Everything as Code


At Dynatrace we believe that monitoring and performance should both be automated processes that can be treated as code without the need for any manual intervention. And, applying the “Everything as Code” principles can greatly help achieve that. Treating these different processes as code will ensure that best practices are followed. Benefits of Everything as Code. Since code is now version controlled, rollbacks should be easy to apply. Dynatrace news.

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9 Free Best Code Editors for Windows and Mac In 2020


It is always exciting for developers from all over the world whenever they get to showcase their best code editor at computer expos and tech conferences. On that note when we talk about free code editors for Windows and Mac to use in the year 2020, we cannot help but wait in anticipation for brand-new features to use right away. In this write-up, we will talk about the best coding software for multiple platforms.

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It’s time to upgrade the PTC System Monitor (PSM)!


As a PSM system administrator, you’ve relied on AppMon as a preconfigured APM tool for detecting, diagnosing, and repairing problems that impact the operational health of your Windchill application suite. The post It’s time to upgrade the PTC System Monitor (PSM)!

Code-level observability for Flutter apps drives great user experience


When you set up user actions in your code, OneAgent automatically links associated web requests to those user actions. Additionally, it exposes API calls to the Flutter code and forwards these API calls to OneAgent for iOS/Android. Dynatrace news.

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Progressive delivery at cloud scale: Optimizing CPU intensive code with Dynatrace


This is a great example of how valuable Dynatrace is for diagnosing performance or scalability issues, and a great testimony that we at Dynatrace use our own product and its various capabilities across our globally distributed systems. Step 3: Identifying root-cause in code.

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Free Google Book: Building Secure and Reliable Systems

High Scalability

Google added another book into their excellent SRE series: Building Secure and Reliable Systems. Copy/pasting a few paragraphs: "In this book we talk generally about systems, which is a conceptual way of thinking about the groups of components that cooperate to perform some function. Because security and reliability are everyone’s responsibility, we’re targeting a broad audience: people who design, implement, and maintain systems.

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Role Of A Software Tester In Code Reviews


If you are working in an agile environment, you may have come across the term ‘code review’. It is a strategic operation where you break the source code into snippets in order to audit the code before it is moved to the testing phase. What Is Code Review?

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Understanding, detecting and localizing partial failures in large system software

The Morning Paper

Understanding, detecting and localizing partial failures in large system software , Lou et al., Partial failures ( gray failures ) occur when some but not all of the functionalities of a system are broken. It contains a study of partial failure causes, and a novel approach to fault detection using system-specific, auto-generated watchdogs. Here are the key findings: Partial failures appear throughout the release history of each system, 54% within the last three years.

Benefits of Using an Online Bug Tracking System


It is estimated that software developers make 100-150 errors for every thousand lines of code. According to a report from the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ): “Even if only a small fraction, say 10% of these errors are serious, then a relatively small application of 20,000 lines of code will have roughly 200 serious coding errors.”. When a software program or an application does not work the way it is created or designed to perform, it is called a software bug.

Improving Code Readability


Readable code is usable code. The non-used code blocks saved for future use are sometimes forgotten and another developer could not be in want of changing the code of the legacy system. Such non-used code blocks may affect code readability in the future. We are lucky today many code review tools exist for coding mistakes etc., but using tools is not enough to help code readability.

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Dynatrace and AWS Systems Manager – Automate OneAgent distribution securely, centrally and at scale


We’re pleased to announce that Dynatrace is among the first set of partners to offer support for AWS Distributor , a capability of AWS Systems Manager, that allows you to select from available popular third party agents to install and manage. What is AWS Systems Manager Distributor?

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Deployment challenges with large enterprise systems


For small deployments, it isn’t a problem however when scaling up to hundred or even thousands of systems things can become complicated. Even when all the systems are mapped correctly by Dynatrace, identifying these systems is a real challenge. When deploying on multiple machines, the one agent will group all the instances of the same system together. Dynatrace will automatically group both systems. System (Tibco, API-gateway, Weblogic, shared-middleTier).

