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Happy 15th Birthday Amazon S3 -- the service that started it all

All Things Distributed

When we took a hard look at our storage for the Amazon ecommerce web site in 2005, we realized that the majority of our data needed an object (or key-value) store. Storage was one of our biggest pain points, and the traditional systems we used just weren’t fitting the needs of the retail business.

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Fallacy #8: The network is homogeneous

Particular Software

Around 2005 or 2006, it wasn’t so bad. Interoperability is painful. Most of the code running on the planet, at least the code that mattered, was written in.NET or Java, and interoperability via web services was at least serviceable. Since then, things have gotten gradually worse. First came Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

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Joining the SpeedCurve team

Speed Curve

I started coding web pages in about 2005 and began my web development career in Moscow, Russia, joining a biotech startup. Thanks to SpeedCurve for this opportunity, I am so excited to work along with the veterans of the web performance industry (and just plain talented people), as well as to be closer to the performance community.

BioTech 70
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An Unbelievable Demo

Brendan Gregg

It was 2005, and I felt like I was in the eye of a hurricane. Another difference was that there were few roles in Australia for engineers in 2005, unlike the US. This is the story of the most unbelievable demo I've been given in world of open source. You can't make this stuff up. This gave performance analysts like myself X-ray vision.

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What Adrian Did Next?—?Part 3?—?eBay?—?2004 to 2007

Adrian Cockcroft

I got interested in programming mobile phones, and at the time, in 2005, the built-in email app on the Blackberry was state-of-the-art. We setup an innovation program to gather ideas from employees — who kept suggesting things that already existed — and ran advanced development projects.

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Get details of SQL Server Database Growth and Shrink Events

SQL Shack

Overview of Default trace in SQL Server Starting from SQL Server 2005, SQL Server captures a few critical events in the default traces. […]. Performance tuning is an open-ended task, and you need to ensure the monitoring of various database parameters.

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A Year of Ongoing Excellence for Apica


Since our founding in 2005, Apica has made steady progress as our tech has matured, our offerings have broadened, and our team has grown. When Apica appointed me as its CEO earlier this year, I was excited about the potential — the potential of our technology to help our customers, and also the potential of our company in the market.