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Joining the SpeedCurve team

Speed Curve

I started coding web pages in about 2005 and began my web development career in Moscow, Russia, joining a biotech startup. Thanks to SpeedCurve for this opportunity, I am so excited to work along with the veterans of the web performance industry (and just plain talented people), as well as to be closer to the performance community.

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The Financialization of Disruptive Technology

The Agile Manager

A recent FT Lex article on biotech investing drives the point home: "A 20-year study found only one-fifth of exits were profitable. Investment yields are highly concentrated. There are a plenty of analyses to show that a small percentage of investments yield the majority of the gains. Just 4 per cent of investments made half the returns."

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What I Read in 2017

Tim Kadlec

The setting is imaginative and full of unique biotech. Mord the bear, a massive bear, generally controls the city though he is opposed by some, most notably a woman named “The Magician” The real story here, though, is the relationship between Rachel and a creature called Borneā€”a biotech creature that she ends up raising.

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