018

High Scalability

Xtracerx : for me the biggest value to serverless functions is how nicely they tie in to the ecosystem of a cloud provider. lossless analog image-compression technology.". Hey, it's HighScalability time: 4 th of July may never be the same.

Automating Website Deployments Through Buddy

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But those days are gone: Websites have gotten very complex, involving many tools and technologies in their stacks. To keep our applications relevant, we must continuously evaluate the latest offerings and decide if to add them to our technology stack.

Infrastructure monitoring for enterprise cloud – 4 key requirements


Once deployed to your hosts, the OneAgent automatically discovers and maps your environment, regardless of what technologies are running on those hosts. Dynatrace news.

Expanding the AWS Cloud – Introducing the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region

All Things Distributed

They can run applications in Sweden, serve end users across the Nordics with lower latency, and leverage advanced technologies such as containers, serverless computing, and more. Vivino has brought AI technology to the world of wine and is all-in on AWS.

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An open-source benchmark suite for microservices and their hardware-software implications for cloud & edge systems

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The suite is built using popular OSS applications and representative technologies, deliberately using a mix of languages (C/C++, Java, Javascript, node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, Scala, …) and both RESTful and RPC (Thrift, gRPC) style service interfaces.

CPDoS Attacks: Why Global Monitoring Is Essential for Web Performance Management


Applications can be serverless , with entirely ephemeral infrastructure that changes each time.

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Open Source at AWS re:Invent

Adrian Cockcroft

Software Engineer, AWS Serverless Applications, and Yishai Galatzer, Senior Manager Software Development. a joint presentation including customer experiences, multi-region networking technology, and a section by me based on the previous blog post on failure modes. We’re excited to let you know that we have an Open Source track at re:Invent this year! Learn about what’s in it: [link] Some selected sessions: OPN201 Change is coming to robotics development: The shift to ROS 2 ??

What is keptn, how it works and how to get started!


The event-driven keptn architecture allows all these combinations – giving you the freedom to pick the tools that make the most sense for your organization, technology stack, and existing investment! keptn builds on top of Knative , a platform for container-based serverless workloads. Dynatrace news. Keptn is an open source enterprise-grade control plane for cloud-native continuous delivery and automated operations.” That’s the high-level introduction you will find on

'Paris s'éveille'! Introducing the AWS EU (Paris) Region

All Things Distributed

Today, I'm happy to announce that the AWS EU (Paris) Region, our 18th technology infrastructure Region globally, is now generally available for use by customers worldwide. All around us, we see AWS technologies fostering a culture of experimentation.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For May 3rd, 2019

High Scalability

20% : global enterprises will have deployed serverless computing technologies by 2020. Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Event horizon? It's a close up of a security hologram. Makes one think. Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon.

Percona Database Performance Blog 2018 Year in Review: Top Blog Posts


With the Percona Database Performance Blog, Percona staff and leadership work hard to provide the open source community with insights, technical support, predictions and metrics around multiple open source database software technologies.

Expanding the Cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

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On a more playful note, for those that are inclined to look at our serverless compute architecture, I would love to reacquaint you with Dubsmash ’s innovative use of AWS Lambda. We are at the cusp of a dramatic age of technology.

Organise your engineering teams around the work by reteaming

Abhishek Tiwari

As Steve Jobs wisely said, Don’t Be Trapped by Dogma – Which is Living With the Results of Other People’s Thinking In my view, technology executives and engineering leaders are overly obsessed with the Spotify model. Specialisation could be around products, business process, or technologies.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery on AWS

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Fast forward to today : CI/CD, and deployment automation in general, are key to how John and I work with clients at Symphonia : it doesn’t matter if you’re using all the fanciest new cloud technology if you’re still waiting weeks to put new functionality into production.

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Next generation Dynatrace Davis AI becomes the default causation engine


In today’s increasingly complex environments, it’s simply impossible for a human operator to manually follow the highly dynamic nature of transactions within microservices and serverless functions. Dynatrace news.

Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS Canada (Central) Region

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Canada has set forth a bold innovation agenda grounded in entrepreneurship, scientific research, growing small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on environmentally friendly technologies, and the transition to a digital economy.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 25th, 2019

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: My god, it's full of synapses! ( 3D map of a fly's brain ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? Please go to Patreon and do what comes natural. Need cloud? Stand under Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 (35 nearly 5 star reviews).

Questions of Worth

The Agile Manager

With all the ink being spilled on subjects that managers of enterprises like to traffic in - things like Agile delivery, product organizations, platforms, disruptive technologies, and the idea economy (obviously, some more meaningful than others) - it's difficult to understand how companies still choose to source labor like it's 1997. Yes, technologies like Office, SAP and LinkedIn are fantastic, but they're not exactly the equivalent of serverless in tech.

Expanding the Cloud: Amazon Machine Learning Service, the Amazon Elastic Filesystem and more

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At Amazon we have hundreds of teams using machine learning and by making use of the Machine Learning Service we can significantly speed up the time they use to bring their technologies into production. One of the most exciting technologies we have built lately at AWS is Amazon Lambda.

Introducing The Component-Based API

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Recommended reading : Building A Serverless Contact Form For Your Static Site. The nesting of modules allows to branch out to another module to add compatibility for a specific medium or technology, or change some styling or functionality, and then return to the original branch.