Unlocking Enterprise systems using voice

All Things Distributed

The interfaces to our digital system have been dictated by the capabilities of our computer systems—keyboards, mice, graphical interfaces, remotes, and touch screens. As a result, they fail to deliver a truly seamless and customer-centric experience that integrates our digital systems into our analog lives. All of these benefits make voice a game changer for interacting with all kinds of digital systems.

Towards federated learning at scale: system design

The Morning Paper

Towards federated learning at scale: system design Bonawitz et al., This is a high level paper describing Google’s production system for federated learning. FL is one instance of the more general approach of “bringing the code to the data, instead of the data to the code” and addresses the fundamental problems of privacy, ownership, and locality of data. The FL system overall comprises a set of devices (e.g.,

Simplify complexity with full code-level visibility into your PHP CLI application (Early Adopter)


Many web applications have been created in PHP, including popular content management systems like WordPress and e-commerce platforms like Magento. Dynatrace has long provided automatic code-level performance monitoring for PHP applications with OneAgent. Automatically locate bottlenecks in your code. Full code-level visibility into your PHP CLI application. You can easily find and fix the most CPU-consuming methods within your PHP code. Dynatrace news.

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Machine learning systems are stuck in a rut

The Morning Paper

Machine learning systems are stuck in a rut Barham & Isard, HotOS’19. In this paper we argue that systems for numerical computing are stuck in a local basin of performance and programmability. Systems researchers are doing an excellent job improving the performance of 5-year old benchmarks, but gradually making it harder to explore innovative machine learning research ideas.

Build automated self-healing systems with xMatters and Dynatrace (Part 1 of 3)


At this year’s Google Cloud Next conference, xMatters introduced Flow Designer , a visual designer that enables users to resolve issues without writing a single line of code. In this three-part blog series, we’ll share the following three common problem scenarios that you can easily solve by building an automated self-healing system with Dynatrace and xMatters Flow Designer: Process crash. Dynatrace news.

How Do You Catch More Bugs In Your End-To-End Tests?


Depending on where you are in your release process, you might be writing unit or systems tests. testing test automation code test bugs artificial intelligence (ai) hackathon end to end testing code maintenance test codeHow much is it worth to catch more bugs early in your product release process? But, you need to run end-to-end tests to prove behavior, and quality engineers require a high degree of skill to write end-to-end tests successfully.

Fully automatic code level monitoring and extended version support for AIX


In April of this year, we released a long-awaited GA version of the full-stack OneAgent for the IBM AIX operating system. AIX is considered to be one of the core operating systems used by our largest customers. Fully automatic deep code monitoring module injection. One of the unique strengths of Dynatrace OneAgent is the fully automated injection of the deep code monitoring module on Windows and Linux. Dynatrace news.

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Teaching rigorous distributed systems with efficient model checking

The Morning Paper

Teaching rigorous distributed systems with efficient model checking Michael et al., It describes the labs environment, DSLabs , developed at the University of Washington to accompany a course in distributed systems. During the ten week course, students implement four different assignments: an exactly-once RPC protocol; a primary-backup system; Paxos; and a scalable, transactional key-value storage system. A visual debugger/system explorer.

An open-source benchmark suite for microservices and their hardware-software implications for cloud & edge systems

The Morning Paper

An open-source benchmark suite for microservices and their hardware-software implications for cloud & edge systems Gan et al., Systems built with lots of microservices have different operational characteristics to those built from a small number of monoliths, we’d like to study and better understand those differences. In this paper we explore the implications microservices have across the cloud system stack. Operating system and network implications.

BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability (book)

Brendan Gregg

BPF (eBPF) tracing is a superpower that can analyze everything, and I'll show you how in my upcoming book BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability , coming soon from Addison Wesley. At over 700 pages, it covers CPUs, memory, disks, file systems, networking, multiple languages, applications, containers, hypervisors, security analysis, and the Linux kernel. - A time where you can pose arbitrary questions of the system, and it can answer them.

Migrating a privacy-safe information extraction system to a Software 2.0 design

The Morning Paper

Migrating a privacy-safe information extraction system to a software 2.0 This is a comparatively short (7 pages) but very interesting paper detailing the migration of a software system to a ‘Software 2.0’ Replacing these rules with a machine learned component dramatically simplified the code base (45 Kloc deleted) and set the system back onto a growth and improvement trajectory. system.

