Top 5 JUnit and Unit Testing Courses for Java Programmers


java performance testing tdd unit testing junit online courses mockito unit tests java for beginnersToday, we're going to talk about JUnit and unit testing, one of the key skills for any software developer. You may already know that JUnit and Mockito are two of the most popular testing libraries for Java applications, and you will find them in almost every Java application classpath. I often meet and work with Java developers who know Java well but haven't written a single unit test.

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VSMC Launches First Value Stream Management (VSM) Course


After publishing our first State of Value Stream Management Report and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the industry, we are happy to share that the VSMC is launching its first educational offering, the Value Stream Management Foundation course.


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Statoscope: A Course Of Intensive Therapy For Your Bundle

Smashing Magazine

Statoscope: A Course Of Intensive Therapy For Your Bundle. Statoscope: A Course Of Intensive Therapy For Your Bundle. Configuration, in particular webpack, is of course a separate story and a separate skill. Sergey Melukov. 2022-02-08T10:00:00+00:00. 2022-02-08T11:03:59+00:00.

Top 20 Websites For Online Automation Testing Courses and Certifications


Certifications, typically, are proof of the enhanced prowess in the stream for which the course has been taken. Certifications and Courses help validate as well as enhance our technical capability in a specific vertical. Most learners have also tried courses from this platform.

An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2019


performance javascript tutorials java script javascript tutorial javascript debugging javascript best practice javascript testing javascript trends javascript courses onlineFind out more about JavaScript testing!

Effective Concurrency Course: June and (Not) October

Sutter's Mill

I forgot to blog about this until now because of focusing on the Effective Concurrency course in Stockholm a few weeks ago, but to answer those who wonder if I’ll be giving it again in North America too: Yes, I’m also giving the public Effective Concurrency course again at the end of this month at the Construx facility in Bellevue, WA, USA. This will be the full four-day version of the course.

A Quick BlazeMeter University Review


A senior performance tester’s review of the new courses by BlazeMeter Last week, I was looking for fresh knowledge on performance testing, so I asked a teammate of. Performance Engineering Tools Training Courses academy BlazeMeter JMeter performance tester training

Hacking with AWS at The Next Web Hackaton - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

Amsterdam is of course the ideal place for such a conference :-). All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Hacking with AWS at The Next Web Hackaton. By Werner Vogels on 24 March 2011 10:31 AM. Permalink. Comments (). Over the past years The Next Web Conference has become a premier conference on internet life and its technologies. I have been to the conference almost every year and it is getting better every time.

AWS 61

This week in review: GPUs, Zombies, Biomimicry and Tom Waits.

All Things Distributed

Big news this week was of course the launch of Cluster GPU instances for Amazon EC2. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. This week in review: GPUs, Zombies, Biomimicry and Tom Waits. By Werner Vogels on 19 November 2010 07:51 AM. Permalink. Comments (). Here are some the links I shared this week on twitter and facebook : Cloud Computing.

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MongoDB Performance Resources

Alex Podelko

Then, of course, great online free courses (these two are for MongoDB 3.6 – not covering the latest features; updated versions should be released soon): M201 MongoDB Performance course. M312 Diagnostic and Debugging course. (I

Review — Automated Visual Testing With WebdriverIO


I took Nyran Moodie' s course on Test Automation University : Automated Visual Testing with WebdriverIO. If you want the explicit link to the course, here it is [link].

The Performance Inequality Gap, 2021

Alex Russell

Not as much as we'd like, of course, but the worldwide baseline has changed enormously. There are differences, of course, but not where it counts. Of course, if most of this content is JavaScript, it must be compiled and run, shrinking our content window back down significantly.

Faster remainders when the divisor is a constant: beating compilers and libdivide

Daniel Lemire

Of course, if d is not a power of two, 2 N / d cannot be represented as an integer. Not all instructions on modern processors cost the same. Additions and subtractions are cheaper than multiplications which are themselves cheaper than divisions. For this reason, compilers frequently replace division instructions by multiplications. Roughly speaking, it works in this manner. Suppose that you want to divide a variable n by a constant d. You have that n/d = n * (2 N / d ) / (2 N ).

