Socratic vs. Euclidean Forms of API Documentation

High Scalability

I was emailing a service about their documentation and while their doc was good, about one particularly tricky concept they told me that once you use it for a while, that’s when you’ll understand it. I want documentation that takes me from an unproductive newbie to a somewhat functioning journeyperson. I realize it’s hard to make good documentation. This is the most common form of documentation.

Self-documenting Architecture

Strategic Tech

I believe that self-documenting architecture would dramatically reduce one of the big costs in software development. Everybody talks about self-documenting code, but that only applies in the small. Why not self-documenting architecture?


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Document Model Support in DynamoDB: Flexibility, Availability, Performance, and Scale.Together at last

All Things Distributed

We are introducing native support for document model like JSON into DynamoDB, the ability to add / remove global secondary indexes, adding more flexible scaling options, and increasing the item size limit to 400KB. Now that we have added support for document object model while delivering consistent fast performance, I think DynamoDB is the logical first choice for any application. NoSQL and Flexibility: Document Model. The DynamoDB team is launching document model support.

Exploring Cross Document Communication

Tim Kadlec

One of the new features that HTML5 offers web developers is a way to send information between documents on different sites via Javascript. Currently for security and privacy reasons, browsers prevent cross site scripting but with HTML5’s Cross Document Messaging, the intention is to allow documents to communicate with each other without sacrificing security. There are two key steps involved with HTML5 Cross Document Messaging.

Code 40

Connecting MongoDB to Ruby with Self-Signed Certificates for SSL


In this blog, we’ll show you how to connect to a MongoDB server configured with self-signed certificates for SSL using both the Ruby MongoDB driver and the popular Object-Document-Mapper (ODM) mongoid. The connection options available for the driver are documented here , and the options we will need are: :ssl. We will use a yaml file to provide configuration to mongoid, and the details of such a config file are documented here. These are documented here.

C++ 100

NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

Highly Scalable

The following figure depicts imaginary “evolution” of the major NoSQL system families, namely, Key-Value stores, BigTable-style databases, Document databases, Full Text Search Engines, and Graph databases: NoSQL Data Models. Document databases advance the BigTable model offering two significant improvements. The main difference is that Document database group indexes by field names, as opposed to Search Engines that group indexes by field values.

Heap Snapshots–Tracing All Heap Allocations

Randon ASCII

This column isn’t documented (the tooltip is just Stack ID) and it does not seem to be have a stable correspond with call stacks across traces so… I don’t understand. Documentation Performance Programming uiforetw xperf heap snapshots memoryI’ve recently started using heap snapshots on Windows to track heap allocations.

Enterprise Architecture in a Product-Oriented DevOps World

Strategic Tech

Very often the EAs are seen as working off to the side, creating complex models that nobody uses and extensive documentation nobody reads, and often acting as a barrier for teams who want to move quickly. I believe that Enterprise Architects should focus on creating living documentation?—?designing

Glossary of Web Performance Terms


This Glossary is intended to help you get a better understanding of commonly used terms that are referenced in our documentation, blog […]. Familiarize yourself with web performance and GTmetrix terms!

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

One criterion was the existence of ecosystem (documents, expertise, people, services, etc). To evaluate such ecosystems, in absence of more sophisticated data, I used the number of documents Google finds and the number of jobs Monster finds mentioning each product. But when I check it in 2018, JMeter appears to be well ahead of LoadRunner (now MicroFocus) in both the number of documents and the number of jobs mentioning it, apparently becoming the most popular load testing tool.

Open Sourcing the Netflix Domain Graph Service Framework: GraphQL for Spring Boot

The Netflix TechBlog

Comprehensive documentation is available on the website but let’s walk through an example to show you how easy it is to use this framework. link] Full documentation for the framework is available on the DGS Framework github repository.

More fun with fast remainders when the divisor is a constant

Daniel Lemire

To get good results, we can use an important insight that is not documented anywhere at any length: we can use 64-bit processor instructions to do 32-bit arithmetic. In software, compilers can often optimize away integer divisions, and replace them with cheaper instructions, especially when the divisor is a constant. I recently wrote about some work on faster remainders when the divisor is a constant.

In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

Tim Kadlec

Policies like sync-script (which blocks synchronous script execution), sync-xhr (which blocks synchronous AJAX requests) and document-write (which blocks any document.write calls) all come to mind. That being said, we can make them more visible by using the ReportingObserver API to watch for violations and display them prominently on the page: let reportingAlerts = document. setAttribute ( 'id' , 'reportingAlerts' ); document.

Media 82

When CSS Blocks

Tim Kadlec

The pattern itself is no longer recommended, but it’s a helpful illustration of why it’s important to be careful about how you use preload as well as a useful, real-world demonstration of how the order of your document can have a significant impact on performance (something Harry Roberts has done an outstanding job of detailing ). In this case, there was still one more inline script in the head of the document after the CSS was requested.