CMake: The Case When the Project's Quality Is Unforgivable


CMake is a cross-platform system for automating project builds. This system is much older than the PVS-Studio static code analyzer, but no one has tried to apply the analyzer on its code and review the errors. CMake is a cross-platform system for automating software building from source code. At that time, it was aimed at searching for bugs that resulted from porting 32-bit systems to 64-bit ones.

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50 ways to leak your data: an exploration of apps’ circumvention of the Android permissions system

The Morning Paper

50 ways to leak your data: an exploration of apps’ circumvention of the Android permissions system Reardon et al., Side-channels are typically an unintentional consequence of a complicated system. Because many of the transmissions are caused by the same SDK code, we only needed to reverse engineer each unique circumvention technique : not every app, but instead for a much smaller number of unique SDKs.

Fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance on blockchain systems

The Morning Paper

Fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance on blockchain systems Ruan et al., That’s hard to do in today’s blockchain systems for two reasons: Provenance can only be determined by querying and replaying all on-chain transactions, which is inefficient and an offline activity. Inspecting the public code of all smart contracts to make sure developers aren’t cheating doesn’t seem very satisfactory.

Call for Code asks developers worldwide to collaborate on solutions to save lives

O'Reilly Software

The O’Reilly Media Podcast: Daniel Krook, IBM developer advocate, on the Call for Code Global Initiative at IBM. Large groups of people are left without water, electricity, or other basic systems that sustain life. In an effort to help the communities of the world be better prepared to handle these tough situations, David Clark Cause launched Call for Code along with IBM as the founding partner. See the IBM Code Patterns site for more information.

AVIF for Next-Generation Image Coding

The Netflix TechBlog

Choosing 420 subsampling, over the original 444 format, halves the number of samples (counting across all 3 color planes) that need to be encoded while relying on the fact that the human visual system is more sensitive to luma than chroma. Brief overview of image coding formats The JPEG format was introduced in 1992 and is widely popular. This is followed by quantization and entropy coding. Webp is based on intra-frame coding from the VP8 video coding format.

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Coloring Flame Graphs: Code Hues

Brendan Gregg

I recently improved flame graph code coloring. Code-type coloring was a regex hack that took five minutes. My hack was the following eight lines of code: if (defined $type and $type eq "java") { if ($name =~ /::/) { # C++ $type = "yellow"; } elsif ($name =~ m:/:) { # Java (match "/" in path) $type = "green" } else { # system $type = "red"; }. And that's what I coded. I had similar issues with JIT'd code for Node.js.

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Comments on timing short code sections on Intel processors

John McCalpin

When running a single user thread, you will often get the advertised single-core Turbo frequency, but if the operating system enables more cores to handle (even very short-lived) background processes, your frequency may drop unexpectedly. I usually precede the code that I want to test with a “warm-up” loop consisting of at least a few seconds of execution of instructions using the same SIMD width as the code that I want to test.

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Approaches to System Security: Using Cryptographic Techniques to Minimize Trust

ACM Sigarch

This is the first post in a series of posts on different approaches to systems security especially as they apply to hardware and architectural security. In this post, we will consider the use of mathematics/cryptography as an approach to improving systems security. The class of techniques described in this blog post, which we broadly refer to as applied hardware and architecture cryptography, apply proven cryptographic techniques to strengthen systems.

Follower Clusters – 3 Major Use Cases for Syncing SQL & NoSQL Deployments


Follower clusters are a ScaleGrid feature that allows you to keep two independent database systems (of the same type) in sync. Here are a few critical ways in which it differs from replication: You can control how frequently the destination system syncs from source – once a week, once a day, or even less frequently. This helps reduce the load on the source system. Since they are two independent systems, you have much more flexibility over the data that is synced.

Viewing and Sorting XEvents Efficiently (Code Samples) – XEProfiler

SQL Server According to Bob

The sample code is provided “as is” and any express or implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed. I was doing backups and clean-ups and ran across a couple of sample projects for XEvent and event_sequence processing I thought others might find helpful. Enjoy!

