Tue.May 07, 2024

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Best practices for Fluent Bit 3.0


What is Fluent Bit? Fluent Bit is a telemetry agent designed to receive data (logs, traces, and metrics), process or modify it, and export it to a destination. Fluent Bit can serve as a proxy before you send data to Dynatrace or similar. However, you can also use Fluent Bit as a processor because you can perform various actions on the data. Fluent Bit was designed to help you adjust your data and add the proper context, which can be helpful in the observability backend.

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Hello World… Hello Valkey! Let’s Get Started!


Welcome Valkey to the Percona family! We are excited to have you join our team of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB database experts.Hang on. What is Valkey? In short, Valkey is a fork of Redis which maintains the original open source BSD license[1].


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Salesforce Performance Testing


Learn everything about Salesforce performance testing. Behind every optimized Salesforce application, there’s a meticulous strategy. Embark with us on a journey to understand why and how Salesforce performance testing stands as a pivotal element for businesses today. In today’s digital-first world, where seamless user experiences. The post Salesforce Performance Testing appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

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Speed Up Repetitive PostgreSQL Statements With gexec


Last week, we were assisting a client who needed to resolve an issue related to partitioned tables.Often, a table can include dozens or even hundreds of partitions. Unfortunately, some object-level parameters for tuning (like storage_parameter) cannot be modified from the parent table and must be manipulated directly through the child table.

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