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MongoDB Index Builds – Preventing Users From Triggering New Builds


We have documented the issues in detail in one of our previous blog posts – The Perils of Building Indexes on MongoDB. For a primer on how to use MongoDB roles, please refer to the documentation – Manage Users and Roles. Index builds on MongoDB production clusters need to be handled with the utmost care. Depending on the size of your data, both foreground and background builds can bring your cluster down.

A Comprehensive Guide to Deal With XPath in Selenium


Locators are Selenium commands used to locate a GUI web element present in the web page Document Object Model (DOM) structure. Selenium has always been the first choice for automation developers to automate their web applications. Locating dynamic web elements has historically been dolorous for automation testers, which brings the scope of XPath into the picture. XPath is one of the most preferable locators provided by Selenium.

10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony


The following definition is given in the documentation: tutorial performance testing symfony symfony framework testing tipsTaking part in testing more than 50 projects we saw how tests can give confidence in the code base, begin to save time for the entire development team and help to comply with business requirements. For those who come from other ecosystems, let us first explain what the term “functional tests” means in Symfony.

Site-Speed Topography

CSS Wizardry

Given that render blocking resources reside in the head of the document, this implies differing head tags on that page. A couple of years ago, my first few days on a new web performance project were always slow going.

Speed 167

Beyond REST

The Netflix TechBlog

Documentation can even be embedded in the database comments such that it displays in the GraphQL schema generated by Graphile. shows up in the documentation for the query field).

SSIS OLE DB Destination Vs SQL Server Destination

SQL Shack

In this article, I will give an overview of SSIS OLE DB Destination and SQL Server Destination and I will try to illustrate some of the difference between both destination components based on my personal experience, SSIS official documentation and some other experts experience in this domain.

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

The snippet doesn’t need breaking apart and can all be kept together in the of your document. * The Wiz: [link] 200518_2J_70c5f6c1c92a1cd436e525ac2b895f51 200518_AY_290d20f93c0e4b469e0bbe60a63f678e 200518_8F_49cb76e22485f51fad729e085a8bd08e 200518_4W_7d70995268b4aa4f495304063d449ae3&thumbSize=150&ival=100&end=all * [link] --> For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever.

Google 219

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Tim Kadlec

In fact, it says very little about the performance of the core frameworks in play and much more about the approach to development these frameworks may encourage (whether intentionally or not) through documentation, ecosystem, and general coding practices. There is no faster (pun intended) way to slow down a site than to use a bunch of JavaScript. The thing about JavaScript is you end up paying a performance tax no less than four times: The cost of downloading the file on the network.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

CSS Wizardry

There was no appetite for providing or even documenting the alternative (i.e. Once the file has loaded, the inline onload event handler swaps to a matching media type, and this change then applies the stylesheet to the document, swapping the fonts in. I was genuinely disheartened by Cloud.typography’s indifference to the problems, especially considering the ‘fix’ would only require an update to the documentation.

How Our Paths Brought Us to Data and Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

The values in the Netflix culture document allow for a framework where everyone is a leader to work well?—?this Writing memos is a big part of Netflix culture, which I’ve found has been helpful for sharing ideas, soliciting feedback, and documenting project details.

Hawkins: Diving into the Reasoning Behind our Design System

The Netflix TechBlog

It also helps with onboarding new team members due to the documentation and examples outlined in your design system. When building out the component library, we set out to accomplish four key aspects that we felt would help drive support for Hawkins: Document components? —?

Design 178

Java vs. Go Microservices - Load testing (Rematch)


We started reading official documentation, tutorials, blog posts and articles about Go, especially ones where authors shared their experiences of migration from Java to Go or comparison Java with Go, as at that moment, we'd been using Java for 15+ years. When Go first appeared in November 2009, we didn't hear much about it, and our first interaction happened in 2012 when Go version 1 was officially released by Google.

Java 180

Benchmark (YCSB) numbers for Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase2, Yugabyte and BangDB

High Scalability

While each database has been designed for different goals and use cases, YCSB test provides somewhat a common ground for the benchmark, therefore the numbers shown in this document can be used by developers or users to help select the db suitable for their requirement.

Microsoft diskspd Part 3. Oddities and FAQ


Default OIO is “2” if no other parameters are specified This is documented on the diskpsd page but most workload generators that i use will default to a single OIO, so it’s worth pointing out. Default case: The -o parameter is per-disk and per thread. Run diskspd with -o 32 (single thread) generates a total … The post Microsoft diskspd Part 3. Oddities and FAQ appeared first on n0derunner. Workloads & Benchmarks diskspd windows

CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

If you are able, one of the most effective ways to cut down the time to Start Render is to make use of the Critical CSS pattern: identify all of the styles needed for Start Render (commonly the styles needed for everything above the fold), inline them in tags in the of your document, and asynchronously load the remaining stylesheet off of the Critical Path. and is constantly stopping and starting as different part of the document block it.