Migrating to Daimler/Mercedes-Benz AG’s New E/E System


By October 2020, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz AG will replace its supplier defect and test management tool for its internal E/E system. If you are a supplier working with the automotive giant and connected to its existing defect management and ALM systems, you will need to migrate or change projects to the new system as soon as possible. Three Significant Changes Between the Two Systems. Backend system is completely different. No coding or heavy BPEL configuration.

Third-order effects and software systems

Particular Software

At the height of the Cold War, the United States passed the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, giving birth to the Interstate Highway System. They can be observed in our software systems as well. Maybe we add some kind of software library to our system, with the expectation of being able to build features faster or have cleaner code. We might be pleasantly surprised when it also makes the system easier to monitor in production. You add some code.

Ginseng: keeping secrets in registers when you distrust the operating system

The Morning Paper

Ginseng: keeping secrets in registers when you distrust the operating system Yun & Zhong et al., Suppose you did go to the extreme length of establishing an unconditional root of trust for your system, even then, unless every subsequent piece of code you load is also fully trusted (e.g., This is especially true in a context where lots of third-party application code (e.g. In doing so, the app assumes that the operating system (OS) is trustworthy.

Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers

Smashing Magazine

Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers. Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers. This isn’t surprising given that ES6+ provides a more compact and expressive way to represent the equivalent logic and that transpilation of some of these features to ES5 can require a lot of code. A Practical Guide To Shipping Efficient Code. Shubham Kanodia. 2018-10-15T14:30:13+02:00. 2019-04-29T18:34:58+00:00.

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SQL Server on Linux: Kerberos Troubleshooting, Hints and Tips and Hard Code Debugging

SQL Server According to Bob

system but not on my Centos 7 system joined to the same domain (realm.) I followed the common guidance for using Active Directory with SQL Server on Linux – no luck. Default DNS naming was incorrectly set causing the system to appear at RDORRLinux.DOMAINNAME.guest.microsoft.com instead of RDORRLinux.DOMAINNAME. The version number of the entry maintained on the KDC vs the kvno stored on the local system must match. Minor code may provide more information.

Cache 40

Virtual consensus in Delos

The Morning Paper

While ultimately this new system should be able to take advantage of the latest advances in consensus for improved performance, that’s not realistic given a 6-9 month in-production target. replacing Paxos with Raft), or they could be shims over external storage systems.

The Challenges and Traps of Architecting Sociotechnical Systems

Strategic Tech

If we a achieve a loosely-coupled, well-encapsulated architecture with an organizational structure to match we can achieve better delivery performance… and substantially grow the size of the engineering organization and increase productivity linearly” — Nicole Forsgren and Jez Humble in Accelerate From personal experiences, I’m sure we’ve all learned that getting the boundaries right in sociotechnical systems is extremely important yet monstrously difficult.

The Road to uChat: Building Uber’s Internal Chat Solution

Uber Engineering

Architecture Chat Platform Chef Chris Duarte Ed Wolf Employee Productivity Envoy Erlang Fullstack Labs Go Information Technology Marissa Alvarado-Lima Mattermost Messaging Platform Mobile Puppet Puppet Code Manager React Native SCCM Stanley Chan System Center Configuration Manager Technology Services Uber Uber Engineering uChat uDeploy XMPPTwo years ago, Uber’s previous chat application began showing signs that it would not be able to adapt to our growth.

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Content Management Systems of the Future: Headless, JAMstack, ADN and Functions at the Edge

Abhishek Tiwari

Recently I was asked about content management systems (CMS) of the future - more specifically how they are evolving in the era of microservices, APIs, and serverless computing. Raw content data along with templates are version controlled using Git or similar versioning systems. An SSG offers a middle ground between a complex yet modular CMS solution and a simple yet involved hand-coded HTML site.

Efficient Enterprise Testing — Integration Tests (Part Three)


This part of the series will show how to verify our applications with code-level as well as system-level integration tests. performance junit integration testing system testing enterprise testingEfficiency is everything!