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Documenting Angular Components Using Storybook


As developers, in our daily work, we like to find good documentation of the libraries and technologies we use. It is, therefore, our responsibility to leave our work well documented. At Apiumhub we are very fond of documenting our projects. There are many tools that allow us to write documentation in Markdown (.md)

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Socratic vs. Euclidean Forms of API Documentation

High Scalability

I was emailing a service about their documentation and while their doc was good, about one particularly tricky concept they told me that once you use it for a while, that’s when you’ll understand it. I want documentation that takes me from an unproductive newbie to a somewhat functioning journeyperson. It’s not easy.

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Self-documenting Architecture

Strategic Tech

I believe that self-documenting architecture would dramatically reduce one of the big costs in software development. Everybody talks about self-documenting code, but that only applies in the small. Why not self-documenting architecture? A self-documenting architecture would reduce the learning curve.

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Easy Way to Start Contributing to Open Source With PMM Documentation

Percona Community

If you are a user of Percona Monitoring and Management and noticed any typo or inaccurate information in its documentation, you can easily correct it yourself in the repository following detailed instructions in But if you are not experienced in open source contributions, you may still feel uneasy about following those steps.

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How to test code blocks in documentation

Percona Community

As any developer, I don’t like to write documentation. I often found myself copy-pasting something from documentation and trying to run it in the terminal (commands, files, etc.), I know that issue, and after writing the documentation, I usually try to clean up everything in my environment and test the doc.

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Randomizing MongoDB Document Fields on a Repeating Timer with Node.js

The Polyglot Developer

In this quick tutorial, we’re going to see how to update documents within MongoDB on a timer, something that might be useful to you for demos and other potential use-cases. The post Randomizing MongoDB Document Fields on a Repeating Timer with Node.js appeared first on The Polyglot Developer.

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Interacting with Open Source for HammerDB Code and Documentation


But what about documentation? Many open source users can be unaware that most open source project documentation is open source as well. This means you have the freedom to contribute to the documentation as well. In the case of HammerDB the documentation is published under the GNU Free Documentation License.