ITCSS × Skillshare

CSS Wizardry

This is exactly why documentation around ITCSS is so hard to find—there’s an empty website and a handful of (remarkably thorough!) Back in February 2018, Scott Sullivan, Partnerships Team Lead at Skillshare , sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on an official ITCSS video course in conjunction with them. Sign up and learn ITCSS today! The email was extremely well timed.

SQL Server I/O Basics Chaper 1 and 2

SQL Server According to Bob

These documents seem to keep moving so providing the SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #1 and Chapter #2 here as another source. SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #1: [link] SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #2: [link]. Bob Dorr

Windows Timer Resolution: The Great Rule Change

Randon ASCII

The behavior of the Windows scheduler changed significantly in Windows 10 2004, in a way that will break a few applications, and there appears to have been no announcement, and the documentation has not been updated.

Resize-Resilient `content-visiblity` Fixes

Alex Russell

Resizing, in particular, suffers on large documents of this sort, and jumping "far" into a document can still be jittery. Basic document structure --> < html > < head > < style > /* * Chunk rendering for all but the first article */ body > main > article + article { content-visibility : auto ; } </ style > < head > < body > <!-- contentRect ) ; } ) ; } ) ; let articles = document.

Code 54

An Efficient Object Storage for JUnit Tests


There are several limitations to store and fetch such data (all restrictions could be found in official documentation ). One day I faced the problem with downloading a relatively large binary data file from PostgreSQL. To resolve the problem it was suggested to find more suitable data storage. For some internal reasons well known Amazon S3 bucket was chosen for this purpose. The choice affected the project's unit test base.

Master Apache JMeter. From Load Testing to DevOps

Alex Podelko

One criterion was the existence of ecosystem (documents, expertise, people, services, etc). To evaluate such ecosystems, in absence of more sophisticated data, I used the number of documents Google finds and the number of jobs Monster finds mentioning each product. But now, in 2018, JMeter appears to be well ahead of LoadRunner (now MicroFocus) in both the number of documents and the number of jobs mentioning it, apparently becoming the most popular load testing tool.

DevOps 109

Top Software Testing Companies: App User Bill


Top software testing companies effectively and efficiently analyze digital products, project documents, relevant services in order to find defects in them before they are made available to the customers. The user right # 1. Deal with the analyst, who speaks your language In discussing the project requirements it is necessary to determine the needs and … The post Top Software Testing Companies: App User Bill appeared first on QA Mentor Blog. Software Testing

Dynatrace named a Leader in 2020 Gartner?Magic Quadrant for APM – positioned furthest for Completeness of Vision; scored highest in 5 of 6 Critical Capabilities use cases


as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Dynatrace LLC. . Dynatrace news. Gartner just released its latest Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) , and a separate Critical Capabilities for APM report. We are thrilled to share Dynatrace has been named a Leader for Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute for the 10th consecutive time.

DevOps 169

Displaying Page Load Metrics on Your Site


const timingStats = document. One could calculate the length of the document’s innerHTML, but that won’t match the transfer size if the response was compressed (which hopefully was). I was browsing Tim Kadlec’s website and I noticed he had added page load time metrics in the footer. Tim Kadlec’s site shows how long the page took to load in the footer. Stoyan Stefanov also realized and wrote “This page loaded in X seconds” , a blog post describing the code used for this.

Complete Guide To Selenium Locators In Protractor (Examples)


Selenium locators serve this exact purpose, by using this command we can identify these web elements, DOM (Document Object Model), to perform Selenium test automation through our scripts. While testing the functionality for your website, especially web elements such as radio button, text boxes, drop-down, etc., you need to make sure that you can access these elements.

Mastering Kubernetes with Dynatrace


Dynatrace VMware and virtualization documentation . Dynatrace Kubernetes documentation . Dynatrace OneAgent documentation . Dynatrace root cause analysis documentation . Dynatrace news.

Tips for Technical Interviews

CSS Wizardry

It’s been a while since I implemented x , but I know that the documentation covers the exact syntax in detail. Yesterday, I spoke at ITKonket in Kragujevac, Serbia. During the Q&A after my talk, one great and non-technical question I got was for general advice on interviewing at tech companies. I decided to write down (and expand on) my answer in the hope that it might help someone else, too. Disclaimer. I don’t claim to be an authority on interviewing.

Code 170

Organizational debt

Abhishek Tiwari

First surface and document the organizational debts in a backlog. Organizational debt is a sibling of technical debt. While technical debt is unhealthy and generally a well-understood problem, organizational debt can be killer and often treated as an afterthought.

Popular Vim Commands - Comprehensive Vim Cheat Sheet


These modes will allow you to do just about anything you need, including creating your document, saving your document and doing advanced editing, including taking advantage of search and replace functions. This mode allows you to use Vim commands and move through your document. Insert mode This mode allows you to enter text into your document. Keep in mind that to save your document, you'll need to go back to command mode since only text input is allowed in this mode.

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