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Join me at SXSW 2015

All Things Distributed

Sunday 3/15 4-5pm - I will moderate a panel at ff Massive 2015 about " Scaling a Startup " with Shane Snow , Rami Essaid , Trevor Coleman , and Jordan Kretchmer. There will also be a talk and Q&A about Amazon Lamba at noon. Following my talk there will be a reception.

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My Activity Report For 2015

The Polyglot Developer

This time I’m going to write about my activity in 2015 and report the stats around it. The post My Activity Report For 2015 appeared first on The Polyglot Developer. Earlier this year (July), I wrote about my first year of blogging and the stats around it and I feel it was important because it was my first year.


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My SIGGRAPH 2015 Experience

O'Reilly Software

Here is a collection of some of the neat things I saw at SIGGRAPH 2015. I was recently lucky enough to get to attend my first SIGGRAPH conference this year. While I didn’t attend any talks, I did spend some time in the expo. ” VR Most booths had demos on VR headsets.

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How To Select Automated Testing Software


As per the World Quality Report conducted in 2014-2015, at least 54% of the IT leaders informed that their organizations lack suitable tools for automation while provisioning test environments to their teams. In fact, that's what makes or breaks the testing process.

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Progressive Web Apps and the Future of Mobile Web


Statista shares insightful data on mobile web traffic that accounts for more than 50% globally from 1st quarter 2015 to 3rd quarter 2020. An increase in mobile usage has upped the game for businesses globally, allowing them to re-strategize their online user experience. This increase in web traffic from mobile users comes with an expectation.

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2015 Favorites

Tim Kadlec

The five most read posts of 2015, in order. Apple’s Web. I’m good for a heat of the moment rant about either standards or Apple (often both) every couple years. This year, it was about Apple’s influence over the standardization process after some fallout around the Pointer Events specification.

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Upcoming Presentation: ConnectJS 2015

The Polyglot Developer

The post Upcoming Presentation: ConnectJS 2015 appeared first on The Polyglot Developer. I will be giving two presentations titled Quick and Easy Development with Node.js and Couchbase Server and Developing For Offline Mobile Experiences.

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