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What Is CAP Theorem?


Through the course of this text, I will share more information on this theorem and why it is important. In short, the CAP theorem is a mathematical theorem describing how our application will behave in the event of network partitioning.

10 Portfolio Projects for Aspiring Automation Engineers


One way to gain experience is, of course, to study and practice on your own. Those looking to break into the test automation field have difficulty doing so because of a lack of experience. But how do you demonstrate your newfound knowledge to employers? Other professionals, such as front-end developers, create portfolios to highlight their skills, and you can do the same as automation engineers!

Hyperlambda is twice as fast as Entity Framework


Of course, the Java version was built using Java's best practices at the time, while the.Net version was almost in its entirety implementing 100% of its business logic in stored procedures.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For Sep 18th, 2020

High Scalability

Of course you do. Hey, it's HighScalability time! I can't wait for the duel. Just don't shoot into the air. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff won't happen. Know someone who could benefit from becoming one with the cloud?

Measuring Network Performance in Mobile Safari

CSS Wizardry

This, of course, is exacerbated by the new Vitals announcement, whereby data from the Chrome User eXperience Report will be used to aid and influence rankings. Of course, the whole point of this article is performance profiling, so let’s move over to the Network tab.

Software Testing Methodologies: Short Guide To QA Models


As working on such an operation needs a precise system that can aid the ultimate goal of performance, functionality, and of course a pleasing user response. Over the years, the whole idea of software testing has evolved.

Sacrificial Architecture: Case Studies


Of course, it may bring a bit of frustration that the previous work "goes to the rubbish bin", but in reality this know-know that you got, these lessons that you learned to lead you to develop a much more powerful and scalable product, using the latest and fastest technologies.

When CSS Blocks

Tim Kadlec

Of course, if they do have to throw it out, then that speculative work accomplishes nothing. The other day I was auditing a site and ran into a pattern that I’ve seen with a few different clients now.

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10 portfolio projects for aspiring automation engineers

TechBeacon Testing

One way to gain experience is, of course, to study and practice on your own. Those looking to break into the test automation field have difficulty doing so because of lack of experience. But how do you demonstrate your newfound knowledge to employers?

The Future of Performance Testing

Alex Podelko

Of course, more sophisticated tools may definitely do better job in creating a simple and intuitive interface (still providing a way to invoke more sophisticated functionality when needed). And, of course, need for performance / cost modeling – to see how any change (for example, on a component level) will impact bottom line. Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? , I decided to answer multiple comments here separately.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For June 26th, 2020

High Scalability

Of course you do. Hey, it's HighScalability time! Line noise? Still uncertain? It's how you program a quantum computer. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff can't happen. You are that important to the fate of the smart and thoughtful world.

What Developers Can Expect as Digital Gratitude Is on the Rise


This, of course, has placed brands under immense pressure to speed up their digital transformation efforts to stay relevant while also satisfying customers’ needs and providing an enhanced user experience. Introduction.

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Tim Kadlec

But of course, that’s just one part of the equation. There is no faster (pun intended) way to slow down a site than to use a bunch of JavaScript. The thing about JavaScript is you end up paying a performance tax no less than four times: The cost of downloading the file on the network.

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Progressive Web Apps and the Future of Mobile Web


Of course, with a vertical growth in smartphone users, they are the torchbearers of the digital revolution without any doubt. The digital consumption over the years has been through a radical change. It’s a revolution that has changed the way people access information over the internet.

Mobile 219

How to Minimize Software Development Cost


Of course, there are many ways of doing it without sacrificing quality; however, don’t forget it is all about trade-offs. One of the typical questions when you look at the project briefing is how to minimize software development costs.

In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

Tim Kadlec

Of course, in those situations, I recommend turning on any and all performance related policies so that they’re able to catch issues right away.

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Site-Speed Topography

CSS Wizardry

Of course, it’s a little more complex than that, but for this exercise it’s an incredibly reliable proxy. A couple of years ago, my first few days on a new web performance project were always slow going.

