The Financialization of Disruptive Technology

The Agile Manager

A recent FT Lex article on biotech investing drives the point home: "A 20-year study found only one-fifth of exits were profitable. The whole point of the portfolio model applied to captive technology investing was to avoid taking a long position in any one thing. It's fashionable to champion an investment-oriented model for software development, particularly around exploratory opportunities.

What I Read in 2017

Tim Kadlec

It’s fascinating to read about the different ways our technology-reliant world is vulnerable to attacks. Goodman doesn’t pull any punches, and he spends maybe 80% of the book outlining all the various technologies and how they leave us vulnerable. It reads like a fast-paced movie and hearing the stories of how we would manipulate his way into whatever information he wanted through a combination of technology and social engineering are fascinating.