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What's New in Selenium 4?


Whereas, the Selenium 2 released in 2011 consisted of the IDE, Web driver, and Grid. Selenium 1 was declared as the free open source automation testing framework in the year 2004 consisting of selenium IDE, RC, and web driver. Selenium 3 was officially released in 2016.

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Data Engineers of Netflix?—?Interview with Kevin Wylie

The Netflix TechBlog

His favorite TV shows: Ozark, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Barry, and Chernobyl Since I joined Netflix back in 2011, my favorite project has been designing and building the first version of our entertainment knowledge graph. When I joined Netflix back in 2011, our content analytics team was just 3 people.


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ScaleGrid DigitalOcean Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis™ Now Available


These databases are a natural fit for the developer market that has gravitated towards DigitalOcean since its launch just nine years ago in 2011. MySQL and PostgreSQL are the top two open source relational databases in the world, and Redis is the top key-value database.

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C++ and Beyond 2011

Sutter's Mill

I’m very much looking forward to C++ and Beyond 2011 this August, again with Scott Meyers and Andrei Alexandrescu. All of my own talks will be brand-new material never given publicly before. This year’s program will be heavily oriented toward performance (first) and C++0x (second).

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Announcing Breaking Development 2011

Tim Kadlec

So technically the site has been live for a month or so now, but since we just finalized our speaker lineup, I thought now would be a good time to “announce” Breaking Development 2011 —a conference I’m helping to organize in Dallas, TX on April 11-12th.

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Speeding Up Async Snippets

CSS Wizardry

For all major browsers, that date was 2011—over ten years ago. Interestingly, adding script.defer=defer does work, but again, you don’t need an async snippet to achieve that result—just use a regular. Legacy async Support. It wasn’t until 2015 (admittedly, that is seven years ago now…) that all browsers supported the async attribute.

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World Web Technology Launches its New Website with New Look and Feel in February 2020

Official Blog - World Web Technology

This company has been into the domain of technology service providing services since 2011 and has served more than 500+ clients since then. To optimize the website for the clients and visitors, World Web Technology has added more features to it offering it a new look and appealing design.

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