Speed 205

Top Five Skills Every Mobile Tester Should Have


Of course, with any job, there are challenges that mobile testers and a development team can face. What Is Mobile Testing? Developing new mobile apps or products requires not only hundreds of hours of development time but also many hours of testing.

Mobile 208

Dynatrace University: Over a decade redefining virtual learning for digital transformations


For instance, traditional universities that had never offered virtual courses are now letting students learn remotely. While some employees are focused on expert-led learning followed by certification, others simply need to get up to speed quickly through microlearning courses.

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

Of course, it doesn’t mean that JMeter became the best tool for every task, but its popularity, in addition to being an open source tool, definitely gets it high in the list of options to consider. My post Good Times for Load Testing was published in 2014. It is difficult to believe that 5 years passed… Are times still good for load testing? Well, yes and no. I am not so upbeat as I was in 2014.

How the Swedish Transport Agency learned distributed systems in six months

Particular Software

Schools and universities have had to adapt to a remote environment while companies such as Pluralsight have stepped up and offered online courses for free or at a discount. In response, we’ve made the videos from the course free for a limited time for online viewing.

Excited by the Upcoming CMG imPACt Performance and Capacity Conference

Alex Podelko

And, of course, I am very excited that my talk ‘Continuous Performance Testing: Myths and Realities’ was accepted – I hope it may trigger a meaningful discussion. I am very excited by the upcoming CMG imPACt performance and capacity conference. This year it would be held on November 6-9, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. It is only such vendor-neutral, 4-day, 5-track conference devoted completely to performance, capacity, scalability, and adjacent topics.

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Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with George Ukkuru


Over the course of two decades, he has helped Fortune 500 companies implement Agile testing practices. Q1: What changes have you seen in SDLC and QA’s role in it over the course of two decades? Take up formal courses on Agile or Project Management.

Multi-Cloud Management Tools, Challenges and Best Practices


Multi-cloud is changing the course of the world of technology as we know it! “2021 expected to be the Year of Multi-Cloud.”. International Data Corporation (IDC). “By

Waste (and production efficiency)

Allen Holub

Agile is, of course, focused on delivering value. Why is it that, when I bring up concerns surrounding production efficiency, some people react as if I’m suggesting we return to the abuses 19th century factories? However, no business can succeed if it squanders money on inefficiency. That is, outcome is critical, and that’s where our… The post Waste (and production efficiency) appeared first on Allen Holub. Agility

ITCSS × Skillshare

CSS Wizardry

Back in February 2018, Scott Sullivan, Partnerships Team Lead at Skillshare , sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on an official ITCSS video course in conjunction with them. Sign up and learn ITCSS today! The email was extremely well timed.

Data Modeling Is Important For Product Managers

Professor Beekums

Data modeling has a prominent place in the course on high level software development fundamentals. I will also be creating a full course on it at some point. There’s a big chunk of the introductory lesson devoted to it. The second lesson is devoted to it. A future lesson is planned on it. It’s given such prominence because of how important it is in software development. It isn’t just for developers either

Industry Trends and Performance

Alex Podelko

That, of course, should involve more automation to performance checks. One software vendor ask me, along with a few other performance professionals, to answer questions related to performance trends.

20 Highly Qualified Test Automation Superstars


At Test Automation University — affectionately known as TAU, we offer a variety of free test automation courses covering web, API, mobile, visual, AI, and codeless automation frameworks. When we think of the word superstar, it is usually associated with fame, but in the tech industry, the real superstars are the ones who are able to do the work.

Master Apache JMeter. From Load Testing to DevOps

Alex Podelko

Of course, it doesn’t mean that JMeter became the best tool for every task, but its popularity, in addition to being an open source tool, definitely gets it high in the list of options to consider. But load tests considerably reduce the risk if they are carried out correctly (and, of course, can be completely useless and misleading if they are not). And, of course, a reproducible workload greatly simplifies debugging and checking multi-user problems.

DevOps 109