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Chaos-Mesh-Action: Integrate Chaos Engineering Into Your CI


Chaos Mesh is a cloud-native chaos testing platform that orchestrates chaos in Kubernetes environments.

Improve mobile user experience with gapless insight into the health of your app releases


Dynatrace news. Releases represent significant milestones in the development life cycle of mobile apps. The biggest influencers of overall app health are the releases of new versions.

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How did they send money in the olden days of telegraphs?

High Scalability

It's not all that different really, especially that part where you can lose all your bitcoin. Here's an excerpt from East of Eden by John Steinbeck: Say, Carlton, how do you go about telegraphing money?”

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Watchman: monitoring dependency conflicts for Python library ecosystem

The Morning Paper

Watchman: monitoring dependency conflicts for Python library ecosystem Wang et al., ICSE ‘20. There are more than 1.4M Python libraries in the PyPI repository. Figuring out which combinations of those work well together is not always easy.

Performance Considerations for an Enterprise Application


Performance is an integral part of the Application design and plays a vital role in the success of your product/application. I would like to write a series of performance optimization techniques that help to design the best performant enterprise applications.

Manage thousands of hosts with centralized, large-scale OneAgent lifecycle management


Dynatrace news. “We have over 7000 hosts in our environment. The OneAgent on a host REST API is critical for us to easily automate the switch between full stack and infrastructure monitoring mode.” ” – a Dynatrace customer.

Suspend and Resume Data Movement in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 26th article for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups series, we will discuss the process to suspend and resume data movements between AG replicas.

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Optimizing String Comparisons in Go


Want your Go programs to run faster? Optimizing string comparisons in Go can improve your application’s response time and help scalability. Comparing two strings to see if they’re equal takes processing power, but not all comparisons are the same.

Faster time to value with enhanced handling of OneAgent runtime data


Dynatrace news. In parallel to the continuous stream of new improvements related to Dynatrace monitoring capabilities, we’re also continuously improving our internal mechanisms. Our goal is to make Dynatrace as easy to use and as compliant with industry standards as possible.

How Could Make Their Site 3.1s Faster


Target is one of the most well-known retailers around, and they’ve recently increased their focus on the e-commerce portion of their business – In fact, they just cracked into the top 10 list of US e-commerce retailers. Unfortunately, is not a fast website.

Configure SQL Server Reporting Services databases in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

This is the 25th article in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups series. In this article, we will explore the high availability configuration for reporting services databases.

End2End Testing With TestContainers.and a Lot of Patience


This time I would like to show my experience creating an End2End test for a Camel integration application that connects these layers: Apache Kafka. Apache ActiveMQ Artemis. PostgreSQL. Localstack ( AWS similar ). Red Hat Ingress upload service. Minio ( AWS similar ). KIE server ( rules engine ).

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Dynatrace launches new Partner Competency Program


Dynatrace news. Three years on from the introduction of the Dynatrace Partner Program, I’m excited to share with you a significant, evolutionary step in our P artner P rogram – the introduction of the Dynatrace Partner Competency Program. .

How to Make the Switch to Apica Synthetic for Application Monitoring


Application monitoring is one of the highest IT priorities in today’s business. If you’ve been using an outdated solution that Read More. The post How to Make the Switch to Apica Synthetic for Application Monitoring appeared first on Apica.

Static Analysis of Java Enterprise Applications: Frameworks and Caches, the Elephants in the Room

The Morning Paper

Static analysis of Java enterprise applications: frameworks and caches, the elephants in the room , Antoniadis et al., PLDI’20. Static analysis is a key component of many quality and security analysis tools. Being static , it has the advantage that analysis results can be produced solely from source code without the need to execute the program.

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Delimiting Huawei Account Kit Featuring React Native


HUAWEI Account Kit offers very simple, quick, and secure sign-in and authorization functionalities which help developers to implement hassle-free and quick sign-in functionalities for applications. HUAWEI Account Kit offers services on different parameters as. mobile tutorial performance integration android application

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.202


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Gain enterprise-level security with easy LDAP authentication in Dynatrace Managed. Accelerate observability with Dynatrace Managed performance improvements. Cluster Management Console. Required backup space estimation was optimized. Installation and upgrade. The JRE was updated to take advantage of performance improvements , the latest security-vulnerability enhancements and bug fixes. All services will be automatically restarted during the upgrade.

ScaleOut Software Releases New Video on Real-Time Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

“Tame Your Data Monster” illustrates the power of real-time digital twins in an entertaining new video. Check out this new video which depicts the challenges in using conventional tools for streaming analytics to track and respond to thousands of data sources in a live system.

Refresh SQL Server Always On Availability Group databases using DBATools PowerShell

SQL Shack

In the 20th article of the SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will explore the process to refresh an availability group database using SQL scripts. In this article, we will use the DBATools commands for this purpose.

Parse parameter default values using PowerShell – Part 1

SQL Performance

If you have ever tried to determine the default values for stored procedure parameters, you probably have marks on your forehead from hitting it on your desk repeatedly and violently. Most articles that talk about retrieving parameter information (like this tip ) don’t even mention the word default. This is because, except for the raw text stored in the object’s definition, the information is not anywhere in the catalog views.

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OneAgent release notes version 1.201


Dynatrace news. Added support for OpenJDK 15 for Linux, Alpine Linux 64-bit (x86), Windows (x86). Added support for Graal JVM 8, 11 for Linux (x86), Linux, Alpine Linux 64-bit (x86), Windows (x86). Operating systems. Current support changes. Current OneAgent support changes. OneAgent 1.201 will be the last OneAgent version that supports the following technologies. Oracle Hotspot JVM 13. The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2020-03-30. OpenJDK 13.

Node.js vs Python: Which one is a better backend technology?


Node.js vs Python are two of the most compared backend technologies on the web -- the first is older and more established while the latter is up and coming. Since both are very popular for web-app development, a thorough comparison is necessary before you choose one over the other.

The Pursuit of Appiness

Alex Russell

TL;DR: App stores exist to provide overpowered and easily abused native app platforms a halo of safety. Pre-publication gates were valuable when better answers weren't available, but commentators should update their priors to account for hardware and software progress of the past 13 years. Policies built for a different era don't make sense today, and we no longer need to accept sweeping restrictions in the name of safety.

Snakes in a Facebook Datacenter

High Scalability

What do you do when you find a snake in your datacenter? You might say this. NSFW). Fault tolerance is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of some of its components. You might think Facebook solved all of its fault tolerance problems long ago, but when a serpent enters the Edenic datacenter realm, even Facebook must consult the Tree of Knowledge.