The Financialization of Disruptive Technology

The Agile Manager

Organize for innovation , re-acquire lost tribal knowledge , challenge - but respect - commercial orthodoxy , and constantly re-apply what you learn to change the rules of engagement in an industry. A recent FT Lex article on biotech investing drives the point home: "A 20-year study found only one-fifth of exits were profitable. Cheap capital makes it easy for anybody to enter the innovation game. Deep pocketed investors make it expensive to stay in the innovation game.

What I Read in 2017

Tim Kadlec

I love the way he manages to wrangle disparate topics across science and history to show how much of innovation and advancement is non-linear. The setting is imaginative and full of unique biotech. Mord the bear, a massive bear, generally controls the city though he is opposed by some, most notably a woman named “The Magician” The real story here, though, is the relationship between Rachel and a creature called Borne—a biotech creature that she ends up raising.